Indian Passport Renewal Experience living outside of India 2018

Studying Abroad, Apply for Indian Passport Renewal in India– 2018 Experience

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Thanks a lot to Jyothi Rao for taking time to share their experience.

Background : currently studying outside of India and visiting India for passport renewal/re-issue.

Apply in Tatkaal for renewal of Indian Passport ?
If you want to do Renewal in Tatkaal Processing,  first thing first no more Annexure B For Tatkaal… So no running behind class 1 officers for getting verification signatures. Thanks to ministry of external affairs

Documents required for Indian Passport Renewal in Tatkaal :

  1. Current Address Proof
  2. Date of Birth proof
  3. A self-attested Annexure E declaring the authenticity of details provided by u in the passport application
  4. Aadhar Card  — PROVIDED the Aadhar has same address as your current address proof

Our local PSK in Pune told us not to book  under tatkaal because our Aadhar is from AP while our present address proof is of Pune. Also, our passport was last renewed outside India in Muscat

So they said that may be one more reason why her application under tatkal would be rejected(will/may require Muscat police verification). All this info I  got from Pune PSK who were very cooperative and patient
Because of our situation with the passport issued and Aadhar card details, they asked us to go ahead and apply under normal and assured that we would get in a week or max 10 days. As we didn’t had an option so went ahead and booked under normal on 21st May

What to fill in Address Section in online application ?  
In the Address section, we entered present address (from 19th May 2018 -Pune as I would return on this day to India ). Also,  mentioned 2 other previous addresses( previous 10 months -Sweden address and  before that same Pune address as now). You can read Address Details Passport Application as NRI

Appointment Process and steps at PSK in Pune :
Got appointment for 23rd May, we entered the venue at 10.15am and came out by 12.30 with approved for renewal with post police verification.

Documents Checklist for Passport Renewal : As for documents, they took the below

  • They just took 1 address proof (rental agreement )
  • Copy of existing passport
  • 12th standard marks card for both Date of Birth and ECNR. That’s all.

The last counter person checked the documents ….punched  a hole & cancelled the old passport & returned it. Then we had to collect a receipt from exit , which will show you,  if it’s post or pre police  verification. That’s all. We kept getting sms at every step.  Got passport in 7 days including weekends. So that was super fast.

Timeline of Events Indian Passport Processing Time  :

  • By 1.30 same day received SMS saying “Your application with File No. PN—-has been granted on Post Police Verification basis”.
  • By 2.30 pm same day got SMS saying Passport printing initiated for your file no—‘.You will receive SMS once your passport is printed.
  • On May 24th —- passport printed, Police verification initiated
  • On May 25th -‘passport dispatched.
  • On May 29th—we received passport.
  • On May 30th—- visited police station for verification which was completed without any hassles in 15 mins.

Police verification for Indian Passport :  We are supposed to wait for their call and then go at the time and date  and verify . But we requested for a walk- in because we had to apply for renewal of residence permit. They obliged us. (very cooperative people at Hinjewadi Police station Pune.)

Documents taken at Police Verification in their station:  —
—-Address proof
—-Asked previous 1 year stay and noted & compared with passport application
—-Date of Birth  proof.
—-Clicked a picture. That’s all. (Took less than 10 mins.)
They said we’ll get SMS from passport office in 10 -15 days but asked us not to wait
—Asked us to go ahead and apply for visa/permit because they have cleared our file

So my anxious passport renewal journey of 6 months came to an end on 30th May . (I can’t believe I even  mailed  Mrs. Sushma Swaraj  and to every passport  Authority  regarding Annexure B how hard it is to get it signed by class 1 officers).

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