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Documents, Info Needed to Fill DS-160 Form: 5 Tips to Save Time

I have filled quite a few forms related to various kinds of visa stamping over the years, but every time I try to fill one, there is some sort of frustration due to factors like searching for old info and session timing out, forcing me to re-fill everything. Imagine you are filling in some info after searching a lot and you get kicked out at the end…what if the system does that for over 10 times, that’s really frustrating…isn’t it ?

I was in the same boat trying to fill out the DS-160 form for my H1B visa stamping. For instance, I had to dig up addresses and info about my 11th and 12th grade( junior college) address and zip code, which was quite a few years ago….anyways, Let me share my experience and give my suggestions on what you should have at hand before you start filling the DS-160 form…

List of Documents, and Info to complete DS-160 Form Online

In general, we take a few things for granted and start filling out the DS-160 form, but in reality, it does not work that way. It took me over a day to get it done due to a variety of reasons like missing info and session time-out issues. It took two days for me to fill out this form…

The below list is not comprehensive, but it has information or documents that we tend to overlook

Checklist of Documents, info needed to fill out DS-160 form:

  • Address of the location you plan to stay in the United States (with zip code)
  • If you have a flight ticket booked, the information about when your flight arrives in the US
  • If you have been to the US before:
    • List of dates you arrived in the US
    • How long was your trip in the US for each visit
  • If you have been in the US and have a Drivers license from the US, that information
  • Information about your contact person in the US (to verify your details), typically your supervisor
    • First name, Last name
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Address of the person
  • Information about your parents (Check their passports )
    • Mother’s Full Name, Date of Birth
    • Father’s Full Name, Date of Birth
  • Current work-related information in the US
    • Company Name, Address
    • Your Monthly Salary in the US ( check LCA for this info)
    • Description of your job duties ( check the resume you have sent to USCIS)
  • If you have not worked in the US yet and are applying for H1B, L1, or Other visas
    • Your current employment information in your home country
    • Employer name
    • Employer address
    • When you started working at your company
    • Your monthly income/ salary details your local currency.
  • If applying for H1B, L1 or other Petition based visas
  • Previous work-related information
    • List of previous companies’ names in last five years
    • Employment dates – Start and end date
    • Addresses of companies, Phone numbers
    • Your previous titles
    • Your previous supervisors’ names
    • Your previous  job duties descriptions
  • Previous Education details: Need everything from 10th grade onwards.
    • High School – 10th grade school details with full name and address, including dates attended
    • Junior college name( 11th and 12th class or grade), Full address with Pin/ Zip Code, Dates attended.
    • Bachelor’s degree college name, full address, dates attended, degree awarded.
    • If you have a master’s degree, you need the same info as above.

The above list should be sufficient for any work-related visa like H1B or L1 visa. For other kinds of visas, you will need most of the information except the petitioner and other information related to work.

Basic list of documents you should have :

  1. Passport (along with any US visas issued before)
  2. Approval notice forms  I-797 form (if applying for H1B, L1, or other petition based visas)

DS-160 Monthly Income in Local Currency

If you are applying for H1B, L1 or other work visa stamping and have never traveled to the US, you would be asked to fill out your current employment information and salary information.

You would come across a question that reads “monthly income in local currency (if employed)“. For this question, you will need to enter your current monthly salary paid by the company that you currently work for. It will be in your country’s local currency and not in USD. For instance, if you work in India, it will be in Indian Rupees (INR), if you work in Singapore, it will be Singapore Dollars(SGD).

For example, let’s say your salary is 120,000 INR per year, then your monthly salary would be 10,000 INR and you will need to enter 10,000 INR in the field.

You will need to have proof of the monthly income that you enter for this question in the form of offer letter, salary slips or tax filings. You cannot just randomly put something here. Make sure you carry this document as well for visa interview.

If you are not employed at the moment, then you would check the box “Does not apply” and leave it blank. This is to indicate that you are not working for any company in your home country.

Passport Book number, Visa number in DS-160 Form

You maybe asked for passport book number when you are completing the DS-160 form…if you are an Indian citizen, you do not need this. If , check your passport for this info…check NOT applicable, if you do not find it in your passport.

Also, if you have been to US before, you will be asked to enter the US visa number. If you look at the US visa stamped on your passport, it is the number on the right hand bottom in RED color. Check Sample US Visa, field info to know more

Course of Study in DS-160 for 10th, 12th, Bachelors

When you are completing the form DS-160, you will get a section on Education, where you need to fill in your education details. You must fill in all our education details starting from 10th Class, including 12th, until your highest degree.

When they ask in DS-160 about Secondary school, they technically mean 10th Class. Also, when they say High School in DS-160, they mean 11th and 12th Class ( intermediate in some countries). You must enter all your education institutions’ details starting from 10th Class, including 12th Class and Bachelors degree as applicable, up to your highest degree.

5 Tips to fill out the DS-160 form for US visa

  1. Write Application Number or Save it: Your information is saved by screen as you complete it. In order to retrieve your info, you need the Application Number. Make sure you write your Application number on a piece of paper, you WILL NEED this application number and the security check question answer. It will be shown at the first time you start filling out the application; if you miss it, you are in trouble and need to create a new one again…
  2. Session Timeouts: The system is not so good at calculating your session time…. It will just time out your session for no reason sometimes and drive you nuts.. just be prepared (It kicked me out over 10 times) Be patient, it can be frustrating due to session timeouts. Have half a day allocated with all your information with you to avoid delays.
  3. Save Text in Notepad or MS Word: Make sure you have all the information I have listed above at hand and have it typed up in a Notepad file, MS Word or on paper for easy form filling. It will save you time with session timeouts.
  4. Allocate two to three hours: They say that you will need 75 minutes, but in reality, you might need at least two hours or more…make sure you have a proper uninterrupted Internet connection for an extended period of time.
  5. Digital Photo: You will need a digital photo; make sure you take it with a white background. You may edit it by cropping. There is an option to test your photo before you start your application. Check this before you proceed with your application.

Have you ever filled out DS-160 form ? What are your thoughts ? Any tips to share from your experience ?

If you are applying for H1B Dropbox, you can read Step by Step guide to H1B Dropbox


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  1. Hi,
    While am filling for H4 visa D160 form. I didn’t fill the education details. I mentioned no and submitted form but actually am graduate. Should I resubmit the form or can I go ahead with the one I submitted. Does H4 also fill all the details like H1 ?

      • Thanks Saurabh.

        I did fill another form, and logged in for visa interview appointment,but now in add dependent, it is not accepting my current D160 details, it shows the error “unable to add applicant because some or all the information you entered belongs to another applicant, this is the second time am applying H4 visa(my first H4 visa approved in 2013) and system fetching my old D160 and showing that error, when i called customer care, they have retrieved my old D160 and filled the dependent details, in that case what should i do while going for visa interview, should i take old and new D160 form ? please suggest. Thank you

        • Swathi,

          If the system is still using old DS form, then carry both of them. At biometrics you can ask the person to either update the information in old form or swap the old w/ new.

  2. hi I am filing ds-160 for my dependent (h4) . what should i choose US Point of Contact Information- Relationship to you field: As the drop down doesn’t have child option should it be relative or othres and if relative then why?

  3. There are two questions that my wife and I are not sure how to answer. I am a US citizen and she is filling out the DS form so she can apply for an F-1 visa.

    1) Do you have any immediate relatives, not including parents, in the United States?
    I am her spouse who is a US citizen, but I am not currently “in” the US. Should she say “no” since I am not currently in the US?

    2) Spouse’s Address
    Should my wife write my US address, or my current address? We don’t know which one to put because it might counter the previous question.


  4. Hi,

    I am going for a masters degree in fall this year. My query is regarding the address one needs to fill in which he intends to stay in the US. Since I am a student, I am still searching for an accommodation there. So I cannot mention any concrete address.

    However my sister and brother in law stay there. So can it be mentioned. The cities are different. I am enrolling into a DC univ and they stay in Boston. Please suggest a solution for this.

    • Kislay,
      You can speak to the International admissions and seek their advice. Usually, students are given some sort of temporary accommodation by seniors or the school. I suggest you use an address that is around the school as you would be living there. Speak to the international student advisor/ organization at the school you plan to go to.

  5. I did not specifically mentioned my 10th 11th and 12th in the form. I did a stupid thing, I generally specified my school’s name and in which I gave duration as 1995 to 2009. A blunder. What should I do?

    • Preeti Virk,

      No big issue. When you appear for biometrics, see if they can fix the data issues at that time. You can also complete another DS form and then carry that number to biometrics to get it swapped w/ the old one.

        • Preeti Virk,

          Tell them that you weren’t sure whether they would be able to make the edits in DS form or not. That’s why you completed another DS form, but your preference would be to make edits to the same DS form.

  6. Hi,
    When i try to fill the Previous Work/Education/Training Information section, i don’t get an option to indicate my education i.e. I only get 1 question asking me if I was previously employed or not. It shows no option for filling out my education details. I’ve tried refreshing the page but nothing works. What should i do?

      • Thanks for the reply Kumar, but the website says they can’t help us filling the form and refers to the FAQ page which doesn’t have the answer to my question.

        • nupur,
          If you have fully navigated to the end and did not come up with the options to fill the details, you can call the customer service to get it clarified. it is not about helping you, you are missing that option, could be system glitch or some issue…so speak to them.

          • Thanks for the suggestion kumar, but when i keep my nationality as indian, i get that option but when i select Nepali (which i am), that option vanishes. So if i create saying indian but later on change to nepali, that option still remains. So , do you think I should do this to obtain that option or should i just leave it?

          • nupur,
            It could be a software bug someone has overlooked, but you need to select your nationality correctly as Nepali, if you are so…Try to call them or email them with screenshot and seek help.

  7. Hi,

    I’m applying for an F1 visa. I have various people/ organisations that are funding my studies. However, the form only allows us to choose one out of three options (self, other person, other organisation). I don’t want my visa to be rejected because the information is incorrect. I tried calling the helpline but they couldn’t offer any help.

  8. I am filling out DS160 form for J1 visa. My wife has also got graduate student position and will be applying for F1 visa at the same university as mine. We will be traveling together to US. Should I mention that I will be traveling with my family in DS160 form? Does it give an impression that I have mentioned no dependents with me (wife has F1 visa), but still traveling with family? Is it a contradiction?

    • Sank,
      The question you are asking is typically applicable, if you are traveling as a group or family for tour or performance, etc. The context of that is that, it will allow you to create multiple applications and add their details so that all can interview at the same time. Probably, it is not applicable to you…Check US State Govt D-160

    • Hi,

      I’m applying for an F1 visa. I have various people/ organisations that are funding my studies. However, the form only allows us to choose one out of three options (self, other person, other organisation). I don’t want my visa to be rejected because the information is incorrect. I tried calling the helpline but they couldn’t offer any help.

      • SD,
        You can mention the details of the major sponsor and if there is a section of notes, include the names of people or organizations. If you get questioned in the interview, you can always show the proof related to the same.

  9. Can we show 2 persons (my father and brother )as my sponsorsin DS 160 form for F1 visa for my MS studies ?please suggest in detail.

  10. Hi,
    I have received my i20 from a reputed university for the MS course that starts this fall (Fall 2016). I am planning to apply for the F1 visa. If it goes well, I will be flying to US this August. However, the issue is, my passport is due to expire in Sept 2017. I read somewhere that passport cannot be renewed before 6 months of the expiry date. So, I cannot get it renewed now. Will it create any issue during VI ? Also, what other options do I have, if it is going to be problematic ?

    • Reddy,
      It should not create any issues. As a student, you can renew passport within 2 years from the date of expiry. Read FAQs Q21(b). Technically, you can use your I-20 and your current student status and apply for re-issue as you are under 2 years of expiry.

      • Currently, I am not a student. I work for a software firm. Will the i20 be sufficient to apply now for passport re-issue ?

  11. Hi,

    Last year I had applied for Tourist Visa together with my parents and this was approved. This was done using my dad’s login.

    Now I need to apply for student visa. However, using my dad’s login I cannot use select my details for scheduling appointment. It is giving my dad’s details in “Personal Details” section in read only mode. I tried using a new login, but the portal gives an error saying
    “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database. The user id of that profile is “XXXX@YYY.com “. If you created this profile in the past and forgot the password, please use “Forget your password?” function on the login screen. If this email isn’t familiar to you, please contact our helpline through Provide Feedback option in the left menu or by sending the email to our helpline. Please don’t forget to attach the scanned copy of your passport’s data page to your feedback message/email.”

    Not sure how should I move ahead with this.

    • AJ,

      Like they mentioned in error, it is best to contact them to get this resolved. Looks like your profile is added to your dad’s login but you cannot use it as you are not the primary for that account (which is your dad).

    • AJ, what did you do for this? I am facing the same error.

      Great post Saurabh. I wish I had read it a day earlier though, would have saved myself from some frustration!

      • Dear Kumar,

        Please help me on below questions –

        I am planning in May 2016, for L1B Blanket visa application in chennai with family (L2 visa type for dependent wife and daughter), but in past my visa application for business B1B2 was rejected thrice ( 2 times in Jan 2012, March 2012 in Mumbai & once in Hyderabad Apr.2013) for 214B reason.

        Is there would any impact of previous B1 visa rejection on my current application of L1B blanket .

        I have traveled to another countries in last 2 years four time, more than 4 months, is it helping me?

        Also please help me to write answer of previous visa rejection in my DS 160 for form L1B blanket visa application.


        • Mayur,
          Technically, it should not have impact as both are different visa types. You can mention that it was 214B and whatever letter you were given for the same. Just be prepared and hope it goes through.

  12. My Mother’s name is incorrect in my passport. There is a letter mismatch between the actual name and what is there on my passport under the Mother’s name column.I have filled the one that’s there in my passport in my DS 160 form.Would it create any issues in future as its not the correct one but that’s what is there on my passport so i went with it instead of the current one.

    • sabareeswaran,
      It should be fine, you should always stick to what is in your passport. In the long run, you should get your passport corrected with the correct info to avoid any issues.

  13. Hi. My mother is visiting US along with us to attend my son’s graduation ceremony in LA. While filling up D 160 form for B1/B2 visa, there is a question, do you have a relative in US and the options do not have words like “grand son” or “relative”. Can she click on “child” option?

    • Well,
      If the option does not fit into your criteria or does not have other, then you should select NO. You should not select Son as it is not the right relationship. Usually, the question is for siblings, spouse, parents as they are considered close family.

      • Thanks Kumar. I have two doubts on filling information on educational institutions attended:
        1. Should I fill in details of all the educational institutions attended from my high school onwards ie 8th standard onwards or only graduation college details will suffice?

        2. my mother attended just 8th standard in 1953. Should she indicate details of the school? Please guide.

        • K S RAGHUPATHI,
          1. You need to enter everything from your 10th grade on-wards, until your highest degree.
          2. Well, if it is below 10th grade, typically not required as it does not make any difference. The passport also would have ECR check required for anyone below 10th grade. If you have any document or certificate from 1953 that validates that, then you may add it, otherwise, just ignore it.

  14. Hi Kumar,
    I was filling up DS160 and in the “person traveling with you” section I have selected the option as “No” as I am going for VI alone. However I will schedule the VI appointment in next 2-3 months for my wife and kid. Should I have selected the option as Yes in person traveling with you or No is fine? Please help.

    • DS160_Person_travelling_with_you_clarification,
      That is ok. Travel plans change. You can keep it as No and still travel w/ family.

  15. Please i have received,my DS- 160 visa confirmation page and i have book an appointment , can i still review the personal informations?

  16. Hi,
    my petition was approved on 1st of July. but i am still waiting for my employer to send the documents and I-797.
    My question is can i file DS-160 and book an appointment for stamping. because i can see there is a waiting period of 15 days for mumbai consulate. meanwhile i would get all my documents also.
    Plz share your suggestions/experience!!
    @Kumar : your expert guild lines would be highly appreciated!! 🙂

  17. On 5th Point..I don’t think digital photo is needed,Process got changed now..it has been mentioned as ‘Photo will be taken at ASC’. Could someone please confirm if we need to upload photo still..

  18. Hi I have filled D160, I didn’t leave anything column pending. At last page, sign and submit button was in disabled mode. not sure what is the issue.

    a. problem with site
    b.am i missing anything to fill
    c.portal doesn’t work on weekends.

    Any idea..!

  19. in the DS-160 form in section present work/education/training information what should i have to pick(student)?? If I’m already graduated my high school and applying for undergraduate degree?

  20. in the last 5 years, i have worked with company A for 1 year, then did my MBA for 2 yrs and now working with company B for 2 years. So in the “were you previously employed” what all details do i mention. Please suggest

  21. Hi Kumar,
    I have scheduled an appointment with us consulate Chennai on august 30 & 31 ofc & interview respectively.I have provided incorrect state name Vermont instead of Virginia at us contact and work visa sections.I called Stanley they asked me to bring new Ds160 along with incorrect one use in appointment to ofc and OFC will paste new bar code.For interview they asked me to bring a photograph and come 15 mins earlier.

    My question is , do this process normal and go with it , will this affect my stamping or should I cancel & reschedule my appointment ?

  22. Hi,

    My H1b got approved on 03-Aug-2015. My attorney had discussion with USCIS customer care regarding approval notice and got the response that USCIS has stopped sending hard copy of approval and I can go ahead with e-mail approval notice for VISA stamping.

    I called USCIS customer care in India and discussed the same of non-availability of approved hard copy during visa interview they said it is required during visa interview.

    As I have already booked the appointment. Could you please suggest on the same

  23. Hi,

    My H1b got approved through premium processing on 3rd August. I have an question and help your help urgently.

    During my petition filling, I was in City A (Bangalore) and so I provided City A address. Thus my approved petition has City A, India address.
    Now I moved to City B(Pune) and I filled city B address in DS-160. City B is my second home where I stayed longer earlier between 2007 to 2014.

    I was in city A for one year only.
    My passport has City C (Rajasthan address) because it was created 9 years back since I born in City C.

    My question is, My approved petition has city A address and DS-160 has City B and Passport has City C address.. My visa appointment is scheduled on 19 August in New Delhi.
    I need your suggestion on this ? Will it create any issue or do I need create another DS-160.

    • No, it should NOT create any issues. Address is something that is not fixed and changes as your move around for various reasons. There is nothing to worry in my view. The address in passport is not fixed, in 10 years you change many cities, so nothing to worry. Just carry proof of the current address and any previous address that you have, just as backup.

  24. I am currently on F-1 visa(opt) and my H1-B is approved by USCIS..
    I have First name as FNU and last Name as “Gaurav Kumar” on my F-1 Visa.
    First Name: FNU
    Last Name: Gaurav Kumar

    My H1B visa has been approved and this is what I am planning to do to get correct name on my H1B visa.

    Get the name split on my passport(proper name i.e. First Name: Gaurav and Last Name: Kumar) here itself in USA and go to india for H1B stamping.
    Question1: Which passport number I will use to fill DS160. My H1B is approved on current passport and I will renew a passport with my corrected name.
    Question2: Will my visa be stamped with my correct name and FNU problem will be solved here once I get the name corrected in SSN and Driver license after coming back.

    Please advice if you think this is correct way to do or if someone has other opinions.

  25. I have just recently misplaced my old “cancelled” Indian passport (minor) but have my current passport (renewed in 2010) with me. in the DS-160 form, should i select ‘yes’ for the question: Have you ever lost a US Visa or passport? inspite of the fact that the passport was already cancelled when i lost it?

    -my old ‘cancelled’ passport had US Tourist Visa in it, which may have expired by now.

    -My current passport has a US F1 Visa from 2012 which has now expired. ( had gone for a summer session at a university there)

    – i am currently applying for an M1 visa to study further in the states
    Stop Wanting Answers1

    please reply whether to select yes/no with regards to the ds-160- have you ever lost a passport? and have you ever lost a U.S. Visa?

  26. HI
    I made a mistake and submitted the DS160.I put the employer address in intended work address instead of client address in temporary visa details page.So what to do to correct it.Should i submit a new DS160?
    I already payed the fees for the old DS160 but didnt schedule the interview till now

    please help

    • Hey jvala, I did the same mistake, could you post here you experience? Did you change the address before your stamping interview?

  27. how to fill supervisor in DS-160 if i’m employed as assistant professor.
    And do i have to fill up as director instead of director’s name in the coluMN NAME of employer.

  28. Dear Admin/Kumar,

    I’m filling DS-160 for H1B. I need help in “Previous Work/Education/Training Information” section in DS-160.

    In case of my previous employer, either company name or the location/address of the company got changed. So in this case, what should I mention in the DS-160? Should I mention new address/new name of the company or same address/name of the company they had when I was employed with them. If I mention new name/location of the company in the DS-160, then it will conflict with all my experience certificate given to me when I left the company.

    Appreciate your help.

    • Did you get a reply to this question? I have a similar question whether to break down H1B amendments(which leaves me no room for previous employement) or club them as one(as the organization has been the same- just internal legal entity changes)
      Appreciate your help in this.

  29. Friends,

    I got my H1B approved and got my I797 ( L1 to H1 Transfer) and currently in US. Planning to go to India in Feb and also need to go for stamping. I need your help on the below to fill up DS 160 form

    > I was on L1 previously which means I was India employee transferred to America entity. So in “prev employment” section how should I show this. Should i only mention company in India or both.
    > Should I have 3 payslips when i go there. Coz I just started working on H1 and will only have 2 stubs when go there. Is it still okay?

    Any help is highly appreciated.


  30. Can somebody please tell me what should be the monthly salary listed in DS 160, the one that is in LCA or the current salary?
    (My LCA lists lower salary than the current)

  31. I want to travel to USA with my family(husband and son). so I filled DS-160 for each person ( me, husband and son). Next I created a profile, then I followed the steps to create an appointment. At the step 6 I added “Existing Applicants” for my son and husband. but on “Receipt for Payment” there are no any names, only total fee (VISA TIER (1-4): 1, US DOLLAR AMOUNT: $480, …). Should we create a profile for each person of our family ( who has, of course, already confirmation page) ?

  32. Hi Redbus2us followers,

    I have submitted my DS-160 for my H4 visa and also paid the fees. I am planning to appear for the H4 visa interview at US Consulate, Chennai ( in Feb 2015)
    Now my Husband (H1B visa holder) is promoted and his Title and Salary is changed. He is also moving to a new residential address in California.
    Do i need to submit another DS-160 and pay fees again or can I use the already submitted one.


    • Hi Supriya,

      I am in the same situation the can you share your experience, did you create a new ds160 and pay the visa fee again.


  33. Hi I am applying for L2 visa status. While filling DS 160 I am asked to provide educational institutions at a secondary level or above. I am PhD student and will complete my degree in Dec 2014. Do I need to specify PhD under education details. As I don’t have a degree yet what should I fill under last attendance. Please help me. I eagerly need your advice. Many thanks

  34. I need help in filling my last visa date and number information for my fresh H1B DS160 form. But when my last visa got extended (in 2010), I was in US and don’t have it stamped on my passport. So whatever I have on my passport is for previous visa (i.e. visa expiring in 2010). what should i enter in DS160 form?

  35. Hi
    While applying for L1 Visa, we have to fill the DS 160 form. In that form can we mention the family details(who are living in USA)? If No why? If Yes.. please clarify a doubt like when applying for B1 visa one of my friend told that we should not mention the family details (living in USA). Please help me ASAP

  36. Hi everyone.

    I got to know that my H1b lottery got selected in may 2014 as said by my employer.

    I am completely unaware of H1b process.

    I would like to know, by when (Date ) do i need to fill my DS 160 form ? as i was not informed anything about it by my employer till now. Who should be filling it, can my employer fill it on my behalf without my notice, as they don’t follow transparency in this process. Please help…. I am scared…

    • You first need to make sure with your employer if and when your travel is planned. Once you have that info, you need to ensure that the US Entity of your employer has filed a petition on your behalf. You shall then receive this petition and a truck load of documents which you need to present at the US Consulate during your interview process. Once you receive this petition, you need to go to the online portal for US Non Immigration VISA Applications, and fill out the DS-160 Form (https://ceac.state.gov/genniv/) and set up your interview date.

      This is the usual procedure followed. However, please make sure to confirm with your employer before you proceed with VISA Applications and let me off the hook here! 😉 🙂

      Good luck!

  37. 0 (HARP) is failing to reach most qualifying borrowers.

    You are not only being trained but you must be a trainer yourself.
       Many times it is also helpful to divide a borrower’s annual income by 2080 in order to figure their hourly rate.

  38. Hi All,

    I have Submitted DS 160 form. I filled only My Highest Education details. Is it Ok? I have all the certificates with me.


  39. Hi,

    I have H1b decision approved. While filling the DS 160 form, i came accross this question

    ‘Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services?’

    What should be my answer to this question,

    This is first time i m applying for H1b visa.

  40. I am an international student and I have taken a gap year after my 12th grade . During this gap I have worked for an NGO . In the DS-160 ,when they ask me for my present work/education information what do I give them ? Do I say student or so I submit my NGo info . Please help.

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    with them for this job. The chin or face, will cost less than the shoulders which will also cost
    less than a whole arm or leg hair removal procedure.

  43. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i own a similar one and i
    waas just curious iif you get a lott of spam remarks?

    If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can suggest?
    I get so much lately it’s driving me mad so any help is very much appreciated.

  44. hi,
    i have already filled up the ds-160 form but the mistake i did is dat i forgot to create a family application at the end ..i filled new application for my wife same day. I want to know our interview can be together as a family? pls suggest me wat can i do..

    • Deepak,
      DS-160 form needs to be completed by each individual. So you complete your own DS form, and your wife completes hers. When applying for interview slot, you can convert the interview into a family application so that both can appear together (as long as you are appearing for related visa categories).

  45. hello saurabh,

    my name is tenzing and i have already filled up the ds-160 form but the mistake i did is dat i forgot to create a family application at the end ..coz even my mom is applying for it..so can u pls suggest me wat can i do..

    • tenzing loden bhuti,
      DS-160 form needs to be completed per person i.e. each individual needs to complete their own DS-160 form. When applying for visa interview, you have the ability to convert the interview into a family interview so that all applicants can appear together.

  46. Hi Friends,

    I am going to fill DS-160 form for me and family (wife & baby).

    Do i need to complete my form first and then proceed with their DS-160 forms?
    (Or) both can be done simaltanious?

    Any issues if i am not able to upload photos in DS-160 forms?

    Please explain the process like -Whether can i do like below?

    1). DS-160 for me
    2). DS-160 for my wife
    3). DS-160 for my baby
    4). Group appointment

  47. Me and my wife had a recently visa stamped on h1 and h4. we have a baby born about 10 months and we have got his passport too.

    my son’s passport family details:
    father :my name
    Mother my wife’s married name i.e my name, my surname.

    my wife’s passport family details ( before marriage passport)
    father: her father with different surname
    mother: her mother with her married name.

    I have started filling up ds 160 for my son and I have following questions.

    1 ) my wife has a visa stamped on her passport with maiden name and she is still using the old name. when we applied for my son’s passport we had chosen to put the mother’s name as her married name. in short, my son’s passport is having my wife’s name as married name and we have not use her maiden name.

    now when it comes to DS 160 filling, what name I should put for my wife, married name ? which doesn’t exist on the passport yet but my son’s passport having that name. or my wife’s maiden name ? in which she has a visa stamped.

    however, I am the principle applicant on h1 and not my wife.


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