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Parents US Visitor Visa Stamping in Hyderabad – Telugu – Experiences 2015

Most of the internationals, who live in US for sometime, at some point will apply for visitor visa for their parents or in-laws to visit them…Though you know the process well, you always want to read and learn from other experiences…I did this quite a bit, when I applied for my Parents Visa to visit US. Our goal is to share as many real experiences that are well written on the blog so that all our readers get benefit from them. One of our readers, Spoorti, was kind enough to spend time and share her experience filing B2 visitor visa for her parents in Hyderabad, India.  Thanks to Spoorti for sharing the experience.  Read along…You can share yours too here

Background – Filing form, Fees, Bio-metrics :

My parents recently attended the US Visitor Visa (B2) interview for the B-2 Visitor Visa at the Hyderabad Consulate and were issued the visa. It was a very easy and fuss-free process on the whole. I filled the DS-160 forms for both my mother and father, paid the visa fees and scheduled their appointment slots. The first day is for the Photographs and the bio-metric authentication and the second day is for the actual interview. While I was filling the forms and doing the other necessary stuff, I prepared a questionnaire that contained the generally asked questions during the visa interview along with the answers and sent it to my parents and asked them to start going through.

Parents Visitor ( B2) Visa Stamping Documents :

Below are the documents I sent from USA to my parents.

  • I filled I-134 one for each. I sent the I-134 documents
  • Invitation Letter
  • Letter to the Consulate Officer
  • Proof of my employment to my parents
  • scanned copies of my complete passport
  • copy of my I-94
  • copy of my bank account verification letter[it is always suggested that you provide the original but since lack of time, I sent them the soft copy]
  • last 6 months’ bank statements
  • last 3 months pay statements
  • copy of my W-2[I came to the US recently and have not filed the taxes yet] and
  • copy of my I-797.

I sent all the above through FedEx. It took 3 days for them to receive. I had also asked my parents to carry the below

  • copies of their property documents in India
  • last 2 years’ IT returns [Both my parents were Government employees and are now retired]
  • last 6 months’ bank statements.
  • My father also carried the proofs of their pensions as they were handy.

They had all the documents arranged neatly in a folder and were very well prepared with all the answers. I conducted a couple of mock interviews just to make sure they are aware of all the key information.
Telugu or English for Parents Visa Interview  ?
Even though my parents are well educated and can converse in English, I chose my mother tongue [Telugu] as the language of interview because I didn’t want them to get confused by the American accent.

Day 1: My parents went to the Consulate office an hour prior to the actual time and the whole photographs/fingerprints thing took only 15 minutes. They were asked the reason for their visit and that was all.

Day 2: My parents again visited the office an hour prior to the actual time and after completing all the formalities inside the office, they went to the respective counter where they were called upon.

The visa officer was a lady and she talked to them in Telugu. I asked my mother if there was any confusion but she told me that the Officer talked very fluently and there was no confusion at all.

Parents US Visitor Visa Stamping Questions :

Below are the questions the Visa Officer asked them:

1. Who lives in the US?
2. Where does she live?
3. What does your daughter do?
4. What is her salary?
5. What is your son-in-law’s name?
6. What is your occupation?
7. When they told they are retired, she asked if they receive pension.
8. How many children do you have?
9. Where do the other children live?

That was it and she did not ask for a single document besides their passports.

The key to the success was:
1. Carry all the necessary documents.
2. Be very confident. My parents were confident and very relaxed.
3. Provide genuine answers to the questions the Officer asks.

and..the whole process should be a breeze. Good Luck!

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Do you have any other thoughts to add from your Parents visa prep ?


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  1. Hi ,

    I booked a US Visitor visa appointment for my parents and in the the visa priority is english. Does it mean that visa appointment will be in English ? I kept the option as Telugu . Does it specifically say that the visa priority will be Telugu in the language of the visa interview ?


  2. Hi ..
    My mother tongue Telugu ….newly married …my husband software in US ….now I am going to US but little bit fear visa process and interview…..and also I don’t talking much English fluently….I don’t know visa interview process …

    • Sai,
      Do not worry too much, if you are not comfortable with english, you can schedule your interview in Telugu..it is better to get it scheduled in Telugu, if you are worried…Speak to your spouse, he should guide you…

  3. Hi,

    My husband is on H1b and I am on H4, his H1B status is more 2 years. That is he will be completing his 6 years by Dec’2019.
    I want to invite my mom for couple of months, so will they give her 10 years visa as my husband’s H1B status will be over soon. Or will it be rejected ?

  4. I’m a student,going to apply visa for visiting my Uncle who stays in U.S ,I’m bit worried about questions they ask .anywone help me out

  5. Hi Kumar,

    Just confused with the article which you provided. I am not sure so please clarify my doubt:
    ” Visa Interview can be scheduled in Telugu ?”
    As you mentioned in one of the line stating: ” The visa officer was a lady and she talked to them in Telugu. I asked my mother if there was any confusion but she told me that the Officer talked very fluently and there was no confusion at all.”

    This would be helpful if you can revert to my Querry,

    Kind Regards,

    • Raja, Yes, Interview can be scheduled in Telugu. What I meant was, if my mother was confused with the Visa officer’s Telugu, she said that the Visa officer was very fluent in telugu and there was no confusion. Thats it !

      • How to Schedule a b2 visa interview In Telugu??/
        do we need to ask for a translation at the time of the interview ??/
        In my Appointment, it says Visa Priority: English.

  6. Hi ,

    I am no longer working for the company through which I got the visa stamped (Valid till Sep 2016). I had my H-1B transferred to a new company and got an approved I-797.
    I am now planning to go for a trip to India and return to US after 3 weeks. Please advise on the following

    1) Is it mandatory to go for visa stamping if I go to India? (even though the visa is valid till 4/2016)?
    Because I am no longer working for the organization through which I got the visa stamped
    2) What are the scenarios in which we need to go for visa stamping (even when you still have a valid visa)? Would it be an issue, when filing for GC, if we don’t have the visa stamped (even though we have an approved 797)?
    3) When travelling back to US, is it sufficient if I carry only the approved petition with my new employer? Should I be carrying any other documents in addition to the approved 797 forms.

    Pls help me


  7. Hi,
    I work in USA for one of the big it companies and my parents took the visa in English.
    The officer just asked them where theya re going and who is there. As sme one rightly said its revenue generation tourist visa which no country would reject unless you give some random answers or plan to settle down in usa

  8. If you are working in a reputed organization, visitor visa is not a problem. Its revenue generation for them and it is always easy.


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