After H1B Lottery Process Steps and Flow chart details by USCIS Statuses

Steps after H1B Registration Lottery – Flow Chart, Process

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If you are new to H1B process, one of the many questions you might have is, what are the typical steps after the H1B Lottery happens. USCIS introduced New H1B Registration Process from H1B Visa 2021 Season. In this article we will cover typical flow and steps after H1B Registration Lottery selection all the way through visa approval and put it in a flow chart so that it is easy to comprehend.

What happens after H1B Registration Lottery ? 

Once the H1B registration period starts, employers or attorneys submit the H1B registrations for their prospective applicants using the H1B Registration Online Tool. USCIS runs the lottery for the submitted registrations after the registration period ends. Below are the next steps, after USCIS completes H1B Visa Lottery:

  1. USCIS notifies employers regarding registration selection results
  2. Employers file H1B Petition with USCIS using Selection Notice.
  3. USCIS processes and adjudicates the H1B petitions
  4. USCIS re-runs lottery as needed, updates final results

Let’s look at all these steps in detail.

Step 1 : USCIS Notifies H1B Registration Lottery Results

USCIS sends out an email notification indicating changes in the online system and they need to login to view the updates on their submitted registrations. If a registration was selected in H1B lottery, then the status of the registration would be changed to “Selected” and employer can print H1B Registration Selection Notice. For complete details and screenshots, read USCIS H1B Registration Lottery Results – How do I know . If the applicant was not selected in initial run of lottery, then the registrations would be in wait list until the end of fiscal year. For fiscal year 2021, the lottery results were announced by USCIS on March 28th and they gave a timeline for initial set of results as March 31st.

Step 2 : Employers file H1B Petition with USCIS – LCA, Other info

After the registration process is complete, Employers or Attorneys representing the companies will file the H1B petitions with USCIS for those selected in the H1B Registration Lottery. Employers get 90 days, starting from April 1st, until June 30th to file the H1B Petition for the selected applicant. As part of that filing process, first employers would need to file for H1B LCA with DOL and get it approved. Also, in the mean time, the employer would prepare the entire H1B package with all details related to employee. This is where your employer would request for documents. Read H1B Visa Petition Documents Checklist, What NOT to give ? Once the H1B petition is ready, the employer or attorney would mail it out to USCIS.

Step 3 : USCIS Sends out H1B Receipt Notices

After USCIS receives the H1B application package, they will process it and will send out H1B receipt notices. USCIS in recent years have stopped premium processing filing option for everyone during the initial filing. It is no different for FY 2021, Read H1B Premium Processing Cancelled for FY 2021. If there was premium processing available, then you can file the petition in premium processing and you would get notification in email. Below are the various categories for getting receipt notices.

  • Premium Processing Email Receipt Notices  : If your H1B petition was filed in Premium Processing, then your employer/ attorney would get email receipt notice. After that the email notice, a physical copy of the H1B receipt notice would be sent to your employer/ attorney. This is not applicable for FY 2021 as no premium processing.
  • Regular Processing Receipt Notices : If your H1B petition was filed in Regular Processing, then you will start to receive physical receipt notices, there will NOT be any email receipt notice sent. They usually send via postal mail like USPS, so it can take couple of weeks or so. This is applicable for everyone who filed for FY 2021.

Also, around the same time, your employer would see below for their fee checks.

  • H1B Fee Checks Cashed : Your employers/ Attorney will also start to see checks cashed for the filing fee, during this time. Only employers or attorney, who used the check would be able to see this in their bank accounts. This is something that cannot be verified by applicants.

Step 4 : Processing of H1B Petition by USCIS – H1B Case Statuses

After the H1B receipt notices are sent, then USCIS starts to process/ adjudicate the petitions filed. The H1B receipt number your employer or attorney gets starts with EAC or  WAC, depending on where it was filed. Read What is H1B Visa Receipt Number – Meaning, Status . You can use that receipt number to check H1B Visa Petition Status online on USCIS website. You can even signup for a free online account with USCIS and track your status.

Below are the various H1B Visa Case Statuses that your H1B petition can go through, after it is selected in Lottery. All of the below are possible case statuses and not mandatory for all the petitions to go through each of the below statuses.

  • Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed
  • Case Was Received
  • Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed
  • Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received
  • Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed
  • Case Was Approved
  • Decision Notice Mailed
  • Error : The application Receipt Number is invalid
  • Name was updated.
  • Fees will be Refunded

To know the additional details of each of the above case statuses, read the article Various  H1B Visa Application Case Statuses – Meaning

H1B Petition Processing after Lottery until Approval – Flow chart

“A picture is worth thousand words”, below is that picture on H1B visa status flow from employers submitting H1B registration, H1B petition to getting a decision from USCIS. Depending on your case, you could go through few or more of the statuses listed above. We will look at the various scenarios below in detail.

Steps after H1B Registration Lottery until Approval - USCIS processing

H1B High Level Process Flow with Lottery, Processing by USCIS

As you can see in the above H1B case status flow chart with USCIS, the best case scenario after being selected in registration lottery, then petition filing and then to go to approval without any questions or additional information required.  From USCIS Case status standpoint, it would be like below based on premium processing or regular processing category of filing.

Scenario 1 : H1B Process flow for simple Approval Scenario, without any ask for additional documents (Request for Evidence – RFE)

  • H1B Premium processing :
    • First, you will see status “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”
    • Second, you will see status  “Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed”
  • H1B Regular Processing
    • First, you will see status “Case Was Received”
    • Second, you will see status “Case Was Approved”

The key information that you need to be aware of is that for regular processing H1B petitions, USCIS do not have any SLA(service level agreement) or time limit and their processing can take few weeks to few months. We have seen cases being approved after 6 to 8 months at times or more, so do not panic, just stay calm and work with your employer or immigration attorney. If you need a result early, you can upgrade regular processing to premium processing to get the decision in 15 calendar days. But, you can only upgrade, if premium processing is available.

Steps after H1B Lottery Video 

The below video is still relevant, we will update with registration steps and create new video.

Scenario 2 :H1B Process flow after Lottery with Request for Additional Evidence ( RFE)

Not all cases go to direct approval like above. USCIS will ask employers to submit various documents depending on the complexity of the case. Typically reasons for RFE could be for the below reasons:

  • Specialty Occupation
  • Needs of the Petitioner for the Services of the Beneficiary
  • Beneficiary Qualifications
  • Employer-Employee Relationship
  • Maintenance of Status
  • Validation Instrument for Business Enterprises (VIBE)

Check out the article Some of the common H1B RFE Reasons for details on above listed RFE reasons and why you may get them.  As you can see in the flowchart above, typical flow by USCIS case status for approval is like :

  • H1B Premium processing statuses with RFE:
    • First you will see status “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”
    • Second you will see status “Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed”
    • After your employer/ attorney submits documents, you will see status  “Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received”
    • Finally, after USCIS processes the petition and approves it, you will see status “Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed”
  • H1B Regular Processing statuses with RFE :
    • First you will see status “Case Was Received “
    • Second you will see status “Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed”
    • After your employer/ attorney submits documents, you will see status  “Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received”
    • Finally, after USCIS processes the petition and approves it, you will see status “Decision Notice Mailed”

As far as RFE processing goes, it can takes anywhere from few weeks to several months depending on the response time of your employer and USCIS processing times. It is best to work with employer and submit the documents required on time for timely decision and status.

Scenario 3 : H1B Denied Status – Decision Notice Mailed
Not all H1B petitions filed are approved, some may be denied due to various reasons. In that case, instead of approval you would get denial letter and the final status would still be “Decision Notice Mailed”. Also, some of you may see “Name was updated” at times during the flow, the system does the update whenever some clerical updates are done to your case in the system or some internal activity happening on your case, nothing to panic. It is an internal status.

To put things in perspective, the above case status flow was much more complex in the past with the old system and there were much more statuses. You may read Old H1B case Status flow to get an understanding.

Step 5 : H1B Registration Lottery Final Results – Not Selected Status

In the past, USCIS would mail out reject notices after all the receipt notices are mailed. Usually, this used to be in late July or early August. Previous years dates for H1B Reject Notices 

  • For FY 2019, it was July 30th, 2018.
  • For FY 2018, it was July 19th
  • For FY 2017, it was July 8th
  • For FY 2016, it was July 14th

Now, with the H1B Registration in place, this is not applicable. For FY 2021, the registrations that were not selected in initial round of lottery are put in wait list category. USCIS has said that they will only make the H1B registrations results for everyone, who were not selected in registrations lottery as ‘Not Selected’, only at the end of the fiscal year. Now, the end of fiscal year is usually September 30th for USCIS, but it is not clear, in what context USCIS is referring to for end of fiscal year…if they mean, end of H1B fiscal year 2021 quota or end of USCIS fiscal year. Worst case, you may need to wait until September 30th to be very sure that you were not selected in H1B registration lottery.

Once you get an approval letter, you go to next steps like stamping. Check out After H1B Visa Approval – Steps until Stamping 

How was your H1B case status flow? Did you notice any other changes?  Share your experiences and thoughts.


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Comments ( 549 )

  1. sooo

    I already submitted RFE and it has been 2 months already and Still waiting for Final approval
    How soon I will get Approval, Its already 28 Sept.

    Please help.

  2. Rahul

    Hi, Our attorney submitted H1B application on 4th April 2015. We got notification from our attorney on 1st May, 2015 that check has been cashed by USCIS through electronic transaction with description “CSC FIELD OFFICE PAYMENT 1807********************”. What does CSC FIELD OFFICE PAYMENT means? Do it means we are selected in lottery? Its been 5 months and we have never received our receipt number. Any help will be appreciated. ..

  3. glasherz

    Finally, after all that time I received the approval today. I am so glad that all the waiting has an end for me.
    I really like to thank Kumar and this page just for being there, helping as good as you can and being a platform where you’re not just a single applicant but together with others in the same situation. That helps very much.

  4. Mat

    I replied RFE response with docs on June16th, well before deadline. But still the status in USCIS is “Response Recieved…” and they havent processed yet.
    How long should I wait?

  5. Wipro_RFE_s

    Hi All,
    I got my RFE information by GIMS team on 17th August, in that they asked for SOW/PO. But client is not providing any SOW since last 1-2 years and my project is also getting over so i have only PO till 30th Sep 15. I have submitted my RFE on 18th sept with that PO only which is getting expired on 30th Sept.

    what else can be done from my side? provide ur opinion.

  6. technology specialist

    Below are the updates of my REF response, Who have submitted the REF response, please don’t worry. It will get approved
    I have applied for H1b first time, April 13th lottery got picked
    I got RFE on June 15th, I have submitted RFE response on July 17th with Valid SOW, and client engagement letter

    Finally My petition got approved on 4th September 2015. Thank You God

      1. Sam

        I received RFE regarding license that I might need to perform my duties as Civil Engineer 5 weeks ago, ( RP) company attorney still have concerns and was not able to contact ENG board. Any Ideas?

  7. rocky

    I got a RFE and yet to submit the documents, the validity of SOW is till Oct 2015, again it will be renewed in regular basis. Since SOW is valid only till Oct 2015, i need to submit intend to extend letter that will be proof for the Sow will be extended in future. can anyone has a format of letter of intent for SOW extension

    1. technology specialist

      You should get it from Your Employer.

      below are the Basic rules

      PLEASE NOTE: We need an SOW valid at least six months from October 1st, 2015.

      If the document is renewed monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, please provide the current and last 3 renewals
      If the initial document contains a description of services/ duties and subsequent renewals/ extension documents do not include the description, please provide the initial document plus the current unexpired document.

      Note: USCIS could issue a shorter duration approval notice or deny the petition if the SOW or similar document validity does not cover the end date in the filing.

  8. Ambi

    My petition was approved on Sep 2, 2015. WAC. changed from case was received to case was approved.After this long wait. I am very grateful to God. I have realized nothing happens unless God wants it to. Good or bad. I am extremely grateful. I wish the best to all. This was my first attempt. First lottery and first approval. AD category.

    If anyone needs any additional info, I will provide, while maintaining privacy. My sincerest gratitude to all who posted here.Thank you.

      1. Ambi

        Glad to see u remember me 🙂 n Ty. I wish the best for u. N I told u, dumping USCI will not help. We have to go through them. 🙂 no other way!

    1. Gauri

      Hi Ambi,

      Congrats.. Could you please tell me your status directly changed from received to approved? Have you applied thr premium processing and from which center?

  9. tcs

    Hi Kumar,
    I got a RFE on june 17 and due date was july 21. I submitted all documents(SOW,ECL,BRM letter) except Contract letter of Tcs and client. I send docs on 18th july. I s there any chance of denial due to missing of contract letter. And any time frame I will get to know the result of RFE,

    1. technology specialist

      hello tcs,

      If you would have submitted valid SOW, Your RFE should approve with out second thought. As per act Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552(b)(4), many MNC companies wont support Contract letter b/w client and company and you should not worry about that.

      Your petition might approve any time before Sep 20th. Yesterday i spoke to USCISS and they said they have cleared all RFE’s till June 30th and they are processing the RFE’s who are submitted on July 1st week

      Dnt think much and b happy. Wish you good luck

      1. CTS_H1B_WAIT

        Thanks a lot technology specialist. My RFE was submitted on july 28.when can i expect the reply??? My manger submitted SOW which is valid till end of this year..Is this fine? my case number WAC*****

        1. technology specialist

          We need to submit an SOW valid at least six months from October 1st, 2015. If you would have submitted till Dec 2015 even it helps so nothing to worry abt it.

          Since you have submitted RFE response on July 28th, minimum its taking 60 days to get approval, it should approve before 20th of September. If you are too lucky it might approve before that as well

          1. h1b_hope

            Also employer asked for SOW and Manager letter…but couldn’t submit SOW due to client restriction…but RFE response was submitted with Client letter…will that be any hindrance in approval?

    2. administrator

      It is very hard to tell as every case can be different. We just have to hope the documents you submitted will be sufficient and it gets approved. It is not in your control…

  10. Srikanth

    Hi Kumar,
    Today, my case status got changed from Response Received to Denied.
    Really frustrated with this, not knowing what to do.
    Can you please let us know the various possible options for me now.
    I feel that the denial reasons are because of my employer. Is there any possibility to change the employer now? Is it be cap exempted?
    Please clarify my doubts. Desperately waiting for your valuable inputs on this.

    1. Gauri

      Hi Rasha,

      Congrats.. again same que was it chnaged from Received to Approved directly? Have you applied thr premium processing and from which center?

        1. Gauri

          Wow nice. By any chance do u remember first line of your case received status. Mine is on April 13th 2015 we received your application…. M bit tensed now.

  11. RFE clarification

    Hi Kumar,

    My case received an RFE by last week.My future employer(US consultant) said that they can’t produce the employer employee relationship which was requested.Seems they have an issue with the client .In this case i understand that i can’t obtain petition Approval.I really wounder that i have any one percentage chance to change my employer with my Receipt?
    Receipt date : 18 Apr
    RFE Date : 25th Aug

      1. RFE clarification

        I have no idea about my attorney,who filed my H1.My case is an exception than others.My US consultant have success H1 stories.Many working under him.Now USCIS identify some mistakes on them.Based on their past history we have applied through them and we got selected.Now tell us who’s mistake it is, USCIS verification system or the candidates applied through that consultancy?.unfortunately we have to reappear again for the lot due to some once mistake.

  12. Mountain of patience

    My h1b Case was received on April 13th, I applied through a consultancy.. Still no news..Keeping my fingers crossed !!
    I am on h4 and my spouse H1 extension is also filed.
    I took a distance education program and I applied for F1 VISA that is also pending for the past 1 year !! I hope all these shouldn’t bother my h1b !!

  13. Chennai H1B

    Hi all., My case got moved to RFE and my sponsoring company had produced all the requested documents. Now I have 2 concerns :
    1.I have a 4-year degree however, it took 5 years for me to complete it as I had few backlogs. (2009 passed out but the degree says 2010).
    2.My current employer is an MNC nevertheless, my sponsor is a different MNC.
    I am just concerned about these two. Someone please enlighten me!

  14. Bharath

    I got RFE today Aug 25th for my case. Totally frustrated with the process. (But cann’t do much about it :() How the hell we can submit RFE and get approval by Oct 1st. Please suggest by when can we get the approval then?

    1. Manny

      What was your RFE all about ? Based on which things can come to an conclusion as to Oct 1 will be a feasible time line for you…

    2. H1B Hopeful

      Based on the timeline of receiving the mail from USCIS regarding the RFE, compiling the response and then replying with the RFE documents, it does not look likely you will get a response before October 1st. Your best bet is if your petitioner can upgrade your petition to Premium processing. Though that can only be done I believe when your attorney/petitioner responds to the RFE.

    1. technology specialist

      after submitting RFE response, it might take 45 days to 60 days. Some times it might takes 3 to 4 months as well 🙁 its purely depends on our luck

    2. First Timer_CTS


      Once you receive a RFE, it would depend upon the reason for which USCIS has requested for additional information. The reponse period would vary from case to case. I also got a RFE and luckily got my petiton approved within a short period from the date of RFE response receievd by USCIS. Please find the details below-

      Petition received Date: 13th April 2015
      Petition notice Date: 22nd April 2015
      Request for Evidence (RFE): 15th July, 2015
      Request for Evidence Response Review: 20th Aug, 2015
      Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity (Approved): 4th Sept, 2015
      RFE was basically for project related information like
      Current project?
      Manager name?
      If the project has changed, please state new project details?
      If manager has changed, please state new manager details?
      so on…..

      I guess when you have all the details ready things should fall in place and response should come soon..All the best

  15. chika

    Thank God and all my Well Wishers, Happy my Visa got approved

    EAC15146xxxx”.Regular Quota from India. Good luck to all people waiting.


  16. vbk

    My case is still in the below state, What is the next state ?

    “On April 13, 2015, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 13, 2015, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-5283. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.”

  17. RKS

    Hi Friends,
    I got selected in H1B Lottery. But because of some unavoidable family reasons, I don’t want to process further for my H1B interview and so till October end. What should I do for that ?
    Is there any deadline to complete these h1B application/interview formalities ?
    Please suggest.

    Thank you in advance

  18. Salim

    Dear all
    After three months, status of my applican changed to RFE, (RP)
    But I have not recieve the letter yet,

    Please share your questions if you have / had RFE,


  19. tcs delhi

    I got a RFE on june 17 and due date was july 21. I submitted all documents(SOW,ECL,BRM letter) except Contract letter of Tcs and client. I send docs on 18th july. I s there any chance of denial due to missing of contract letter. And any time frame I will get to know the result of RFE,

  20. Manny

    Talk to your Attorney Immediately…. I believe this can be dealt with by contacting the Evaluator who Evaluated your Credentials to understand if they are authorized to grant college-level credit for training and/or experience. ” I am Assuming ”

    Anyone in this Forum has any thoughts……

    1. H1bGod

      Dear Manny,

      Thanks for your comments.
      I do not think so ECE can give college credits. I think I need to find an agency who can do that for me. Any suggestions?

      Thank you!

  21. receipt notice changed - status

    I see this status from June 8th: (initially it got delayed due to insufficient funds in account)

    On June 8, 2015, we made a change to your receipt notice for your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACXXXXXXXXX. We mailed you a notice describing how we are processing your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you move, go to to give us your new mailing address.

    “I checked with my employer they told that check was cleared and there is no pending things from his side”, Is this process got delayed? do we still time to reach final approved status.
    Please share some information regarding this. how much time USCIS further take. Is this most common status ? any has similar status.

  22. HCL_Pal

    Hi, Mine is selected in lottery and pending for approval

    My queries are
    1) Do I need to push my employer to push for approval or will it be taken care automatically

    2) Till when, I can do stamping after it got approved

    3) H1b validity starts from day of stamping or day of entry into USA

    4) Can I change company right away and transfer H1b or I can do only after I enter USA?

    Pls suggest.

    1. IBM

      1. Your case can be upgraded to Premium Processing for quicker updates(ETA 15 days). Else you can see updates in another week or so automatically.
      2. As petition valid from 1st October 2015,you can attend interview 90 days prior to october 1st.

      1. HCL_Pal

        Thanks Kumar

        2) Article doesnt cover about till when we can get stamping. It said about from when we can start stamping. but not about last day of stamping
        3) what do you mean by “validity is for the duration of approval on the notice” >> Does it mean the duration for stamping?

      2. hcl_pal

        2) I need to know till when we can do stamping. I need to know the validity as my company will send for stamping bit late. Article says about when we can start, but not about till when.

        3) what do you mean by “validity is for the duration of approval on the notice” >> does this mean the validity to get stamping done?

      3. H1B_ADDr_Change

        Hi Kumar,

        Please help in following situation.
        I filed the H1B while I was in Mexico, now I have moved back to India due to project completion.
        The H1B approval notice mentions the consulate of Mexico City.
        Now how can I get it changed to India since the notification from USCIS is sent to Mexico consulate.

    1. Manny

      If you have a 4 Year Degree in the respective field which you are applying the job for it really doesn’t matter. Say for Example : If you have applied for IT related Jobs and your degree is a 4 Year Engineering Degree in IT or Computer Science that will automatically fetch a US Degree Equivalence. If you only have a 3 Year Degree you will have to give your Working Experience for Credential Evaluation to Compensate a US Degree Equivalence. Typically 3 Year Work Experience counts for 1 Year of Education.

        1. Manny

          Yes you can still apply… That’s where the Credential Evaluation Plays a Vital role… Your Attorney will take care of that. You stay cool.

  23. waiting....waiting

    Hii.. Two consecutive cases before & after my case in series has been approved.. Mine is still in case received status.? I am little worried now. Why no change in status of my case?? is there any thing going wrong??

    1. Waiting

      In my case +10 and -10 are either approved or RFE , I am t only one in Case received status.
      Don worry there is nothing wrong wit your case , the officer who has our case is processing very slow and its totally random .

    2. Rob

      Unfortunately same situation here. Filed in April, luckily picked up in the lottery and since then Case was received and +10/-10 already approved. I heard a rumor about doing all the cases within 7/31 but still nothing,

        1. Rob

          My lawyer told me, but as you can imagine in this situation there are rumors everywhere 🙂
          By the way I suppose that considering that you can start work by 1st October, by end of August they must complete all of them.
          But still I am guessing, as probably everyone does.
          The only thing that makes me crazy is that in my past experience (I am already in US with another job visa) USCIS processes by the incoming order but this time it is not doing that and on their Website still 2 months to process a H1B1 new visa….

      1. administrator

        Rob, Every case is different and there is nothing to be worried. Just have to wait. They may not be processed sequentially.

        1. Rob

          Got approved 3rd August after waiting since 13th April.

          I noticed that yesterday they approved a bunch of them that I was monitoring, maybe they noticed to be late 🙂

  24. Finally Made It

    Hi All,
    Finally my visa got stamped…..
    I would like to share my story with you guys as it might give motivation to guys who could not made it this year.
    Following are my attempts….
    – 2013, application is not picked in lottery
    – 2014, application picked but got denial notice
    – 2015, application picked..approved and stamping is done.
    So friends…if your target is to do job in US…..don’t loose hope..its all about luck… keep on trying…also try to apply from some good companies or from good consultancies. If you go from some stupid consultancy….even if your application is picked there will be many hurdles in between.
    A big thanks to as it was daily routine to check for some news in this site(March-Dec every year)

    1. congratulations

      Hey can you take us through the interview process and questions if you could ? It would help a lot ..and which consulate did you go for the stamping?

      Thank In Advance 🙂

  25. despo

    My case is approved on June 25th. But when I call my employer, they ask me to wait .. not to worry .. they will process.. Is that they have not received approval letter till now? They are not giving any info. but just ask me to wait .. its almost a month, I got approval .. its under RP … what should I do now ??

  26. Sam

    My H1b transfer was filed on Mar 31 2015 under regular processing. I have received my receipt number in the mid of April. Till date I haven’t received any further update on my case. Please let me know how much time it would take for adjudication. Is there any was to find out case status apart from USCIS website.

  27. mn

    what is the time frame for an RFE to be responded back from our end to USIC , my RFE was raised on 18 june and still my shows the status as suspended ,iam worried that whether my employer had replied back or not . How can we find what was the RFE about , up on contacting my employer they say the same answer “Our lawyers will take care of this”.

    1. ks2us

      Max response time given for an RFE is 87 days, within which the response has to “reach” USCIS. But, it could be lesser time as well. The deadline for the response to reach USCIS will be mentioned on the RFE notice.
      If your employer does not respond within the deadline, the petition will be considered Abandoned, and they USCIS evaluate the petition with whatever data was provided without the addition evidence they requested, which in most cases may not be a favorable decision.

      If your employer/attorney has responded to the RFE, once USCIS receives the response, they will update the case tracking site with the status as “Response Received”. Use your receipt number to check the status. You can even signup to receive email updates on all status changes of your petition, once you register.

      Good luck!

  28. kiran


    Had any one got approval letters, As per my employer said my case status is showing as received.By when we can expect the RFE/Approval letters


  29. Bobby

    Regular Processing : Case Was Received –> Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed –> Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received –> Decision Notice Mailed
    Does this mean for Regular processing, if an RFE is received it will go for Rejection ?

    1. SameBoat

      This one is denied. Each case is different. I maintained a list by just looking up random cases ( which got my IP blocked by the way) and saw 4 RFEs out of which 3 were approved and 1 was denied.

    1. Routhu


      Had any one got approval letters, As per my employer my case status is showing as received.By when we can expect the RFE/Approval letters


  30. Karishma_India

    Thank you for creating such an informative website.
    I have a urgent question.
    I am currently working with a company on an OPT. Since, my company cannot sponsor my H1B , I applied for an H1b through Company A. I have got an RFE on my H1B and company A is planning to respond to my h1B within a week. Now, I have received an offer from Company B (which I really like) and they are ready to transfer my H1B, what should I do. I really want to work with Company B but I am not sure that whether my H1B will be approved or whether Company B will be able to get my visa transferred without any hiccups.
    I have read several blogs and there are different information on each of it. Could you please help me with some insights?. I have to make the decision by EOW.
    Thank you and appreciate your help.

    1. administrator

      Your H1B is not yet approved, I do not think you can transfer at this point. After your H1B is approved, then you can consider transferring. Speak to your immigration attorney at Company B to get more information.

  31. Rob

    Hi. From Philippines here. I have H1B and my 6-year term will expire September 2016. Although my parents filed petition for unmarried son (21 or older), my priority date is 2011 and I will have to wait 5-6 years to get my green card. My employer will not sponsor green card because the prevailing wage requirement is too high. Can any advice on a better way or step for case?

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