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H1B 2025 Lottery Results Out, Daily Updates, Selection Notice

As most of you know, USCIS started accepting H1B Visa registrations for the Fiscal Year(FY) 2025 season on March 6th, 2024, and ended on March 25th, 2024. Many have been eagerly waiting for the H1B lottery results for the FY 2025 season.

In the last few years, USCIS has been silently sending lottery selection results before they make the official press releases. This year is no different and we are seeing H1B Visa 2025 season lottery results coming in slowly before the official announcement.

This article will cover the FY 2025 lottery results, both official and unofficial, including updates from community members & attorneys. We will continue to update this article as we get more updates.

Background on H1B Visa 2025 Season, Past Lottery Dates, Results

USCIS announced on January 31st, 2024, the H1B Registration Dates for the FY 2025 season, changes to the H1B Lottery selection process, online H1B petition filing options, and organization accounts-related updates.

As announced, USCIS opened up the online H1B registration period for FY 2025 season on March 6th, 2024. Due to system outage issues, they extended the ending date of the registration period until March 25th, 2024.

Past H1B Lottery Results Announcement Pattern

In terms of the H1B Lottery results, as per USCIS, their deadline for the H1B lottery results announcement for FY 2025 season is March 31st, 2024. But, they handle it differently in terms of official announcements. Below is how they handled it in the past.

H1B FY 2024 Season Lottery Results Announcement Pattern

  • Last year, for the H1B Visa 2024 season, the H1B registration period ended on March 20th, 2023, and the results started coming in starting from March 24th, 2023. It was a Friday evening.
  • They made the official announcement on March 27th, 2023, that the H1B Cap reached for FY 2024 Season.
  • The main thing to note is results started coming out four days after the closure of the H1B registration period, and the official announcement came after seven days.
  • You can read the H1B FY 2024 Results Official & UnOfficial Updates page for more details.

H1B FY 2023 Season Lottery Results Announcement Pattern

  • The year before for H1B FY 2023 season, the results started to trickle down starting on March 25th, 2022. You can check H1B 2023 Lottery Results, Sample for full details of last year. It was a Friday evening.
  • Also, for the FY 2023 season USCIS officially announced on March 29th, 2022, that they had completed the first round of the H1B Lottery for FY 2023.

Based on the previous H1B lottery results announcement patterns, for the current FY 2025 season, we were expecting results to come in on Friday evening, which would be March 29th, 2024. Unlike in previous years, this year, the pattern is different. Let’s look at those details in the next section.

H1B 2025 Lottery Done, Results Notified to all (Official News)

Starting from March 27th, 2024, evening users and attorneys started receiving H1B selection notices for the new H1B Lottery selections. The registration selection notices alerts have been coming in since have been March 27th, 2024.

Unlike previous years, this year, we started seeing H1B lottery results come in from Wednesday evening instead of Friday evening. Also, at first, March 27th, there were no notifications sent by USCIS to the registrant’s accounts. USCIS only started sending email alerts to employers starting from March 28th, 2024.

As part of our H1B groups, H1B 2025 Telegram Group, and H1B Visa Facebook Community, and LinkedIn and Twitter updates, many users shared their results on H1B lottery selections.

Official Tweet from USCIS: As of March 31st, 3 PM EST, we had only one official tweet from USCIS regarding the H1B 2025 Lottery results stating that they have conducted H1B lottery and the selections notices will be sent over the course of next few days until April 1st, 2024.

On April 1st, 2024, USCIS released an official press on the H1B lottery results indicating that the lottery was completed for the FY 2025 season and all employers were notified regarding the selections. You can read full details at article USCIS News: H1B 2025 Lottery Done, All Notified, New Changes.

In the below sections, we track both Unofficial and Official Updates on the H1B 2025 Lottey results. We will update the below sections daily until we have the official press release from USCIS.

Unofficial Updates on H1B 2025 Lottery Results

Immigration attorneys said that they have not received any notifications regarding the selections today. Technically, the lottery is done, and all notifications are sent, which is clear from the official press release.

Attorneys are reporting that they have not seen any new selection notices this morning. Basically none from last night as well. They are guessing maybe sending of the the lottery selection notices is done. See the below screenshot of the update shared by Attorneys Emily and Steven Brown Again, we do not have any official update from USCIS yet on this, as we continue to wait.

No new H1B Lottery Selections today - Done?
No new H1B Lottery Selections today – Done?

No other new unofficial updates as it is weekend and less updates are given by other attorney. In terms of the updates on H1B Tracker, the approvals percentage stand at 7.2% slightly more than yesterday. We will only know when USCIS announces the results.

  • We have immigration attorneys updating earlier today that they are continuing to see H1B Selection notices coming in. Below is the screenshot of the update from Attorney Emily Neuman on twitter stating that she received “H1B Selection Notices” even at 8AM Today. See below tweet from her
H1B Notification Emails Still arriving - even on Weekend
H1B Notification Emails Still arriving – even on Weekend
  • Some attorneys are guessing that the USCIS glitch may be fixed as they are seeing a big uptick in the H1B selection notices today. A couple of them say that they stand at about 25% approvals of the total H1B registrations they submitted. Below is the screenshot of the updates from couple of immigration attorneys.
  • Also, Attorney Emily Neumann did manual checks and did not find any selections. So, she is guessing the glitch could be fixed by USCIS. See below screenshot of her tweet.
H1B Notices Selection Glitch Maybe Fixed
H1B Notices Selection Glitch Maybe Fixed
Glitch Could be Fixed
Glitch Could be Fixed
  • Also, the Community H1B Tracker at VisaGrader.com show selections at about 6.7%, slightly higher than yesterday, indicating the arrival of more H1B Selection notices.
VisaGrader Tracker Update
VisaGrader Tracker Update
  • If we look at one of the promising polls on Reddit, the results have gone up indicating selection notices coming in. The selections stand at around 10% of the overall sample of people who voted. See below H1B selections poll results on reddit
Poll Results
Poll Results as of today

Updates from March 29th, 2024

  • A couple of attorneys say that they have gotten only 10% of the selection notices so far from the entire batch of H1B registrations they submitted. They believe it is really low, and when they checked with USCIS, they were informed about a glitch in the USCIS system that does not show registrations as selected. The Attorney or Employer has to go into each and every registration batch and check individually. It is going to take some time unless USCIS does something here. Hopefully, this gets resolved.
  • Attorney Emily Neumann, in her tweet mentions that you need to click on the view submission in some cases to see the status as selected. Clearly a glitch. See the screenshot below of her tweet and other one shared by another user on LinkedIn
Glitch in the USCIS H1B Registration System for Lottery Results - Issue Explained
Glitch in the USCIS H1B Registration System for Lottery Results – Issue Explained
  • Check the below tweet from Attorney Steven Brown on the 10% selection and the glitch.
  • The selection percentages at least doubled as the attorneys in the Reddy & Neumann Law firm tried manual review as a workaround for the selected status glitch. Below is their data before and after manual review. So, this bug is definitely crazy and confusing many. Check below screenshot of the tweet by Steven Brown
Changes to the Percentage after doing the manual clicking for Selections
Changes to the Percentage after doing the manual clicking for Selections
  • If we look at the H1B Tracker by VisaGrader, it barely shows 5% selected out of 200 entries. Clearly, something is not right as well. It could be due to the glitch. We hope this will change. See the below screenshot.
H1B Lottery Status Metrics as of March-29-2024
H1B Lottery Status Metrics as of March-29-2024
  • Also, many users shared in Telegram Groups and Facebook Groups that they were selected, but the stats are really low. The poll in Reddit run on the H1B subreddit shows only 33 selected out of close to 1000. So, maybe the glitch is causing this.
Selected Poll Status
Selected Poll Status

Updates from March 28th, 2024.

  • This morning, USCIS started sending notification emails to employers whose submitted registration entries were selected in the H1B 2025 Lottery.
  • The notification email would say “We have taken an action on your case“, asking employers to login to check the change to the xH1B Registration Status and get the H1B Registration Selection Notice. Below is a screenshot of the email notification sent by USCIS.
Email Notification from USCIS on the H1B Lottery Results Selections
  • We have more updates from many more attorneys confirming that they are seeing H1B selection notices in their accounts.
  • Also, many users are updating their status on social media that they were selected across various channels.
  • The community tracker also has updates stating that few users were selected. As of now, it stands at around 4% of selections, with 41% in Masters cap and around 58% in Regular cap. We expect this to change more. You can see the stats at : https://visagrader.com/uscis-trackers/h1b-visa
H1B Tracker Updates

Updates from March 27th, 2024

Below are the updates from various law firms, attorneys, and User communities on the H1B 2025 Lottery Results.

Reddy Neuman Law Firm: Attorneys Steven and Emily from Reddy & Neumann PC Law Firm have organized a live stream to share the results and confirmed that they have started to get the H1B Selection Notices for FY 2025 Season. As per them, they have got about a dozen or so selection notices so far as of today’s afternoon. You can check out the YouTube Live Stream from them to know more. Below is the Twitter update from Attorney Steven.

DGO Legal Law Firm: We have an update from Attorney Tess Douglas stating the H1B Lottery results for FY 2025 season and sharing a sample notice of the same. See the below screenshot and update from here on LinkedIn.

H1B Lottery Results 2025 update from DGO Legal Attorney Tess Douglas
H1B Lottery Results 2025 update from DGO Legal Attorney Tess Douglas

Other Immigration Attorneys, Paralegals: Many other attorneys have shared the Update on H1B 2025 Lottery results on LinkedIn. Below are the screenshots of the same. All of these definitely confirm that we have the lottery results coming in for the FY 2025 season.

H1B 2025 Lottery Results updates from Attorney on LinkedIn
H1B 2025 Lottery Results updates from Attorney on LinkedIn

Community Users on Reddit Sharing Lottery Results

We also have many users from the community who have confirmed that they have been selected in the H1B Lottery for Fy 2025 season and their employer has informed them the same. Below are the screenshots of the results announced by them on Reddit.

Not many users have shared their lottery selection updates on Telegram or Facebook yet.

H1B Lottery Results Shared by Users in Reddit
H1B Lottery Results Shared by Users in Reddit

Official Updates from USCIS on H1B 2025 Lottery Results

Below are the actual official updates from USCIS, either on their web pages or in the press releases.

Today, USCIS made an official press release indicating that they have reached the cap for FY 2025 and done the first round lottery selections. They confirmed that they sent the email notifications for all the ones selected. You can read full details at article USCIS News: H1B 2025 Lottery Done, All Notified, New Changes.

Below is the screenshot of the Official News release from USCIS website.

USCIS Press Release - H1B 2025 Cap Reached, Changes
USCIS Press Release – H1B 2025 Cap Reached, Changes

USCIS made an official announcement on their Twitter page today saying that they conducted the H1B Lottery for the FY 2025 season and sending notifications for the selected since yesterday, March 28th, 2024. They also say the notifications will be sent over the next few days until April 1st.

They have not released any updated information on the glitch that many attorneys have reported. We need to wait and see how USCIS would handle this.

Updates for March 28th:

  • We do not have any official press release or new alert released by USCIS on the H1B Lottery results for Fiscal Year 2025.
  • We expect this to come out only after all the H1B selection notices are sent out.
  • The official announcement can take usually few days after the results start coming out slowly. We can expect this to come anytime in the next couple of days before March 31st, 2024.

Sample H1B 2025 Registration Selection Notice, Meaning

Many of you are curious if the news is real and what the selection notice looks like. In this section, we will share and review the sample H1B 2025 selection notice in detail.

What is the H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 Season?

The H1B Registration Selection Notice is an I-797C Notice of Action, which is similar to any other like H4 Visa I-797C Receipt Notice.  It would be of Case Type “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”.

What do fields in H1B FY 2025 Registration Selection Notice mean?

The H1B Registration Selection Notice for the FY 2025 season is different from the previous years. The main reason for that is, there is no USCIS service center details printed on the registration selection notice as USCIS is going to use Lockbox service. You can read more at USCIS H1B 2025 Changes – Lockbox, Online Filing Changes

Below are the various fields in the H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 season:

  • Beneficiary Confirmation  Number:  It is the long number that is generated when the H1B Registration was submitted by your employer or attorney. It cannot be used to check your registration status on USCIS website. It is only used for Internal tracking and lottery purposes. For FY 2025 season, it starts with 2025 as shown in the below screenshot of the selection notice. It is a 16-digit number with numbers and alphabets.
  • Case Type: The Case Type field indicates the case type of the form. In the H1B registration selection notice case, it will be “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”
  • Received Date: This date is when your employer or sponsor submitted the H1B registration online in the registration system. For the below sample notice, it is March 22nd, 2024, which is the date when the employer submitted the same.
  • Priority Date: This will be blank as it is not applicable.
  • Prospective Petitioner: This will be the employer name or the company name that is submitting the H1B visa Registration with the intent to file an H1B petition for the applicant if selected in the lottery.
  • Notice Date: This is the date when the employer or sponsor was notified regarding the H1B Registration Selection. For the below sample notice, it is March 27th, 2024. It can be anywhere from 3/27/2024 to 3/31/2024 as we can expect to see results coming in until March 31st, 2024.
  • Page: You will see 1 of 2 on the first page. There are two pages in the registration notice.
  • Beneficiary:  This is the actual H1B Applicant or Employee for whom the H1B visa registration selection notice was generated. Only the H1B petition can be submitted to USCIS for this person.
  • Company Name and Mailing Address: Below these fields, you will see a box with Company Name and address of the Company.
  • Notice Type: It will say “Registration Selection.” It will be the same on the official copy and the courtesy notice.

Under the boxes, there will be text that has the below information about the company. This is slightly different from the previous years due to online filing options and no service center details on it.

  • Company Employer Identification Number, Name: You will see the details saying that “Your Company XXXXX, with an Employer Identification Number XXXXX submitted a registration for XXX ( Date of Birth XXX), for possible selection towards the FY 2025 H-1B Numerical cap projections.”
  • Selection confirmation with Beneficiary Confirmation Number: It will clearly state that the beneficiary was selected and state the Beneficiary confirmation number.
  • Master or Regular cap: Below this, it would say, what quota the applicant was selected under either Regular cap or masters cap. The sample selection notice below show the applicant selected under the regular cap.
  • Filing Dates: It will indicate the filing dates to submit the H1B Petition, which is from 4/1/2024 to 6/30/2024.
  • Direct Filing Addresses, Online Filing: In the past they used to have a service center listed on the selection notice, now that is no longer the case, they say to check the USCIS website https://www.uscis.gov/i-129-addresses. They also say you can file the H1B petition online, if you choose to do so.
  • Validity of the H1B Registration: It clearly tells the validity of the H1B registration is only for FY 2025 Season and it will only be valid for the company name XXX, applicant’s name XXX with the passport/ travel document number and date of birth of the applicant in it.  It will also tell that you cannot substitute the registration for another or transfer the registration to others.  It will also clearly tell that they may reject the petition if not properly filed.  

H1B Registration Lottery Selection Notice for FY 2025 Season

Below is an actual H1B Selection notice from the FY 2025 season, which is redacted and shared by Reddy & Neumann Law firm for better clarity on the lottery results for the community. Thanks a lot to Attorney Steven, who was kind enough to share it with us to share it with the community for everyone’s clarity. We really appreciate it!

H1B Selection Notice for FY 2025 Season, Page 1

Below is the Screesnhot of the Page 1 of the H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 Season.

Sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 - Page 1
Sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 – Page 1

H1B Selection Notice for FY 2025 Season, Page 2

Below is the screenshot of the page 2 of the selection notice. It does not have any applicant related information or company details. It has details about disability accommodation.

Sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 - Page 2
Sample H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2025 – Page 2

If you are looking for H1B 2025-related predictions, on how many we are expecting for the current fiscal year, read H1B Visa 2025 Lottery Predictions, Analysis article

How to check H1B 2025 Lottery Results? By Yourself?

If you are an applicant you might be curious to check the H1B Lottery results by yourself. As humans, we all want to verify anything with our own eyes. Unfortunately, as an applicant, you cannot check H1B Lottery results online. You must reach out to your employer or attorney to find out the H1B lottery results for your registration.

Below are some of the important points regarding the H1B Lottery results that you need to know:

  • The H1B Applicant cannot check Lottery results online by themselves.
  • The H1B Applicant cannot use the “Beneficiary Confirmation Number” and check it online, similar to checking USCIS Case Status for H1B petition.
  • Only Employers or Attorneys who submitted the H1B Registration can check the status of the H1B Registration Selection.
  • Employers/ Attorneys need to login to the USCIS H1B Registration System to check the Lottery results.
  • Employers usually will be electronically notified saying a message “We have taken an action on your case” . This is not the selection notice, it is just a message telling them to login to check the results and get the selection notice.
  • You, as an H1B applicant, need to contact your employer or attorney and ask them to check the H1B Lottery results for the registration submitted on your behalf. They would see a screen like below that shows selected and with the option that says “Download Notice” to get the H1B selection notice as PDF
  • You can read full details on How to check H1B 2025 Lottery Results online, Samples
H1B Registration Selection Results on USCIS H1B Registration Website
H1B Registration Selection Results on USCIS H1B Registration Website

Many of you are curious about how many were selected and what the trends look like. We have built an anonymous H1B Tracker by working with VisaGrader.com team, similar to previous years, where you can add your case information without sharing any personal information for community benefit. Add your H1B case in the anonymous tracker

If you have submitted H1B Registration for H1B FY 2024 season, please add your case to H1B Visa 2025 Case Tracker for community benefit. It is anonymous and used to track macro trends and helps everyone.

H1B 2025 Lottery Results Timeline – How long?

The H1B 2025 registration lottery selection results do not arrive for everyone at once. Even though, it sounds like everything is electronic and everyone should be notified instantly, in the case of H1B lottery results, it does not work that way. This is based on the past history and how they have informed H1B lottery selection results in the last few years.

This year, even weird enough, we have not even gotten the email that says there is a change in the status of your case. We have to see, if they come in anytime tomorrow.

The H1B Visa lottery results come down in batches over a period of a few days. It can take anywhere from few days and sometimes up to a week for the selection notices to be generated and informed.

USCIS will give a news alert at the end of the announcement of the H1B lottery results saying that they have informed everyone about the H1B FY 2025 results. Until that official press release, you can continue to wait.

Do not be disheartened by seeing results shared by others thinking you were not picked, give it time. Also, it is pure luck and has nothing to do with you. Do not think it is the end of the world, stay positive and hopefully, something better awaits you. This is not in your control, so stay calm and wait for the update from your employer.

As an FYI, we have had H1B Lottery every year for the last eleven years and it is pure luck. You may read H1B Cap Reach Dates History – Graphs, Trend

Let’s look at some common FAQs now.

Common FAQs on H1B 2025 Lottery results

I did not get a notification on the H1B lottery results yet, am I not selected for the H1B 2025 season?

If you have not got any selection as of April 1st, 2024, you can technically consider that you were not selected in first round. But, the ray of hope is, there may be a second round, which no one knows. Sometimes, your employers may take time to inform, so check with them.

Can I check H1B Lottery results for FY 2025 online by myself as an applicant?

No, you as the applicant, cannot check the H1B Lottery results online by yourself. Only your employer or attorney can check the H1B lottery results online. They need to login to USCIS online system and check the lottery selection results.

My Employer or Law firm is not responding to my questions, what can I do?

Well, there is nothing you can do other than continue to follow up with them. Think of it from their side, they are getting way too many requests and they need to communicate properly. Many employers wait for all the results and inform the applicants at once to avoid confusion.

My Employer said I was selected, but does not share the selection notice, can I get it online?

No, you cannot get the H1B registration selection notice online by any other means. It is technically employer’s and they only can get it online.

Can I transfer my H1B Registration Selection notice to another company and have a new company file H1B Petition for me?

No, there is no concept of H1B Transfer for H1B registration selection notice. Only the company that submitted your H1B registration can file your H1B petition.

Will there be Second round Lottery for FY 2025 Season?

Every year, it is different. Last year, there was a second round. Previously we also had second and third-round lottery as well. We cannot say at this point, need to wait and see how many they have selected to make any assumption about future lottery rounds. Check H1B Cap Count Updates History

What has been your experience with the H1B 2025 Selection results? Share the details of your results with the community in the comments section below and exchange ideas.


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  1. Why are peoples wating for 10 attempts? They should go to hydrabadi consultants who files multiple visas! People get h1b with fake companies through such consultancies.

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  2. USCIS had notified earlier that this year, the H1B selection will be done based on passport number and does not matter how many applications one makes. Was that implemented this year or is it still linked to employers? If that has been implemented, how does the candidate decide which employer to proceed with?

    • Azhar,
      Yes, it was implemented. It is up to the candidate. In fact, all the employers can file H1B Petition and then employee can decide after getting the approval notice as well.

      • Hi Kumar,

        Could you please confirm if both employers can file petition. Will USCIS reject any one of them saying its duplicate petition.

        For my spouse 2 consultancy’s had registered and now both notified of h1b selection. What should be do’s and dont’s from our end.

    • Your passport number would only be accepted for registration once. Any multiple attempts would not go through. So, there is no choice – only one employer would have been able to file for you.

      • Sorry, I re-read my answer was not clear. Basically, you, the Beneficiary, would get to choose which employer would file for you. Your name was entered once into the lottery once. Since you have multiple employers who will receive notification that you were selected – you get to choose who you go forward with.

        • RJ,
          To clarify, if lets say you had two offers from Microsoft and Google, you got picked in lottery. Now, both of them can file h1b petition. Now, it is up to you to choose, which company to join after the H1B petition approval. Hope that is clear.

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