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H1B Visa 2024 News: No Third Round Lottery, Cap Reached

If you plan to work in the US as a professional, an H1B Visa is the most sought visa. The reality is that there is a lot of demand and the previous H1B FY 2023 season got 484,000 registrations for an available quota of 85,000. If you were unlucky the previous year or planning for next year, it is good to be informed so that you can plan ahead and give your best chance.

In this article, we cover all the basics that you need to know regarding H1B 2024 season like the end-to-end timeline, lottery situation, fees, registration period, and common FAQs. We will continue to update this article as new information is available.

If you are applying first time in the year 2024, then you would be applying for the Fiscal year(FY) 2025 quota. Read everything about it at H1B Visa FY 2025 – Dates, Timeline, Lottery, FAQs

Background of H1B Visa, Quota, and FY 2024 Season

What is H1B Visa? Demand & Quota?

H1B Visa category was created by Congress to employ high-skilled professionals in the US by companies with a presence in the US. An H1B visa can be applied on behalf of any applicant with relevant skills & at least a bachelor’s degree to work in the US.

There is an annual quota of 85,000 set by the US Congress for the issuance of new H1B Visas. These new H1B visas filed are called cap-subject H1B visas. As the demand for H1B visas is very high, USCIS employs a random selection process called as H1B lottery to select applicants that meet the annual quota cap.

What is H1B Visa Fiscal Year 2024 Season?

New H1B Visas are issued as per the USCIS Fiscal Year(FY). USCIS’s fiscal year is different from the calendar year as the start and end dates are not from January to December. USCIS Fiscal Year 2024 starts from October 1st, 2023, and ends on September 30th, 2024.

USCIS accepts H1B petitions for the next fiscal year 2024 about 6 months before the start of the fiscal year. Now, counting 6 months backward from October 2023, it would be April 1st, 2023. This is why you see the overall process as listed in the timeline below for FY 2024 starts in March and petitions are accepted from April 1st, 2023 for FY 2024 season.

H1B FY 2024 season (basically the entire duration from the start of submission of registrations to working in the US on H1B) is for employers planning to hire H1B workers to work in the US starting from October 1st, 2024.

If this is your first time filing an H1B petition, you need to understand basic H1B terminology. We suggest you read H1B Visa Basics – FAQs like Requirements, Quota, LCA, etc.

What is H1B Visa 2024 Timeline?

USCIS announced the H1B Registration/ Lottery Process dates on Jan 27th, 2023. Below is the exact timeline based on the given official USCIS dates

H1B 2024 Lottery Results are released. Check H1B Visa 2024 Registration Selection Results are out, Sample for full details and Official USCIS News Update on H1B 2024 Results

H1B 2024 ProcessDatesActivities during this period
Create H1B Registrants AccountStart from Feb 21st, 2023Employers or H1B Sponsors create their H1B Registrant accounts. They need to use the registrant accounts to submit H1B registrations.
Start Date to submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 1st, 2023Starting date for Employers login to the USCIS H1B Registration system and submit registrations for applicants that intend to hire on H1B Visa
End Date to submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 17th, 2023.
March 20th, 2023
Last date for Employers to submit H1B registrations. USCIS had glitches and updated the deadline to March 20th, 2023 5 PM EST.
H1B Registration Lottery Selection, ResultsMarch 18th, 2023 to March 31st, 2023USCIS conducts random selection, aka H1B lottery, and informs results during these days.
H1B Petition Filing DatesApril 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023Employers can file H1B petitions for selected applicants in the H1B Lottery during this period. An employer needs to prepare a full petition with LCA and all applicant’s details and send the package to USCIS
H1B Petition Processing by USCIS, DecisionsApril 1st, 2023 onwardsUSCIS processes the H1B petition filed by the employer from April 1st onwards and it can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
H1B Visa Stamping at US ConsulatesJuly 1st, 2023 onwardsIf you are an applicant outside of the US, you need to get an H1B Visa Stamp in the passport to enter the US on H1B Visa. You apply for it at a US Consulate/Embassy.
Start Working on H1B VisaOctober 1st, 2023 onwardsUSCIS fiscal year 2024 starts from Oct 1st, 2023 and this is when the cap-subject applicants can start working. If your petition was approved and you got the visa, you can enter the US and work from Oct 1st, 2023. If you are already in the US, your status will change to H1B from this date
End-to-end Timeline for H1B Visa FY 2024 Season

We have summarized the above table in a simple flow chart image as shown below:

H1B Visa 2024 Season Timeline and Process Flow
H1B Visa 2024 Season Timeline and Process Flow

Now that we know the timelines, let’s start with each of the aspects of H1B 2024 season starting with H1B quota for FY 2024 and how it works.

If you have submitted H1B Registration for H1B FY 2024 season, please add your case to H1B Visa 2024 Case Tracker for community benefit. It is anonymous and used to track macro trends and helps everyone.

H1B Visa Quota for FY 2024 – Masters vs. Regular Cap

There are two categories under the H1B visa:  one is the regular quota, second is the master’s quota. US Congress has set a limit of 85,000 on the number of H1B Visas that can be issued per year. That limit is called as ‘H1B quota cap’. As of today, below are the annual quota caps set for each of them and they apply to H1B fiscal year 2024 as well.

  • H1B Regular Quota: 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota: 20,000 visas (only US Master’s degree completed applicants are eligible for this quota)

One important thing to note is that there are about 6,800 visas that are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of their Free Trade Agreement. These 6,800 are called as categorized as H1B1. So, technically the total count is less than 85,000 per year for the H1B quota. But, in general, only a few hundred are consumed by the Singapore and Chile countries. To understand more, you can read What is H1B Cap? Regular vs Masters Quota, H1B1

You can also read H1B Visa Total Cap by Year from FY 1990 to 2023 to understand more on the past history of quota caps.

H1B Lottery Predictions for FY 2024 Season

Similar to the previous fiscal year, we expect that there will be an H1B Lottery situation for FY 2024 season. The demand for H1B visas continues to soar, and we may expect more than the previous year’s registrations in FY 2024 season. We have done a full analysis on the same, you can check out H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Predictions – How many? Analysis

How to check H1B 2024 Lottery Results?

Most of the applicants, whose details were submitted for H1B registrations would be curious to know the results of the H1B Lottery. When the employers submit H1B Registration, the system generated something called a “Beneficiary Confirmation Number”, which is a 16-digit alphanumeric number and it starts with the fiscal year. For H1B FY 2024, it would look like 2024-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.

The “Beneficiary Confirmation Number” is only used by the USCIS online system to conduct the lottery and it is an internal number. You cannot check the H1B lottery status using the same. In fact, there is no way an applicant can check online the status of the H1B lottery.

The only option to check the H1B lottery result is to login as the employer, who submitted the H1B registration and then check the status. Employers get a notification indicating the change to the h1B registration, after that they can login and check the H1B registration status online. It looks like this in the below screenshot. You can read complete details at How to check H1B Lottery Results for FY 2024

H1B Registration Selection Status and Notice Print
H1B Registration Selection Status and Notice Print

Will there be an H1B 2024 Third Round Lottery? If so, when?

Update: USCIS announced on December 13th, 2023 that they have reached H1B Cap for FY 2024 Season. There will not be a third-round Lottery. You can read more at H1B FY 2024 Cap Reached

Many of the applicants who were not picked in the first and second rounds of H1B lottery for FY 2024 season may be wondering if there would be a third round H1B lottery for FY 2024 season.

Looking at the amount of H1B registrations submitted for FY 2024 season, many attorneys and experts believe that there would be third round lottery for this season. But, the reality is that, at this point, no one knows if there will be a third-round lottery. The reason is, FY 2024 season is unlike any of the previous years with a crazy 781K H1B Registrations submitted and USCIS has already selected way too many registrations than they usually would select. We need to wait and see, how it goes.

If a third round H1B lottery were to happen for H1B 2024 season, it would likely happen towards the last week of November or early December 2023. The reason is historically, we only had H1B third round lottery once in FY 2022 and after that we did not see anything as such. You can check H1B Seasons Cap Counts History for more info.

USCIS News: H1B 2024 Second Round Lottery

USCIS made an official press release on July 27th, 2023, that they would conduct a second round lottery to meet the annual H1B cap. They have not received enough petitions to meet the 85,000 cap for FY 2024 season, hence doing the second round lottery.

USCIS confirmed in a press release that they conducted a second round lottery on July 31st, 2023, and notified all employers. They selected 77,600 registrations in the second round H1B Lottery. You can read more on the analysis at USCIS Selects 77,600 H1B Registrations in Second Round for FY 2024.

Below is the screenshot of the trend of H1B Registrations selections from FY 2021 to FY 2024.

Total H1B Registrations - Selections - Multiple Filings Trend from FY 2021 to FY 2024
Total H1B Registrations – Selections – Multiple Filings Trend from FY 2021 to FY 2024

Latest News Updates on H1B FY 2024 Season

Below are the news updates, both official and unofficial updates regarding H1B FY 2024 season.

December 13th, 2023 (Official): USCIS announced that they have reached cap for FY 2024 Season, which means there will not be any third round lottery. Below is the screenshot of the news, Check official News at USCIS.gov

USCIS Reaches FY 2024 Cap

Jul 31st, 2023 (Official): USCIS announced today that they completed the second-round lottery for FY 2024. Season. Below is the screenshot of the Official News from USCIS. You can read more on analysis at USCIS Selects 77,600 H1B Registrations in Second Round for FY 2024.

Second round lottery H1B 2024 Complete
Second round lottery H1B 2024 Complete

Jul 27th, 2023: USCIS made an official press release today indicating that they would be running a second-round lottery based on the number of petitions received so far. You can check the officical news on the USCIS website.

Below is the screenshot of the official news from USCIS website. You can read full details and analysis at: USCIS Plans for Second Round Lottery for H1B FY 2024 Season.

USCIS Plans to conduct H1B Second Round Lottery for FY 2024 Season
USCIS Plans to conduct H1B Second Round Lottery for FY 2024 Season

April 28th, 2023

USCIS updated their website and shared metrics around how many H1B registrations were submitted and how many they selected. USCIS received about 781K H1B Registrations, read full details at USCIS received 781K H1B Registrations, Selections, Metrics Info. Below is the actual data they shared

USCIS H1B Registrations filed for FY 2024 Season - Results
USCIS H1B Registrations filed for FY 2024 Season – Results

March 27th, 2023

USCIS released a press note today indicating that they have completed the first round H1B lottery for FY 2024 season and informed all the employers regarding the same. Read USCIS News – H1B 2024 Lottery Done, Notified

H1B 2024 Lottery Completed USCIS News
H1B 2024 Lottery Completed USCIS News

March 24th, 2023

  • H1B 2024 Lottery results are starting to come in. Check full details at H1B Lottery Results are out, Sample Notice.
  • USCIS is yet to release the official press note, but community has reported that the results are out and some are seeing selections notices.

March 17th, 2023

  • USCIS H1B registration system had issues on March 16th, 2023 and users were not able to submit H1B registrations online.
  • On March 17th, USCIS acknowledged the issue and extended the deadline to submit H1B registrations until Monday, March 20th, 2023, 5 PM EST.
  • See the below tweet and update on the same on USCIS website
H1B 2024 Date extended until March 20th-2023
H1B 2024 Date extended until March 20th-2023

Do you have any questions regarding the H1B 2024 season? Ask your questions or add your inputs in the comments section below.


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  1. Dear Kumar sir,
    I am applying for H1B lottery from past 3 years, but didnt get selected, will there be third round of lottery this year for FY 2024. Please tell your predictions sir


  2. Presently I am in US working on OPT. I have been selected in July 2023 draw. Filing of H1B petition is in process by my employer. Is it mandatory to visit my home country/ any other country (i.e. outside US) for H1B visa stamping or the stamping can be done in US it self.

  3. It’s entirely my view; I hope that occurs.

    First lottery they selected 110,000 applications for 85,000 slots lots only 33,000 filed, me thinking 52,000 slots are still available and again in second uscis selected they 77600 for 52,000 slots lots, if again only 33,000 filed for 52,000 slots 19,000 slots will left it means there will be third lottery for sure it’s my opinion. Let’s see even im waiting for third lottery.

  4. Hi
    I have filled H1 registration through two consulting firms. out of two my name has picked in lottery from one consulting company.

    Now, my employer (Consulting firm) not willing to file H1 filling with USCIS. They are saying reason as multi filling.

    Can you please suggest on my case.


    • Dear Murali,
      Because of you guys, we are not picked the lottery, Dont you be ashamed to file the H1B from more than 1 firm ?
      Since you filed from more than 1 firm,your employer is getting frightened that he might get blacklist because of you. Better luck next year

  5. sir
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    Not able to make sure to proceed or not.

    kindly guide

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    Can I start work after Dec 4, 2023 after completing 1 year cooling period in India?


  7. My H1B lottery picked in 2016. After that I have stayed in US for 3 years and my extension is denied . Hence I travelled back to india. Am I eligible for H1B non cab petition ?

    • Since you got h1b in 2016 and the validity of h1b is 6 years unless you apply for I140, you need to go through lottery again

  8. Hi
    Please May I know if there is any second round for H1B visa
    As first round is completed and we also know the number of candidates selected . Do we have second or third round in this year
    Secondly, you have provided very valuable information thank you for ur guidance

  9. Dear sir, my name is haftom. I am from Ethiopia. I have completed Master In Accounting And Finance in Sheba University College . I have Seven Years Bank experience . I am highly interested in this job.

  10. https://www.uscis.gov/newsroom/alerts/fy-2024-h-1b-cap-season-updates

    As per the above update. All the petitioners would have got the notification of the result on their online portal.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I would like to apply H1B Visa for USA, request you to help on this for the process. (Lottery system)

    when is start day and end date to submit the application.
    What the document you required to fill the form.


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