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H1B 2024 Lottery Results Out – Sample Selection Notice

USCIS started accepting H1B registrations for the fiscal year(FY) 2024, starting on March 1st, 2023, and it ended on March 20th, 2023. It was initially supposed to end on March 17th, 2023, but they extended it due to some system issues during one of the days.

Many of you might be curious about the H1B Registration Lottery selection results for FY 2024. We are starting to see H1B Visa 2024 Lottery selection results trickling in. In this article, we will cover all the unofficial and official news updates regarding the H1B 2024 registration lottery selection results. We will continue to update this article as we have more updates.

This article is about the previous year. If you are looking at latest year and applying for H1B in 2024, you must read article: H1B Visa 2025 – Timeline, Lottery, Results, News.

Background: H1B 2024 Season, Lottery dates, Past Results

USCIS announced in late January that they would accept H1B Registration entries for the Fiscal Year(FY) 2024 from March 1st, 2023, until March 17th, 2023. They also said they would let Employers or H1B registrants create their accounts starting from Feb 21st, 2023. Everything went as announced, except that, there were some glitches with the online registration payment system. Due to that reason, they extended the H1B registration submission deadline until March 20th, 2023.

Coming to the H1B registration selection results, USCIS usually announces H1B lottery results towards the last week of March. Last year for H1B FY 2023 season, the results started to trickle down starting on March 25th, 2022. You can check H1B 2023 Lottery Results, Sample for full details of last year.

Last year, USCIS officially announced on March 29th, 2022, that they had completed the first round of the H1B Lottery for FY 2023. Now, for the current FY 2024 season as well, we were expecting results on similar dates, and it happened exactly like last year, today, on March 24th, 2023 on Friday evening. Let’s review the details in the next section.

You may read the below articles for more info for background

H1B 2024 Lottery Results are out, Official USCIS News

Similar to last year, the H1B visa Lottery results are announced on the last Friday of March. Last year, it was March 25th, 2023, and this year the last Friday falls on March 24th, 2023. As of now, there is no official news update from USCIS regarding the H1B Lottery results. We are waiting on the same. We might see that come in next week.

We have H1B 2024 Telegram Group and H1B Visa Facebook Community, where users have started to share the results info. The H1B 2024 results update we provide in this article is from the user community who have filed H1B registrations for this year. Also, we have firms like Reddy & Neuman law firm, who have shared that they are starting to see the H1B 2024 Lottery results.

Unofficial Updates – H1B 2024 Lottery Results:

Below are the updates from various unofficial sources like community groups, attorneys, trackers, etc. These updates are not from USCIS.

Updated as of March 27th, 11 PM EST

  • More users have confirmed that they got their H1B selection notices. Some firms are luckily and many are unlucky with lower selections.
  • Below is a high-level sample of a few companies shared by community members in our social media groups. We did not verify all the below data, it is purely based on conversations shared by community members, take it with a pinch of salt.
    • Company 1: 38 selections out of 260 H1B registrations
    • Company 2: 0 Selection out of 300 H1B registrations
    • Company 3: 0 Selections out of 21 H1B registrations
    • Company 4: 2 selections out of 20 H1B registrations
    • Company 5: 6 Selections out of 27 H1B registrations
    • Company 6: 4 Selections out of 24 H1B registrations
    • Company 7: 2 Selections out of 14 H1B registrations
    • Law Firm 1: 29% Selections of their total filings.
    • Law Firm 2: 17% of selections out of their total filings
    • As per H1B Tracker, the selections are at 4.6% of a total of 130 cases in it.
  • Reddy Neuman Law firm Updates: They had a call today morning, and below are the updates from their firm
    • They said they are at 17% of selections from their firm’s total H1B filings. They expect the overall selection to be at 15% for their firm.
    • They have seen more H1B selections on Saturday & Sunday. They have not seen many selections since Sunday night and say that “we may be at the tail end of the selections. “
    • Their prediction is that USCIS could have received around 750,000 H1B registrations based on their data and math. Again, this could be totally off, this is pure speculation
  • No official update on the total count of the H1B registrations

Updates from March 26th, 2023

  • The H1B Lottery Selections continue to trickle in. Some attorneys’ numbers say the percentage of selections they have seen so far is very low, like 5%. See the below tweets. One attorney, on the contrary, says he got 29% selection, not sure how true it is.
  • As per the VisaGrader H1B tracker, with a sample size of 68, the selections stand at 4.4%
  • In general, at least from our side, based on activity around in our community groups, we see that less number of applicants have been informed so far. So, we need to wait and see.

Updates from March 25th, 2023

We have an employer who was kind enough to share a screenshot of the USCIS H1B Registration System screen with the status as selected for FY 2024 submissions. See the below screenshot of the same. It clearly shows the selected status and the Beneficiary confirmation number that starts with 2024-XXXX-XXX

H1B 2024 Registration Lottery Selection Status as Selected on USCIS website
H1B 2024 Registration Lottery Selection Status as Selected on USCIS website

Also, we have an update from a few attorneys this morning that they are getting notifications about the changes to the H1B Registrations submissions. It will not indicate the result in the email, rather will say, “We have taken an action on your case“. Below is the sample screenshot of the email that was received today by one of the attorneys.

USCIS notification emails about H1B Lottery selection results
USCIS notification emails about H1B Lottery selection results

Updates from March 24th, 2023:

  • Reddy Neuman Law firm has confirmed that they started seeing the first H1B Lottery results between 4 PM and 5 PM EST. They were not notified about the selection results, just they happened to check the USCIS account and were able to see the results.
  • We have some users who confirmed that they were selected in the H1B lottery. Below are the screenshots of the messages in Telegram and Visagrader H1B 2024 tracker regarding the same.
H1B Lottery Results details shared by users on Telegram Group
H1B Lottery Results details shared by users on Telegram Group
Visagrader H1B 2024 Lottery Selected status
Visagrader H1B 2024 Lottery Selected status

Official Updates from USCIS on H1B 2024 Lottery Results

Below are the actual official updates from USCIS either on their web pages or press releases.

Updates as of March 27th, 11 PM EST:

  • USCIS released an official press note on March 27th, 2023, indicating that they have completed the first round lottery for FY 2024 season. They said that they had informed all the selected applicants regarding the H1B selection in the USCIS online system.
  • Read the Summary of the USCIS News Release on H1B FY 2024 Results, Petition Filing Info
  • USCIS has not released any official count on the total number of H1B registrations that were filed for FY 2024 season.
  • We do not have any official data on the number of H1B registrations for Masters or Regular quota. Also, no data on the number of employers who filed this year or how many were selected in the H1B Lottery
  • Check USCIS Press Release on their website for FY 2024 Cap Update

Sample H1B 2024 Registration Selection Notice, Meaning

As many of you are curious if the news is real or not and how does the selection notice look like, in this section, we will share the sample H1B 2024 selection notice shared by our users and what each of the fields means in them.

What is H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2024?

The H1B Registration Selection Notice is an I-797C Notice of Action, that is similar to any other like H4 Visa I-797C Receipt Notice.  It would be of Case Type “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”. Few of our users were kind enough to share the H1B Registration Selection Notice for FY 2024 with the community. Thanks to them for sharing it with the community.

What do fields in H1B FY 2024 Registration Selection Notice mean?

  • Beneficiary Confirmation  Number:  It is the long number that would have been generated when the H1B Registration was submitted by your employer or attorney. It cannot be used to check your registration status on USCIS website. It is only used for Internal tracking and lottery purposes. For FY 2024 season, it would usually start with 2024 as in the below screenshot of the selection notice. It is a 16-digit number with numbers and alphabets.
  • Case Type: The Case Type field indicates the case type of the form. In the H1B registration selection notice case, it will be “H-1BR – H1B REGISTRATION”
  • Received Date: This date is when your employer or sponsor submitted the H1B registration online in the registration system. For the below sample notices, it is March 17th, 2023, which is the date when the employer submitted the same.
  • Priority Date: This will be blank as it is not applicable.
  • Prospective Petitioner: This will be the employer name or the company name that is submitting the H1B visa Registration with the intent to file an H1B petition for the applicant if selected in the lottery.
  • Notice Date: This is the date when the employer or sponsor was notified regarding the H1B Registration Selection. For the below sample notice, it is March 24th, 2023. It can be anywhere from 3/24/2023 to 3/31/2023
  • Page: You will see 1 of 2 on the first page. There are two pages in the registration notice.
  • Beneficiary:  This is the actual H1B Applicant or Employee for whom the H1B visa registration selection notice was generated. Only the H1B petition can be submitted to USCIS for this person.
  • Company Name and Mailing Address: Below these fields, you will see a box with Company Name and address of the Company.
  • Notice Type: It will say “Registration Selection.” It will be the same on the official copy and the courtesy notice.

Under the boxes, it will say Fiscal Year 2024 Selection and has below information.

  • Company ID, Name: You will see the details saying that Company XYZ, with Employer ID number ABC submitted a registration for XXX ( Date of Birth XXX), and it was selected for FY 2024 H1B numerical cap, …It will have conformation number 2024-…
  • Filing Dates: It will indicate the filing dates for H1B Petition from 4/1/2023 to 6/30/2023 and tell the location to file H1B.
  • Service Centre Details: This is the service center where you need to file an H1B petition on the dates given above. They indicate that you need to submit a copy of this notice as well along with the petition. It is important to file it at the same location listed in the registration notice. For the below samples, it is Texas Service Center.
  • Validity of the Registration: This date tells that the registration for H1B is valid for FY 2024 season and for XYZ company. It will also have the applicant’s name XXX with the passport and date of birth of the applicant in it.  It will also tell that you cannot substitute the registration for another or transfer the registration to others.  It will also clearly tell that they may reject the petition if not properly filed.  

Below are two actual H1B Selection notices shared by our community of users for the Fiscal Year 2024. Page 1 has most of the information.

Sample 1: H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Selection Notice – California Service Center

Below is a sample H1B 2024 Lottery Selection Notice shared by one of our community members, thanks to them for sharing. The below notice was selected under US Masters quota and the filing location for the same is California Service Center.

Sample H1B Visa 2024 Registration Lottery Selection Notice - CSC
Sample H1B Visa 2024 Registration Lottery Selection Notice – CSC

Sample 2: H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Selection Notice – Texas Service Center

Below is a sample H1B 2024 Lottery Selection Notice shared by one of our community members, thanks to them for sharing. The below notice was selected under US Masters quota and the filing location for the same is Texas Service Center.

H1B 2024 Lottery Results Selection Notice
H1B 2024 Lottery Results Selection Notice

Sample 3: H1B Registration Lottery Selection Notice for FY 2024 Season

H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Selection Notice - Results
H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Selection Notice – Results

If you are looking for H1B 2024 Season related predictions, on how many we are expecting for the current fiscal year, read H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Predictions, Analysis article

How to check H1B 2024 Lottery Results?

Many of you might wonder if you, as an applicant, can check the H1B 2024 lottery results online and what is the best way to check them. Truth be told, you, as an applicant, cannot check H1B Lottery results online. You need to work with your employer or attorney to find out the lottery results for your registration.

Below are some of key points on the H1B Lottery results that you ned to know:

  • The H1B Applicant cannot check Lottery results online by themselves.
  • The H1B Applicant cannot use the “Beneficiary Confirmation Number” and check it online, similar to checking USCIS Case Status for H1B petition.
  • Only Employers or Attorneys who submitted the H1B Registration can check the status of the H1B Registration Selection.
  • Employers/ Attorneys need to login to the USCIS H1B Registration System to check the Lottery results.
  • Employers will be electronically notified saying a message “We have taken an action on your case” . This is not the selection notice, it is just a message telling them to login to check the results and get the selection notice.
  • You, as an H1B applicant, need to contact your employer or attorney and ask them to check the H1B Lottery results for the registration submitted on your behalf. They would see a screen like below that shows selected and with the option to print selection notice as PDF
  • You can read full details on How to check H1B 2024 Lottery Results online, Samples
H1B Registration Selection Status and Notice Print
H1B Registration Selection Status and Notice Print

Many of you are curious about how many were selected and what the trends look like. We have built an anonymous H1B Tracker by working with VisaGrader.com team, similar to previous years, where you can add your case information without sharing any personal information for community benefit. Add your H1B case in the anonymous tracker

If you have submitted H1B Registration for H1B FY 2024 season, please add your case to H1B Visa 2024 Case Tracker for community benefit. It is anonymous and used to track macro trends and helps everyone.

H1B 2024 Lottery Results Timeline – How long?

The H1B 2024 registration lottery selection results do not arrive at once for everyone. Even though, it sounds like everything is electronic and everyone should be notified instantly, in the case of H1B lottery results, it does not work that way. This is based on history and how they have informed H1B lottery selection results.

The h1B lottery results trickle down in batches over the period of few days. It can take up to a week for the selection notices to be generated and informed. USCIS will give an alert at the end of the results saying that they have informed everyone about the H1B FY 2024 results. Until that official press release, you can continue to wait.

Update: USCIS issued an alert that they have informed everyone selected in the first round of the H1B Lottery. So, if you have not got an alert yet, you might not have been selected in the first round. Check with your employer.

Do not be dishearted by seeing results shared by others thinking you were not picked, give it time. Also, it is pure luck and has nothing to do with you. Do not think it is the end of the world, stay positive and hopefully, something better awaits you. This is not in your control, so stay calm and wait for the update from your employer.

As an FYI, we have had H1B Lottery every year for the last 10 years and it is pure luck. You may read H1B Cap Reach Dates History – Graphs, Trend

Let’s look at some common FAQs now.

Common FAQs on H1B 2024 Lottery results

I did not get a notification on the H1B lottery results yet, am I not selected for H1B 2024 season?

If you have not received update from your employer that were selected by end of March 27th, 2023, then you were not selected in the first round. The reason is, USCIS informed that they notified everyone selected in the first round on March 27th, 2023.

Can I check H1B Lottery results for FY 2024 online by myself as an applicant?

No, you as the applicant, cannot check the H1B Lottery results online by yourself. Only your employer or attorney can check the H1B lottery results online. They need to login to USCIS online system and check the lottery selection results.

My Employer or Law firm is not responding to my questions, what can I do?

Well, there is nothing you can do other than continue to follow up with them. Think of it from their side, they are getting way too many requests and they need to communicate properly. Many employers wait for all the results and inform the applicants at once to avoid confusion.

My Employer said I was selected, but does not share the selection notice, can I get it online?

No, you cannot get the H1B registration selection notice online by any other means. It is technically employer’s and they only can get it online.

Can I transfer my H1B Registration Selection notice to another company and have a new company file H1B Petition for me?

No, there is no concept of H1B Transfer for H1B registration selection notice. Only the company that submitted your H1B registration can file your H1B petition.

Will there be Second round Lottery for FY 2024 Season?

We do not know at this point. Last year, there was no second round. The year before we had second and third-round lottery as well. Check H1B Cap Count Updates History

What has been your experience with the H1B 2024 Selection results? Share the details of your results with the community in the comments section below and exchange ideas.


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