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H1B Visa 2025: Lottery Results Notified, Latest News Updates

Getting an H1B Visa to work in the US is no longer a matter of skill but luck. Last year, for the H1B FY 2024 Season, they received a whopping 781K registrations. It is always good to plan and work through the timeline if you plan to apply for the upcoming H1B Fiscal Year(FY) 2025 season.

In this article, we will review all the details related to the upcoming H1B Visa Fiscal Year(FY) 2025 season, when we can expect it to start, what the end-to-end timeline looks like, predictions about the lottery, changes in regulations, the latest news around the same. We will continue to update this article as we have updated information.

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Basics of H1B Visa, Fiscal Year(FY) 2025 Season

If you are new to the H1B Visa process, you might wonder what this visa type is, how it works, and what basics you need to know. Below are the details of the same

What is an H1B Visa?

US Congress created the H1B Visa category to employ high-skilled professionals in the US by companies with a presence in the US. H1B Visa falls under the temporary work visa program. It can be applied on behalf of any applicant with relevant skills & at least a bachelor’s degree to work in the US.

The US Congress set an annual quota of 85,000 for new H1B Visas. These new H1B visas filed are called cap-subject H1B visas. We will look at more details on the quota in the following sections. As the demand for H1B visas is very high, USCIS employs a random selection process called an H1B Visa Lottery to select applicants that meet the annual quota cap. We will look at more details on the H1B lottery in the next sections.

What is the H1B Visa Fiscal Year 2025 Season?

When you see the year 2025 next to the H1B visa, you can get confused: why do I see 2025 when we file registrations or petitions in the year 2024? The reason is new H1B Visas are issued per the USCIS Fiscal Year(FY), and quota is allocated for that fiscal year.

USCIS’s fiscal year differs from the standard calendar year as the start and end dates are not from January to December. USCIS Fiscal Year 2025 starts on October 1st, 2024, and ends on September 30th, 2025. So, technically, the Fiscal Year(FY) of 2025 of USCIS starts in the year 2024.

USCIS accepts H1B petitions for the next fiscal year about six months before the start of the fiscal year. Now, for the FY 2025 season, counting six months backward from October 2024, it would be April 1st, 2024. That’s the main reason for seeing the overall process listed in the timeline below for FY 2025, which starts in March 2024, and petitions are accepted from April 1st, 2024 for FY 2025 season.

The H1B Visa FY 2025 season (basically the entire duration from the start of submission of registrations to working in the US on H1B visa) is for employers planning to hire H1B workers to work in the US starting from October 1st, 2024.

If you are new to the H1B Process, jargon can be confusing. We suggest you read H1B Visa Basics – FAQs like Requirements, Quota, LCA, etc. to get a hold on the basics.

What is the H1B Visa 2025 Timeline? What are the Dates?

USCIS announced the official H1B Registration/ Lottery Process dates for the FY 2025 season on January 30th, 2024. Below are the official dates and timelines.

H1B 2025 Process StepsDatesActivities performed during this period
Start Date to Create Registration AccountsStart from the last week of February 2024Employers or H1B Sponsors create their H1B Registrant accounts. They need to use the registrant accounts to submit H1B registrations.
Start Date to Submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 6th, 2024The start date from when Employers can login to the USCIS H1B Registration system and submit registrations for applicants that intend to hire on an H1B Visa
End Date to Submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 22nd, 2024
March 25th, 2024
End Date to Submit H1B Registrations.
USCIS extended the deadline by three days to March 25th, 2024, to account for the outages and issues faced by employers.
H1B Registration Lottery Selection, ResultsMarch 26th, 2024 to March 31st, 2024USCIS conducts random selection, aka H1B lottery, and informs results during these days.
Update: H1B Lottery results have started to come from March 27th, 2025 evening. We are waiting for official update from USCIS. Check H1B 2025 Lottery results and Sample Notice
H1B Petition Filing DatesApril 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024Employers can file H1B petitions for selected applicants in the H1B Lottery during this period. An employer needs to prepare a full petition with LCA and all applicant’s details and send the package to USCIS
H1B Petition Processing by USCIS, DecisionsApril 1st, 2024 onwardsUSCIS processes the H1B petition filed by the employer from April 1st onwards, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.
H1B Visa Stamping at US ConsulatesJuly 1st, 2024 onwardsIf you are an applicant outside of the US, you need to get an H1B Visa Stamp in the passport to enter the US on H1B Visa. You apply for it at a US Consulate/Embassy.
Start Working on H1B VisaOctober 1st, 2024 onwardsUSCIS fiscal year 2025 starts on Oct 1st, 2024 and this is when the cap-subject applicants can start working. If your petition was approved and you got the visa, you can enter the US and work from Oct 1st, 2024. If you are already in the US, your status will change to H1B from this date
End-to-end Timeline for H1B Visa FY 2025 Season

We have summarized the above table with H1B visa 2025 timeline and dates in a simple flow chart image as shown below:

H1B 2025 Timeline and Dates
H1B 2025 Timeline and Dates

You can also read End to End H1B Process Guide from Lottery to Stamping to get an idea of the overall process.

Now that we know the timelines, let’s start with each of the aspects of the H1B 2025 season, starting with the H1B quota for FY 2025 season and how it works.

H1B Visa Quota for FY 2025: Regular Cap, Master’s Cap

The H1B Visa Quota is divided into two:  the first one is the regular quota, and the second is the master’s quota. US Congress has set a limit of 85,000 on the number of H1B Visas that can be issued annually. That limit is called an ‘H1B quota cap’.

As of today, below are the annual quota caps set for each of them and how they look for the FY 2025 season:

  • H1B Regular Quota: 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota: 20,000 visas (only applicants with a US Master’s degree from accredited schools are eligible for this quota)

Also, of the total 85,000 visa slots, there are about 6,800 visas that are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of their Free Trade Agreement. These 6,800 are called as categorized as H1B1. So, technically, the total count is less than 85,000 per year for the H1B quota. But, in general, the Singapore and Chile countries consume only a few hundred. To know more, you can read What is H1B Cap? Regular vs Masters Quota, H1B1

If you are looking for more information on how the H1B cap looked starting from 1990, you can also read H1B Visa Total Cap by Year from FY 1990 to 2024.

H1B 2025 Lottery Predictions

USCIS has conducted the H1B lottery every year, since fiscal year 2014 season. Technically, we had H1B lottery every year for the last 11 consecutive years. H1B FY 2024 season had the highest number of H1B registrations, with a whopping 781,000 registrations that were part of the H1B lottery.

Looking at the past data and historical trend, it is very likely we would have lottery situation for FY 2025 season as well. Due to the changes in the H1B lottery selection process, we expect to see a lower number of H1B registrations for the lottery this year. We have done a detail analysis on the same, check out H1B Visa 2025 Lottery Predictions, Analysis.

If you have submitted H1B Registration for H1B FY 2025 season, please add your case to H1B Visa 2025 Case Tracker for community benefit. It is anonymous and used to track macro trends and helps you and everyone. You can also join the Telegram H1B 2025 Community

H1B 2025 Lottery Results: How to check? Results Date?

Below are the details about H1B 2025 lottery results, how to check them and when you can expect the results as well.

H1B 2025 Lottery Results Date?

Based on past historical dates, USCIS would likely announce H1B 2025 lottery results during the last week of March 2024 after the H1B registration submission deadline ends.

For FY 2024 season, the lottery results started to come in from March 24th and the official press release was done on March 27th. For FY 2025 season, as the dates for H1B registration are extended until March 25th, 2024, we can expect the H1B lottery results to be anywhere between March 26th, 2024, and March 31st, 2024.

How to check H1B 2025 Lottery Results?

It is human tendency to check the results on their own without relying on others. Unfortunately, it does not work that way for H1B Lottery results. Even though the online system generates something called a “Beneficiary Confirmation Number”(16-digit alphanumeric number), it cannot be used to check the lottery results online.

The “Beneficiary Confirmation Number” starts with the fiscal year. For H1B FY 2025, it would look like 2025-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. It is only used by the USCIS online system to conduct the lottery and it is an internal number.

Update: H1B 2025 Lottery Results are out. There is no official update yet from USCIS. We have users and attorneys confirming that they have received selection notices. You can read article H1B 2025 Lottery results and Sample Notice for more info.

The only option to check the H1B lottery result is to log in as the employer or attorney who submitted the H1B registration and then check the status. Employers get a notification indicating the change to the H1B registration; after that, they can log in and check the H1B registration status online.

When employers login to check the results, they would see the status of their submitted H1B registration with the lottery result status next to the beneficiary confirmation number. It looks like this in the below screenshot. You can read complete details at How to check H1B Lottery Results .

H1B Registration Selection Results on USCIS H1B Registration Website
H1B Registration Selections Screen online on USCIS website

So, if you are an H1B applicant, you must contact your employer or attorney to know the H1B Lottery results for FY 2025 season.

Common FAQs

When to apply for H1B Visa 2025? What are the dates

Employers/Companies can submit H1B registrations starting from March 6th 2024, until March 25th, 2024 for FY 2025 season.

Will there be any changes to H1B Lottery for FY 2025 season to combat fraud?

DHS has taken a section of the H1B Modernization Regulation and published a final rule that changes the Lottery selection process. The new selection is based on the unique beneficiary passport or travel document information. You can read more at New H1B Lottery Process for FY 2025

When to submit H1B Petition, after getting selected in H1B Lottery?

As per the selected notice from the H1B 2025 Lottery, employers can submit H1B petition anytime between April 1st, 2024 and June 30th, 2024. They have 90 days filing window.

Latest News Updates for H1B FY 2025 Season

Below are the news updates, both official and unofficial updates, regarding the H1B FY 2025 season. We continue to update the latest news updates here, both official and unofficial.

April 1st, 2024: Today, USCIS made an official press release indicating that they have reached the cap for FY 2025 and done the first round lottery selections. They confirmed that they sent the email notifications for all the ones selected. You can read full details at article USCIS News: H1B 2025 Lottery Done, All Notified, New Changes.

Below is the screenshot of the Official News release from USCIS website.

USCIS Press Release - H1B 2025 Cap Reached, Changes
USCIS Press Release – H1B 2025 Cap Reached, Changes

March 31st, 2024: As of today, there is no official news release from USCIS regarding the H1B Lottery results. Many attorneys confirmed that they have received H1B Lottery selection notices over the last few days. They say they have not seen any lottery selection notices today. They are guessing if sending out the H1B lottery results is done. You can H1B 2025 Lottery Results Daily Updates for official and unofficial updates by day.

March 28th, 2024 : Today, USCIS is sending out the notification emails for the selection notices. If an employer’s submitted H1B registrations were selected, they would get a notification from USCIS that looks like in the screenshot below.

Also, USCIS updated their twitter page saying that they started sending out selection notices notifications since yesterday and it will continue until April 1st, 2024. See below

Email Notification from USCIS on the H1B Lottery Results Selections

March 27th, 2024 : We have many users and attorneys who confirmed that they have received H1B Selection Notices for the FY 2025 Season. We have shared all the updates and the sample selection notice in a separate article. You can read it at H1B 2025 Lottery Results are out, Sample Notice.

So far, we do not have any official update from USCIS on the same. All we have is community updates from attorneys and users. This is very normal as the results come in for few days and USCIS only makes an announcement after the full results are rolled out to users.

Below is sample screenshot showing results are out shard by community of attorneys and users.

H1B 2025 Lottery Results updates from Attorney on LinkedIn

March 26th, 2024: USCIS made a press release today announcing the closure of H1B registration period for FY 2025 season and also highlighted all the changes related to the H1B FY 2025 Season. You can read the summary at article: H1B Filing Location Changes, All FY 2025 Changes – Fees, Online Filing, Others.

Below is the screenshot of the Official press release on USCIS website

USCIS news on H1B 2025 Changes
USCIS news on H1B 2025 Changes

March 21st, 2024: USCIS announced a news alert today indicating the extension of the H1B registration period from March 22nd, 2024 until March 25th, 2024, Noon EST. The main reason for the extension is to address the outages experienced by some of the users during the registration period. The H1B lottery results will still be notified by March 31st, 2024.

See the below screenshot of the USCIS Press Release

USCIS Extends H1B Registration Period Until March 25-2024
USCIS Extends H1B Registration Period Until March 25-2024

February 28th, 2024: USCIS made a press release today confirming the dates of H1B registration that they announced in January, which is from March 6th, 2024 to March 22, 2024 Noon EST.

Today, they announced the rollout of the USCIS organizational accounts that help employers with large teams and their legal reps to collaborate and prepare the H1B registrations and petitions. See the below USCIS Press Release screenshot on the same.

myUSCIS Organizational Accounts FY 2025 Dates
myUSCIS Organizational Accounts FY 2025 Dates

January 30th, 2024: USCIS announced a press release giving the dates for H1B FY 2025 initial registration and more details on the changes to H1B lottery selecting process. Read the below articles

Official News at : USCIS News Alert

October 23rd, 2023: USCIS has proposed changes to the H1B Lottery process to combat fraud. It was published in Federal Register on October 23, 2023. As part of this regulation, they want to do H1B lottery based on unique passport number to avoid people using multiple offers and getting multiple entries in lottery to increase their odds of selection.

Do you have any questions regarding the H1B 2025 season? Ask your questions or add your inputs in the comments section below.


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