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Sample H1B Reject Notices – What to Ask Employers ? Number Meaning ?

Once H1B Visa Lottery process is complete, you wait for your lottery results or final decision. While everyone hope to get a H1B Receipt Case number , it is impossible to get it for everyone and depending on the number of filings either some or many end up getting reject notices, if they were not selected in the H1B lottery.   Below are sample reject notices from USCIS. Below are samples and what you to expect or ask employers.

Important Note: USCIS used to give H1B Reject Notices for someone not selected in H1B Lottery before the introduction of the H1B Registration Process. Since the introduction of the Registration Process in March 2020, they do not issue any H1B lottery reject notices. All they do is update the status on the USCIS H1B Registration Website as “Not Selected”. The article below is not relevant anymore and is only preserved for historical reference.

What to Expect from the Sample H1B Reject Notice from USCIS ?

The key takeaway from the USCIS’s H1B reject notice are couple of things, firstly it tells you that your petition was not picked in H1B lottery or random selection. Secondly, it tells you the next H1B season start date for next fiscal year.

H1B Reject Notices – What to Ask Employers?

There may be some employers, who are not authentic and claim that they filed H1B visa, but it was not selected blaming the system. Irrespective of the employers, if you were promised that your H1B was filed and employer said that the petition was rejected or not picked in lottery, you should ask the employer to share the Reject notice copy. It would look something like below. We have few samples from previous years.

Is there a case number for rejected petitions ? If so, can I check online the reject notice status using Reject Case Number # to verify the authenticity ?

There is a reject case number given for every case for documentation by USICS. But, unfortunately, you cannot check the reject notice status on USCIS website. It is just an internal reference number and you cannot verify it publicly on USCIS website.

How to read H1B Rejected Number ? What does the Reject Case Number Indicate ?

All H1B Reject Notices have a reject Case Number at the top in the field with label “Reject Case #”.  Each of the letter in the Reject Notice indicate something. It starts with the service center, where it was filed/processed, followed by other details as below

  • First letter indicates the Service Center – V for Vermont,  C for California
  • Second Letter indicate the Quota type  – R for Regular , M for Masters Quota
  • Third Letter the Processing type – N for Regular processing, P for Premium Processing.
  • Fourth and Fifth Indicate the Fiscal Year of H1B – 20 for FY 20, 18 for FY 20
  • Examples :
    • Vermont Reject Notice for FY 18, filed under regular quota and regular processing would have number : VRN18XXXX
    • California Reject Notice for FY 19, filed under masters quota and premium processing would have number : CMP19XXXX
Can I track my H1B Rejected Petitions in H1B Lottery Online ?

No, the case number given by USCIS cannot be tracked online.

Is my employer mandated to share my Reject Notice of H1B Lottery ?

No, it is employer’s petition, they are not mandated to share anything with you. While most of them share info, they do not have any obligation to do so.

Can I file H1B for next year, if my H1B is rejected in Lottery ?

Yes, you can file for H1B next year. The lottery rejection or not being picked in lottery does not really restrict you with filing future H1B applications.

Sample H1B Reject Notice from California Service Center for FY 2020

Sample H1B Reject Notice for FY 2020

Sample H1B Reject Notice for FY 2019

H1B Visa Reject Notice FY 2019 Sample

Sample H1B Reject Notice from Vermont, Regular Quota, Regular Processing for FY 2018

Sample H1B Reject Notice from  California Regular Quota, Regular Processing, FY 18.

Sample H1B Reject Notice from FY 2017

H1B Lottery Rejection Notice from Vermont Service Center ( VSC)  – FY 2016

Sample H1B Reject Notice from California Service Center CSC – FY 2016

Sample H1B rejection letter not picked in USCIS Lottery from 2008 :

Reject notice image Credits : http://immigrationgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/VSC-Returned-Petition-Notice.jpg ,  featured image credit : https://dahnafearon.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/img_2056-2.jpg  & http://immigrationgirl.com/return-of-petitions-begins-for-unlucky-h-1b-visa-applicants/, http://immigrationgirl.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/IMG_1702.jpg


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  1. Hi, My H1B cap exempt got rejected with comments “The position is not a specialty occupation”(From my employer), where should i check the exact reason. Also can my employer once again file for cap exempt? what are the chances for the same to get approved? is there any cooling off period for the same? Should i go for fresh application or file from different client for same employer?

  2. Hi,

    I filed H1B this year and I got selected but rejected due to missing files. My attorney didn’t tell me until October 2017. Is there any chance that my case could be appealed or motion? Thank you so much for your help!

  3. Hi,

    I filed H1b through a consultancy. It is saying that they did not receive rejection notice or receipt number yet. As per USCIS, it sent all rejection packet by July 31st 2017 . What may be the reason for not getting any thing related to my petition. My consultancy guy says that sometimes rejection notice may be delivered in March so asking me to wait till then? please help me on this

  4. Hi

    i got the Case number. hope that is because i got selected in lottery. when will i know whether the visa got approved or not?

    now my status in USCIS is “case was recieved”.

  5. Hi Saurabh,

    Just now I see my case got denied.
    My case RFE on Nov 18th
    RFE RECEIVED on Jan 31st
    Denied on Apr 25th

    Is there chance employer can challenge to prove to get approvals? I still dnt know the reason just sent a mail to employer for the details.but are there any chance denied cases will approve?

    • H1B-2017-Denied,

      Wait for the denial notice to see the reasons. Then discuss w/ employer if they are willing to file MTR or Appeal to challenge the decision.

  6. when will be receiving the lottery results for the fiscal Year 2018 since the random lottery process has completed on April 11th

  7. Hell0,

    My employer has filled the H1B for FY18. My LCA was filed on 29th March 2017 & as per the fedex tracking number my H1B got delivered to USCIS on 7th April 9.57 AM. Is my file is still eligible to get it picked under this FY18 lottery?

  8. Hi Saurabh

    I am in travel and turisum line . My H1b has been done in 2014 and was completed in sept 2016. I got stamped in same month once i got approval. After that when i back to USA my employer wanted me to pay in cash hence i left him and also left USA in one month period and back to India. Before departing USA i got another employer who wanted to take me and transfer my H1 . Since time was not there i came back to India and open a branch office for the the same new employer in India . They have applied my H1 b transfer in September and i got denied status online . I haven’t yet came to know the reason for rejection . I am waiting for the letter . I am in India and they have applied Transfer. I just wanted to know what is the next step for the same ? Can i reapply H1b ? Is that be now consider as new H1 and goes under the lottery system ? Can we apply L1 ? My india branch office has completed 2 years and main office is in California .
    Please help me so i can discuss with my employer .


  9. Hi, I am looking for the information to apply for H1B Visa to work in US as its my dream. Started my research from past few months through friends and contact everyone says its impossible to get. But i dont want to give up my hope, can you please help me how to go about to apply for Job in US. I have complete my MBA – Finance and have 4 years experience in mortgage with a US based company in India. How far can i follow the dream job i want ???

  10. My employer says he has filed my H1B, but he has not yet received any rejection letter, saying rejection letter is still pending from USCIS. Please help me here if his statement is valid

  11. Hi,
    I have received my Reject petition in that it states “Your petition was returned for the following reason – Your petition is subject to the FY 2017 H-1B numerical cap and USCIS received sufficient mumbers of H-1B petitions to reach the numerical limitation for FY2017 prior to receiving your petition.”

    Does it mean my petition was not even considered for Lottery? The sample reject petitions you have uploaded does not match with mine. Can someone help me out on this?


  12. The company received a rejection letter. I wasn’t even considered for lottery for the immigration office says the company paid the wrong fee. They claim that the company paid fee for a company that has less than 25 employess when they should have paid a fee for companies that havemore than 25 employees.

    My employer said that was a gross mistake, since they never ever had more than 25 employees.

    So they filled a MOTION FOR RECONSIDERATION. The lawyer wrote in the petition that the only way to remedy the situation is to give me the work visa. I doubt this will work, but… hope it the last one that dies…

    Would that work ?

    anybody knows about anything ??

    • Hi Robson,

      I don’t know much about “Motion to Reconsideration” but only thing i know is that you should file within 30 days of you rejection letter date, but i have a query that how are you saying that you are not even considered for lottery, as per my understanding each and every package has individual cheque and other documents, will USCIS open the package without winning the lottery ? I doubt ! correct me if i am wrong.

      My case is similar to yours, I got rejection letter saying that “Your Form I-129 Petition subject to FY 17 cap has an employment date earlier than 10/01/2016”

      Admin said that my case got selected and later rejected because of start date, I guess your case is also similar.

    • Robson,

      The employer/attorney have a valid claim to file MTR if they really have less than 25 employees and can demonstrate that.

  13. Currently i am working outside USA..A genuine company in US filed my H1B and my application got picked in lottery. I haven’t got any RFE yet but my application is still not approved..
    Is this kind of delay a normal stuff? What are my chances?

  14. Is there any way to authenticate if the employer (consultant) has filed your petition? The employer has sent me the rejection letter, however, I feel there is something fishy. So given below is what I could figure.

    1. The beneficiary name (that is my name) shows wrong in the rejection letter. There is a missing alphabet in the second name.
    2. My friend who applied with the same consultant, for him also the beneficiary name shows wrong in the rejection letter. The alphabets are misplaced in the middle name.
    3. The rejection letter is light blue in color. I can see that the sample rejection letter uploaded in this page is white in color.
    4. In my rejection letter, the reject case # starts with CRNXXXXXXXXXX, where as I can see in most of the sample rejected templates in google starts with VRN.

    • AR,

      Let me be the devil’s advocate here.

      1,2: USCIS is known to make typos even in 797 receipts that are sent out to selected candidates
      4. VRN could be Vermont issued rejection letters, while CRN would be California issued.

      Only way to know for sure is to ask employer to send the original rejection letter to you.

    • Hi Saurab, thanks for the immediate reply.

      Typo on two applications from the same consultant, questionable?
      Also, even if we get the original rejection letter, how can we verify it? The consultant has sent me the scanned copy already.


      • AR,

        If you can get the original rejection letter then that’s the best tool you have. You can see the paper quality, ink marks etc to see whether it has been forged or not.

        Yes, 2 typos on 2 different rejection letters doesn’t help in addressing the concerns.

  15. Today’s update:


    • My employer has not forwarded rejection receipt to me yet but one I get rejection receipt, is there any possible way to verify that that receipt is authentic?

      • H1B applicant,

        The only way is to compare it w/ sample rejection letters and see if it looks authentic. There is no site or portal where you can enter the rejection number to validate.

    • Hi Saurab, thanks for the immediate reply.

      Typo on two applications from the same consultant, questionable?
      Also, even if we get the original rejection letter, how can we verify it? The consultant has sent me the scanned copy already.


  16. Hi,

    I’ve not received any update yet? Did we know the last date for getting the rejection letter ?

    This is my second attempt and it seems failed. I just want know the max number of attempts that people can do before getting the H1B.


  17. Hi Saurabh,

    My H1B (AD/Reg/CA) was approved on 31/May/2016, but I haven’t received my hard copy yet, I have crosscheck with my attorney. Do you know how much time would it take? I have all my travel plan ready to go for stamping in Oct, I was bit concern. Please advice.

    • Sameera,

      SLA to receive the paper notice is 30 days. After that, your employer/attorney should contact USCIS and follow-up.

  18. Not selected email received from Cognizant GI team dated 23/06/2016..Good luck to all the selected applicants.. Life has more to give and i am game for it..

  19. I still not get any info about my case=( lawyer said that no any letters from uscis.
    Does anyone send case with visanow.com? have the result?

    • I did not send my case through visanow.com. The company I work with has our own legal department. However, I still have not received any info about my case from our legal department. At this point, I would take it as I am not selected. I am preparing to extend my OPT since I am in STEM program.

  20. Hi Saurabh,
    I have selected in lottery- RP/non-AD. Waiting for approval. My query is I had few backlogs in my education B.E. passed exceeded 4 years duration. So will it be any issues,,, pls advise

  21. Can we do transfer from project management to MBA if i am on CPT, i had to take CPT as my lottery was not picked this year. Also the school i am wanting to go does not have July term so i have to take another school but i want to return to MBA as a trasferee from project management. Any help is appreciated.

    • Sourav,
      I suggest you check with your school, if you can change the degree. Always be careful with schools that give CPT from day one, there have been many cases of fraud and you can get into trouble.

  22. Saurabh/Kumar,

    My employer didn’t received the reject letter yet but from other indications (SEVIS Not Updated, Check remained Uncashed) we are almost sure that I wasn’t picked. So, I am enrolling in an MBA program for this fall and gettting CPT from Day 1 to be able to stay and continue working. I want to push them to start employer based green card process as soon as possible but they want to wait for next year’s H1B again and their excuse is the green card petition will get rejected because you can’t be applying for green card when you are on F-1. Is this a legit excuse? will your green card petition get rejected just because your current status is F-1?

    P.S: My country’s cases are current in the green card bulletin.

    • Sinabagh,

      AFAIK, you should be able apply for GC even when on F-1. However, such cases are closely scrutinized and that could be a deterrent for the employer/attorney.

    • Hi Saurabh,

      Looks like we both are in exact same situation. Even I discussed with my employer about EB2 GC and they said the same thing that the GC applications from F1 students take more time and there are very slim chances of getting approval. So, I am also considering MBA or other masters program in order to continue work on CPT. If possible, could you please share the name of college or University you are considering for CPT (Day 1)? I heard that SEVIS rules have been changed and you have to be in college for at least one academic year before starting CPT. However, I am not 100% sure.

      Thank you and good luck.



      • Harshada,

        As far as I have learned, CPT rules are so vague. There are no rigid requirements defined by USCIS for CPT as they have for OPT or STEM EXT. OPT. It’s all dependent on school and how they build the curriculum of that program. If that program requires you to take an internship-like course in the first semester, then you get CPT from Day 1. if the program requires and internship in the third semester then that’s when you get CPT. Same goes for the number of hours you can work (20 hr/week vs 40 hr/week etc.). Overall, all the CPT rules are made up by schools themselves since they are the ones who are approving your CPT work authorization and not USCIS (you won’t get an EAD card like you do for OPT, it’s just an additional line in your I-20). Based on that, there are some schools that found this as a money making opportunity so they made programs that give you work authorization from day 1. Some better/bigger schools don’t do that cause they don’t want to put their name and validity in question just to make some extra dollars. The one I found in my area is WPI (a quick search will give you a lot of other options in CA, NJ, PA or IL).
        The only thing I don’t understand here is why would your GC petition get rejected just because you are on F-1? It’s not like we are breaking any rules?! I don’t understand how is that different compared to when they are processing your H-1B petition next year. if GC petition is gonna get rejected because of that then H-1B petition should as well. I appreciate if Saurabh/Kumar elaborate a little bit on this for us and shed some light maybe by providing some real life examples.?!


        • Hi Simba

          Do you know any schools(courses) in California who provides CPT from day1?
          Really appreciate your help.


          • There are no legitimate schools that offer CPT from day 1. If you look around, you will see that the most common RFE/denial reason for H1Bs and I-140s are for CPT violations. The CPT is a very narrowly designed program, and your chances of successfully clearing such RFEs are pretty small if you join the wrong program.

            If it feels like a loophole, it’s probably fraud. Don’t ruin your career for this.

        • @NoCPT
          So what? you think I don’t know all the risks? What’s the alternative? give up, pack and go home after all that I went through to get here? this is my only option. I take my chances now and when the time comes I’ll deal with RFEs/Denials for H1b/I-140. But don’t expect me to give up and go back home just because some stupid IT companies are misusing H1b regulations and file 20,000 petitions every year just because there’s more benefit for them to hire slaves from outside of the country rather than hiring people who are ALREADY IN US.

  23. Hi,

    I just want to know that in ds160 I mentioned my highest degree qualification institution name but in petition I can see University name instead of Institution name.This Institution comes under this University.Will there be a issue bcoz of diff in ds160 and petition.

  24. Hi,
    I applied through consultancy this year (free of cost).

    The consultancy sent a mail on May 9th saying my application did not get selected in the lottery. When I asked for rejection letter, got reply from them that “They don’t send any rejection notice. They send the application and check back.”

    Is it true? Won’t they send rejection letter?

    I don’t know whether the consultancy applied or not.

    If I am applying next year, is there anywhere we need to mention in USICS application on applied history?

    Thanks in advance.

    • When I checked with another manager of that consultancy, got below reply:

      “USCIS doesn’t send any rejection letter.

      USCIS will only return your application as you were not lucky enough and not selected in lottery system.”

      • Something similar has been happening to me for last two years. My application did n’t get picked up in lottery and they claimed that USCIS won’t send any rejection letters. I was ignorant. But, this year, I processed through another employer and they’ve sent me the rejection letter.

      • Suresh,
        They can call it whatever they want, the fact is that, what you see above is the rejection letter. If you look closely, there is something on the top that says “Reject Case #”, hence called Rejection letter. Of course, they return the petition as well along with this reject letter.


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