H1B Case Status Meanings - Case Was Received, Name was Updated, Case Approved, etc.

USCIS Online H1B Case Status Meaning – Detailed Screenshots, Changes Flow

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It is a painful wait for many awaiting H1B Visa 2019  case receipts after the H1B Visa lottery some have been lucky and some not…for those lucky ones, who have heard from their employers or attorneys may be wondering, what does each of the H1B Case Status mean and what is the typical processing cycle. Every day I see many of our readers asking questions like, “ I checked USCIS website for status and I see the status ‘Case Was Received’,  does that mean I am selected in lottery ?”. This article is meant to clarify each of those status questions and explain the overall flow.

H1B Case Receipt Number – Selected in Lottery

Firstly to make it clear, if you were selected in H1B Lottery for this fiscal year, then your employer/ attorney would have got a case receipt number for your H1B petition. They may have shared that case number with you as well.

What’s the H1B Case Number?  Processing Steps at USCIS, Previous H1B Case Statuses and Steps?

The H1B receipt number is a 13 character alphanumeric string that is given by USCIS. It typically starts with EAC or WAC. You may read Understanding H1B Case Number Details, to know more info.  For high level understanding of how each H1B petition is processed at USCIS, you should read the article H1B processing steps at USCIS adjudication center. Also, in the past, USCIS used to assign many statuses like Acceptance, Initial Review, Decision, Post Decision Activity, etc.  Some of these have been changed with the new system this year. To get an idea of the past flow and statuses, you may read H1B Old Case Statuses and Flow.  Below information corresponds to the latest H1B statuses available on USCIS website for a H1B petition.

What are the typical Case Statuses of H1B Visa Petition?

  • Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed
  • Case Was Received
  • Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed
  • Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received
  • Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed
  • Case Was Approved
  • Decision Notice Mailed
  • Error : The application Receipt Number is invalid
  • Name was updated.
  • Fees will be Refunded
  • Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice Was Sent
  • Case Was Transferred and a New Office has Jurisdiction.

USCIS Status ‘Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed’

USCIS emails receipt notices to petitioners, if they filed their petition under premium processing.  All this status indicates to us is that the petition with this case number was picked in lottery and was filed under premium processing. A receipt notice with case number and details about processing was sent to the email of the attorney/ employer. Below is the screenshot for the described status. For H1B FY 2019 season, premium processing was suspended until Feb 19, 2019. So, you may not see below status, if you filed petition for H1B 2019 quota.

USCIS : Case Was Received and A receipt Notice Was Emailed Status

USCIS H1B Status ‘Case Was Received’

USCIS only emails receipt notices for premium processing applications. For H1B petitions filed under regular processing, USCIS will send out the receipt notices via traditional Mail/ Post.  All the above status indicates is that the petition with this case number was picked in lottery and it was filed under regular processing. The receipt notice hard copy will be sent to the attorney/ employer’s postal address on how it will be processed. Check below for screenshot of the described case status.

USCIS Case Was Received

H1B Case Status ‘Request for Additional Evidence Notice was mailed’

The above status indicates that as part of the adjudication process of the H1B petition, the USCIS adjudicator of this petition, with this particular case number, needs more information to make a decision on the case. To get more information on the case, the adjudicator issued a Request for Additional Evidence notice, which is commonly called as RFE (Request for Evidence).  The employer/ attorney will get an RFE notice from USCIS indicating what documents they need to submit for further processing the case.  It has an expiry date and employer/ attorney has to respond to that request by that date. USCIS will NOT process this particular case until they receive a response from the employer/ attorney with the requested information.  Below is the screenshot of described status.

USCIS Request for Additional Evidence Notice Was Mailed RFE

H1B Case Status – Response to USCIS’ Request for Evidence Was Received

This status corresponds to next status on the case with above RFE notice.  All the status tells us is that USCIS has received the response for the issued RFE Notice on the particular case with that case number from the employer/ attorney.  The response from employer/ attorney could be either documents or any other supporting material that was requested by USCIS supporting the H1B petition. If your petition is in this status, it means that USCIS will start processing the case as they have received their requested documentation. The status also tells the petitioner that when you can expect a decision/ update on this case. Check below screenshot for RFE response status.

USCIS Response to USCIS Request for Evidence Was Received Status

H1B Case Status – ‘Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Emailed’:

This case status indicates that the H1B petition with this particular case number was approved and the approval notice was emailed to the attorney/ employer. This case status only appears for the H1B petitions filed under premium processing. Below is the screenshot of the status.

USCIS Case Was Approved and My Decision Was Emailed Status

USCIS Status – ‘Case Was Approved’

The above case status indicates that the H1B petition with this particular case number was approved and they have send the receipt notice to the employer/ attorney by traditional post/mail. This case status appears only for petitions filed under regular processing.

USCIS Case Was Approved Status

H1B Status  – ” Decision Notice  Mailed”

Not every H1B Application gets approved.  Typically USCIS will issue an RFE and then review the evidence before making the final decision. If USCIS is not convinced with your petition’s supporting documents, they will deny the H1B petition and the case status will be shown as ” Decision Notice Mailed”. Your employer will get a notice indicating why the petition was denied and they can act on it as per the instructions, if they want to challenge the decision by providing additional documents, etc.  Below is how it looks.

H1B Visa Denied Decision Notice Mailed

Status – Error : The application Receipt Number is invalid

If you do not enter a valid 13 character string, USCIS case status website will give you the above error message saying that the application receipt number is invalid. All it means is that, either you have taken the receipt number wrong from your employer or entered it wrong in the box…or maybe your employer did not give you the correct case number.  Below is the error screenshot. USCIS Status Error - The application receipt number entered is invalid

USCIS Case Status : Name Was Updated

This is one of the very confusing statuses that USCIS online system gives, when there is some activity happening on your case. The status “Name Was Updated” can be very confusing and misleading everyone at times. It may be genuine that the name was updated due to a clerical error, but not always the case.   It definitely means that some activity is happening on your case and your case is being worked on by USCIS.  There is a perception among users that this status will lead to rejection/ RFE, but it is not necessarily true.  So, when you see something like this status, it is best consult your employer/attorney to check further on your case. No need to panic or get confused.  It looks like below
USCIS Status Name Was Updated

USCIS : Fee will be Refunded Status

One of the others status some of the petitioners see is that ‘Fee will be refunded’. What it means is that the employer/attorney has filed extra fees that is not required and USCIS is refunding the same. It can be for a host of reasons related to fees. As you can see below USCIS would tell that it will not impact the processing of the case, so do not panic when you see this, work with your employer, it will be fine.
USCIS Status Fee will be Refunded

USCIS H1B Status Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice Was Sent:

If your H1B employer plans to withdraw your H1B petition or for some reason you believe that you do not want to work for the company and resigned the job, then your employer would withdraw your H1B petition from USCIS. It is not really automatic process, your employer has to request for it. If your H1B case number indicates the below status “Withdraw Acknowledgement Notice was Sent” for I-129 petition, then it means that your H1B was withdrawn by your employer and USCIS is acknowledging the same with the status. USCIS Status Withdrawal Acknowledgement Notice was sent I-129 petition

USCIS H1B Status: ‘Case Was Transferred And a New Office Has Jurisdiction’

Depending on the load of H1B petitions received and processing times at any service center, they are moved to different locations to expedite processing or balance the overall processing loads. If your H1B case was transferred to different location for some of these reasons, you would see a status like below. It tells the date when the petition was transferred and when you can expect a physical copy of notice indicating the same. It does not really change anything in terms of how it is adjudicated, it is just for processing times balancing, nothing to worry. USCIS Case Status - Case was Transferred and A New Office Has Jurisdiction

Did you notice any other statuses for your Petition ?  Any other thoughts to share ?

Check out the next article that articulates the flow of the above statuses After H1B Visa Lottery Case Status Flow


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Comments ( 1,495 )

    1. administrator

      This is slightly generic message and sometimes system generates this for a variety of statuses. You need to wait for the attorney’s response or your employer for the document. Check with them

  1. Qn

    Hi Kumar,
    I have a question on current case status.
    My employer filed H1 transfer request by November 2019 in normal processing and hit RFE on February 2020. Responded to RFE by March end. By April 2020, status changed to RFE response received. On June 2020 when premium processing resumed, petition got upgraded to premium. However the current status shows “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed”, since this status shows after response to RFE received, I am bit confused. Can you please help me understand on this status after RFE response, is this a matter of concern ?

    1. administrator

      Nothing to worry. The online status can be very misleading. Do not worry about it. Talk to your attorney and wait for the update from them.

  2. Anonymous

    My h1b I-129 petition was rejected in 2018 due to insufficient funds and later today i checked the status of same petition, it is ‘Case was received’ and it appears in my latest I20 under change of status as pending instead the entry shouldn’t be displayed. And my petition got selected in this year h1b lottery, will it impact my new application which i file now?

    1. administrator

      Well, I am not sure how it is still showing…the online status can be very misleading. You can contact USCIS and check. In general, it should not impact… Also, talk to your DSO on this and maybe do a data fix, if it is wrong info.

    1. administrator

      When they submit petition, they need to submit some basic information with it, that is called initial evidence, if you are missing that, they can show status as that.

  3. Paola

    How long to received an updated if my Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed
    On September 19, 2019, we received your Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative. For husband fa1 of resident

  4. Vijay


    My Case is approved on Jan 16th and I yet to receive the approval notice from USCIS. If the case is approved , for next 6 years can we file it in out of cap if they deny it later in any stages or during extension.

  5. knd

    Hi !

    I received RFE on October 2, Submitted response on December 12th but the status still not changed to ‘response received’. Does it mean that my documents were never received at USCIS? Please advise

    1. administrator

      Well, it is hard to know, cannot rely on online status. You need to ask your employer or their attorney to check with USCIS.

      1. knd

        Thanks Kumar for your prompt response! Employer says Attorney is not responding properly and they don’t know what is happening. Do you think I can call USCIS directly and check status?

        1. administrator

          Attorney is paid to submit on behalf of employer, if they cannot work with attorney, it is sad…You may try, but they will ask for the attorney or employer. Ask the employer to work with attorney, it is their job…

  6. MRB


    We sent our RFE response on a Premiuim Processing case on January 2nd, tracked FedEx and it was received in Vermont on January 3rd. Got the online status update on January 7th saying Uscis received the RFE response. My question is, what counts as day 1? The day they received the RFE response (January 3rd) or the day they updated the status (January 7th)? Many thanks.

      1. MRB

        I see! Many thanks, that is very helpful. One more question, is it true that the more you get close to day 15 the more it means it´s going to be denied? Is there really a correlation “fast response=approval” / late response= denial? I am at Day 11 and really stressing out. Many thanks!

        1. administrator

          No, that is perception. I know many cases, that were filed in premium that were approved on last day or even couple of days after the last day…Dont worry, stay positive.

      2. Ron

        Hi, my application is selected in lottery and if the petition is filed on day 1 of may, how long foes it take for me to get a case received receipt ?

  7. Raja Shah

    I have applied in Normal Processing and got responded to my RFE on 10th October and on 11th October status updated to ‘Response received…..’ but since then there is no update on status . I am still waiting.Please let me know if anyone in the same situation does this much time generally taken to work on the response


  8. Venkat

    Found my employer name was incorrect in the approved 797 document within few days of receiving it. Submitted for correction on 09/06/2019. Following is my case status and haven’t received corrected 797 document yet. Anyone know when I can get it?

    On September 19, 2019, your request to correct an error on your document or notice, referral number SRxxxxxxxNSC, was completed.
    On September 19, 2019, we sent a response to your request to correct an error on your document or notice, referral number SRxxxxxxxNSC.
    On September 19, 2019, your request to correct an error on your document or notice, referral number SRxxxxxxxNSC, was assigned to an officer for response.

  9. Nick

    Got RFE in regular processing and upgraded to Premium processing last week what could be status shown in USCIS now?
    i am currently seeing “Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed” is this correct status ?

    1. Mohan


      I received rfe on June 19th and I submitted all the required documents on 19th August to my employer visa team, and as per them they submitted rfe response to uscis on 12th September just before 89days completion given by USCIS. But in case status still showing rfe sent status only even after 1.5 months, status not changed to response received. Please guide me on this. I checked with about this but they saying rfe response submitted on 12th sept only

    2. Ankit

      Hi Nick, I got the same response after changing RFE response to premium. Could you please tell, How much time your application took to process?

  10. Jag

    Hi Kumar,
    My Case is Regular/Non AD.
    Got RFE on 19th August. But again on 27th August, my case status is changed to “Request for Additional Evidence Sent”. Is it change in status from Request for Evidence to Request for Additional Evidence is normal after a week time?

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