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USCIS News: H1B 2022 Initial Lottery Selection done for Registrations, Notified

We shared on March 27th, 2021 that H1B 2022 Registration Lottery results are out as many of our users shared their selection notices from H1B Lottery. In fact, we did not receive any official confirmation from USCIS on the H1B Lottery on March 27th or even day after. Today, March 30th, 2021, USCIS released a press note in the morning indicating that the initial H1B Registration selection process for the H1B 2022 season is complete. In this article, we will review the details of it, what it means and FAQs they have addressed in the same.

Summary of USCIS News on H1B 2022 Initial Registration Lottery Results

Below is the summary of the key topics that are addressed in the press release by USCIS released today regarding H1B Visa 2022 season registrations selections.  

USCIS Received enough H1B Registrations, Lottery

  • USCIS has received enough H1B registrations for the fiscal year 2022 to reach the annual H1B numerical cap of 85,000. They received enough petitions for both Regular Cap (65,000) & US Masters Cap (20,000).
  • USCIS has conducted random selection, popularly called as H1B Visa Lottery to select the properly submitted H1B registration to meet the annual cap of 85K

All H1B Employers or Attorneys are Notified

All the H1B Employers or Attorneys who submitted the H1B registrations in the Online H1B Registration Tool are notified regarding the selected H1B registrations that they submitted.  Basically, this means that your employer or attorney would have already been notified by now regarding your H1B registration selection status.  No need to wait anymore, you can ask your employer or attorney to check the online H1B registration system.

Registrants account would show updated Statuses

USCIS says that the H1B employers accounts will have statuses updated for selected applicants and other relevant statuses depending on the registration. The statuses listed are same as before and nothing has changed. Below are the details on status and what that status means for H1B applicant.  

  • Selected : If the registration was picked in lottery, it would show “Selected” status. Applicants with such status are eligible to file H1B petitions with USCIS.
  • Submitted : If the H1B registration was not picked in first round of lottery and still eligible to be in waitlist for second round lottery, their status would show as “Submitted”
  • Denied : If the H1B registration was considered as duplicate as multiple registrations were filed for the same applicant by that employer, then all such registrations for the applicant would show status as “Denied”. This means that the applicant with this status does not have any option for FY 2022 season as their entry was denied.
  • Invalidated-Failed Payment: The registration would show this status, if the payment method used did not work and it was declined. Even in this case, the applicant lost the opportunity and cannot file H1B for this fiscal year.

H1B Petition Filing Window – April 1st to June 30th

USCIS also says that H1B petitions can be filed on behalf of the selected applicants in H1B lottery starting from April 1st, 2021. USCIS gives 90 days window to file the H1B petition and they can file until June 30th, 2021. If you miss the deadline, you miss the option to file and you cannot use the registration selection anymore. Plan with your employer to file on time. This was confirmed and listed on the Sample H1B FY 2022 Notice shared by Users.  

Form I-129 – Enter Beneficiary Confirmation Number

Also, when you complete Form I-129, which is usually done by H1B employer or Attorney, the Beneficiary confirmation Number has to be entered in Question number 5.   The Beneficiary confirmation number will be on the H1B Registration Selection Notice.   Also, they say employer should use the latest edition of the form that says edition 3/10/21.  Starting from July 1st, 2021 they will only accept new edition of form.  The new editions of the forms like I-129 form was released as part of the Public Charge Final Rule Removal earlier this year.  See below screenshot on the exact question and location of edition of the form.

Supplement H on I-129 Form to enter Beneficiary Confirmation Number
Supplement H on I-129 Form to enter Beneficiary Confirmation Number

H1B Filing & Service Center Location, Copy of Registration Selection  

H1B registration selection notice would have the service canter details and employers need to file the H1B petition at that service center location only. Online filing is not available for H1B Petition.  Also, Employers need to submit printed copy of the H1B selection notice along with the H1B petition that they submit.

US Master’s Degree Eligibility, All other Documents LCA, Fee, etc.  

If you are filing H1B based on US Masters degree quota, you need to submit relevant documentation like transcripts, course completion proof or degree certificate to prove that you have met the requirements for US Masters quota cap. This is a mandatory requirement to prove that you are counted towards masters cap.  

All additional documents like H1B Visa LCA, H1B Filing Fee, proofs for H1B eligibility like bachelors degree certificates, experience letters, etc. that are typically required for H1B filing need to filed to make the petition complete.

H1B Visa 2022 Tracker – To help the community, we have partnered with VisaGrader to build an Anonymous H1B Visa Tracker for FY 2022. Use H1B Visa 2022 Tracker to add your case for community benefit and your benefit.

H1B Premium Processing for FY 2022

The USCIS Press release did not include any information on the USCIS Premium Processing availability for FY 2022 filings. In the past USCIS suspended premium processing option for first few months for the H1B Cap subject filings to avoid excess load.  If you are new to premium processing, it is nothing but additional $2,500 fee that employers can pay to get decision on their petition within 15 days. Read H1B Regular vs Premium Processing to get more details

Total H1B FY 2022 Registrations Count

The press release also does not have any details on the total number of H1B registrations that were submitted for the FY 2022 season. Usually USCIS release these numbers, but they have not done it today…maybe they would release this at later stage… We need to wait and see. So far, we have no official numbers on the count of H1B registrations. You can check H1B 2022 Lottery Predictions for to get an idea on what we can expect in terms of numbers based on our analysis.

Overall, it is a standard press release and nothing that is different from those o previous years.  We need to wait and see on the premium processing status and the total count. We will keep you posted.

What do you think of the press release ? Share your status on H1B registration ?  


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  1. I have a petition approved for FY2021 and everything was filled to get stamped in a consulate in one country. Is there any problem to schedule an interview in a consulate of another country? Due to COVID restrictions the first consulate is closed without plans to reopen.

  2. Hi Kumar,

    I am currently on F-1 CPT and am planning to submit COS to H4 with a future effective date of 10/23/2021. If I am selected in second round H1B lottery (say in August 2021), is it still ok for me to get the H1B status successfully (with a pending H4 at then)? My understanding is I still can move forward with H1B and will just need withdraw the pending H4, correct?

    In addition, for the first time to apply for COS to H4, can we put the future effective date more than 6 months from now?

    Thanks for your help!


  3. Hi Kumar,
    My employer sent me approval notice I-797 C copy would that be enough for my visa stamping or I-797 A original is must

    • Hello,

      We are in the same position too. Our 2019 Application got an RFE and got approved in MAy 2020. We are waiting to got for stamping as soon from Germany as the travel ban got lifted on March 2021. Except the original I797, we have no other documents. Despite our numerous attempts asking him for client letter, the consultant keeps pushing our calls and has only one answer “I will send soon”. Please suggest us how to proceed. We are worried for any other new travel rules given the spread on new wave.

  4. Hi Kumar,

    I have applied for H1B through a consultancy, they informed me that my profile is selected in H1B Lottery draw. They also shared a copy of registration selection notice. I have to pay them a fee around 4500 which they will need once LCA will be approved. My question is – Can LCA be filled without profile being selected in lottery draw. I want to make sure if my profile is really selected in H1B Lottery Draw.

  5. Hi Kumar,

    If First name and Last Name interchanged in the registration(for example first name is ABC and Last name is XYZ but in the registration first name is XYZ and Last Name is ABC), now my registration got selected in lottery, how to correct it now? will there be any issue?

  6. Hello Kumar. Happy new year. I just got a promotion with a different title, Job description and department within my organization. Do you think an Amendment is needed? If yes, do you possibly know how long the premium processing will take? I have notified my lawyers at my organization. Thanks

  7. I got a question please help

    I am working under company A during OPT and my H1 petition filled under Company A not picked in lottery.

    But company B filled H1 registration got picked in lottery

    If i apply for CAP GAP extension for my stay in OPT till Sep 2021, can I work under Company A until my H1 petition with company B is approved OR I need to work only under Company B (petition filled) during my CAP Gap extension .

    Please help on this

  8. Hi Kumar, I’ve gone through the lottery. Now I’m about to submit docs. My educational certificates having short last name. (Example: instead of Anonymous, it just has A)
    Will it be any problem for my petition?

    • Anonymous,
      it is fine. Most of the applicants in many countries like India do not have full form of Last name. It is fine.

      • Hi Kumar,

        If First name and Last Name interchanged in the registration(for example first name is ABC and Last name is XYZ but in the registration first name is XYZ and Last Name is ABC), now my registration got selected in lottery, how to correct it now? will there be any issue?

  9. Hi,

    If I start working after completing my undergrad in post-OPT or H1B and complete my masters online. When I apply for H1B after completing the master’s online can I use the master’s cap?

  10. Hi,
    Can someone who is selected in regular cap confirm if the beneficiary confirmation number is a 16 digit alphanumeric or just 19 digits.
    Also, is the “DOB” written on the same line as beneficiary name(and the value of DOB below it).

    Please respond as I want to verify.

    • Hi John,

      Beneficiary confirmation number is a 16 digit alphanumeric. DOB is written in another line just below to Beneficiary.


  11. Infy Folks,
    Comment in the below way to get a better idea:
    #1 Got “still awaiting an update” email: Comment – #1 Yes
    #2 Didn’t receive “still awaiting an update” email: Comment – #2 No
    #3 Got/Received Selection email – #3 Lucky

    • How you guys are following threads. It’s quite difficult and everytime it takes me to different comment thread uffff

    • According to USCIS, the H-1B visa program “should help U.S. companies recruit highly-skilled aliens
      when there is a shortage of qualified workers in the country.” In recent years, multiple sources have
      reported that staffing companies abuse the system by filing duplicate H1b petition registrations for
      the same worker, sometimes even with no job offer in hand. This crowds out legitimate foreign
      workers who abide by the rule and only file one petition per person. Moreover, most of these
      foreign workers are highly educated with STEM PhDs and masters and are already among the
      highest-tax payers in the country.

      We are a group of victims of such H1b abuse. We seek collaboration from those in the same
      predicament. We aim to shine a light on the rampant abuse of the H1b selection process. We plan to
      sue USCIS for failure to conduct the h1b lottery in a fair and transparent fashion. We hope for a fair selection
      process eventually for every legitimate H1b applicant.

      Here is our official website, and you can find all our information on it.

      Right now, we already emailed some immigration lawyers. While we are seeking litigation options,
      you can join us in the following ways.
      1. Fill out our survey and forward it to someone you know
      2. Contact the president of your university and send an email to him/her (the content of the template
      is below)
      3. Contact the congressmen/women in your state, call or email (the template content is below)
      – phone
      – email
      4. Contact your manager and HR, and share your thoughts (the content of the template is below)

      • Your initiative “StopH1BAbuse” with good cause but with wrong reason, stop targeting small fish, and target for big fish. Most number of h1 filled by Cognizant, TCS, Infosys, Wipro , hence others won’t get an opportunity, duplicate filling from other small companies hardly makes no difference , look at h1 denial ratio in the previous year during Trump era, Cognizant 52% , Wipro 39%, TCS 15% , Infosys 59%, on an average 40 to 50% of h1 filled by these companies do not have proper document to get approval. This is the fact, and no one can stop these companies.

        • Absurd !
          you cannot talk bigfish/smallfish in US, the Law works same for everyone . so if we change the process, these indian companies will work in that way.
          The process should be changed, thats what we are working for

        • Absolutely correct..students spend lacs of rupees for masters.and struggling to get h1b pick up. Whereas the big cheap consulting companies like infosys.tcs cts etc are simply sending people for low salary. Preference to be given only to the graduates in usa not to these cheap labours

      • How can you sue USCIS as a immigrant? And what impact you people are expecting when someone who’s not a citizen of US.

      • Hi,
        It doesnt have option for non-us citizens or people residing in non-us
        Please amend the form. I have 15 years of experience in IT and have great skillset in Application Development, because of this stupid lottery system i am not able to make it.

  12. Hi@ infy
    I got mail last night “Please be informed that your application is still awaiting an update from USCIS.
    means not selected ? or still any hope ?

    • still not sure. got the same email. I did not hear anyone who got an email saying they are selected. GI team is not at all updating clearly on what is the status. Was it the same last year? any idea?

      • GI Team will be using the same record in Glomo if and when the second round occurs sometime later this year and will update the ones which are open to either Selected or Not selected then like last year. So the ones which are still in waiting state has to wait till the second round occurs.

        Btw mine got selected in first attempt luckily and have received email from GI to initiate assignment and submit docs by 30 Apr..

    • GI Team will be using the same record in Glomo if and when the second round occurs sometime later this year and will update the ones which are open to either Selected or Not selected then like last year. So the ones which are still in waiting state has to wait till the second round occurs.

      Btw mine got selected in first attempt luckily and have received email from GI to initiate assignment and submit docs by 30 Apr

  13. Hi,

    Got an update from CTS GM team that my case is not picked up in the lottery. So, it doesn’t have to do anything with email came on 29th. I guess who all not selected in first round should get an email update by now.

    • don’t trust CTS or GM team if they do register or not. this is my 2nd attempt. They did same for my perm after keeping my case in queue for 9 month they said perm filing is suspending.
      I am a decent guy so don’t want to say bad words.

  14. Those of us who havent got email to upload documents in H1b app in 1C, is it game over for us? Many from CTS have got email to access H1b app and upload docs.. but I still dont have access..

  15. ——–>TCSers<——–
    If you haven't got email from GMS about your selection, then please understand that it is not selected in first round. If you want confirmation, raise the ticket. They will trigger the email. I got the email saying not selected in first round lottery.

  16. I had filed through one bodyshop. They claim that yours got picked up in lottery. How can I validate? They sent partial part of page1 of I-797C form. Now a days, its hard to believe these bodyshops. For money they can edit other’s I-797C form.

  17. My H1B change of status application was submitted on Feb 26th 2021 and I am still waiting on to recieve my confirmation. It was applied in regular processing, do long should it take to hear back from USCIS with the decision? My service center is in California

  18. Guys any idea if both (regular & masters) lotteries are completed or not?. I just got an email from the company’s lawyer that my registration was not selected. I’m not sure if that is it or should wait for the second lottery? Please guide.


    • Syed,
      Both are complete. USCIS released official press note yesterday confirming the same. The above article is for the same.
      Second round of lottery is kind of unknown, no one knows…Plan for backup options.

  19. Hello,
    I have a question, I have a H4 EAD and I have been working based on that. This year I am going for H1B filling, but when it gets approved(Lets suppose in June/July/August/September), do I need to stop working with EAD and again start working after 1st of October 2021 with new H1B visa! Please suggest.
    Thank you.

      • Thank you Kumar for the update, Lets suppose I file for COS and that H1B gets approved by August then I need to leave my job immediately and again start working after 1st of October with new H1B visa, right!

        • Also if you travel outside of country in between , then your COS is abandoned. basically if you are on l1 and applied for h1b with COS . if you travel outside in between and come back with l1 , then your cos is not applied.

  20. Attorneys said only about 1/3 select rate. I guess this means Tons of applications are from icc, which is a disaster to whoever applied for H1B in US. Do you still think your predictions of total number of applications is reasonable? I even guess we might have 400K this time.

    Is there anyone else here hating ICC as well? They are really good at abuse of this application system.

      • Dude tell me about it. They just spoil the party for everyone. I might have to just pack my bag because of them and all I wish is life long curse for those who did more than one undeserving registration. ICC is Indian consulting company aka bodyshops.

        • There will be large selections that will not be submitted, Body Shops will not submit for someone selected more than once. Second lottery incoming surely and thats where Genuine candidates will win.

        • Hello bhai, I hope even from India also that much petitions not picked this time, I know 20 people, in those not even one picked, you have to abuse who are filling with multiple employers .

          this is not only for Indian guys , keep in mind.

    • Rakesh W,
      Yes, I heard the same. In our predictions, we expected that there would be less filings due to COVID and other things….Let’s wait for the numbers and see. I just hope it is not as crazy as 400K, that would be bad for everyone !

    • The 10$ registration was simply exploited by many .. Multiple employers misused the system and filed for one employee and simply stolen the opportunity of many deserved candidates That’s why Expeesident Trump is dead against these H1b visa system. If this system continues no deserved candidate with masters can get Only exploited will servive Many from India with single bachelor degree will enter USA for cheap kabour

    • SunJan,
      This is a million dollar question, no one knows the answer…USCIS would only indicate it based on the filings done this year.

      • That’s correct! we must wait until the H1B petitions deadline (June 30th). Then, USCIS will issue a letter explaining if there are any new chances for all of us (Last year, the second lottery was around the 20% of the total Cap.


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