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USCIS H1B Registration Online System, Tool Flow, Screens

Many of you planning to apply for H1B Visa in FY 2024 Season, you might wonder how does the H1B Registration System would look like. What are the tool screens like, what is going to be filled by employer, and what details are needed? The below article covers all the details of the UI screens and the flow of the online H1B registration system/tool.

These screens are primarily focused on the H1B employer trying to submit the registration. It does not cover the scenario if an attorney is doing the registration on behalf of the employer. If you are new to the H1B process, you should read article : H1B Registration Final Rule – Process, FAQs, Fee

Step 1 : Registration of the USCIS Account, Choosing Account type

The employer or attorney representing the employer need to create an account at https://myaccount.uscis.gov/. The setup is pretty straightforward. Towards the end after you submit your account-specific recovery questions and reset-related answers, you need to choose the account type like in below screenshot and you will be further guided based on your status of either Attorney or Employer.  Check USCIS Account Creation Video

Account Type Selection Screen looks like below for FY 2024 Season

I am a H1B Registrant - Account Type on USCIS
I am a H1B Registrant – Account Type on USCIS

Account Type Screen before FY 2024

Select H1B Registrant Account Type - USCIS Account Signup
Select H1B Registrant Account Type – USCIS Account Signup

If the USCIS system is not open for creating H1B Registrant Account, it would look like below

USCIS Account Types - No H1B Registrant Option
USCIS Account Types – No H1B Registrant Option

Step 2 : H1B Registrations Filing/Submission Screen, Status

Once your account is setup as H1B Registrant, you will enter a dashboard screen that tells, if H1B Registration Period is open or closed. It will be stated as open during the registration period and you will see an option to file a registration, in the form of a button that says ‘File a registration’. If you are an attorney you have an option to enter the representative code, this is used, if attorney is helping you do the registrations. See below screenshot on how it looks.

H1B Registrant Landing page with Option to File a Registration
H1B Registrant Landing page with Option to File a Registration

If the H1B Registration period has not yet opened, it will clearly say that the H1B Registration period is closed and will have dates details on when they will open the same. As announced by USCIS H1B 2024 registration dates are from March 1, 2023, to March 17, 2023.

Step 3 : Section – Before you start Registration – Eligibility, Duplicates, Fee

Once you launch the form, then you will see an initial screen with introduction of H1B Registration. It basically talks about general registration process and how the whole process works as in below screenshot.

H1B Registration Intro Screen

Under that, we have Before you start registration that outlines three things

  • Eligibility: Who can do the H1B registration, which is basically US Employers/ persons who has EIN, and has employer employee relationship, or as an agent.
  • Duplicates: It talks about how USCIS would look at duplicates, which tells submitting multiple registrations for same employee by an employer is considered duplicate and it will be invalid.
  • Fee, Refund Policy: Talks about $10 fee and the refund policy, which says there is no refund. It also tells how the payment has to be done.

You need to click on Next button at the end after you review the info. Check below screenshots on how the above three sections would look like.  

Before you Start Registration - Eligibility
H1B Registration Duplicates - Fee and Refund policy

You can watch the below YouTube Video with the step by step video guide for the submission of Registrations process.

Step 4 : Completing Form, How to Continue Filling form

In this page/step, the system tells that the responses will be saved and how to continue where you left off and gives you DHS Privacy Notice and Paperwork reduction Act Disclosures. At the end of this page, you will see “Start” button.  Once you are ready, you can click on that button to start H1B registrations.  See below screenshot.

Completing H1B Registration online - Save responses info
Paperwork Reduction Act - Start

Various Sections in H1B Registration Online Tool

Once you click on the ‘Start” button, you will be taken to a page, where you need to enter details of Registrant ( Employer / H1B Sponsor ) , Beneficiary ( Employee). If you check the navigation, it looks like below with tabbed interface.  First step is to enter the details of the Registrant / Employer

Various Sections in H1B Registration System - Tool

Step 5 : Enter Registrant or Employer / H1B Sponsor Information

You will need to enter the details of the company that is sponsoring the H1B as below:

  • Legal Name of the company
  • Doing Business As details
  • Employer identification Number / SSN or ITIN
  • Primary US Address office of the company

All are text fields, check the screenshot below

H1B Registrant Company Info - Name - EIN - Address info

Step 6 : Fill Authorized Signatory Information

In this next page, you will need to enter the details of the authorized signatory, the person who has the authority on behalf of the company

  • Given Name
  • Middle Name
  • Family Name
  • Authorized signatory Title at the company
  • Contact information – Phone number, Email Address

All are text fields as well, check the screenshot below

Authorized Signatory to Submit H1B Registration Info

Step 7 : Add Beneficiary Information

This is a new section, if you notice the navigation. You can add as many beneficiaries as you can by clicking on ‘Add Beneficiary’ button. There is no limit as such. Once you have added beneficiaries, you will see the list, then you can click on Next button. See below screenshot.

About Beneficiary Info during H1B Registration Process

Step 8 : Fill out Complete Beneficiary/ H1B Applicant Information

Once you click on add beneficiary, you will come to a page, where you will need to enter complete details of the beneficiary or the employee, who will be the H1B applicant.  There are some options to check, if there is only one name in passport.  

  • Legal Name of the H1B applicant – First, Middle and Family Name
  • Gender of the applicant
  • Option to select, if the applicant is eligible for US Masters H1B Quota
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Passport Number (  There is option to check, if there is no passport number too )

Once you enter all the info, you need to click on ‘Save Entry’ button, it looks like below screenshots.

H1B Beneficiary Name Info in Registration Tool
H1B Beneficiary info To be filled in Registraiton Tool - Passport Info

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Step 9 : Add more Beneficiary/ H1B Applicants

After you complete adding one applicant info, you will come back to previous screen, where you have an option to add additional Applicants, by repeating the process described in Step 7 and Step 8 . You can add as many applicants as you can and submit them as a batch. You need to click on ‘Add another beneficiary’ button to add more applicants. You also have the option to delete or edit an existing entry. It shows how many entries are there in the entire list as well. You can submit multiple batches as well. Payment will be done by batch. See below on how it looks after you add few applicants.

Add More H1B Beneficiaries - Edit - Delete options

Step 10 : Review Registration – System

In this step, you will get an option to have the system review the registration. The System will check for completeness only and not the accuracy…so, if you have missed any fields or anything, it will alert. But, it will not validate, if the data you filled is correct or not. It looks like below. You need to click button ‘Review registration’

Review H1B Registration by System

Step 11: Review summary– Total Fee,  Alerts info

In this step, after the system reviews the registrations, it will show, if any errors or missing info. If no missing info or errors, it will show a green tick stating that ‘We found no alerts or warnings in your registration’. Also, on this page, the system will show the total amount of fee you are supposed to pay for the registrations and it talks about Refund policy. Once you find everything is good to go, you go to the next step by clicking on Next button. See below screenshot on how it looks

Review Registration for Errors - Fee to paid

Step 12 : Summary – Review H1B Registrant’s, Applicants’ Info

Once you have completed filling everything without any errors, there is one final review page that shows the summary of the entire information that you filled in so far. You get a chance to review the employer info, applicants info and then go to next step. See below screenshot.

H1B Registration Summary before Submission
H1B Registration Summary - Second Screen - before Submission

Step 13 :  Authorized Signatory’s Statement  

In this page, the authorized signatory should agree telling that they can read English and they have reviewed everything. It is one of those compliance questions. See below screenshot on how it looks.

Authorized Signatory Info - Knows english

Step 14 :  Authorized Signatory’s Signature under Penalty of Perjury  

In this page, the authorized signatory is signing by typing the name under penalty of perjury. Basically, the employer is signing telling that they will file H1B petition, if the registration is selected in the registration. This is one way to make sure that employers do not back out after they get anyone selected in the H1B registration process. Employers will be liable and USCIS can go behind them, if they fail to file the H1B petition.  USCIS has not given any details on what they will do, if an employer fails to submit a petition. But, if you are signing it under ‘Penalty of Perjury’, which means, if you violate it, you can be fined, or imprisoned for up to 5 years, or both..

Authorized Signatory Certification - Will file Registration Penalty of Perjury

Step 15 :  Pay and  Submit H1B Registration  

This is the last step, where the system will tell how much needs to be paid and it will re-direct to Pay.gov website for payment of the registration fee online. You can use credit card, or US Bank account info and submit the payment.  Once the payment is done, then it will redirect back for you to see the confirmation.  Pay.gov is pretty standard solution to pay the federal agencies. See below the Pay and Submit Screen.

Pay and Submit H1B Registration Screen

Step 16 :  Payment on Pay.gov website

Below is how it looks on the Pay.gov website telling that you are paying for the H1B Registration. You need to select the payment method of your choice by selecting the radio button.

Payment using Pay.gov Website for H1B registration

After that you will get a summary of the payment details and how much you are paying. You need to click on Continue, where you are checking a box telling that you are authorizing the payment. See below on how it looks

Payment Screen for H1B Registration on Pay.gov Confirmation

Step 17 :  H1B Registration Submission Successful Confirmation

Once the payment is processed, you will be redirected and you will see a confirmation screen like below. It also tells that there is a registration number assigned to each of the entries, but it will be used only for registration and cannot be used to track the case using case status. This is similar to the temporary number in the H1B Visa Lottery situations in the past, usually we see this on a H1B Lottery Reject Notice.   You also will get an option to Go to your submitted cases. For that you need to click on button ‘Go to my cases’.

Successful Submission of H1B Registration

Step 18 : Review Submitted H1B Registrations, CSV Export, Delete

You can go back to the submitted registrations to review their status. You have an option to export them to CSV file and check them again. If you feel there are duplicates, you can delete the registrations as well. See below on how it looks on the screen.

Review Submitted H1B Registrations - Export CSV - Delete Duplicates

Step 19 : H1B Registrations Status – Selected, Submitted, Denied (Duplicate), Not selected.

If the H1B registration was selected in lottery, then the status will change to selected. If it was a duplicate, it will show as denied. If not, it will still show as submitted. All of them are show as in below status.

H1B registration Status Selected Denied or Submitted

If the H1B Registration was not selected, which is towards the end of the H1B cap for that fiscal year, then USCIS will update the status for the remaining submitted ones to Not Selected. It looks like below.

H1B registration Not selected Status

Phew ! That’s a lot of screenshots  🙂 What do you think of the new H1B registration System flow ?  Your thoughts ? Add your thoughts as comments.

You can read USCIS Webinar Slides on H1B Registration Tool that have all the above covered as well.


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  1. Hi Kumar,

    I applied H1B thru an attorney from my employer. They told me I was not selected and when I ask them if they can give me the registration number so I can check the potential second-round lottery myself, they told me there is no such number.
    Are they lying? thanks

    • Hello, I need a work permit and visa . I had experience with fiber optical splicer and technician IT department in Qatar. How much time you need to process the visa and work Permit. Could you tell me the details of that job I seek. Please details me how much money total cost for this purpose. So please help me by giving all info I need that you know. Qatar WhatsApp namber +97466693907, and Bangladesh pone namber +8801777599091. babulmiahmiah817@gmail.com Date off birthday 01/10/1992 Name MIAH BABUL my passport namber EA0908923

  2. Kumar..Thanks for replay individually post

    I was not selected last two times:
    This time my employer see status selected in an electronic file
    1]What is the Next step…
    2]Can do premium processing
    3]How much total gov fees , Premium processing fees or 100 employees and first H1B file


  3. Can you register using an expired PP number if the renewal of the PP is still in process and you dont have the new number yet?

  4. Hi Kumar, Great info, Thanks for helping the community! I have few questions:

    1. Is there any age limit for applying H-1B? Even if someone is in 50s?
    2. Master of Engineering (ME) degree from India would not count under US Master cap of 20000. It is only for Masters degree from a US university. Right?
    3. Is there any other way to know if the applicant’s registration has been filed by the employer (other then from the employer itself)? Based on earlier posts, seems like answer to this question is No. Right?
    4. How many registrations have been entered so far – can one know? What are the odds of getting a lottery assuming a number for total number of filings as off 20March20? What is your guess, how many applications will be in through 20Mar20?

  5. Hi Kumar,

    Is there any way to edit the submitted Application, one of the beneficiary details submitted by my company is incorrect. Can you let me know the procedure to update the beneficiary details for an already submitted application.


  6. I am planning to change my jib. My current employer is planning to enter me in the h1b lottery. I f I get an offer, I will join my next employer in 2nd week of March and they will also enter me in the lottery. Would that be a problem if 2 companies are nominating me? What can me the negative consequences?

  7. How do we track the status of the online application as an Applicant? Will the employer give USCIS account details for that? Just to verify that the Employer has ‘Actually’ filed my Online application.

    • ACD,
      No tracking. Only employer can see. I do not think they will share as it has company info. It works on trust. Also, it is employer’s petition, not technically yours and they do not have to share info.

      • Thanks for the info!

        However, my employer is willing to share the information as he said. So what is this ‘info’ exactly? Is he going to give credentials for his account to track or just the case number, to show that he has filed the application?

        • ACD,
          I doubt, if he will give you login info of the company.
          He may just send you screenshot or info about submission. You cannot check it online, he can only login and check…

  8. Great Job!!
    I think so employer will save the attorney fees this time which is high in whole process. They can pay attorney fee after lottery to selected applicant.

  9. I couldn’t see any education or experience been asked about the candidate in the form . Wondering how petition can be approved if the candidate doesn’t have a special skills or irrelevant/no minimum qualifications, after picked up in the lottery?

    • Raj,
      It is not needed for for registration. They will weed out them during full application filing. If they do not have experience, they will be eventually denied after they submit full application…

  10. Hi Kumar,

    Can we file 2 petitions in the lottery for the same beneficiary by different employers ( not related entities)?

    • There is no explicit guidance from USCIS on this…but, let’s say you have a great profile and have bonafide jobs from companies like Google and Microsoft, then you may…

  11. Hi,
    I have two passports. One is expired and I got a new one from SFO. My old passport has my visa and stamps, it also has a travel history and can get the I-94 for my old passport. My new passport has no history of travel and does not populate an I-94. Which passport should I submit for my H1 process. Please advise.

    • Pri,
      You should submit the passport that is valid now. The old passport is just for tracking that is tied to your visa…Always use your valid passport info.

    • Cheers ! Make sure you keep in touch with your employer and ask them to register. It is less expense for them to try out the lottery this year.


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