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Your personal details match the profile which already exists – US Visa

As part of your application process for US Visa Stamping at a US Consulate or US Embassy, you need to use the US Visa Appointment Online booking system at ustraveldocs.com. The actual online appointment booking system is redirected to CGI Federal website. Sometimes, some users when creating the profile or going through the process on the CGI Federal website, they get the error “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database…“. You cannot proceed further without resolving that error. In this article, we outline the reason for the error and how you can get it fixed.

“Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our databsae” : US Visa Appointment Booking Error

In the below section, we will discuss the reason for this error, why it occurs, and what are the common solutions as suggested by previous users who got the same error.

What is the Visa Profile Match error ? When do you get it ?

After you created your profile on CGI Federal website and you are in entering your personal data in the relevant section such as your Passport Number, you may get the error that says like below:

‘Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database. The user id of that profile is “XXXX”. If you created this profile in the past and forgot your password, please use “Forget your password?” function on the login screen. if this email isn’t familiar to you, please contact our helpline through Provide Feedback option in the left menu or by sending the email to our helpline. Please don’t forget to attach the scanned copy of your passport data page to your feedback message/email.’

Below is the screenshot of the above error as it appears on ustraveldocs.com or CGI Federal website.

Your Personal Details match the profile which already exists
Your Personal Details match the profile which already exists… Error USTravelDocs

What is the reason for the Error “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database.. ?

You would get this error because your passport number matches with another profile that already exists on the CGI Federal or USTravelDocs website. The US Visa appointment booking website usually creates a unique profile based on passport number and when it gets a new profile request for the same passport number, it shows this error. Below are some of the common reasons that you can end up in this situation.

  • Someone other than you Booked Appointment for you : In the past when your US Visa appointment was booked, someone else created a profile for you and used your personal details to book your appointment. This usually happens in cases such as H1B, H4, L1, L2 or other visas, when the employer books the appointment on behalf of their employees. This could be your current company or your previous company that you worked for, who created this profile and booked your appointment. It could also be in cases where you used an agency or an agent to book visa stamping appointment.
  • Forgot Previous Email : It could also be that, you have created a profile in the past and you forgot that email login and have created a new profile now and using that to book appointment.

In a nutshell, the main reason for the error is a duplicate profile that exists based on your passport number. Now, let’s look at how to fix the error.

How to fix Your personal details match the profile …” Error?

Below are some of the solutions to fix the profile exists error.

Option 1 : Submit Query using “Provide Feedback”

When you are on the error screen, you would also see an option on the left-hand navigation that says “Provide Feedback” as shown in the below screenshot. You need to click on that first.

Provide Feedback Option USTravelDocs
Provide Feedback Option USTravelDocs

After you select that option, you will get a form that has two options. One is you need to select the reason for feedback from the dropdown. In that, you should select “Online System Errors“. Also, you have an option to add an attachment, you should add a copy of your passport that has your details. Both the front and backside of the passport with your biographic info and address information. See the below screenshot on how it looks.

In the Comments section, you need to write two sentences saying you do not have access to the previous email and you are not associated with your company or agency and now doing the appointment booking on your own. You need to give the current email ID that you want to use.

Provide Feedback - Online System Errors USTravelDocs Website
Provide Feedback – Online System Errors USTravelDocs Website

Once you submit this form, you should hear back from them within 48 to 72 hours. You would get an email confirmation from them. Once you get confirmation, you can login with the given new email ID and you can check the profile by ‘update profile’ section on the left hand navigation. You can verify the passport and other info there. If any mistakes, you can update them there.

Option 2 : Contact your Employer or agency and ask to remove your details

You can contact your employer or agency, who have booked your appointment in the past and ask them to remove your passport and profile info from that. This may or may not be possible, if you are not working with the company and it can be a hassle to chase others. But, this is an option for you to try though, if you have access to the people who booked your previous appointment. This is the fastest as there is no need to wait, if you get hold of the person or company.

Option 3 : Call Customer Support and ask to Merge Profiles

You can call USTravelDocs customer service or email them and ask them to merge the profiles. They will ask you to again email and submit proof for this so that they know that you own the passport. This is more or less like the first option. This email and phone number for support varies by country. For India, the support email is support-india@ustraveldocs.com

What was your experience trying to solve the error? Share your experience in the comments below.

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