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Your personal details match the profile which already exists – US Visa Error

As part of your application process for US Visa Stamping at a US Consulate or US Embassy, you need to use the US Visa Appointment Online booking system at ustraveldocs.com. The actual online appointment booking system is redirected to CGI Federal website.

Sometimes, some users when creating the profile or going through the process on the CGI Federal website, they get the error “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database…“. You cannot proceed further without resolving that error. In this article, we outline the reason for the error and how you can get it fixed.

“Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database” Error

In the below section, we will discuss the reason for getting a US Visa appointment booking error “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database”. Details about why it occurs, and what are the common solutions as suggested by previous users who got the same error.

What is the Visa Profile Match error? When do you get it?

After you created your profile on CGI Federal website and you are in entering your personal data in the relevant section such as your Passport Number, you may get the error that says like below:

‘Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database. The user id of that profile is “XXXX”. If you created this profile in the past and forgot your password, please use “Forget your password?” function on the login screen. if this email isn’t familiar to you, please contact our helpline through Provide Feedback option in the left menu or by sending the email to our helpline. Please don’t forget to attach the scanned copy of your passport data page to your feedback message/email.’

Below is the screenshot of the above error as it appears on ustraveldocs.com or CGI Federal website.

Your Personal Details match the profile which already exists
Your Personal Details match the profile which already exists… Error USTravelDocs

Reason for Error “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database..?

You would get this error because your passport number matches another profile that already exists on the CGI Federal or USTravelDocs website. The US Visa appointment booking website usually creates a unique profile based on passport number and when it gets a new profile request for the same passport number, it shows this error. Below are some of the common reasons that you can end up in this situation.

  • Someone other than you Booked an Appointment for you: In the past when your US Visa appointment was booked, someone else created a profile for you and used your personal details to book your appointment. This usually happens in cases such as H1B, H4, L1, L2, or other visas, when the employer books the appointment on behalf of their employees. This could be your current company or the previous company that you worked for, which created this profile and booked your appointment. It could also be in cases where you used an agency or an agent to book a visa stamping appointment.
  • Forgot Previous Email: It could also be that, you have created a profile in the past and you forgot that email login and have created a new profile now and using that to book an appointment.

In a nutshell, the main reason for the error is a duplicate profile that exists based on your passport number. Now, let’s look at how to fix the error.

You may also check details for different errors: Your Request cannot be processed and User Cannot be Created

How to fix the Your personal details match the profile …” Error?

Below are some of the solutions to fix the profile exists error. Some are based on the feedback from USTravelDocs, some are based on users’ experiences.

Option 1: Submit Query using “Provide Feedback”

When you are on the error screen, you would also see an option on the left-hand navigation that says “Provide Feedback” as shown in the below screenshot. You need to click on that first.

Provide Feedback Option USTravelDocs
Provide Feedback Option USTravelDocs

After you select that option, you will get a form that has two options. One is you need to select the reason for feedback from the dropdown. In that, you should select “Online System Errors“. Also, you have the option to add an attachment, you should add a copy of your passport that has your details. Both the front and backside of the passport with your biographic info and address information. See the below screenshot on how it looks.

In the Comments section, you need to write two sentences saying you do not have access to the previous email and you are not associated with your company or agency and now doing the appointment booking on your own. You need to give the current email ID that you want to use.

Provide Feedback - Online System Errors USTravelDocs Website
Provide Feedback – Online System Errors USTravelDocs Website

Once you submit this form, you should hear back from them within 48 to 72 hours. You would get an email confirmation from them. Once you get confirmation, you can login with the given new email ID and you can check the profile by the ‘update profile’ section on the left-hand navigation. You can verify the passport and other info there. If any mistakes, you can update them there.

Option 2: Contact your Employer or agency and ask to remove your details

You can contact your employer or agency, who have booked your appointment in the past, and ask them to remove your passport and profile info from that. This may or may not be possible if you are not working with the company and it can be a hassle to chase others. But, this is an option for you to try though if you have access to the people who booked your previous appointment. This is the fastest as there is no need to wait if you get hold of the person or company.

Option 3: Call Customer Support and ask to Merge Profiles

You can call USTravelDocs customer service or email them and ask them to merge the profiles. They will ask you to again email and submit proof for this so that they know that you own the passport. This is more or less like the first option. This email and phone number for support vary by country. For India, the support email is support-india@ustraveldocs.com

What was your experience trying to solve the error? Share your experience in the comments below.

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  1. while creating my login ID on USTraveldocs I accidentally chose Algeria. Im an Indian national with passport, etc of India. Will this be a problem while taking appointment?

  2. While taking an appointment, I have mistakenly applied for the interview waiver option for my wife and daughter along with me. They do not fall under the category of interview waiver option. During the appointment day they accepted my application but not for my family. Kindly suggest me how to reapply/reschedule J2 visas for my wife and daughter. Initially I took appointment for all of us through my account.

  3. Hello,
    I used a different email address on my SEVIS payment process than the one I used to create the CGI account. Will this create any problems?
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  4. Hey dear all I mistakenly answer step 7 on CGI website as Yes and and the answer should be no so I got “ waver letter” how can I change that to book regular visa F1 appointment, I called support they escalated the case how long it’s gonna take?

    • John,
      Cancel the appointment and start over saying new appointment, it will prompt you with the same questions and you can get the regular appointment if you answer correctly.

  5. Hi Kumar,

    my spouse and I both have a valid visas, and now I need to apply for my children, Do I need to add separate logins for both (CGI Portal) or can I add them in a single login where my son is primary and add by name will be my daughter.
    How to proceed, Please Respond.

  6. Hi Team,

    I have done some mistake in last name his my son. I’m facing issue change for last name in my profile cgifederal.
    I had ask “feedback” send already. They “service help” said to first appointment booked then before first can ask to VAC helping change to my profile. If possible?

  7. In CGI portal, after visa fee payment, I noticed a typo in my Passport number. I raised a case to get the passport number updated. CGI has escalated the case to Consulate. It has been 10 days now but there is no status update. Is there any specific timeline by when Consulate will reply to my case? I called customer service as well but they are not giving any timeline and just asking to wait. Has anyone faced a similar issue and by when did you receive reply from Consulate?

  8. Hi
    I am an f1 visa applicant. I have missed my scheduled biometric and vi appointment due to some medical emergency. Now am unable to book my slot. Please help me.
    Thank you

  9. Hi Kumar
    I have booked an appointment for my spouse with visa class as H1B by mistake instead of H4 and I do not see an option to edit the visa class. If I cancel now, do I need to pay the fee again ? Or can my spouse still attend the interview with same details and explain to the officer there at OFC/Consulate?

  10. Hi,
    I’ve created a family profile in cgifederal for me, my spouse and my son wr have paid fees and booked slot also.
    Now we find that i am is eligible for interview waiver and i need to travel earlier. Is it possible to split the applicants now? How to do this?

  11. Hi I have accidentally created new user with the same email id and I have paid the visa fee but now I am unable to see my details regarding fee and it is asking to enter the details again. Can someone suggest on this

  12. My name is Simranjit Kaur having F1 visa . I am currently in the US, I want to bring my dependents in the US (Husband and child).But by mistake i make their CGI id in my same ID which i used to book my interview slot.Now I see my husband ‘s visa catergory shows same as me(F1).All appointment history which was mine shows on his name ,I am unable to book slot for them.What can i do know..??Please help.

    • Simran, I am also exactly with the same issue. Kindly provide your e mail id so that we can be in touch. my mail id is vnbr1@rediffmail.com

      • My H1B visa interview done and i got my approved visa then latter i applied H4 visa for my spouse by using the same profile which i used for my h1b now i’m unable to book the slots then in appointment history there it was showing her name and all the details of her as an h1b applicant instead of my name
        Even we called customer service there is no proper reply for us if you get resolved your issue then let us know how to resolve it. my mail id is megireddypart@gmail.com

    • We called customer service there are telling i can book the slots but i’m unable to book if u are able to book it plz let us know. my mail id is megireddypart@gmail.com

  13. Hi,

    I entered wrong start date and expiration date on the petitioner details while scheduling for an embassy interview appointment. I have already finished my application and got an appointment. Do I need to make a new appointment and correct the info? Or Can I just tell the consul of the correct info while on the interview? Thank you.

  14. Hi Team,

    I have done some mistake while giving start date with employer which is not matching with I797B(2 days before date).
    I have booked slot now ia m not able to see that to change that date.

    Will it be a problem? If yes, how can i update correct start date in CGI federal web site.

    • Suresh,
      Try to call the customer service to see, if they can update it for you. Worst case, you may have to cancel the appointment and do it. Some of these things may or may not have impact, no one knows. But, it is good to have all the documentation correct.

      • Hey Kumar,

        I entered 10/10/2024 as the expiry date of my H1b visa ( as shown on I-94 of I-797A) instead of 9/30/2024 ( visa validity on I797A ) on CGI federal website profile. Is there a way to correct it when I go for my drop box appointment? or Do I need to correct it?

      • How do i pay for usa visa in the uk i am presently studying in the uk , I was given an invite to attend a wedding by my cousin I want to know if I can pay for b1/b2 visa fee online to schedule my interview appointment

  15. Why I am facing the problems like “unable to validate captcha” and “please ensure first name and last name are entered as they are in your passport”? I have entered my name exactly same as they were in my passport. I am entering everything correctly but I faced this problem over and over again. What can I do now? Please help

    • Sakshyam,
      These are weird issues, can be anything. Try in different browser or incognito mode. Try after sometime…these are some general hacks that may work..Worst case, call them.

  16. Hi,

    This is regarding issue i’m facing while paying Visa fees for my spouse and kids.
    I’m already in US and while i’m filling L2 visa for my spouse and kids, it does consider me as well in the Number of Applicants and include my Visa fees along with them.
    Ideally the Number of Applicants should be 3 and it says as 4, How do i resolve this ?

    • Nikhil,
      You need to split the application for this. You can call the USTravelDocs or create a new profile with same details, it should detect it and ask to transfer profile.

  17. Hi ,
    Me and my husband both are on H1. We have created one cgi profile and booked drop box for both of as family. Will there be any issue?

    • Hello,
      We did the same and we are scheduled for dropbox next month. Did you get a response? Is it ok for husband and wife on h1b to book dropbox appointments under the same cgi profile?. Any advice is appreciated…Thanks

  18. Hi ,

    Me and my husband are both are on h1.
    We have created one cgi profile with both our applications tagged as family and drop box appointment is also booked. Will there be any issue here?

  19. I had to create new DS-160 for my wife and kids as I lost the original DS-160 confirmation(not able to pull it as its been more than 30 days) and appointment is already booked. Is there a way I can update DS-160 number for all 3 of them with new one and get the same appointment confirmation updated with new DS-160. Please help.

  20. Hello- i cannot login to my profile to schedule a visa appointment as the system is not accepting my password- tried to retrieve my password but system is not sending a temporary password- Also tried making a new profile with another email address- still doesnt work
    Please advise

  21. In my profile, First name and last name fields are interchanged. Also Online system not allowing me to update the profile. I provided the feedback as online system error requesting to update the name fields. After creation of ticket , they simply closed the ticket and without responding to my feedback.

    I submitted feedback again as Preapplication Information and Requested to update with submission of passport copy and awaiting the response.

  22. My Cgi federal login username is some random email address and now I forgot my password . I can’t reset my CGI account because I do not have access to that random email address? what should I do now ?
    But In details after login I entered my actual email address.

  23. Hi,
    I’m on H1b and eligible for drop box but my wife who will be on H4 has to go for in person interview. As its being difficult to find dropbox appointments I opted to do H1+H4 which will ask us both to schedule in person interview. I scheduled visa appointment for H1 + H4 together for in person interview in the same slot ,

    However while doing so ,I merged my account into my wife’s account and scheduled the visa appointment. I see on the confirmation page visa class is showing as H4 for both of us Ideally my visa class should be H1B and my wife’s H4.
    I’m pretty sure when i added myself as family member while booking the slot , I mentioned my visa class as H1B.

    is there something I am missing please?

    Should i be worried about this and schedule a new appointment with my account as primary account and merge my wife’s account into mine?

    Has anyone come across this situation, please help me,

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi, i am trying to pay my visa fees for my wife for L2.
    I completed DS160, but in CGI portal when i login and schedule new appointment. It prompts to specify visa type and then upon hitting next simply reverts back to homepage.
    Not sure if its error with protal or with any information i provided.
    I am not able to advance to next step.
    Has anyone faced with similar situation and resolved?
    Please help!


  25. Hi,
    I created a profile(H1B) in CGI Federal for me; Is that mandatory to create new profile each individuals(H4) and later dependents need to be added to the primary applicant profile for booking a single drop box slot?

    or only one profile is enough for H1 and H4

    • It depends on type ,
      1. Drop box :- I would strongly recommend in creating separate accounts . The reason being , lost of the available slots are available for 1 person only. Payments will have unique MVR numbers
      2. In person interview : you can create primary and add your dependents.Payments Will have same MVR number for all members.
      But the down side of this is , Incase if you want to convert to dropbox , you will end up having problem in transferring is little tricky.

  26. My wife and Son (19) are on same profile on the CGI portal. Now that the dropbox appointments for 2 are not available, people have suggested me to separate profile for my son and try. This is because a single Dropbox appointment is relatively easier to get. I am not sure of the procedure to separate. Also, since the original payment was done for both of them with a single receipt number. I appreciate if someone can provide the steps to create a separate profile for my son by removing him from my wife’s account.

  27. We are a family of 4 applying for H1 b and H4 visas. My children are under 14 years and we (parents) do not have a valid visa. Thus children are not eligible for dropbox but system is not asking any details about children and making us eligible for drop box appointment. Can I give a wrong answer to one of the Dropbox eligibility questions in order to get regular appointment Please advise if there is any negative consequence of this action.

  28. I have applied for a H4 visa and paid the fees. Now that I cannot find any dropbox appointments, I am planning to go for B2 visa path. Do I need to create a new profile in the cgifederal website, or do I need to create a new application in the cgifederal website under the same profile? Can pay for both and have two applications in parallel (H4 and B2) – as the H4 appointment is not scheduled yet? Would there be a problem in processing / negative impact in the application?
    Any information is highly appreciated!

  29. Hi I am an agent helping my candidate to book appointment for US visa. But I realize I made a mistake because I realize I saw there was one alphabet is missing and the rest number are fine. What should I do? Is it impossible to cancel the appointment and make new one? Please advise.

  30. I have the same problem.
    I created one profile at first for the embassy X, and wanted later to move it to embassy Y but I couldn’t. Then, I created another profile with my second email but there was a duplication. So I wanted to cancel the last profile and I submitted scanned copy of my passport. After a day they sent an email to me titled by ( Your account change request has been cancelled ) and saying this:
    “We would like to inform you that, your profile duplication request needs to be raised from a different / new email address.”
    What should I do?
    I called the service customer and they ask me to submit my passport in the second profile.

  31. Hi,
    I am trying to book my visa appointment and the system threw a message “Your personal details match the profile which already exists in our database. The user id of that profile is “XXXXXXX @gmail.com “. If you created this profile in the past, you have the option to transfer your account to this previous one in order to avoid any inconveniences that may arise from having multiple accounts.”

    When I submitted my DS-160 form , I provided a different email id, yyyyy@gmail.com , but I did mention the afore mentioned id (xxxxxxxx @gmail.com) in DS -160 , when prompted to list all the email id’s used in last 5 years.

    The visa appointment system is not giving an option to use the new email id (yyyy@gmail.com) instead is forcing to transfer account to (xxxxx.gmail.com)

    what can i do now ?

    Thanks in advance ,

  32. Hi,
    My son wants to get his H1B renewal stampimg in Australia.He had got his first time H1B stamping done in Mumbai.

    The appointment portal is not allowing him to pick any other place other than Mumbai.
    He tried making another account but it redirects him to go to his first account as the documents match.

    My daughter is a citizen of Australia and I am also here now .He wanted to club his visit to her along with getting his Visa stamped.

    Kindly guide me regarding the same .

    • Neelam,
      You need to check with the Australia US Consulate, if they accept third country national’s stamping or not.

  33. Hi, I have booked my US student visa appointment for July. But, if i cancel this appointment due to personal reasons and then let’s say I apply for US B2(tourist) visa for next year/ earliest available slot.
    Can I use the same fees paid?

    Does it have any negative impact and what can be done to avoid it

  34. Hello Kumar,
    Please I have a B1/B2 visa interview appointment later in the year by October 2022 which was applied since over a year ago. The issue now is that I was offered a University admission in the USA last month and I applied for an F1 visa. Now I cannot see a tab on my ustraveldocs home page to schedule a new appointment for the F1 visa interview appointment. What do you suggest I do please? Can I create a new profile for this purpose on ustraveldocs?

    • Kingsley,
      You can only apply for one appointment at a time. If you want to pursue F1, then cancel the other one and pay new fee and do it again.

  35. Hello ,

    I have mistakenly sumbitted my country as Algeria instead of India in registration now I cannot change it and when I tried with another email it’s showing like ur data is matching with database. How can I resolve the problem .
    Can u please help me with a solution for it.

  36. Good Day,

    My Cousin accidentally clicks the yes button for Interview Waiver but she’s not qualified for it. Is there a chance we can recover her MRV?


    • I made that same mistake in 2016 when i applied for four of us, I called the embassy but they told me the only way was to pay another MRV .
      It was very disappointing, I had to pay again, lost all that money just because I clicked “back” button and interview waiver showed up that we didn’t qualify for at that time.

  37. Hi Kumar,

    Thanks for your efforts in getting many people questions answered.

    I had my Passport number ( one number typed incorrect instead of 0 i enterd 9). Noticed after booking appointment (dropbox). I sent email to customer about that and they mentioned to proceed with the appointment and inform the change to the CGI person at dropbox.

    I had even called them and asked they said the same thing.

    My worry is when i go for dropbox there should not be any problem as the dropbox front desk person may not know this and reject my appointment.

    Have you see these case and done the dropbox visa?

    Please help

    • Shunmugaa,
      No have not seen. if they said, it wont be problem, do not worry. Take the print out of the CGI Federal Email response and tell them.
      Do not worry, it should not happen as it is a mistake and you can’t fix it on your own. You have emailed them and they said you can go. Stand your ground and tell them that you tried, but there is no option and they need to accept, if they say no. Do update how it goes here for community benefit.

  38. Hi, I have booked my US student visa appointment for July. But, if i cancel this appointment due to personal reasons and then let’s say I apply for US student visa after some years. Do I need to fill every details again? As my university will be different than current one. Will there be any negative impact in the future if i apply again for US student visa?

  39. Hello,

    I’m getting that error but following is my situation.

    I have created my profile and tried booking appointment adding my son who is older than 14yrs. I later removed him and created a separate login for his interview and i get this error.

    What should be done here?


      • Can I split my profile after schedule an appointment?
        I have booked an drop box appointment for my family and system itself it booked.
        But I came to know that If parents doesn’t have valid VISA then kids (under 14) will not eligible for drop box. Please help on this query?

        • Naveen,
          well, I am not sure, if they would at this point. They may ask you to cancel and re-book, but not sure…Give it a shot and call them or email them, it may work too. Do update here how it goes.

  40. I have a visa appt scheduled for Sept 29th 2022 in India. But since I am in a rush to get back to USA, I want to check/schedule an appointment in a different country’s consulate.
    When I try to proceed, I get the personal-details match error.

    How do I proceed so that my original India visa application is not affected ?


    • Ash,
      This will not work. You can only have one account for the email Id and your passport. You may try to ask the customer service, but it can be tricky.

    • Hi Ash, I am in a somewhat similar situation. Were you able to check if appointments are available sooner in a different country? Not sure if the USCIS appointment availability website can be relied upon. Thanks, Arvind.

      • Hi Arvind, just checking to see if were able to find a way to book visa slots in another country? I’m in the same boat and am ready to let go of the fees I already paid for visa appointment in India?
        Thanks, Praneeth

  41. I applied for H1 visa Dropbox appointment and added my family members for H4 as well in the same slot. However, I see all of us are showing H1B as visa requesting for. Ideally my family members should show for H4 and only me should show H1 B right? is there something I am missing please?

    • Raghavendra,
      If you see it closely there will be a field called dependent, that says true. All of them will show as H1B only in the system. Do not worry.

  42. My F1 visa interview confirmed but i have to change my name on the appointment conformation email how to change that please inform me any one knows

  43. Hi
    I create my account but the problem is the post address is wrong, I am in Pakistan and it shows Qater, I don’t know how to change it to Pakistan.

    • I have been given appointment date and time for visa. Do I still need to formally SCHEDULE this appointment to make it valid.
      Secondly, my passport has expired, but I have applied for renew, and I will do capturing 2 weeks before the interview date. Can I do registration with CGI FEDERAL VPN ACCESS PAGE with my expired passport?

  44. Hello,

    I scrolled too fast when i was entering the information to select where to pick up my visa. it listed the country as Algeria, the defaulted country. I didn’t realize until i was trying to put my pickup location. I used the provide feedback form and it hasn’t been changed until now. Is there a number to contact. it is been more than 3 days. Is there something i can do? Thank you.

  45. Hi
    I am Sunil Hans

    Due to some clerical mistake, my agent filled my wrong name in CGI portal.

    So how to make request to change my name on CGI portal.

  46. Am scheduling f1 Visa appointment with my minor dependents but when I want to save after filling my dependents details on the dependents section I will see unable to save,some or all information belong to another applicants. Please what is the problem


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