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User Could not be created – USTravelDocs Error

If you want to apply for US Visa, you need to first fill out the DS-160 form and then later create an account on US Visa Appointment Online booking system at ustraveldocs.com. Sometimes, when you are trying to create an account you may get an error that says as listed below

 “Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted.”

 “User could not be created. Please ensure First Name and Last Name are entered as they are in your passport.”

In this article, we will review the common reason for this error and and how to resolve the issue.

Why do you get the error “User Cannot be created..”?

When you try to create an account on USTravelDocs Portal website, USTravelDocs.com, sometimes, you may get the error: “Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted. User could not be created. Please ensure First Name and Last Name are entered as they are in your passport.” It looks like as in the below screenshot.

Your request cannot be processed - User Could not be created Error
Your request cannot be processed – User Could not be created Error

It can be very confusing at times, when you see this message as it may not even occur to you why you got the error. You may reach out to support, still you may not get the right solution.

The simple reason you get this error is because of one of the below reasons

Account Exists using the same email

  • You might have already created an account in the past on USTravelDocs.com in the past and totally forgot about it. When you try to create a new account, the message is misleading telling that something is not right. The system does not tell that you already have an account and you can be confused.
  • Usually, this can happen when you worked for a company and they used your email id to create an account for you in the past and you totally forgot it. We will look at how to solve this in next section
  • Also, sometimes, you might have sent an email to support@ustraveldocs.com or a similar email id relevant for your country and they would have created an account for you in the CGI Federal system without your knowledge. It is strange, but can happen more often than you think.

Entered Characters that are not allowed

Sometimes, you may get this error because you entered some characters that are not allowed as well. It could be a dot or extra space or something that the system is not liking it and giving this error.

Unfortunately, the system is not smart enough to give you the right error message.

How to solve “User could not be created” Error

First, you need to double-check the email you entered during the signup process and if you still have access to the same email. If you still have access, then you are in luck. The fix is simple, click on the “Forgot Password?” link in the bottom and in the next screen you will need to enter the email id. It looks like in below

Forgot Password on USTravelDocs
Forgot Password on USTravelDocs

If the email was correct, You will get a confirmation message on the screen like below screenshot saying “An email has been sent to you with your temporary password

Confirmation of Temporary Password sent
Confirmation of Temporary Password sent

You will get an email with the login and password information, you can use that to login to the USTravelDocs system. Below is the email from them.

New CGI Customer portal Password
New CGI Customer portal Password

That’s it folks. It may sound simple, but sometimes, we might wonder as simple as the ‘forgot password’ button does the trick.

What was your experience with the issue? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. Hi everyone, I share a situation that I solved: First, turn off your VPN and then re-enter the homepage of the site. At this point, the home page should be in your native language. Then, type your name in all caps, enter a global email address (like Gmail), and finally enter a password consisting of letters and numbers. Do not use other characters for all messages. After the above attempts, I can successfully register.

  2. Its extremely frustrating, I clicked on forgot password and it lets me change password but even with freshly created password it won’t let me login, what option do I have, please guide

  3. Sir,i already payment visa fees through axis Bank, then after 48 hours i am unable to login my account, it’s showing some error in user id, password are incorrect

  4. I tried several times obtaining a new password, but the system does not recognize the user. But I have always used this user name in the past. In addition, there is a guidance to use email as user name in the format “name.name2@gmail.com” but my email address does not follow that format.

    Where can I go to seek help on this> Thanks

  5. I have same email address but I forgot password. After clicking forgot password , it says they will sent email but there was no email sent yet

  6. In my case I couldn’t log in on my account and it is always said the salesforce.com servers are temporarily unable to respond to your request. Can you help me with this?

  7. I’m trying to make a new account with an email that has never been used. I’ve checked using the “forgot password” method and didn’t get an email. I’ve checked all of my inputs multiple times and there seems to be nothing wrong, but the system still won’t accept it. I even tried using other devices thinking that it might be a device problem. If anyone knows what else could be wrong please let me know. Thank you

  8. I have created my profile through Dominican Republic instead of India in US Travel doc by mistake and unable to delete it now nor create a profile using same ID through India.

  9. Hello Team,

    I have transferred my previous employer profile to my new profile. I have already booked the appointment for March 2023. Could you please guide me how I can verify my petitioner information. I am trying to look for the information in the update profile page but that does not have any information about petitioner and receipt name. Just wanted to make sure if I have change my petitioner information or not due to profile transfer.


  10. My case was my agency got an auto fill in situations upon filling in the application by entering all the information there was changes happens by entering the address the other information was changed too by another’s name so my problem is my appointment application was named to another person then the rest information was belong to me now my problem is I want to delete my profile so how to do that so I can book a new one with correct name please help me


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