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How to Check US Visa Status Online? CEAC Website, Errors Info

If you plan to go to the US, unless exempted, you need a US Visa. You may have applied for US Visa and if your visa was approved, your passport would have been taken to the US Consulate.  If you attended the interview and even though the visa officer said it is approved, you may be curious to know the status of the US Visa stamping in your passport.

The question is, how do you check the status of your US Visa online? Also, even if your passport was returned and you were issued a slip saying something like administrative processing, you still would like to check the status of your visa online. We will look at the process to check the US visa status online below with full screenshots.

Step-by-Step Guide to Check US Visa Status Online for Stamping in Passport

Step 1  – Visit CEAC Website: You need to go to the US Dept. of State’s Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website. CEAC is part of the US Dept of State and is used to create DS-160, and DS-260 visa applications. You would have used the same to create your US visa application.   Here is the link : https://ceac.state.gov/ceac/ .

Check visa status -CEAC Website State Gov Website

Step 2 – Click Check My Visa Application Status: Depending on the kind of US Visa, you applied for, either a Non-immigrant Visa or an Immigrant Visa, you need to click on Check My Visa Application Status. Below are the direct links as well to check the status.

Enter Details to check US Visa Status on CEAC Website
Enter Details to check US Visa Status on CEAC Website

Step 3 – Enter Location, Application ID, or Case Number: Once you are on that page, you need to enter the below information as highlighted in the above screenshot with arrows and click on Submit button.

  • Location: In the dropdown select the location where you went for the US Visa interview
  • Application ID: The Application ID is on your US Visa Appointment confirmation letter. It looks like the below screenshot on the letter or DS-160 application. US Visa Application ID
  • Case Number:  A ‘Case Number’ is something that the consulate would give and it is usually on a slip that is given to you, usually for Administrative processing or 221g.  It is in the format 2020118 145 1001.  You need to enter it correctly with spaces, otherwise, you will get an error saying “Your search did not return any data”. See the below screenshot on how the ‘Case Number’ looks. The Visa officer would have written it.Case Number - US Visa Status Check
  • Captcha Code: You need to enter the code that is shown in the image for spam bot check verification for humans.

Step 4 – View US Visa Status: Once you enter everything correctly and there are no errors, you will get the US Visa status displayed. It can be in a few statuses like Administrative Processing, Issued, or other statuses. See the below screenshots for examples of what you can expect to see. If in Administrative processing, you need to wait. If it says issued, then your visa was issued and you can be sure that your Visa stamping is complete and your US visa was issued.

US Visa Status – No Status

Usually, when you submit your documents for US Visa renewal using the dropbox option or occasionally after you attend an in-person visa interview, you may see the online status on the CEAC website that says ‘No Status’. It looks as in the below screenshot.

You see this status very commonly seen for dropbox cases. The reason for this is that they take some time to review the documents and update the case status online. There is a few days delay. Some users have reported that it took them up to 10 days. You may see this status anywhere from a few days up to 10 days from the date you dropped off the document or visited the consulate.

Do not panic, if you see the ‘No Status’ online for up to a week or 10 days. Only reach out to the consulate, if it continues to be in that state for longer.

CEAC Website Status shows as No Status
CEAC Website Status shows as No Status

US Visa Status – Administrative Processing

If you get the Administrative Processing, it means that the visa is not yet issued and there are checks in progress. You see this usually also for the first few days after your interview is done. If you were issued a 221g Administrative Processing, then this may take a longer time to move to issued.

US Visa Status Administrative Processing

Update: Since March 3rd, 2020 Users are not seeing the Administrative processing status anymore, they are seeing a new status that shows as refused. It looks like the below. Do not panic, it is a system-wide change to the text displayed.

See the below screenshot for updated text for Administrative processing cases. It says clearly that “If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. ” See highlighted text.

221g - Status Refused - CEAC Website

Did you know you can track your passport status on CGI Federal website? Read How to check Passport Status, Meaning of Various Statuses

US Visa Status – Issued

If you have the Issued status, it means that your visa stamping is almost done and it is final stages. You should receive it soon in a week to 10 days. If you do not receive anything, then you can contact the consulate for the same.

US Visa Status - Issued

US Visa Status – Refused

If your visa was denied or refused, then you will see the ‘Refused’ status on the CEAC website. It essentially means that you could not prove to the consular officer that you are eligible for the issuance of a visa. There could be many reasons, sometimes, they are denied under 214(b) or other reasons. Your consular officer would give you a slip or indicate a reason for your denial.

For some cases, the refused status would be shown online as soon as the interview is done…for some cases like H1B, where they usually give Administrative processing, which is 221(g), and let’s say eventually refuse or deny the visa, then it will show up much later…

Below are screenshots of the Refused status of a US visa on the CEAC website one in Calgary, the other in Chennai.

Refused Status in Calgary US Consulate
US Visa Status Refused Sample
Refused Status on CEAC website for US Consulate General Chennai

Update : The text for actual refused cases also changed from the previous text. It has slightly different text that says, ” A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application..” Check below.

Refused - Actual Status from 2020 CEAC Website
Refused Status at Calgary US Consulate

Common FAQs – US Visa Status Check

Error – “Your Search did not return any data”?

If you are on the CEAC website and trying to check your US Visa status and get the error “Your Search did not return any data”, it means that you did not enter the data properly. You would have removed the spaces in the Case Number. You need to enter it with spaces properly. Example: 2020118 145 1001. Notice there are two spaces in the number. Below is the error screenshot for your reference. If you fix the spaces, error will go away.

Error – Invalid Application ID or Case Number?

If you get an error saying “Invalid Application ID or Case Number” like below, then you have either selected the wrong location and entered the Application ID or case number or you have entered the Application ID number wrong. It also can occur, if you enter the case number and miss some digits or add more digits. If you fix the numbers entered, then the error would go away.

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  1. Greetings,
    On January 11, 2023, I applied for a B1 visa at Mumbai. However, I received a Blue slip 221g . On February 1st, 2023, I submitted the documents requested by the authorities. On March 2nd, 2023, my visa status changed from “Refused” to “Administrative Processing”. The last update on my case was on March 30th, 2023. Although there has been an update, my visa status remains unchanged, and it is still shows Administrative Processing. I would appreciate it if anyone could guide me on how long it usually takes for the status to change from Administrative Processing to issued. Thank you for your help in advance.

  2. We were informed in the interview by the officer across the counter that visa is approved. The passport was also taken by the officer. Later when we collected the passports after 4 days we found the visa is not stamped!!!

  3. I have received the “Approved” Status on a March 1st 2023. Till now I haven’t received my passport status.

    I had my Visa appointment on Feb 13th 2023.
    I got refused status on Feb 20 2023.
    They called me for Finger printing on Feb 24th 2023 at Hyderabad. Till March 1st 2023 my status was on Administrative processing.
    I have received “Approved” status on March 01 2023.
    And today is March 23rd 2023 still it shows “Approved”
    Can “Approved” status go to “Refused” or “Administrative processing”? I am bit worried about that.

  4. Kumar my my status still showing approved since 30jan, after i send mail to embassey they said esclated post after 15 days sent mail again now status still same but when i check mail now over there on hold , whats that i dont understand.

  5. Hi I submitted my documents for dropbox on 6th march but my status still shows no status as of 3/20

    Its at the hyderabad consulate

    Is there any way i could contact them ? Its a bit unusual to see no status for 15 days

  6. Hi I applied for drop box for B1/B2 visa on 1st Feb. on 2nd Feb status showed as approved. But in 14 Feb it show refused and I recd passport back with 221G no additional documents asked. Then on 10 March I recd email with subject REQUEST TO SUBMIT PASSPORT I submitted passport the same day and next day the status changed from refused to administrative processing. I have not recd passport back or heard nothing. Anyone having similar situation

  7. My initial drop box appointment was on 24th Jan 2023 on 2nd Feb 2023, the status updated to Refused and I was given 221G. I submitted the requested documents on Feb 9th, 2023 except the Passport. Today last update date changed as of March 8th, 2023 but the status remained as Refused. What does this mean?

    • Don’t celebrate any status until it is issued status. Approved can go to Refused. Approved can go to admin processing .Approved can go to Issued. Just wait.

  8. I observed the process to be slow for those who choose Dropbox. The moment a Passport is dropped in the consulate (Dropbox facility) the application screening process starts and normally candidates are called for a personal interview in case of any questions by the Consular. Furthermore, the Passport is handed over to the applicant if the Consulate wishes to conduct a background check on the documents submitted (Especially Client Letter).

    This process of background check normally is completed in a week, the consulate will take anywhere between 6-8 weeks to update the status from “Refused” to “Approved”. An Email is received by the applicant suggesting Him/Her to deposit the Passport at the nearest Dropbox Center.

    As soon as the applicant drops the passport, it takes almost a week to have the status changed to “Issued”.

    I guess the applicant has to wait for a week for the passport with the Visa stamped via BlueDart Courier.

    I also hope this processing will be quicker in the future. Maybe there’s a challenge at the Consulates to handle such a volume of Passport applications. I also guess they have shortage of staff to expedite the process.

  9. Hello Everyone,

    My dropbox h1b extention was approved on March 1st, since then i havent gotten any response or change in status on ceac. Anyone in the similar situation? Is there anything we can do to know how long can it take from here ? I had to extend my flight for 2 more weeks.
    Anyone knows how long can it take? As per the status on ceac, they are asking to contact consulate in 10 days but that seems to be a standard message.

    • I am in a similar situation
      Dropbox location: Hyderabad (the most unorganized dropoff located in the Metro station (may because its temporary). Spent 2 hours in the queue, dropped off at 2 pm for a 12.45 pm appointment
      Date of dropoff: 25th Feb
      Date since the CGI says “Passport is still with Embassy consulate”: 27th Feb
      CEAC status:
      Case submitted on 28th Feb
      Case approved on 3rd March
      Case Issued on 9th March
      Current CGI status: ‘Document Delivery Information ‘ (blank)
      Did not receive the passport yet.

      I did email support@ustraveldocs.com as I was unable to track my passport using any the listed websites, they responded stating its under final processing and it depends on the consulate on when it will ready.

      Will post once I receive the passport.

      • I am in a similar situation except that my CEAC status still says “Application Received” while there is that ‘Document Delivery Information ‘ (blank) on the CGI website. My visa interview was on March 3rd in Mumbai.

        Is there anything I can do to check with someone somewhere, really clueless as the dropbox counter person told me “you will get your passport in two weeks” and its been more than that now

        • Hi I submitted my documents for dropbox on 6th march but my status still shows no status as of 3/20

          Its at the hyderabad consulate

          Is there any way i could contact them ? Its a bit unusual to see no status for 15 days

          • even my situation is same, submitted on 6th feb for b1/b2 and no status on tracking as of 3/21 . whom should I contact ?

        • I am in same situation. My visa interview was on March 1st in Hyderabad. I am still seeing status as “Application Received”. I didn’t receive any email for additional documents too.


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