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Guide to Indian Passport Renewal/ Re-issue – Documents, Process

Applying for Indian passport used to be a complicated process in the past and mostly done with the help of agents. But, things have changed in past few years with good process and technology. You do not need an agent anymore and can do it everything on your own. We cover the entire process end to end and also have user experiences too.

Indian Passport Renewal vs Re-Issue

“Renewal and Re-issue are used interchangeably by many. But, there is subtle difference. The term renewal is used, if you have a passport with Short Validity Passport (SVP) and you are applying for extending the same. In that case, you will still be getting a new book. Unlike, Re-issue relates to exhaustion of pages or passport reaching the end of 10 year validity. The term renewal and re-issue are used interchangeably in the below article for easy understanding. The process is same, so nothing to worry.

When can you Renew or Re-issue Indian Passport ?

You can renew or re-issue your Indian passport up to 1 year before the expiration of the passport. If you are a student, you can get re-issue of your passport within two years of expiry by selecting reason ” Validity expired within 3 years/ Due to expire”. You can also renew or get re-issue of passport, if you meet any of the below :

  • Your personal details changed like name, martial status, etc.
  • Your passport expired already within last 3 years or before
  • Your passport pages are completely full and no pages left
  • Your passport is damaged or you lost the same.

Passport Document Advisor : Indian Passport Website has a document advisor, that clearly tells the required documents, you should enter your details, to get the list of documents required before you begin to process, so that you do not end up in panic after registering. You can access it at Passport India Document Advisor

Below is the step by step guide to get Indian Passport re-issue or renewed.

Step 1 :  Register Online Account at Passport Website

Since the paper based forms are eliminated, you need to fill Indian passport application online. Below are the details.

  • The very first step is to register yourself with the Passport Website. All you need to do is go to Passport Seva Website and click on ” New User Registration”.
  • You will be asked to fill basic details and email ID. This will be used to login and fill the passport application form. You can choose the passport office based on where you currently live now.
  • The second thing is to activate your account using the email you get and login.
  • After you login, you will see an option called “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”.  Click on that and enter details.
  • Can Submit Passport Application Anywhere : Since June 2018, as per new guidance, you can apply for passport anywhere in India. You do not have to do it in the same state of your residence. There is a dropdown in the account creation page, you are free to choose the location where you are

Step 2 :  Fill Passport Application Online

After you activate your account and login, you will be presented with two options to fill out application form, the online system will show as Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 . It does not matter what you use, both work the same.

  • Alternative 1  : Using Online form to fill the application online. You will need internet.
  • Alternative 2 : Using PDF form. You download the form, fill it out and then upload it.

The recommended option is to use the Alternative 2 with PDF form as some details may not be readily available with us and we have to save info, etc. I also prefer the PDF form option as it is very detailed and clear. Either case, it is the same. You will need the below details to complete the form.

  • Your current address details and other details that are already in your previous passport.
  • You need to enter Emergency Contact Details like Name, phone number and email.
  • If you are changing any details like adding Spouse info, their info as per document

If you are using the PDF form option, you will need to fill all the mandatory fill and then hit validate and Save, it will ask you to save a file (XML file) and give it a name.

You need to upload that file in the section where you just downloaded the PDF form. All the details will be automatically created, you need to verify before saving as you cannot change the details after this step. Of course, you can change them when you are at passport office, if anything wrong.

Step 3 :   Pay and Book a Slot or Walk –in, Print Application Receipt :

Once your application is created, next step is to check for available slots and then pay for it.  There is an option on the website home page to check the slots as well or you can go to Check Appointment Availability. Anyways, once your application is submitted. you need to select it, for that see below.

  • You will have an option on the left saying ” View Saved / Submitted Applications “.  Select the application by clicking on radio button. Then you will show options with links to them. You need to click on Pay and Schedule Appointment. 
  • This will give option for payment, either online or pay with challan. Usually, it is easy to do it online way. Selected Online Payment
  • Then you will have option to select the Passport Service Kendra and the time slot. It will show the available time slots options.
  • You can select the same and then you will go for payment page. Where you can select your payment option. I used NetBanking and it was seamless.

If you are eligible for walk-in, you can cancel the appointment and then carry that cancellation page, along with the payment receipt page, you will be allowed to walk-in directly during the respective hours.

Once payment is complete, you will have to print the application receipt and carry that with you on the appointment day. It will have a bar code as well, ensure that is clearly printed and it has the payment confirmation info on it. If you find something wrong in the details, make a note, then you can tell the same at passport service kendra.

Step 4 : Documents List for Passport Re-issue or Renewal

You have a nice step by step guide to help you identify the list of documents that you need for your passport renewal. If you go to the home page and click on Document Advisor for renewal / re-issue , you will get a form to select options. Based on options it will show the list of documents that you need.  These are the documents you will need. NO Additional documents are required. In fact, I called the customer support as well and they said the same list and my experience at Passport Seva Kendra says the same.  You do NOT require additional documents.  Do NOT listen to others.

Indian Passport Renewal Documents Checklist

Below are the typical documents that you need to carry to the passport office, depending on your situation.

  •  You must print out the online form that you printed out with the Application Reference number ( ARN ) and carry with you. It is mandatory to have this document with you.
  • Original Old Passport that is expiring or expired
  • Same Address as in your Old Passport :
    • You do NOT need anything other than photo copy of your passport first page, last page and the page with ECNR info. You will do self-attestation ( your own signature)
    • You may carry current address proof like a utility bill or Bank statement or Voter card, etc… see below for some of those documents.
  • Change in Address – Different one from your Old passport address
    • Just like above,  first, last and ECNR page photo copy with self attestation
    • Address proof of change in address – Any one of the below is acceptable.
      • Any one of the  Utility bills like Water, Telephone, Electricity Bills –  You need at least for 2 months  of which one should be of current year and other should be of previous year.
      • Proof of gas connection. If you are submitting utility gas bill, PSK will ask for two of those from past two months. Make sure you carry two of them. This was shared by our reader Karthik.
      • Ration Card with address .
      • Bank Statement  for 1 year, Passbook of the bank account with address on it.
      • Any of the cards like Aadhar card, Voter ID, etc.
  • Add Spouse Name, Change
    • If you would like to add your spouse name, carry original and photo copy of your marriage certificate. It is required. You need a photo copy that needs to be self attested.
    • If you plan to change any details like names, etc, you need to carry original with photo copy signed by you.

There may be other set of documents that you may be asked from the website, if some exceptions for your case. That’s why always check passportwebsite.

Step 5 :  Go to Passport Office (PSK) for Appointment

If you have got a slot, go at that exact time or 15 min before, no need to go there and wait outside.  If you are eligible for walk in, you can do that.  The process at PSK is very straightforward and they have clear steps for the process. For process at PSK, read Process at a Passport Seva Kendra and some key pointers .

Indian Passport Renewal Experiences

Below are real experiences shared by our readers A G Bhat,  in Bangalore and Mrinal from Mumbai. Thanks to them for sharing his experience. Also, we have many other experiences in the comments, do check them out.

Passport Re-issue Experience at Mumbai

I had my Indian Passport renewal today in Mumbai(Andheri PSK) as my passport was expiring within 1yr. Got appointment for 9.15AM IST and was asked to report at 9am. (Under Regular processing) . Process was very smooth and straightforward and I was complete in 1hr time (primarily due to preparation and early slot).

Passport Re-issue Process at Mumbai

1. I had actually downloaded the PDF first and filled it and kept so that any trials errors needed were done on that.
2. I was having minor difficulty uploading it probably because i renamed etc. However I used the filled PDF as entry for Online application (Which also can be saved and filled over multiple attempts like for any college /visa application).
3. The form was submitted.
4. I have just moved back from US so I wrote my current Indian address which was also in my Aadhaar card . Mentioned US address for previous in last 1yr stay without state or county.
5. I had even uploaded PDF copy of all documents though not sure if it was any help today.
6. Paid online and booked appointment

Documents Required On Passport Appointment Day

1. Originals: Passport(old), Aadhaar (both top and bottom part: for Address proof and ECNR), 10th Marks card (for ECNR)
2. Copy of first 2 pages, last 2 pages and Page number 2 of passport which would either not mention anything or ECR. ( I had not taken page 2 and was asked to take photocopy at Passport Seva Kendra)
3. Copy of 10th marks card and Aadhar both top and bottom part. ( Had not taken copy of top part and had to take at PSK.)

Process at PSK for Passport Re-issue

At the PSK try to reach early for your reporting time. The entry is not based on sequence number assigned but based on your arrival for your reporting time. Once you enter, the originals, photocopy and application receipt are checked once and after all documents are confirmed you are asked to wait till they generate token number. After token number is generated you are asked to go inside and wait for 1st step in A counter.

At the A counter documents are scanned, photo taken, biometrics verified and signatures taken. Also they check if you want to enroll in Mobile Seva(Sms updates for Rs 40). If yes you pay in cash exact amount. Once done you are asked to goto B counter.

At B Verification Officer (VO) validates the entries again and puts his ticks & sign in the application. Once B is complete, one proceeds to C counter for Granting Officers approval who again verifies documents and stamps both the old passport ( Cancel & returned) and approval stamp for application,

Once that is done you are asked to proceed to exit counter where you are given acknowledgement receipt and asked to fill feedback form. The acknowledgement ideally mentions your passport approved post police verification.

Passport Renewal Experience  at Bangalore

My passport had expired three months back. I read the articles in this site and understood the procedure to be followed. After understanding the same clearly, I applied online and selected the slot at Bengaluru (Lalbhag) PSK. I applied on a Saturday and slot was available for very next Monday. However, I opted for a slot on Wednesday which I got. So there was no necessity for me to cancel the same and go for “walk in”. On Wednesday, my time was at 10.45 AM and I went there exactly at 10.30AM.

The process at PSK was exactly the same the Hyderabad PSK explained in this site. Courteous people, proper guidance at every stage, no confusion at all and no hassles. After successfully finishing the entire process I came out from PSK at 11.15AM, in just 30 minutes for whole process. I gave my feedback as “Excellent” for the service but I feel that this is too less a grade. World class experience indeed. Thanks to the vision of the External Affairs Department of Govt of India. And my thanks to all concerned, from Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister to TCS and every one in the PSK.

Along with my wife also had applied for re issue of her Passport. We both selected the same slot and went inside together and we both came out together. She could not believe that such things can happen in our country.

Common FAQs

Do I need an agent  for Passport Renewal ?  Any value ?

In the past, there were few things that were not clear. Now, with online process and outsourcing the process is fully online and no need for agent. You can do everything on your own.

How long does it take for Passport Renewal ?

It usually takes anywhere from 10 days or so to 30 days. In many cases with the new system, many were able to get passport within 10 days. But, if there are some delays in police verification or other things, it can take time.

Delays with Passport – More than 30 days – What can I do ?

If for some reason, there are delays, you can reach out to Regional Passport Officer and take it from there. You can check RPO Process to Speed up Indian Passport Processing

How do I know if I am ECR vs Non-ECR Category ?

If you have passed 10th, then you are Non-ECR category. You can read complete details at ECR vs. ECNR(non-ECR) Indian passport Differences

Also, if you are an NRI, not living in India and plan to renew passport during your visit to India, check out Process for NRI to renew passport in India 


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  1. Hello Kumar,

    Its very helpful to have all sort of information in one place !

    Am about to proceed with passport renewal + change of address in one go under Tatkal option.
    1. what would be the maximum duration for new PP delivery .
    2. would there be any need for address verification.
    3. is it so that passport number will be changed to new ones.
    4. while i wait for new passport, guess the old PP with cancelled mark stands invalid for abroad travel, is that an correct understanding.

    • Raj,

      1) Generally on an average it would take 3-5 days. As you also changing address, suggest you put few more days in buffer.
      2)YES, they definitely need the address proof as you are going for address change. Please refer the ‘Document Advisor’ in passport portal.
      3)Yes, New PP will be with new PP number.
      4) Yes. Old PP will be stamped as ‘Cancelled’. And you can’t travel abroad with cancelled PP.

      Hope this helps.!

    • 1. If all goes well, you should have it in a week.
      2. it depends, mostly no…but can happen after the passport delivery at times…if tatkaal
      3. yes, new passport will have new number.
      4. yes, they will stamp as canceled and usually cut a corner.

  2. Hi,

    First, thanks for putting all this at one place. Greatly appreciate it.

    IM in tricky situation.

    Have to fly on Nov 2nd.
    Due to passport expiry within year and expecting will receive fresh PP in 7 – 10 days, had applied for PP renewal uner NORMAL process and visited local PSK on Oct 16th. Now even after 5 days it is in ‘Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.’ status. Now I am afraid that I may not get the PP before my departure date. And I can’t fly with my current PP as it got ‘Cancelled Stamp’ on it.

    Now I am looking for alternatives to get my PP early:

    Tried below :
    1) We can’t cancel the Application which is under processing so that I can submit another Application this time in tatkal
    2) Tried to contact Customer Care with no luck
    3) No ONLINE option to upgrade from Normal to Tatkal

    Well, for 3rd option I heard we have to visit RPO(not PSK). In my case it is 14hr travel from where I live. Even I visit the RPO I am sure how Should I proceed there.

    Anyone has any idea/experience visiting RPO and converting normal process to Tatkal OR process to get the passport in quickly.

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Charan,
      Your only option is to visit the nearest passport office and talk to RPO who is in charge for your division….The process is like that, you cannot do much…sometimes, delays happen…do post your update here after you visit RPO or tried other avenues for community benefit.

    • Yes, You can do that. You would need your old passport, current address details and maybe an affidavit. I suggest you check with the document advisor on the passport website.

  3. Quick Question friends.
    I am in the US and I am renewing my Indian passport. Now my permanent address in India remains the same and is also the same address as in my current passport which is about to expire.
    So in the application for passport renewal for printable address in passport section, can I keep the same address or do I necessarily have to give my US address since I am not physically living at that Indian address now?
    Right now a tenant lives at my permanent Indian address which is also there in my passport.
    I do not want to change that address and keep it the same in the new passport which will be issued. Can I do that or I have to change it to US address?
    Request you guys to help me out here !!

    Thanks a Ton in Advance

  4. Sir, My son is born and brought up in UAE, but now he is studying in Chennai. Till now all his passport renewals were done in UAE. He is 19 years and now needs to have his passport renewed. Currently he has no residence visa for UAE as he is over 18 years of age and with Indian citizenship.
    Please tell me where should my son apply for renewal of passport as he can’t do it in UAE now. Should it be in the current place of study ( Chennai) or back in hometown in Kerala? His Aadhar address is all based in Kerala.
    Should the parent be accompanying the child when applying at the Passport Seva Kendra?

  5. Hi,
    i have applied for re-issue of passport at surat passport seva kendra on 06 sept. 2019.. but online status showing ” application is under review at regional passport office” . for how long should i wait for status to change? when i try to download acknowledgement letter then it shows” exit slip is not available for this file” what does it mean? i was told at SURAT psk on counter B that process is over , i would get passport after PV…its 16 days now, but no update…

  6. Dear Kumar Sir,
    My name is Moinuddin.
    My passport page in which Visa Sticker is pasted has been torn accidentally during scanning upto 5 cms. I had to mend it with a plaster and now it’s almost unnoticeable except a tiny line as a folding.
    I have to travel to UK with that Visa in 7 working days.
    What measure should i take now?
    Please Help me sir.

    Does any cut in the passport is considered as damaged?
    If i apply for a new passport what happens to my Visa permit sir?
    Yours Faithfully,

  7. Hi I am not Indian but I have adahar card , my previously my passport was issued in other country ,now I am back in India about one year, can i renew my passport and what documents do i need?

  8. Previously i was a passport issued from Ahmedabad PSK there they mentioned Name with Fathers name than a gap of period i applied for new passport from Jaipur PSK where they issued me in the same name with fathers name Like Akhilesh kumar Ramesh chandra vijayvargiya while my all the documents submitted to them in the name of Akhilesh vijayvargiya and also they mentioned my full name in all the passport issued in for son and wife name. now my passport validity expired and i need to reissue the PP in the name of Akhilesh Vijayvargiya What to do for correction in name

  9. Please let me know what is the exact duration of time one has to achieve for address verification in case of re-issue of passport.
    I am staying in noida for past one year and wanted to know the duration of stay in the current address. As I will be applying for noida address only.

    • There is no hard fast rule, it is up to the discretion of the Passport officer for address verification. In your case, you should apply in Noida itself as that’s where you live currently.

  10. Excellent post. Thanks for posting such a valuable and helpful information on net which helps and guide people like me and many others of this sort. keep doing the great work.

  11. Hi,
    Quick question :
    Is the old passport cancelled and returned on the day of PSK appointment or it is also delivered later by mail to home address ?

    • For your old passport, they put a stamp on the front page, cut a corner of the passport sometimes and give it back to you on the same day of the appointment.

  12. Hi Sir,
    My passport was issued from Guwahati and it is going to expired.But currently I staying in Bangalore. Can I apply in Bangalore with person appearance.


  13. My pp had a printing mistake. The last digit of the expiry date is not visible/its cut-off from the page like 26/12/2026 so the 6, in the end, is not printed. So will it be renewed or reissued. Also, should I go to the same PSK where I got the first one issued from or can I go to some other city’s PSK in the same state.

  14. Hi
    My passport will be expiring in july 2019. My permanent address is Chennai but i stay at Bangalore. So can i give permanent and current address different and also can i apply in blr while my permenant address is Chennai..

  15. Hello,

    My son is usa citizen, and he has a USA passport and its expired after 5 to 6 months. We are in India from 3 years and We are staying in Vadodara and we have passport seva kendra in Vadodara too so Can I renew my son’s usa passport in vadodara passport seva kendra or Should I need to go Mumbai us embassy for renew the passport and How much fee they charge to renew it?

    • If your son has US Passport, he needs to go to the US Embassy, not Indian Passport Seva Kendra. Check for the local US Embassy for more details…

      • Hello, i am indian pp holder and my problem is pages exhausted but validity of my pp is till 2025 so reissue of pp required again police verification? I am applying pp in tatkal and I already had PCC from shanghai indian embassy. Please guide me

        • It all depends on a case by case basis…usually, it is not required, but based on your travel history and profile, there maybe additional process…Don’t worry, random checks do happen…

  16. Dear sir
    My sisters pp is getting expired on 10/6/2019 appointment is getting on 11/06/19 what r documents is required present adress is same and whether aadhar is complution ? R it should b renewd before date suggest me sir
    And mi dad and moms pp is getting expired on 29/06/19 for them what r documents required
    At a time all of them can b get renewed suggest me sir

    • It is the same process as described above. You can apply even after expiry, it does not make any difference. Check above article for full info on documents. yes, all of them can be renewed together.

  17. Hi Kumar,
    Need clarifications for below questions.

    My passport is expired 1 year back. In my current passport i have my permanent address and now I am staying in different state. I am planning to reissue from current staying address even if it’s different than from my permanent address, but question is “Is police verification required in both permanent and current address? If yes, is it mandatory to have my presence in my permanent address?

    • Rajeeb,
      They may or may not verify your permanent address, it is up to their discretion. Even, if they do, you do not have to be present at your permanent address. They will verify your presence in current address and may ask you to be there as needed, but not permanent address.

      • Thanks Kumar for your response. One last question to you. In case i am putting current residential address , what all documents required to have on proof basis as i don’t have any government id proof with my current rented address and in all id’s permanent address is there. Are below documents with current address mentioned sufficient to apply passport and police verification?

        1. Rental agreement.
        2. Bank account statement for last 5-6 months.
        3. HR letter.
        4. Gas connection passbook.
        5. Bank passbook frontpage.

        Any possibility where i can put my permanent address in both current and permanent column while filling the form even if i have slot booking in current state other than my permanent state?

        Thanks in advance.

        • Yes, they all should be sufficient.
          I am not sure, if you can do that. You should put both permanent and current address same, only if live currently at your permanent address.

  18. Hi, I have exhausted the pages on my passport . My permanent residence is in Bombay but I currently reside in Delhi – can I visit a PSK in Delhi for reissue of passport or will I have to travel to Bombay for this? Thanks for help!

  19. I have lost my original copy of my 10th marks card. I have the scanned copy of it. My passport expired 2 months ago and I need to apply(orignal) for a fresh one. is it possible that I carry my expired passport (orignal), my aadhaar and copy of the 10th Marks card? kindly advice

    • They may or may not ask for your 10th grade mark sheet original again as you already had your passport issued. If you have higher education beyond 10th grade, you can carry that to support ECR requirement. Carry all supporting documentation like you mentioned Aadhar card, etc. Also, carry your birth certificate, if you have it.

  20. My passport is expiring on 15/12/2019 and my wife’s expiring on09/12/2019, can we apply for renewal in march 2019 since we wish to travel to Australia in the month of October/November 2019.

  21. Hello All:
    I am Indian citizen and currently in the process of applying for renewal of my Indian passport. I am currently in USA on H1B visa and 140 approved.
    Both my parents passed away long time ago and I do not have any address in India. I don’t wish to use any of my relatives/friends Indian address for the sake of my passport renewal.

    In the govt of India website for NRI passport renewal, there’s a option.to print India address or foreign address on the passport. I like to choose foreign address that is my current USA address.
    However, there is a caution that says “please refer to the website of the relevant Embassy/Consulate/Outsourced Service Provider (OSP) to check your eligibility (and list of required supporting documents) to get foreign address printed on the passport”

    Now my question is , How do I know I am eligible to print my foreign address(USA) on the passport and what documents will be required.

    I couldn’t find eligibility and required documents anywhere in CKGS or Consulate General of India(CGI), Chicago website.

    Google search shows up nothing for eligibility

    Has anyone tried to print USA address in passport and completely skip Indian address . what was the procedure , documents and eligibility criteria?

    I will try to call CKGS and CGI office in the morning and see what information I can get.
    Anyways I am posting here if someone knows the procedure and others like me can take advantage of any information shared here.

    Thank you

    • @Murryy79: I am almost in the same situation as you are. Thought I have an address in Telangana, India due to new state situation and government is still cooking new districts there is total chaos in terms of my address. Voter ID and Electricity bill have 2 different districts in the address. I applied Adhar a year back when I went to Indian and it didn’t show up yet and when my father goes to the office to check the status they won’t update him since it needs only applicant’s presence.

      Any luck in finding the answer about updating the US address?

      • Hey what did you do for the State name change from AP to Telangana. The GOI Passport application won’t go forward with my old address and I don’t have any address proof with the new state name in it. Add to that, looks like the postal system recently gave new address numbers, which aren’t updated on any of my accounts.

    • Use your US driver’s license. I have an address in India. However, I was able to add my US address as all I had to do was present a notarized copy of my license. I just applied for the passport this week on Tuesday and as of today, Friday, its all ready and on its way back to me.

      • Amruta,
        Once you get your passport, can please confirm and share details with the community, if you have got your US Address in your new passport. Just for everyone’s benefit.

  22. My daughter passport was issued when she was 12 year old and still expiry date shows till 2022. Can she travel with the minor passport although she is no more a minor now

    • Well, technically she should have not got 10 year validity, it was a mistake as only 15 to 18 years only are eligible for it. It can be risky, better get a new passport and then travel.

  23. I need to renew my passport. My current passport has my parents address. I need new passport with my current husband residence adress. I don’t have any address proof of my current adress and all adress proof documents are in my husbands name . Can I submit my marriage certificate along with my husbands adress proof to get current adress in my new passport ?

    • Yes, you can submit your proofs on your husband’s name along with marriage certificate. It should be sufficient to get it changed.

      • Hello Kumar ,

        It is good to read the insites on here.

        I am an NRE and we are going to have a baby in india in July. I need to travel back with the baby within 90 days to Qatar where I reside for work, and I have to get the passport done withi 30 days of birth ( as I will will be in india then)

        I understood below are the documents needed to apply the passport of a new born

        1. Fathers Passport
        2. Mother passport ( She has my named listed on her passport)
        3. Original Marriage certificate
        4. Any address proof of the mother showing husbands residence

        The Problem I have is as below

        1. Even though my name is on my wifes passport , her family name is not changed to mine
        2. We do not have any document of my wife with my home country address. it is all on her original address i.e before marriage

        Also we are not looking at the option of changing her family name as we have just applied for a Canadian PR and we do not want any conflicts due to change in documents

        Will there be an issue for the passport of the baby ?

        I really need to be prepared on this as I have a time constrain

        Thanks and looking forward for your support

        • It is same set of documents as listed above and also birth certificate, affidavit explaining how you lost it and original police report on the same. Check the passport website document advisor.

  24. I have submitted my renewal application on 28 01 2019 and my police verification got over today evening i.e., 2802 2019. When will I get my renewed passport?

  25. For Reissue of passport of my spouse Ramaswami Lalitha(old passport No:H2370378 issued at PO Bangalore expiring on 18/01/2019) applied on line for reissue at PSK Lalbaugh Road Bangalore and completed interview on 24/01/2019 without
    any hassels .The new passport has not yet been received till date{13/02/19} .What should We do since both of us 79 yrs and 73 yrs old

    • Sometimes, it can take a month or so. Just wait for few more days until it reaches a month. If nothing, then reach out to passport office. You can call their customer service.

  26. Hi Sir,

    My passport has expired on last July 2018.Now I would like to renew the passport.I needs to submit again all the proofs?Also May I knew within how many days or months we need to renew the passport once it is expired.Please suggest on this.

  27. on govt site: 2 sections I see for address
    printable and other
    For printable shud I give my current address in USA and for other – address in india? or is it vice versa

  28. I applied for a passport I 1991 at kolkata. It was neither issued nor denied. I got married in 1994, shifted to my native place in Punjab, applied here, got the passport. So far so good, my passport due for renewal, got an appointment date ,went to the passport office, then enquiry about 1991 application started, went on for couple of months, NOt cleared BECAUSE according to 1991 application I was married to some other Nonexistent woman, passport blocked because of this clerical mistake of some passport agent.
    Please advise , help in getting the passport renewed

    • If your case is genuine, you can submit the relevant documents indicating marriage in 1994 and explain the reason to the Passport officer. You can also explain the issue with agent to the passport officer and police officer. It may or may not be straightforward, you need to work with the passport office and seek guidance to get this corrected.

  29. Sir,i forget my original marriage certificate on the appointment date of my passport on dated 20.12.2018. So please help me.so please help me what can i do?

  30. 1. My passport is expiring in Sept 2021. I want to change POB which was wrongly printed. Does current passport is valid while it in the renewal phase as it takes some time to issue a new passport? I know I can’t visit until getting the new PP but until i get new PP, is the current PP is valid?

    2. How can I expedite the process to get the renewal PP in case 2 different RPO involve? The RPO where I applied for renewal wants old passport docs from previous PP RPO. I did multiple calls, tweets and emails but no success. Does involving agent solve the issue?

  31. My passport get expired by 29 Jan 2019 …N i have my trip from 9th of Jan 2019 to 16 th Jan 2019 …I forgot to check expiry date ..now issue is that I get to know that we required at least 6 month of validity before entry in Thailand…I have applied for tatkal passport renewal and I have visit scheduled at passport office on 6th Jan 2019 …so is this possible to get passport in 1 day …..or my validity is within days of end of my trip…it’s possible to visit Thailand and come back

    • Well, 1 day may not be possible, the minimum is around 3 to 5 days, because of the printing and shipping. You need to check with Thailand Embassy, if they allow it…

  32. Hi … is the tatkal reissue document requirement different than regular reissue document requirement? Is there any form of affidavit or annexure needed still for a tatkal reissue?

  33. The only Proof of Address that I have is an unregistered rental agreement. Will they accept it without hassle? Also, do I need to carry the original rent agreement (as in my case, the owner has the original agreement and I only have a cam-scanned copy of it)?
    I tried updating my address on Aadhaar but UIDAI is not accepting the rental agreement that I have as a valid proof. Hence, I am concerned whether Passport Seva Kendra (Lalbagh), Bangalore, will accept it or not.

    • Well, they need a rental agreement, preferably registered. Yes, they may ask for original agreement as they will verify and scan it. Alternatively, you can ask your company to give you a letter stating you live there and update bank passbook and have that one as well.

  34. Hi,

    Currently I am working in bangalore which is different from my permanent address mentioned in my passport.

    I need to reissu my passport.So do I need to provide address proofs for both,
    current and permanent address ,and which address will my renewed passport have.
    Also,do they return us our old passport or they take it back.


    • You need to provide current proof address. If you do not have a permanent address proof, that’s fine…You will get your current address on passport. Yes, you will get your old passport back.

  35. It has been 3 months but still no response. I applied for Renee with place of birth change. Rpo Ghaziabad is waiting response from rpolucknow to get my first passport documents. Rpolucknow did not response. I sent multiple mails, tweets but no ressponse. How can process start quickly..

  36. Hi , I am living in US and came to india on visiting parents. my son passport getting expired and we like to apply for reissue passport. the address mentioned in my , my wife and my son passport is same even adhar and bank address is same . but we are not living on that address any more. what document need to provide for my son passport renewal. is it possible to apply here in India?


  37. I’m trying to get my mother’s passport renewed. She splits her time between her sons’ cities and our hometown. I have all the documents, including proof of residence in my town, but the appointment I am getting even with Tatkal is far enough out that my mother will be in another place by then.

    Is her physical presence required for a passport renewal?

  38. My daughter was issued a short validity passport at the age of 15 yrs now she is 18 when the passport is to be renewed.
    The problem now is that she is now studying in Aurangabad & stays in hostel but all her documents have permanent address of residence at Mumbai.
    Can we apply in Mumbai PSK? Also where would the police verification take place as she is in Aurangabad?
    In residence address shld we mention Mumbai address or Aurangabad hostel address

    • Nilesh,
      Ideally, she should apply at the closest Passport Seva kendra in Aurangabad. She can mention her hostel address as her current address and put in your home address as permanent address. She can get a letter from school/college stating that she resides there and can use her student ID as well. The police verification usually would happen at Hostel and maybe permanent address.

  39. SIR my passport expiring regarding some issue arising
    (1) passport expiring Feb 2020 so I can take appointment for new passport in Dec 2018. ……..Due to Company Requirements they need at least minimum 1 year validity for joining my Next assignment
    (2) I Donot have voter card (Any Substitute for voter card )
    (3) Previous Address Change (Any extra Docs Required for New Address
    (4) My Name in High school marksheet not same as in my passport (Any special Affidavit for Name correction in my Marksheet

    • 1. You may check, but usually you can only apply one year before expiry for new passport.
      2. Bank Passbook with photo and address.
      3. Yes, current address proof documents.
      4. You already have a passport, unless you want to change that, no need to look at old documents.

  40. Im a h4 visa now,I recently married and moved to USA ,my passport pages are exhausted so I’m applying for a new one (reissue passport) and I would like to change my address in new passport (not my hsbnd address)we dn’t want to mention his name in passport since I’ve got a valid marriage certificate.

    • not sure what you mean. You need to state facts and get your Passport. You need to put in your married status and have your spouse name added. Also, you would need to provide your address proof in US as part of the package and your permanent address in India. You would very likely get the Indian address on your passport…

  41. Hi sir,

    This is sahre Azam Khan, I asked to my younger brother PP,
    he made his PP since 27/03/2009

    Now few months later his PP expiry

    He applyed to job to Saudi Arabia

    He also received offer letter by company

    But his PP is ECR

    He tried to renewal his PP last month

    But he confused at now,. Because he passed 8 standard class in India

    He also submitted 8th class result

    His questions at now

    After reissue or renewal his PP , what status means it’s PP ECR OR ECNR

    Pls disclose urgently

  42. Greeting to all,

    I have this query,
    1. My Passport (Husband) expired 1 year ago,
    Old Passport needed update on
    a) My Wife name
    b) Address
    2. Needed to create Fresh passport to my Wife and Kid

    I am planning for tatkal passport @ banaglore.
    Need help on the following:-
    1. Do i need to first apply for reissue , Wait for the passport , then apply for Wife and Kid together ?

    2. Or Should i apply for Kid, Wife and myself at oneshot .
    * Will it be ok to apply this way ?
    * Since i am applying for re-issue to include my Wife name
    and wife passport is to be created at the same time.

    I have:
    1. Marriage certificate with the present address.
    2. Aadhar for Wife and Kid
    3. Kid’s birth certificate

    Any help appreciated .

    • 1. No, you can apply for everything at the same time on same day. First apply you and yours spouse passport, use that application number for applying for your Kid.
      2. No need to do it separately, you can do it on same day. Check apply minor passport without spouse name endorsement

      These should be enough, you also will need to submit Annexure as described above. Just double check on the passport website document advisor, if any new additional documents needed.

  43. My name. Satya
    Reason. Place of birth. Change.
    Status still shows as, under review, I meet the passport officer at the regional passport office, he said we don’t have scan docs online. We have to ask your previous RO (Lucknow) to upload the scan docs. How can I fast the process to get the new passport?

    • Well, it all depends on the time the other office takes, maybe a week or a month, hard to say. You can reach out to Lucknow RO and see, if anything can be done to speed it up.

      • How can I contact Lucknow RO as I tweeted multiple times to RPO Lucknow and RPO Ghaziabad but no response from RPO Lucknow, RPO Ghaziabad saying they didn’t get an update from RPO Lucknow. I need the passport urgently. Is there any way to speed the things. I am happy to pay any fee and I asked P.O but he was saying we need to get the DOB place certificate for the current passport. Ghaziabad RO telephone no is not responding. Its almost 2 months and I don’t know when can I get the reissue.

          • Namaste,

            Thank you very much for the details provided.

            Could you please clarify these –

            a) My passport is due to expire next month. I will be applying for renewal soon

            b) Need to delete my ex spouse name from the passport

            c) Change in address

            Is it possible to combine all these requests and apply for the renewal together in one application.

            Thank you,

          • Yes, you can do all of these in one request. You need to submit documentation for required things like address proof, divorce papers.

  44. Hi, the process is very elaborate.
    Thanks for that.
    But I had a doubt,
    my passport is expiring on 10/11/2018.
    and right now I am out of my home city.
    Will return on 3rd nov,
    so when should i apply for appointment, because online it is showing immediate dates for example 9-15th October only.
    So ideally when should i apply so i get a date of 5,6 November

    • dolly,
      It should be fine, the process is same, even if it is expired or expiring soon. So, should not matter. You can do it after you return to the place you live.

  45. My name. Nikhil.
    File no. AHD072632193218
    Date of birth. 01/06/1996
    Mo. No. 6355398939
    Email. I’d. nikhil14cmt@gmail.com
    Reason. Place of birth. Change.
    23/7/2018. Clear. The.documents Verification
    . status check. Track. Tha my passport not Chang. That status. I’m. Waiting. Tha my passport. So help me


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