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Apply Minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed- Experience

One of the most commonly asked questions is around “how to apply for minor/ child passport, where either of the parents or both of them have their passports, but neither of the spouse’s names are not endorsed in their passports”.  Recently my sister applied for her kid’s passport, thanks to her for taking time to share her experience in Bangalore, India PSK. Also, we have new experience from Sandeep from August 2020 at end, thanks to him for taking time to share experience. Please share your experience in comments, we will update article as needed.

Below is the first experience and later at the end you will see experience from 2020

Background of our Minor/ Child Passport Application:

We were planning to apply passport for our child, who is minor and little over 15 years of age. Key thing is that my spouse ( father) has an expired passport, which got expired in 2002 and spouse name is not endorsed in the father’s passport. Also, I  (Mother) do not have passport and we were applying for my passport along with the child’s passport.  Before we share our experience, below is the clarification everyone wants. In short, we are applying for our child’s passport with only expired passport of one of the parent without spouse name being endorsed in it.

Can you apply for passport without spouse name endorsed? How does it work?

As we had expired passport of child’s father and the spouse name was not endorsed, we were in confusion.  Also, I was applying for my passport as well, we were not sure how it would work. So, we called customer service to ensure we can apply for our kid’s passport at the same time. They said it all can be done at the same time.  Below is the actual rule and what was done at the passport office.

  • What’s the rule for endorsement of parents names in passport? The rule is that, if either one of the parents have passport (valid or expired), it is mandatory to have their spouse name endorsed on it to apply for child’s passport.
  • How was the minor passport applied at Passport office without Spouse name endorsed? As we went to passport office, the front desk, where tokens are issued, suggested that first we apply for our passports ( child’s parents) and get our names endorsed with spouse names as part of the process and then come back to the front desk with acknowledgement letter given to us to get the token number for child passport.

After we completed our process inside the passport office, we went to the front desk and took our “Acknowledgement Letters” given at the exit stage, which is the last step at passport office. The front desk guys took our letters and noted the File Numbers from them on to the child/ minor passport application file and let us go through the same steps we went through the process.

  • What’s the key point from this ? You can apply for new or  changes to expired passport for parents to endorse spouse name and also apply minor’s passport ( includes babies as well ) at the same time. It is just at the passport office, the parents would get their applications processed first and their applications’ file numbers after their process are used to apply for the minor or child’s passport.

How to apply for Minor Passport Online – India – Step by step Guide:

Below is our complete experience on applying for our child’s passport at Bangalore. It should be same at any other PSK location.

  • Fill Online Application, Payment, Book Slot : The process is pretty straight forward. You need to register online at Indian Passport Website and create online application for your child, pay and book a slot.  We followed standard steps mentioned here on Filling up Passport Application Online and paid the fee online and booked slot at the same time as ours.  After your online steps are done, you need to print the application form and then carry it on the day.
  • Documents Required for Minor Passport Application: You need to carry all the originals of the required documents listed below and also carry a photo copy of the same signed by your child. It is mandatory to have the photo copies self-attested by your child.  Below is the checklist :
    • Birth Certificate issued by municipality/ registrar of births
    • Study Certificate at the School (This will be listed as employer certificate )
    • Annexure H – Declaration signed by Parents
    • Aadhar Card – (Used for address proof. You can use any other address proof.)
    • Ration Card – Showing family ( optional )

You can see below acknowledgement letter given at the exit of passport office that shows the submitted documents.  The two additional documents you see are

  • Scanned application form – printed by passport office team
  • ARN (application reference number) from parents passport application.

As our child was 15 years old, the eligibility was for 10 year passport and we took that. Usually, minors under 15 years are given only 5 years validity.

  • Steps at Passport Office on Day of Appointment: We went about 15 minutes before our time, there is no need, we were let in as per the batch number on the application receipt that was printed from online. The front desk team suggested that we do our passports process with endorsement of spouse name first and come back. It was all done in 45 minutes and then we gave our acknowledgement letters, they wrote down the file numbers on them and issued the token after verification of the documents originals and photo copies.
    • Stage 1 – A Counter : We had to wait in line for the token, then went to stage A counter, where they scanned all the documents, and made our child sign the application, along with that we had to sign as well as the application is for minor.  Once that is done, we had to go back and wait for stage B.
    • Stage 2 – B Counter : At B counter again they verify all the documents, against the originals, check everything and check about parents, their consent and presence and then sent us stage 3
    • Stage 3 – C counter :  this took more time as the process was slow and done by government employees I guess, they just verify everything again and then take the file and give us the token number page.
    • Stage 4 – Exit Counter : the last step is to go to exit counter and show them the token number page issued at the beginning. They will check and give you an acknowledgement letter printed ( see above )
    • Exit Gate : The security at exit gate will collect the token number page that was issued and just let you retain the acknowledgement letter for your reference. You will need this for tracking status and police verification as well.

That’s about it, it was pretty straightforward and no issues.
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What was your experience applying for Minors passport ? Share your thoughts.

Baby Indian Passport Application – Spouse Name not endorsed [2020]

Update as of 21st August 2020 at PSO – Begumpet, Hyderabad, Father and Mother were present along with baby(4 months), spouse name not endorsed.

Step 1 – Add Spouse Name – Re-Issue Mother Passport

Apply for reissue of Mother’s (we opted for Mother’s as her address to be changed was local. Father’s was different city) passport for spouse name endorsement. With this we have achieved 3 things – Passport extension by 10 years (was due for expiry next year), Address change and spouse name update.

Documents required ( original and xerox copy)

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Annexure E (SPECIMEN DECLARATION OF THE APPLICANT ON A PLAIN PAPER – (We didn’t carry this. Front desk guys told us to buy from Xerox stall inside premises for 5 Rupees)
  • Current Address proof (we gave Voter ID)
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Old Passport

Step 2 – Apply for Minor’s passport along with Step 1 (Mother as applicant)

They will process mother’s application first and then Minor’s with Mother’s File No as a reference for spouse name endorsement). We have applied both steps as Tatkaal but they have asked us to change minor’s from Tatkaal to Normal( We didn’t understand why it was required but thought it might take some time for system to reflect Mother’s file number and changed it to normal (simple form can be bought inside PSO and submit along with application). Conversion from Tatkal to Normal is very simple, you have to submit a form which you can bought from the same Xerox shop inside PSO premises)

Documents Required for Baby Passport (Original and Xerox)

  • Birth Cert of baby
  • Mother and Father passports
  • Address proof (you can give Mother passport but since we have changed her
  • address in Step1 we have submitted Mother’s Voter ID)
  • Passport size photos of baby (Mandatory for minors up to 4 years. For rest they will take take photo there only
  • Annexure D (if only one parent present then Annexure C)


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  1. Hi

    I am a single father to a boy and have no spouse name on my passport. My ex-wife has no contact with us since 2018 (and we don’t know her whereabouts) hence, I did not get her name added in my passport. Is Annexure C enough, if I am applying for my son’s passport? Please guide me

  2. I recently finished applying passport at Mangalore PSK for my baby where both our passports didn’t have spouse name endorsed … They asked for marriage certificate…my baby had aadhar… Fellow at counter B did raise issue regarding this… But with marriage certificate he agreed relunctantly ….APO officer didn’t even bother to see…. So entire process was done in 15 mins…so guys just give it a try….

  3. I recently finished applying passport at Mangalore PSK for my baby where both our passports didn’t have spouse name endorsed … They asked for marriage certificate…my baby had aadhar… Fellow at counter B did raise issue regarding this… But with marriage certificate he agreed relunctantly ….APO officer didn’t even bother to see…. So entire process was done in 15 mins…so guys just give it a try….

  4. Quick question , if mothers passport has spouse name endorsement but fathers doesn’t is that ok , the site says either parent should have but just to double confirm , have my appointment today

  5. Hi,
    I work in Sweden and My wife and 1 month old have applied for passport in India. My wife had applied for re-issue of passport to get my name endorsed and a fresh application for our daughter on same day. Both acknowledgement slips say *subject to police verfication. Now after 20 days my wife’s police verification is completed and submitted by SP office (Bulandshahr, UP). However, My daughter’s application still says “Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office.” (since submission). What could be the reason of it not moving forward? Will it need a separate police verification as well.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Akash,
      It could be one-off case, usually should be quick. Sometimes, it can take a month too. You can call the passport Seva Kendra to check what is happening or you can check with the local police station as well.

      • Hi Kumar , wanted to understand is endorsement of spouse ok if it’s only on mothers passport and not on fathers , the site says either parent but just to double confirm

  6. Hello,

    We need to get a passport for our newborn (currently 3 weeks of age) as soon as possible. I (baby’s father) am an Indian citizen and my wife (baby’s mother) is a foreigner with a valid Indian resident visa. My wife’s name is endorsed in my passport. We will both be visiting the PSK to get our newborn baby’s passport.

    However, I also need to get address change in my passport.

    1. Can I get address change in my passport done at the same time as applying for the baby’s passport?

    2. If yes, do I need to set up 2 appointments (for the 2 passport applications) at the same time on the same day?

    3. Can I use my aadhar card as proof for address change on my passport as well as proof of address for baby?


  7. Hello,

    We have to travel at a short notice and mu baby is 1 month old. We have to get his passport in tatkal. We as a parents , don’t have spouse name endorsed in our passport. Will that be a problem in getting a passport for my child.

    • Kriti,
      No need to worry. I am not sure, if it is possible in tatkaal. You can do both steps of endorsing spouse name on the same day as described in above article. Do share how it goes.

    • No need of endorsement of spouse name in your passport. If you have a marriage certificate, that is enough. I had a passport appointment for my 8 month old and i was expecting them to guide me through the endorsement process first, but they just attached the marriage certificate and it was done.

      • Hello Rachana Ji,

        The situation is same for me.

        I am in the US, wife and new born baby girl in India (Hyderabad). Both of us (parents) have passport made before our marriage so we don’t have spouse name endorses and also addresses are different. We have marriage certificate though.

        Now I am confused if marriage certificate would be sufficient to apply for baby passport or do I need to first get my name added (endorsed) in my wife (mother’s) passport?

        Lokender Jain


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