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Apply Minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed- Experience

One of the most commonly asked questions is around “how to apply for minor/ child passport, where either of the parents or both of them have their passports, but neither of the spouse’s names are not endorsed in their passports”.  Recently my sister applied for her kid’s passport, thanks to her for taking time to share her experience in Bangalore, India PSK. Also, we have new experience from Sandeep from August 2020 at end, thanks to him for taking time to share experience. Please share your experience in comments, we will update article as needed.

Below is the first experience and later at the end you will see experience from 2020

Background of our Minor/ Child Passport Application:

We were planning to apply passport for our child, who is minor and little over 15 years of age. Key thing is that my spouse ( father) has an expired passport, which got expired in 2002 and spouse name is not endorsed in the father’s passport. Also, I  (Mother) do not have passport and we were applying for my passport along with the child’s passport.  Before we share our experience, below is the clarification everyone wants. In short, we are applying for our child’s passport with only expired passport of one of the parent without spouse name being endorsed in it.

Can you apply for passport without spouse name endorsed? How does it work?

As we had expired passport of child’s father and the spouse name was not endorsed, we were in confusion.  Also, I was applying for my passport as well, we were not sure how it would work. So, we called customer service to ensure we can apply for our kid’s passport at the same time. They said it all can be done at the same time.  Below is the actual rule and what was done at the passport office.

  • What’s the rule for endorsement of parents names in passport? The rule is that, if either one of the parents have passport (valid or expired), it is mandatory to have their spouse name endorsed on it to apply for child’s passport.
  • How was the minor passport applied at Passport office without Spouse name endorsed? As we went to passport office, the front desk, where tokens are issued, suggested that first we apply for our passports ( child’s parents) and get our names endorsed with spouse names as part of the process and then come back to the front desk with acknowledgement letter given to us to get the token number for child passport.

After we completed our process inside the passport office, we went to the front desk and took our “Acknowledgement Letters” given at the exit stage, which is the last step at passport office. The front desk guys took our letters and noted the File Numbers from them on to the child/ minor passport application file and let us go through the same steps we went through the process.

  • What’s the key point from this ? You can apply for new or  changes to expired passport for parents to endorse spouse name and also apply minor’s passport ( includes babies as well ) at the same time. It is just at the passport office, the parents would get their applications processed first and their applications’ file numbers after their process are used to apply for the minor or child’s passport.

How to apply for Minor Passport Online – India – Step by step Guide:

Below is our complete experience on applying for our child’s passport at Bangalore. It should be same at any other PSK location.

  • Fill Online Application, Payment, Book Slot : The process is pretty straight forward. You need to register online at Indian Passport Website and create online application for your child, pay and book a slot.  We followed standard steps mentioned here on Filling up Passport Application Online and paid the fee online and booked slot at the same time as ours.  After your online steps are done, you need to print the application form and then carry it on the day.
  • Documents Required for Minor Passport Application: You need to carry all the originals of the required documents listed below and also carry a photo copy of the same signed by your child. It is mandatory to have the photo copies self-attested by your child.  Below is the checklist :
    • Birth Certificate issued by municipality/ registrar of births
    • Study Certificate at the School (This will be listed as employer certificate )
    • Annexure H – Declaration signed by Parents
    • Aadhar Card – (Used for address proof. You can use any other address proof.)
    • Ration Card – Showing family ( optional )

You can see below acknowledgement letter given at the exit of passport office that shows the submitted documents.  The two additional documents you see are

  • Scanned application form – printed by passport office team
  • ARN (application reference number) from parents passport application.
Minor Passport India Acknowledgement Letter

As our child was 15 years old, the eligibility was for 10 year passport and we took that. Usually, minors under 15 years are given only 5 years validity.

  • Steps at Passport Office on Day of Appointment: We went about 15 minutes before our time, there is no need, we were let in as per the batch number on the application receipt that was printed from online. The front desk team suggested that we do our passports process with endorsement of spouse name first and come back. It was all done in 45 minutes and then we gave our acknowledgement letters, they wrote down the file numbers on them and issued the token after verification of the documents originals and photo copies.
    • Stage 1 – A Counter : We had to wait in line for the token, then went to stage A counter, where they scanned all the documents, and made our child sign the application, along with that we had to sign as well as the application is for minor.  Once that is done, we had to go back and wait for stage B.
    • Stage 2 – B Counter : At B counter again they verify all the documents, against the originals, check everything and check about parents, their consent and presence and then sent us stage 3
    • Stage 3 – C counter :  this took more time as the process was slow and done by government employees I guess, they just verify everything again and then take the file and give us the token number page.
    • Stage 4 – Exit Counter : the last step is to go to exit counter and show them the token number page issued at the beginning. They will check and give you an acknowledgement letter printed ( see above )
    • Exit Gate : The security at exit gate will collect the token number page that was issued and just let you retain the acknowledgement letter for your reference. You will need this for tracking status and police verification as well.

That’s about it, it was pretty straightforward and no issues.
You may also read  How to apply for Baby Passport India – Documents
What was your experience applying for Minors passport ? Share your thoughts.

Baby Indian Passport Application – Spouse Name not endorsed [2020]

Update as of 21st August 2020 at PSO – Begumpet, Hyderabad, Father and Mother were present along with baby(4 months), spouse name not endorsed.

Step 1 – Add Spouse Name – Re-Issue Mother Passport

Apply for reissue of Mother’s (we opted for Mother’s as her address to be changed was local. Father’s was different city) passport for spouse name endorsement. With this we have achieved 3 things – Passport extension by 10 years (was due for expiry next year), Address change and spouse name update.

Documents required ( original and xerox copy)

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Annexure E (SPECIMEN DECLARATION OF THE APPLICANT ON A PLAIN PAPER – (We didn’t carry this. Front desk guys told us to buy from Xerox stall inside premises for 5 Rupees)
  • Current Address proof (we gave Voter ID)
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Old Passport

Step 2 – Apply for Minor’s passport along with Step 1 (Mother as applicant)

They will process mother’s application first and then Minor’s with Mother’s File No as a reference for spouse name endorsement). We have applied both steps as Tatkaal but they have asked us to change minor’s from Tatkaal to Normal( We didn’t understand why it was required but thought it might take some time for system to reflect Mother’s file number and changed it to normal (simple form can be bought inside PSO and submit along with application). Conversion from Tatkal to Normal is very simple, you have to submit a form which you can bought from the same Xerox shop inside PSO premises)

Documents Required for Baby Passport (Original and Xerox)

  • Birth Cert of baby
  • Mother and Father passports
  • Address proof (you can give Mother passport but since we have changed her
  • address in Step1 we have submitted Mother’s Voter ID)
  • Passport size photos of baby (Mandatory for minors up to 4 years. For rest they will take take photo there only
  • Annexure D (if only one parent present then Annexure C)


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  1. Hi ,

    This is vardhan , currently i am staying in Amsterdam , Netherlands i want to apply passport for My child, my wife passport is not endorsed with my name , could you please let me know what are the documents needed apply passport for my child and endorse my wife passport at same time

  2. Hi

    I need to apply for my childs passport. Only my passport has my spouse name added. on the other hand my my name is not added to my wife’s passport. Will the passport authorities in India accept spouse name embossed in only one parents passport.

    Note that i am out of the country and my wife will be applying for my child’s passport in India.

    • Alwyn,
      Yes, only one is enough. You do not need to have it endorsed in both the passports.
      As you are outside, it may be tricky. If needed, she can endorse your name on her passport on the same day and apply as well. That is an option, call the customer service.

  3. Hello,
    My wife is with me in Dubai, we are about to have our first baby here. my concern is my wife’s name is not mentioned in passport (Valid marriage certificate available) and she is Non-Indian. None of my family members is in India to verify my identity for address proof, as it was rented apartment 5 years back.
    Here the problem starts, as the verification offer informs me that my address verification is negative; still waiting for the final report. (I am in a plan to visit the Indian embassy soon as its been 15 days since I get my verification report from India)
    my baby is going to deliver in December end. no idea how to get a newborn passport now. your suggestion can help me a lot. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello,I have the same issue for applying passport for my 7 months old baby .my wife is non Indian we r residing in morocco.but the embassy is asking me to apply for new passport to enter my spouse name …I did marriage in uae not in india..will that marriage certificate is enough to enter my spouse name in the passport

  4. Hello Sir,
    I want to apply a new passport for my 6 month old baby. Currently I am working in Dubai(UAE).
    My wife and baby are in India. Me and my wife had a valid passport.In my wife’s passport my name is endorsed ,But, In my passport doesn’t endorsed my wife’s name.
    Also please tell me that my passport and my wife passport address is not same, Does it makes any difference.
    Thank You

    • Deepak,
      If your wife passport has your name, then it is fine.
      No, it will not matter. Just carry current proof in India, it will be fine. No complication with your case.

    • Sandeep,
      Thank you so much for sharing ! I have moved your experience to the main article, it is most current and will help everyone.

          • Hi i need clarification on minor passport,I want passport for 1 yr baby.I have passport with my maternal name and address also not embossed my spouse name and one more is i dnt want to change my name etc on the other hand my husband has my name on his passport bt he is out of India
            If i can get passport for baby as of this?

          • Priyanka,
            As long as one of the parents has the name endorsed, you are fine. You can use your husband’s passport copy. Also, you can try to add to your passport too on the same day. Your maternal name is fine, they do not ask for that change.

  5. Hello Sir,
    My husband and I live separately; not legally divorced. I am not in a position to ask him for his signature to apply for a passport for my 7 year old. Can I apply for a passport for my son? Please advise.

  6. hi,
    I am currently residing in qatar and i want to avail passport for my 5 month old son residing in india,The problem is neither me or my wife had endrossed our names in each others passport and the addresses of both the passport is different as well.,I would like to know whether it is possible for my wife to apply passport for our child in my address(mentioned in the passport) without me having to go in person.
    FYI… my wife passport was issued in raipur(chhattisghar)

  7. Hi,
    I want to apply for passport for my 1 yr son, his father has a passport and he works abroad, while I have just applied for my passport. Can I apply for my son’s passport now..if yes what are all the docs and process?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Yes, you can, the process is same as above. You can use Annexure C for it and need to endorse spouse name in the passport, which needs marriage certificate.

  8. Hi, I have to take passport for my 2 years old daughter.. and have few queries..

    a) Can the Surname of my daughter be filled as an initial say D instead of my Name Dinesh or we need to fill my First Name there.. ?
    b) Mine and My wife passports were applied and taken individually and both us don’t have Spouse endorsements ? Is it OK for only me or my Wife (either one alone) enough to get endorsement and then proceed for my Daughter’s passport ?
    c) I could not find any field to add Spouse Name in the online application form for Re-Issue Passport : Change Existing Personal Particulars option ? Will this information be obtained only at the PSK office..?
    d) Can we do the Appointment for endorsement and Child fresh application on a single day?

    Thank you..!!

    • a. It has to be your family name or your name depending on how it works in your culture. It is your preference to give one letter or full. But, usually, it should not be one letter, it should be in full form of name.
      b. yes, either one of you can get the endorsement, no need for both.
      c. It is a separate application, you need to apply for passport re-issue for you or your spouse with change of details to add spouse name.
      d. Yes, you can do that.

      • Thanks Kumar for the prompt reply.. Much appreciated..!!
        Just few more doubts w.r.to Documents needed

        e) for my Re-Issue to add Spouse Name Marriage certificate alone enough along with my old Passport Copy ?
        f) for my Daughter’s fresh one Birth Certificate and My and My Wife’s Passport copies are enough ?
        g) also I’m putting my Re-issue as Normal and Daughters as Tatkal, hope that also not a problem?


        • e. yes, that should be enough.
          f. yes, that’s enough.
          g. well, you can have both of them normal/tatkaal does not matter.
          Make sure you carry current address proofs and also Aadhar cards, if they were not added to your file before. Also, passport photo of your baby – the appointment letter would say that.

          • Hi,

            I want to apply passport for my 4 months baby.Since my husband stay in UK how do I apply passport for my baby? And none of us have spouse names included in our Passport but we do have Marriage Certificate.Is that sufficient? please guide me.

          • Yes, you can do it. Documents wise, your spouse need to send you the affidavit stamped from Indian Embassy in UK. For spouse endorsement, you can use marriage certificate. Also, need to carry your current address proof in India.

          • Hi KUMAR,
            W.r.to your comment on carrying current address proof, My current address where I live in chennai is different from the address from my old passport .. my passport is having address from my native village.. that also my home only..

            So now in addition to child birth certificate and marriage certificate can i just take my old ration card (paper/book) alone for address proof… Not sure if that is getting accepted.. I’m just doing re-issue of my passport and no address change.. do i really need to carry address proof?
            I don’t have any other address proof for my passport and i thought old passport copy is enough.. also the Ration smart card that recently given is still in native and i don’t have it handy..

            Note: i also have aadhaar with native address on it..

            please advise…!! Thanks..

          • Well, you would need to provide your current address proof, where you live in Chennai. There may be police verification at times based on discretion of passport officer and it can be risky…You can carry rental agreement, bank pass book with current address and photo in it, get a letter from company, etc. there are many options.
            All the proofs with your home address, does not matter, you need to carry something with your current address…

  9. Hi!
    I am living separate with my child. Is there anyway, you know, wherein I can apply a passport for my son without the father’s signature? I read on the net about Annexure C when gaining the permission of one parent is not possible. Would you be able to advise? Thank you for your time.

    • Yes, you can apply without father’s signature. You need to carry current address proof, date of birth certificate and “A declaration affirming the particulars furnished in the application about the minor as per Annexure C (one parent not given consent)”

      • Thank you, Mr. Kumar. Need a clarification though. When you say ‘declaration’, did you mean a hand-written letter? If yes, whom should I address it to? If no, please clarify.

        Thank you again!

        • Nothing handwritten, you need to fill out Annexure C , sign and submit. You submitting Annexure C, means that you are giving declaration.

  10. Below are the documents needed to apply for a minor passport if neither of parents has spouse name endorsed.
    1) Birth certificate
    2) Parents marriage certificate
    3) Present Address proof for parents
    4) Parents passport copies, they should have validity.

  11. Hi, I have a passport and I want to apply for my son’s passport who is a minor. But on his birth certificate and tenth certificate, my second name is mentioned wrong.(instead of my second name, the initial of my husband’s name is mentioned) since I need this passport in 2 months, please suggest how can I go about? My husband doesn’t have a passport

    • You can get your son’s birth certificate corrected within a week, you can fix that. I am not sure, how difficult it is to get 10th certificate fixed. It is better to fix the documents first and then apply for passport, so that you have less issues in the long run.

  12. Hello Sir, I want to apply a new passport for my new born baby. Currently I am in USA, my wife and baby in India. Me and my wife had a valid passport with valid US visa stamping till May 2018. In my passport I have endorsed my wife name. But, my wife passport doesn’t endorsed my name. As per the process I can send Sworn Affidavit from US after getting certified by Indian Embassy.

    My questions are,
    1. is that mandate to endorse my name with my wife passport? If suppose, mandate to apply new passport for my wife, how the valid visa stamping will work with my wife new passport(i.e. my wife need to go for visa stamping again for new passport) ?
    2. For baby passport address proof, which documents required to submit? In my passport I have my native local address and my wife passport she has her local address. But we both have Aadhar card with same address of my native. I am preferred to have my native address for my baby passport. But my wife and baby staying her mother’s place. In this case which address proof they will accept?
    3. For new born baby passport, is there police verification for address proof process?

    Pls provide me your inputs.

  13. I have already a passport before my marriage ..
    Now i got married .. We have not endorsed spouse name in each of our passport..
    Is it compulsory to change my address with adding spouse name…

    Husband is in Uae he can’t come now..
    We have 6 mnth baby..
    And how can we apply passport for him?

    • Sana,
      You can apply for passport by yourself carrying the baby and getting the spouse name endorsed. You will need to carry baby birth certificate, original sworn affidavit signed at Indian High Commission or Embassy by your husband from UAE and also carry the marriage certificate for endorsing your passport with your spouse name.

  14. I want to apply passport(Pune PSK) for both my wife and son(18 months old).
    I have a valid passport but my wife’s name is not endorsed in my passport. My passport is having my old address but not current address.

    Below are the list of available documents.

    Wife: Aadhar card with current address, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate
    Son: Birth certificate

    My questions are:
    1) Can I apply passport for both on the same day
    2) Any other required documents

    I am not sure whether above documents will be sufficient or not. Please provide me your inputs.


  15. Hi,

    My passport is due to expire in couple of days and my husband passport is expired before 6 months. Both doesnot have spouse name endorsed and both have different address. We will apply for Reissue of passport with spouse endorsed and address change. We also wanted to apply passport for my 2.9 years kid at the same time? Is it possible? Do we have to wait for one of our passport reissued and then apply? Please suggest


    • Naveen,
      It is not mandatory to have passport for both parents. But, I highly recommend getting passport done for you as well and then for your kid to avoid issues later. You all can apply for passport at the same time.

  17. Dear Kumar,
    Thanks for sharing a very informative article.
    I have a query, I am out of India and have a valid visa till next year January and want to apply passport for my 10 year old son. Problem is that my passport has an old address which I left a year before but my wife has current/new address on her passport, she recently got her first fresh passport. We both have spouse name endorsed on our passports. So I want to know, can I apply for my son’s passport without changing address on my passport. I have Aadhar card with my current address and flat registry in my name,
    I would really appreciate if you could advice the way out.

    • Dinesh,
      There is no reason to change address on your passport. All it matters is your spouse name is endorsed, addresses does not matter. As your wife’s passport also has the spouse name endorsed, it should not be an issue. In short, you can apply without changing address on your passport.

  18. I am Anil kumar
    I want know .can I apply passport of my new born baby aged One and half month as my wife’s passport is before our marriage time and address also old but on my passport my spouse name is updated can I apply fresh passport of my baby without police verification

  19. Hello Kumar,
    Myself and my husband passport doesn’t have spouse entry we want to apply passport for our newly born baby (1 month old) . And i have valid uae husband visa in my passport.in it possible to apply passport for the baby without spouse entry for both of us.

  20. Hi,
    I am going for my My kids passport reissue. I am holding passport with endorse of my spouse name, but my hubby do not have passport and even our address proof shows different address. Please advice. I am submitting for reissue passport of my kids there address and my address is same as per passport. Or is it need my husband has to attend the appoint.

    • Well, I am not sure, if you need your husband for re-issue of your kids passport. Please check with passport office customer service.

  21. Hi sir,
    Have a doubt in issusing passport for my 2months old child. Both me and my husband have a vaild passport without endorsing spouse .my husband is. Working in vietnam ,is it required to get any certificate from embassy there. Also is it must to add spouse name. Another question is that i took my passport before marriage so it contains my parents home address ,is it must to change my adress as per my husband’s passport address or what . or can i apply passport for my child with different address in our passport.

  22. Hello, My husband holds a passport which has US VISA stamping and I too have VISA stamping, Neither of us have endorsed our names in our passport’s respectively. But we want our child’s passport done. Can you please tell us, what to do, If we try to endorse, then will we have to surrender our existing passport, then what will happen to our VISA stamping as both of us have to travel.

    • Deepa,
      You will need to get either of your passports endorsed. They will NOT take the current passport, but put a small stamp on the front page. You will get a new passport with your spouse name endorsed. You can use the valid visa in old passport to enter US. All you need to do is carry both passports.

  23. Hello sir,
    I have been transferred to Chennai recently and I have applied for NOC from my Company( which is a PSU ) so as to apply for reissue of passport with change of address in order to apply passport for my 10 month old baby. I have already endorsed spouse name in the existing passport. My question is whether can I apply passport for my baby online at the same time I apply for the reissue of my passport or should I wait till I the reissue of passport.

    • vamsi,
      You should be able to do it the same time. Check at the first counter on the process. They may recommend to do your passport re-issue first, get the application number and use it further for applying for your baby’s passport.

  24. Hello Kumar,

    Myself and my wife’s passport doesn’t have spouse entry . Now we are in India and we want to apply passport for our newly born baby (1 month old) . Is it possible to apply passport for the baby without spouse entry for both of us .

  25. Hi,
    I need to apply passport for my two months old. Is it mandatory that both the parents passport should be endorsed with spouse name or if any one of our passport endorsed with spouse name is enough to get the passport for infant

  26. Dear sir, myself, wife and my daughter don’t have passport.. we are planning to apply for all ..pls guide whether we can apply passport for baby without having parents passport…
    Please reply at the earliest

    • Yes, you can apply for baby passport without parents passport. There will be police verification for all three of you maybe around the sametime.

      • Thanks for your earnest reply kumar but i have a question again my wife went to the passport office along with my 2 kids, they put them on hold saying to tell your husband to get NOC from indian embassy in uae to proceed with the new issue of passports

        • You never mentioned that you were out of the country…Also, you should have a passport to be in UAE…either case, you will need to send signed affidavit by visiting indian high commission and also get your spouse name endorsed on your passport…

          • Hello Dear brother,
            Please help me, I want to make passport for myself and my two daughters.

            Problem is I didn’t marry a girl who gave me these two daughters. May I know what should I do. Please help me. How to make passport for three of us.
            Please message me on my what’s app 9167965154
            Thank you

          • Here is same situation with me, I have also one 8 month old baby and I’m UAE I cant go to India for applying new passport.

            Today 03/07/2017, I called to Indain embassy that what are are required document for the above mater. They replied that just I need send original ANNEXURE-D form with my signature. The ANNEXURE-D can be down loaded from passport website.

  27. Respected Sir,
    I want to apply new passport for my twin 1 year babies who are in india and i am working in abu dhabi. On 8th feb 2017 they went to passport seva kendra in bangalore as their appoitment was fixed and now they are not approving to make their passport. They want me to go to indian embassy in uae to get sworn affidavit duly attested.

    Please help me with this and give suggestions

  28. Hi,

    Currently i’m in US and my wife and kid(1month) are in India and i want to apply passport for my kid. My wife has my named endorsed in her passport.

    Do i need to send Annexure H from US after getting certified by Indian Embassy or if my wife can carry Notarised Annexure G alone for applying kid’s passport?

    I read articles that process has changed last year that either one of the Annexure G/H will work for apply passport. Wanted to double check on that.


    • MK,
      No, you will need to send the actual Sworn Affidavit and Annexure H from you and your spouse will take those. I know someone who have done this in October. You can check with passport office for confirmation.

  29. Hi Kumar,

    Read all the posts, very helpful. Mine is also the same situation like I have a passport with validity till 2018(before marriage) and my husband’s passport got expired recently – 08/16. Also I have a 3.5 years kid. Booked an appointment for husband’s as well as kid’s passport on the same day.
    As per your conversation, understood that both the passport applications can be done on the same day but when I spoke to Passport Seva Call center operator, they told me reschedule kid’s appointment. 🙁
    Could you please suggest, there is only 2 days left for the appointment date.

  30. hello,

    I am an Indian married to a Singaporean, I gave birth to my baby here in Bangalore and I want to apply passport for my baby. My baby is just two months old. As my husband is in Indonesia now we would like to visit him there at the earliest. My questions are below;

    1. Can my child obtain an India passport as he is born by an Indian though father is an Indian?
    2. What are the documents I need to have to carry with me while applying for the password?

    Please help me out with my questions and doubt. Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.


    • Asen,
      Check out the requirements for Indian Citizenship here . As long as you fulfil the requirements, you should be able to get Indian passport for your baby. Typically, it is required to have both the parents present at passport office, if not you need to submit a sworn affidavit by your spouse from the nearest indian high commission, where is currently living. You can check passport website for precise process.

      • Kumar, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I have some more questions;
        1. As my hubby is a Singaporean he holds a Singapore an passport, he is currently working overseas now so wont be able to come with me while i apply for our baby’s passport, from which high commission he should get the sworn affidavit, Indian embassy or Singaporean embassy? What kind of affidavit is that??

        2. Also I am in the process of endorsing my husband’s name and my current address on my passport. What documents are required to be submitted. I have out court marriage certificate. I have my sbi bank account passbook as my address proof, I have my class 10 admit card as my age proof. Can you please tell me if I need some more documents.

        3. I made my passport when i was unmarried and for what reason I don’t exactly remember, I never added my surname. Do you suggest me to add my husband surname in my passport or is it OK if I don’t add any surname. With just my first name, will I be OK to travel overseas in the later months??

        Eagerly waiting for ur prompt reply again. Thanks in advance.


        • Asen,
          1. He should go to Indian Embassy in the country where he lives. Basically, it is a piece of affidavit that tells that he is the father and he is giving consent on his behalf to take responsibility as the baby is considered a minor. He can ask the Embassy there on details or search online for it. He should also sign Annexure H. Check the passport website or the indian embassy website. Here is sample form that he should look for : Affidavit SG Embassy
          2. The key thing is your marriage certificate, that is the only required document. rest of them are all for address proof.
          3. Well, you can add that, if you want to. As spouse you have that option to do that. It is up to you, it is your preference 🙂 . It is not mandatory. Check passport website, it has list of documents. Use the document advisor tool.


  31. Dear Kumar,

    I am having valid passport & my wife is having valid passport, the matter is her name is endorsed in my passport correctly but my name is incorrect in her passport and we need to apply a passport for our new born baby, please suggest

    • Lucky,
      As long as one passport is endorsed properly, it should be fine…but, I do not know how the passport office perceives that with wrong spelling. You should get the name issue fixed. Technically, you can apply for all the name change, and new passport on the same day. You should get that corrected.

  32. I want to apply passport(Hyderabad PSK) for both my wife and son(4 months old). I have a valid passport but my wife’s name is not endorsed in my passport. My passport is having college address but not current address.

    Below are the list of available documents.

    Wife: Aadhar card with current address, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate
    Son: Birth certificate

    My questions are:
    1) Can I apply passport for both on the same day
    2) Any other required documents

    I am not sure whether above documents will be sufficient or not. Please provide me your inputs.


    • Sam,
      1. Yes, you can. The above article is all about that process.
      2. You will need to be there as well and show your passport. Also, carry copies of all the documents and photo of your baby with white background. You will need to have Annexure H signed by both of you as well.

  33. Have an huge issue with my passport, i myself and my kid wants to apply for passport. my passport got expired by2013 and i haven’t added my spouse name. Now that i hav applied for divorce i don’t want to add my spouse name. Wil i be able to renew my passport and apply a fresh passport for my baby who is 7 months old.

    • Nehla,
      Yes, you can do both. If you have your divorce papers, it makes like much easier with you. Check passport website for the details. I am not sure about the exact process for your case.

  34. Hi
    I am jaya pradha .. I want to apply passport for my baby currenfly I am not with my husband so while applying for passport for kid can my documents alone can be submitted for address proof ? And another doubt is that I reside in a different address other than the address mentioned in my aadhar voters I’d and driving license so is it necessary to change the address in one of these documents for address proof before applying for baby passport

  35. This is a very relevant and helpful post for my situation as well. I am holding a valid passport and have already applied for both wife and son’s (minor)passport together online and successfully booked an appointment date as well. However since the passport I am holding doesn’t have spouse name endorsed..do I need to apply for reissue of passport online? or I will go to PSK straight and they would help me endorse spouse name in my passport accordingly? Would there be any charge associated? Also whether reissue of passport helps in getting the passport validity extended at the same time since mine is valid till 2018 only? Please suggest.

    • Abhishek,
      If you want to update your passport with your spouse name, you will need to apply for re-issue with the change. it will cost you the same amount as a new passport. You need to follow the same process as you have done for your wife and kid. I guess they will extend the validity as well, you may check with the passport office. If your wife passport will have your name endorsed, there is no immediate need for you to get yours endorsed. You can use her passport to apply for your Kid’s passport. You can do it later, when it is close to expiry.

      • Thanks Kumar. Since my wife’s and son’s appointment is on the same day, hence can file number be of any help to us? if wife’s documentation gets completed first and file number is generated…can that file number be used for son’s passport on the very same day? Please suggest.

  36. Great Post…
    I am looking for an information regarding present residential proof of my 1 month old kid. I work in USA since my wedding and my wife came back to India for our child’s birth residing at her parents’ house. Her passport has her parents’ house address and my name endorsed as Spouse. Can her passport alone be treated as an address proof as I do not have any address proof at her parents’ residence?

  37. Great post. Gives so much clarity. Thank you!
    Have few questions:
    1. Does my husband have to accompany me while I am endorsing his name on my passport in the psk? Or will the marriage certificate suffice?
    2. The address in his n mine passport are different (as we made the passport before marriage) and now we live in different state. But, we want to reissue my passport n issue my 3year old kid’s passport from our native state only. Will there be an issue regarding address for me n my kid?

    • 1. If you are just applying for endorsing the name, not required. But, if you are applying for baby passport, then presence is required.
      2. Well, you can only get passport with your current address in it. Frankly, the address in passport does not matter. Passport office may do police verification as needed for your address change based on their discretion, so it is recommended to get your current address on your passport.

  38. hi sr im forien student and 33wks pregnant i have no any idea before new born baby need pasport for me goback to my cauntry is risk if i get birth difcult to get pasport for my baby because the criteria i have rental agreement ,student certifcate and my valid pasport only i have no marage certifcate my hasband live anther cauntry even have no pasport im in stress l dont know what can i do ather wise i obligated to discontinu my education please help me.

    • well, you can speak to your DSO and get a break in education due to pregnancy and come back later after your kid is born. Speak to your DSO, they would be the best one to advise.

  39. Hi,

    My baby is 5 months old and I don’t have my spouse name on my passport and vice versa.I got my passport issued at Chennai (with Chennai address proof) and my wife got her passport issued at Coimbatore (with Erode address proof).

    My question here is ,
    1.Can I have mother residential address proof in baby birth certificate for applying passport?If in case ,father address proof not able to associate.
    2.If yes,then where do I need to apply passport for the baby?
    3.To add spouse name in my passport and vice-versa what is the procedure I need to follow.Since both of ours address proof are different locations.Will police verification required for this.

    • senthil,
      1. You should use your current residential address as the main address for applying for passport. You can do the spouse name endorsement together in the passport.
      2. Ideally, you should apply for passport in your residential place, where you currently live.
      3. Current address in the passports do not matter for the endorsement. You just need to provide your current residential address proof and then provide your marriage certificate as well for the endorsement.

      • Thanks kumar

        Can I apply passport for my baby in Coimbatore and for address proof can I mention my wife Address proof which is in Erode ??


        • Senthil,
          I do not know, how they are geographically situated, all I can tell you is that you can apply at any PSK that is near to you and you need to submit the address proof of your current address.

  40. Hi Admin,

    Appreciate for all needful information above. IMy query is my name is endorsed on my wife’s passport however my wife’s name is not endorsed on my passport. Now we have a baby boy of 22 days and want to apply for the passport for him. Is that OK if spouse name is endorsed on either one of the parent’s passport or both’s name should be mandatorily endorsed on each other’s passport. Moreover I am abroad and she is in India. Please help, Also please advise can we make passport of our baby with different address than my passport but similar to my wife’s passport as we changed the address after my passport was made, and new address is updated on my wifes passport. Highly appreciate you advise.


    • samba lama,
      If one of the passport’s has name endorsed, that is sufficient. You will need to send sworn affidavit and annexure H originals by going to nearest high commission or embassy. You just need to provide proof of current address where you all reside.

  41. hi my name is rooma
    my baby is 6 months old n I dnt have my spouse name on my passport as it was before marriage n also my husband lives in foreign..so how can I file my baby’s passport without my spouse name on it..and also do I need to get noc print along with me?

    • rooma asif,
      You will need to get your spouse name endorsed for applying for passport. The good part is that you can do it on the same day, when you apply for your baby passport. You will need to get a sworn affidavit from your husband by going to Indian embassy or high commission around where he lives and Annexure H signed by him. You will probably need Marriage certificate as well for endorsing spouse name.

  42. Hi Admin,
    If where either of the parents or both of them have not their passports, how can apply for minor’s passport ?

    • DIPAK,
      You can apply for passport using normal process with application as described above. The only condition is that they will not issue passport without police verification. There will be police verification and you will need to submit proof of birth certificate and maybe parents related other proof documents. I suggest you check with passport office customer service as it can be tricky.

  43. hi I n my husband r separated so I want to apply my and my son passport so shall I write my husbands name r my father’s name . in my sons passport his father’s name is mandatory plz help me n give reply soon as Iam applying first time

  44. Hello my name is kitty,
    I want to know my baby is 15 days old and I want to get a passport for my new born baby but me and husband don’t have endorsed name at passport bcoz it was done before marriage ,so we can take marriage certificate or not or endorsement can be done same time without any appointment pls help us

    • kitty,
      As explained in the article, you can get endorsement and application for passport for your baby done on the same day. you will need to carry the required documents. You may need appointment for you as you are trying to change details of your passport. You can check with your local PSK for more clarification on appointment.

  45. hi, the PSK “online appointment booking” only gives and option of choosing date, option of choosing a time slot is not there . me and my wife do not have the spouse name endorsed as we hold passports from before our marriage. we now wish to apply a passport for our 15 month old daughter. If i take an appointment for my wife, then the guard will not allow me and the child inside the PSK and if i take an appointment for the child then at the PSK will they entertain my wife’s passport case for spouse name addition ???
    Is there a way to do both the things ( change of particulars in wife’s passport AND application for child’s passport) be done through the same visit.
    I am based in delhi and thru tatkal will apply for RK Puram PSK.

    • sachin malik,
      Yes, you may not be given time option. Yes, both can be done at same day, that’s what was done as per the experience above. Just go ahead with the date and try to book for the same day. Once you are at the PSK, you can tell at the front your situation and they will let you in and do the endorsement first and then with the application number, you can apply for the passport of the baby on the same day.

  46. Hello, I feel an extreme sence of gratitude to see this posts which is very helpful.I have a validity expired passport.Now I need to 1. get the passport reissued with wife’s name endorsed 2.Get fresh passport for wife and 3.Get fresh passport for my baby.
    Will there by any delay if I apply for all the three together by following the above process ? Or shall i get the renewal of my passport done under tatkal, weight for the arrival and then apply for the passport of wife and kid?
    Thank you

    • jinesh,
      No, it will not be delayed. In fact, my cousin had similar situation, they applied for 3 passports together under normal process and received in 10 days, with police verification. The reality is that, it is even better, they will do one police verification for everything.

  47. I am a govt servent I had a valid passport old own valid upto 2018 I applied for renew my passport they demanded marriage certificate my wife had also govt servent with valid passport I told them that we have two children with valid passport is it necessary to have marriage certificate for renewal of passport

    • When was your first passport given ? Before wedding ? If you are going to renew / re-issue your passport after marriage, then they will need it to endorse spouse name and verify. They usually ask for it, if they do not have a scan copy on file as well.

    • Hello Kumar,
      I want to Endorse spouse name( Husband name) in my passport as spouse name is mandatory while applying for minor’s passport.
      My query is what documents are needed to endorse Husband name in wife’s passport?
      I had called customer care executive; they are saying following docs are required:
      1. address proof which should have my changed name( name after marriage) is mandatory
      2. 10th/12th marksheet
      3. Old passport
      They said marriage certificate is not required.
      And I don’t have any document with updated name.

      I am confused as some are saying only marriage certificate is sufficient but customer care executive are saying different Please let me know as it’s urgent for us.

      • Well, my personal experience has been that they asked for marriage certificate. It was like that two years ago as well, when my cousin’s applied. You can try following their advice and see, if they accept…worst case, you can get marriage certificate and re-apply.


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