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Guide to Apply Newborn baby passport in India ? Documents Checklist

The process to apply for Indian Passport for a new born baby is easier than you think. It is pretty much similar to the Indian passport renewal/ re-issue in India. The process is straightforward and there is NO need to pay to an agent or anyone for this. I did everything on my own, without seeking anyone’s help. I received my baby’s passport in about a little over a week via registered post. I applied it as normal processing mode ( NOT Tatkaal). Let’s look at the details. At the end there are users experiences and many new updates in comments, do check them out.

Minor Passport Spouse Name Endorsement Requirement

If either of the parents or both of them have passport, there is a requirement to have spouse name endorsed on the passport. Without having this, you will not be able to apply for passport. Endorsement means, on the pages with address and other info, you will see your spouse name as well, see below screenshot.

Spouse Name Endorsement Baby Passport India
Spouse Name Endorsement Baby Passport

The general process is to apply for Spouse Name Endorsement first and then apply for baby passport. But, there is a work around for this. You can apply for both Passport of the Baby and also Spouse name endorsement on the same day. Read How to apply for minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed Experience.

Now that you know the basic requirements, let’s look at the details step by step.

Step 1: Apply for Birth Certificate

Our baby was born in a little town in India and the first and foremost thing that I did was apply for a birth certificate at the municipality office. Depending on where your baby was born you would have to go the respective government body like Municipal office and apply for birth certificate.  Also, the hospital your baby was born in will ask you to fill out a form and you would need to mention all the details clearly on that, as that form will be sent to the municipal office or govt body.

It takes about two weeks to a month to get that. Nowadays everything is electronic. Depending on the state, you would have the state body give you a digitally signed birth certificate with an application number. I could check the details in the Govt website using the application number. You can submit your Passport copy and your spouse’s passport copy or Aadhar copy for spelling and proof.  Make sure your name, your spouse name and baby name are printed correctly, if not you will have issues. I had to re-apply for my birth certificate requesting corrections for the name as the address was wrong and they messed up the surname of my baby.  Eventually, I got the birth certificate of my baby in about 1.5 months.  This is the most important or the only document required I would say.

Step 2 : Register Account in Passport Seva Website, Complete Application

First thing you need to do is register and create an account at Passport Seva Website.  When you are registering a new account, you may not find the exact Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) center in the drop down as it may not be the major one and just a collection or appointment  center. In that case, you select the head of the state. For instance, you may not see Tirupati in the list of  Passport Office, when you register, you will have to Select Hyderabad.  It can be very misleading, but trust me, I did exactly the same thing by selecting the head office.  

The process is pretty standard and ensure that all the spellings are correct. Make sure you give a valid email ID, as the link to activate your account and other status emails will be sent to the email address. Once you register you will get an email to activate your account, then you are set with registration.  You can check the guide to Applying Indian Passport Online, the basic steps on the website are same irrespective of the kind of passport.

You need to complete the application online, it is very much straight forward, you can download the PDF form and save and submit it or fill it online. Just make sure you complete the application online.

Step 3 : Walk-in with Application Receipt Printed (Check with PSK)

Some PSKs allow direct Walk-in appointments for some categories like Senior Citizens and Minors without prior appointment.  This always depends on the PSK and you will need to check with the PSK for this by calling them. In case, they allow direct walk-in appointment, you will need to take a print out of the Application Receipt (ARN) and carry that with you.

 You can pay the fee online and take the appointment as well.  As you are applying for minor, you may do a walk-in as well and pay it there.  In my case, I paid the fee online and took appointment as written in the below step 4 as I did not know that I can walk-in.  One of our readers Raju (Thanks to Raju ) shared his experience that you can do walk-in. But, we have been reported by other readers like Suresh in Delhi that you cannot do walk-in directly and need to take appointment.  In any case, to avoid issues, I highly recommend getting an appointment, if you have time to avoid any confusions at PSK. 

 Step 4  : Pay and Book Appointment on Passport Seva Kendra Website

After you register, activate and login to your account and complete the application, you will be have options to book an appointment. Look at the left side navigation, you will have service section saying “View my saved/submitted applications”. Click on that and then you will get options to “pay and schedule appointment”.  You will need to do payment before you can book an appointment.

You can pay using challan or visa/master card. Only certain banks are listed like State Bank of India, if you want to use specific bank card. I recommend using any Visa or Mastercard of any bank and get through the payment, as it saves a lot of hassle. I used a visa card of some different bank and had no problems. You can just pay first and do NOT book, if you are not sure of the schedule. I first paid the fees and completed the payment process. I was waiting for the right dates to open for booking slot.  

Usually dates would be available at about 4 to 5 days before the actual date of appointment. So, it is pretty clear, wait for the slots to open and book the date.  Also, there is no hassle in process, where you need wait at a certain time of the day for the slots to open and there is so many people booking at same time. With the payment process in place, it is very clear and there is no artificial demand created, so just book it at your convenient time, no need to pay some for getting slot.  Once your slot if booked using the system, take a print out the appointment receipt as you will need it for the entry at the Passport Seva Kendra ( PSK).  Read all the instructions clearly on the appointment letter as it has all the information you need.

Documents Checklist for Newborn Baby Passport in India

Assuming your situation is straightforward, with both parents alive and both are legally together, below are the Required documents List :

  1. Birth Certificate issued from the Govt Authority like Municipal office.Carry a copy of this.
  2. Proof of present address – usually parent’s passport with address is sufficient. If not, any utility bill, Aadhar Card, Gas connection, Election Voter ID, etc. with the address. We took copies of our passports ( mine and my wife’s) as it served as the address proof documents and other identification proof. Carry a copy of the address proof.
  3. Parents need to print and sign Annexure D from the passport Seva Kendra website
  4. One Passport Photo of the Baby with White Background.
  5. Printed copy of the PSK appointment receipt.

Optional documents:

My wife’s name was endorsed on my passport, so it was very straightforward. If not, it does not hurt to carry the Marriage certificate to avoid issues.

Common FAQs

I do not have spouse name endorsed on parents passport, can I apply for baby passport ?

You need spouse name to be endorsed on passport of at least one of the parents, if not, you cannot apply. But, you can do the spouse name endorsement and applying for baby passport on same day. Check How to apply for minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed Experience.

Do I need to take Baby to Passport Office ?

Yes, you need to take Baby to the passport office. They take fingerprints of the baby at the passport office.

My Spouse is abroad, cannot come to Passport Office. Can I apply on my own ?

In the past, as per passport application guidelines, they required either both parents to be present or get the Annexure D as sworn affidavit signed by Indian High commission abroad to apply for passport in India for baby. But, this has changed in recent years and there is NO need to have both the parents. If one parent is traveling or abroad, they can submit Annexure C and indicate the reason as traveling or abroad and get passport of the new born baby.

Why Spouse Name endorsement for getting Baby passport ?

This is to get passport for the baby without police verification.

How long does it take to get Baby Indian passport ?

This totally depends on the PSK and hard to say. But, if everything is right and no complications, you should get passport in about 10 to 15 days under normal processing.

It is always recommend you all to check the passport office website to verify, if any changes to the process or required documents.

Check out the next step on Process at the Passport Seva Kendra for New Born Passport Application 

Baby Passport Applying User Experience at  PSK Ghaziabad

Hello All,  I went to PSK Ghaziabad today for the passport of my 7 month old baby and would like to share the entire story :

Documents Required :
1) Self Attested Copies of Father+Mother Passport ( With Originals )
2) Self Attested Birth Certificate of Minor
3) Passport size photograph
4) Passport Receipt Form
5) Annexure D

First of all, there is no direct walkin service at PSK, Ghaziabad for Minors, so we had to book the appointment and went on time. We entered and on the very first counter, he checked our initial documents, placed them in the file and asked us to go inside. We went inside and waited for about 15 mins max and our name was announced. For Minors, PSK give a token number starting from “S” which is a special case, so everywhere your token number will be treated on priority. And thats what happened, just when we were finished from Counter A ( max 10 mins ), our token number blinked for Counter B and then in next 2 mins, for Counter C. We were out in max 30 minutes.
It was such a great service there and we were highly delighted. Thanks PSK and Thanks TCS for such a great process.

Did I miss anything? Any other thoughts to add?


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  1. Hi,

    Hoping someone can help! I was trying to submit the online application form for my 1-year-old daughter’s new passport. But the form is asking me to enter the educational qualification, employment status, and aadhaar card number. Since she is just a year old, we obviously can’t fill in this data for her, but the system will not let me skip these sections and proceed further. Is there a different online form that needs to be submitted online for babies? Please guide.

    Many thanks!

    • Hello,

      Based on our rememerance we filled the data as follows for our 2month old baby
      Education : 7th or less

      Employment Status : non working

      Adhaar : this is not mandatory field you can skip i think

      • Dear its unable to move next without filling Aadhar card number (Also written if availble) Please help me

  2. Hello,

    This is very nice blog, appreciate the content and the comments.

    A quick question, the address on my passport is different to that of the address on my wife’s passport. We are mentioning the baby’s address as that of my wife’s. Is this going to create any issue or need of any justification ? Please advise

  3. Hello ,

    Thanks for the wonderful article and i have very basic question to ask .

    Do we need to take baby with us to passport office if we apply online and book the appointment ?

  4. Need passport without birth certificate for 1.5 month old child. Due to Covid the municipal office for birth registration have backlog of 3-4 months and asked me to wait for birth certificate for another 3-4 month, however I’m already in process of Schengen visa and need passport of my child urgently in next 1-2 month. Kindly advice if passport office will accept hospital birth extract or any affidavit. I’m helpless with the birth registration offering no help whatsoever.

      • Hi,

        Im looking for applying for my new born Daughters passport, I live abroad my wife will be applying for the passport the closest PSK for us is Vijayawada.
        My query is will Annexure C suffice along with Birth certificate, Mine and my Wife passport copy have our names endorsed in it.
        Do I need any other documents apart from below mentioned:

        1. Birth Certificate.
        2. Mother passport copy with spouse name, and permanent Address.
        3. Baby passport photo with white background.
        4. My passport copy which has my wife name endorsed.

        Please advise
        5. Annexure C filled by my wife.

  5. Hi Kumar,

    I have a related question on this. I am really having a hard time in getting my birth certificate from India especially because of covid19 and people not venturing out that much. And I had birth certificates are mandatory for i485. Is there an alternative for birth certificates? Will 10th pass certificator or passport or any self certified affidvalid (in USA) be accepted? Request you to elaborate on this.

  6. HI, I saw your replies for applying for a minor passport when one parent is aborad.

    but is it necessary that we should approach the Indian mission in aborad for attestation of annexure D ?


    • Ankit,
      Lately, there seems to be no need as per few experiences and their customer service. Your spouse can file Annexure C and get passport. Double check with Passport office customer service in India. Also, do update here on your experience.

      • Hi Kumar, just finished the application for minor son

        my wife went with both annexures C & D, to avoid any problems.

        at all the counters of Passport, they asked how did your husband make the signature annexure D, since you told that he is not in India.

        my wife relied, he signed paper aborad and couriered me. (which I actually did, i made signature on annexure D & other self-certified other copes of passport & adhar and couriered to india).

        with this they accepèted renew application for minor son


  7. I have filled the passport form for my 15 days old baby.

    I have the below queries: –
    Do I need a photo for the new born?
    Do I need to take the baby along for the appointment?

    • I need to take passport for my 1month old baby. My husband is working abroad. So i will be the one applying. My name is added in my husband’s passport. But his name is not added in my passport. What is the procedure??? Should i fill only annexure D or both annexure C and D???

      • Anju,
        You would fill Annexure C and D. One for the husband not in country, second is general declaration. Process is same as what is described above.

  8. Dear Sir,
    My child is 5.5yrs old her passport has been expired. To renew/reissue of passport is it required to get Annexure C duly filled by my spouse who is working abroad or is it ok that Annexure D duly filled by one of the parents who is staying with her in India is quite enough .

    Thank you very much in advance.

  9. How to renew passport n also my baby is turning 2yrs so i want to apply forbaby passport my husband have passport mi m wife i dnt have is there any issues

  10. I have 15 days old baby and i am based outside & cannot able to come to India.
    1. Can my wife obtain passport for the baby
    2. My scanned passport copy with self attestation is ok as supporting document for baby ?
    3. My wife doesn’t have any document which contains permanent address same as mine. My passport will serve the purpose ?

    Please revert.

    • Sandeep,
      1. yes.
      2. yes, but also need to submit Annexure C for the same saying your spouse is traveling.
      3. May be able to along with marriage certificate..they may ask for secondary proof. Check once the document advisor.

  11. Hello,

    I’m an Indian national working abroad.

    My wife is in India and we’re expecting our baby shortly and would to apply for his/her passport right away.

    Here’s our situation:

    1. My passport doesn’t have wife’s name endorsed and vice versa.
    2. Address in my passport and my wife’s are different.
    3. We recently moved to live house in same city but my passport has my old house address (which is still there, just not living now).

    My questions are:
    Should me and my wife both have spouse name endorsed before applying for baby’s passport or just my wife can re-issue passport with spouse name added, mention our new address etc would do ?
    Also I’m not able to be physically present for applying our kid’s passport, will it work?

    Appreciate your help

    • Hi all,
      I do have the same issue. We recently moved to live house in same city but my passport and my wife passport has my old house address.

      Me and my wife has Aadhaar with new house address.

      My wife passport is getting expired,
      1. Can i renew my wife’s passport with the new address and apply for my kid’s passport at the same time.

      2. Is is compulsory that My passport should also have new house address to obtain passport for my kid.

      • Pavan,
        1. Yes, you can.
        2. No, there is no need for the address. When your spouse applies for new passport, she should endorse her passport with your name. That way, it will be fine.

  12. Hi Kumar,

    My H1b petition has been approved by uscis on 10th October. I have not booked visa slot so far as my kids and my spouse are not having passports and getting delayed because of some corrections need in DOB for my daughter birth certificate. My question is, Is it fine if we go for visa interview in different slots? my spouse and kids are required any additional documents if they go after few days? Because my H1b sponsor makes me hurry to fill DS-160 to book a slot for visa interview for myself if not possible for all at once. Please suggest me which way is better since I have to be herein India two more months to serve notice period for my current employer and I don’t understand why he makes me hurry as petition is approved till June 2022.

  13. We want to apply passport for our 1.5months old son. We both have passport. My husband passport has spouse name (My name) and my husband is outside India, but my passport doesn’t have spouse name.

    1) Do i want to update spouse name in my passport before applying for my son or both can be done same time?

    2) What is the procedure to update spouse name in passport and how long does it takes to update?

    3) What are all the additional documents required for getting passport for my son?


  14. Kumar,

    We want to apply passport for my baby(6 months old). But currently, I am currently outside and I have Annexure C & D with all the required documents.

    My and my wife’s passport has different address, Is that the problem? with this, if I take a passport for my baby which address will come on that?

  15. Me and wife applied for passport reissue and got appointment for same day. With our application can I apply new passport for my kid also. Kid having Aadhar card already.
    Can I apply now need to wait for our passport process to complete?

  16. Hi Kumar,

    I am from India and H1B approved recently. I have to apply for passport for my wife and kids. We have birth certificates for my kids but no aadhaar cards. My spouse has aadhaar card. Is aadhaar mandatory? and my spouse name not endorsed in my passport. Could you please suggest required documents to get passports them?

    • Sanjay,
      For kids, they may or may not need Aadhar…But, it is highly recommended that you wait another week and submit Aadhar card, so that makes your life easier in future…Well, they may not ask it for normal processing, but I highly suggest you get that done to avoid future issues….Make sure, she gets her passport endorsed with your passport name, so that you can apply for the kids passports at the same time. All can happen on same day…

  17. Hello Sir,
    I (Father of child) am from Delhi and currently working out of India. My wife’s passport is also from Delhi and currently she is living in Jehanabad (Bihar). She has below document:-
    1. Aadhar card (from Delhi)
    2. Voter Card (from Jehanabad (Bihar))
    3. Govt. Bank Passbook (from Jehanabad (Bihar))
    4. Passport (from Delhi)
    5. Pan card
    6. Scanned Photocopy of my Passport with signature
    7. Child’s Birth Certificate
    8. Photo of child
    Now, I came to know that we have to provide Annexure ‘D’ filled by father and mother. I am not in India thus will not be able to give original signed document.

    So, my query is that can we provide scanned copy of my signed Annexure D document and original wife’s signature ?

    Can we apply now for the passport ?

    Another query, what else other document required ?

    Awaiting your kind reply….

  18. Hi My Baby is just 1 month old. And my family is in Bangalore only.
    I have all the documents which is required for the passport.

    Do i have to visit Passport office in India with My wife and My kid both.

    Or i can visit passport office alone with all required documents.

  19. Can you please help me as per My scenario:

    I am from Papanasam( Tamilnadu ) and my wife is from Mayiladuthurai( Tamilnadu). Presently I am staying out side of India, Can I use my my place Papanasam( Tamilnadu ) as permanent address for my new born 2 months old baby and my address proof is enough to proceed for my baby passport. Please clarify regarding this.

    1. My passport not endorsed my wife name. But and my wife’s passport endorsed my name.
    2. My passport had validity address. But my wife passport not having validity address.
    3. Child’s birth certificate everything its correct.
    4. Our marriage certificate everything its correct.

    Note: Any other documents needed also?

    • Yes, that’s what you need to put in.
      1. it should be fine, if either of you have it.
      Well, it should be fine I guess…
      Cannot think of anything else. you can carry current address proof as well.

  20. Hi Mr. Kumar
    Is birth certificate is enough for making passport for 1.9 months old baby. his parents are staying in abroad and want to take him to abroad.

  21. hi , is digitally signed birth certificate with an application number is valid for applying passport for my baby ? because i got birth certificate from the municipal office through online. they did not provide me any physical birth certificate copy. so i have a confusion whether digital birth certificate will be accepted for applying passport.

    • Well, they may ask you for the original copy. You can go to the e-seva kendra in the state and get a physical copy printed. You can try calling them, if they accept online printed copy.

  22. Dear Kumar,

    My son is 10 months old and we have his brith certificate which doesn’t have his name and just written as “Babu” – a nick name when the certificate was given.

    My wife also doesn’t have a passport and would like to apply for both of them.

    Please let me know if I need to take an updated birth Certificate with his name on it?

    Thank you.

    • Yes, you will need the updated birth certificate with the correct name. In fact, I also needed to get Birth Certificate corrected as well in our case. Yes, she can apply for the passport, get your name on it and then apply for it. Also, they may ask your passport to be updated as well. you need to check on that day or call them.

  23. i need to take passport for my 6 month old daughter,my husbands name is not added in my passport or vice versa.my husband is abroad now so cant come with me to passport office.
    can i take passport for my daughter without his presence and without having his name in my passport?

  24. Hello Sir,

    I want to apply for passport of my 1 year baby. My baby has following docs:
    a. Birth certificate
    b. Aadhar card on mother address.

    we parents don’t have each others names endorsed on each other passports and have different addresses on passport.Can we apply for child’s passports ?

    what else docs are required ?

  25. We want to apply for new passport for our baby aged 5 years. Problem is the name of my wife in birth certificate is Sabina Kundu whereas my wifes old name is Sabina Sheoran and she doesnt want to change after marriage. We have approached Fortis “Hospital to change name but they are not changing and asking us to go to Court for name change and Municipal Corporation wont change till the time hospital make changes. What should we do?

    • Yes, they will NOT change it. Any name changes to birth certificate need to go through municipal office. I suggest you work with municipal office and make sure you get all of them in line.

    • Hi I want to apply for the passport for my nine months old baby. Could you please tell me how can I apply through online?and what documents is needed? I also want to know how much time does it take to receive the passport? Please reply..

        • Hi kumar i want to apply passport for my 1 yr 3 months old baby. We, her parents have passports. My question is should i have to create new account in baby’s name in passport seva kendra ? Or my old account (created 3 yrs back) would suffice?

  26. My son passport will expire on 15th sep 2019 , his UAE resident Visa valid till 17th Oct 2019, can he travel back to UAE on 10th sep 2019

  27. Hi
    We are trying to reissue our son’s passport. In his old Passport my name includes ( Daya + Maurya ) however in my present passport my name includes ( Maurya
    + Daya + my fathers name).
    The PSK officer is saying that i have to give the paper advertisement stating that my name is changed from -Daya + Maurya to Daya + Maurya + fathers name ?
    Please advise

    • If it was a mistake, you can submit old proofs and get it fixed. If you think, the current one is the right one, then you may need to follow the process as described by the PSK Officer…If they have said so, you should follow it to avoid issues…

  28. Hi,

    My baby is 9 months old. My passport is from Kerala whereas my husband’s is from Bombay. Both passports are valid but my husband no longer stays at the given address. Also my passport has maiden name.

    Parents are staying at the address mentioned in my Kerala passport.

    We are currently living in a rented house but we do not have rental agreement. Gas bill is the only proof of residence we have for Chennai.

    Can I get my baby s passport via Tatkal? If yes, from which location do you recommend? Can I apply from Kerala?

    • You may try doing it, but not sure, if they will accept it for Tatkaal. Unless, you are really in rush, it does not make any difference, you should get passport in a week to 10 days…so, go for normal and submit your current address proofs. Your old address on passports are not relevant for this application.

  29. My baby boy is 4 months old. I want to know for his passport regarding. Baby’s passport copy enough for passport with others documents. If need to take bay at passport office ??

  30. My husband have Hyderabad address passport and i have mumbai, but we are staying in Singapore. I came to india for delivery to my mothers place i dont have any address proof here. So what all documents need to make my baby passport.

    • You can use your fathers home address proof and have your date of birth or some other documents that indicates that you are their daughter. Other documents listed above are same.

  31. Sharing my experience whilst making passport for my baby boy.

    My senario:
    1. My passport and my wife’s passport did not have each others names endorsed.
    2. My passport had validity but the address was old.
    3. My wife’s passport had her FIRST NAME + maiden surname ans enough validity.
    4. child’s birth certificate has mother’s name with FIRST NAME + married surname. (no change in mother’s first name before and after marraige)

    Pre-requistes for quickly getting minor’s passport without PV
    1. Either parent should have spouse name endorsed.
    2. Passport of both parents if both have one.
    3. Child’s Birth Certificate.

    First thing I did since both our passports had enough validity it would hve been a waste of money to re-issue both therefore I did the following as changes to my passport were required anyways.
    1. Applied for re-issue of My Passport with change of address and endorsement of spouse name (spouse name should be as per name mentioned in child’s birth certificate because that is what will be considered).
    2. Got my passort in 3 days on POST PV basis

    Now applying for minor’s passport
    1. Child’s Birth Certificate bearing father’s name and mother’s First Name+ married surname
    2. My new passport having current address + spouse name as mentioned on child’s birth certificate.
    3. mother’s passport with my name not endorsed and having FIRSTNAME + maiden surname,
    4. mother’s Aadhaar Card (or any id proof ) bearing name as FIRSTNAME + married SURNAME

    Got minor’s passort the next day on no PV basis applied on 19/06/2019 got passport on 20/06/2019

    Note: If mother has passport with same first name + maiden surname it does not matter you have to provide one id proof for mother showing First Name + married Surname.

  32. Hi Kumar,

    My spouse name was not mentioned (because taken before marriage) but my wife passport have my surname and spouse name. Do I need to add my spouse name in my passport before processing my baby..?? Is that mandatory.??

    so this will effect my baby (8month old) passport process..?

    • Don’t need to add, as long as one of you has the spouse name endorsed on it. It is mandatory to have at least one of your passports to have the spouse name. It will be fine, nothing to worry.

    • Hi,

      Me and my husband having different addresses in our passports as it got issued before our marriage. Do we need to add spouse name in both of our passports or marriage certificate can be produced as supporting and aadhar card with spouse name? Plz revert.

      • If you are applying for child passport, then you need to add spouse name. Addresses do not matter. Yes, marriage certificate would help…recently, we do not see Marriage certificate requirement on the Passport website for adding spouse name…So, they may or may not ask…But, it is recommended to submit to avoid any unforeseen last minute issues.

  33. I want to renew passport for my 7 years old daughter. I am outside of India and my daughter is with her grandparents. is it possible to take without parents signature and is there any chance for my parents to apply for passport for her grand daughter as a guardian. If so can, you please help with process details. Thank you very much.

  34. My wife and new born 4 months baby in India, and am currently in USA. Is it same old process that father to get affidavit from Indian embassy to apply kid passport in India or any change in process lately ? Please clarify regarding this.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • Yes, there is change in process. Now, it is not mandatory to get the affidavit anymore. You can use Annexure C, where you can indicate that parent is outside or traveling. You can also go the old way as well. Double check with the Passport Seva Kendra customer service to be sure. Also, post your findings for community benefit.

  35. The address in my and my wife’s passport is that of Kolkata. However we had shifted to and are living in Chennai in a rented apartment. We are expecting a baby soon. We have a rental agreement (registered) with our landlord. I have two questions :

    1. Should I apply at PSK Chennai or PSK Kolkata ?
    2. What documents should we give as proof of address (since our passports have Kolkata address and we have no connection to Kolkata now) ?

    I request you kindly reply to my queries.


    • 1. You should apply in the place you live now.
      2. Rental agreement will work. Also, other options are : you can also get your bank passbook updated to the same address to use that as proof of address. You can even get a letter from your company confirming that you live in that address.

      • Thanks for your answer. My case is similar to this and i have a couple of questions.

        1. Will the passport for the baby posted to the current address?
        2. The address mentioned in baby’s passport will be the same as the parent’s passport?
        3. Will it be a problem if my wife produces a recently opened bank passbook as a proof for current address?

        Request you to kindly clarify on the above queries.

        Thanks in advance

        • 1. yes.
          2. yes.
          3. should not be a problem. They will look for photo based passbook. It is good to take additional address proof like rental agreement or employer letter, if you can…

          • Good day sir,
            i would like to apply for my newborn passport but my husband is not in india and my passport did not endorse my husband name and his permanent address so what is the process to apply for my newborn passport..

          • supreet kaur,
            You maybe able to do it suing Annexure C and D. But, as it is not endorsed, I am not sure…Call customer service. Do update here how it goes after you speak to them.

  36. Hi!
    I would like to apply passport for my baby .
    But I haven’t changed my address on my passport after marriage as it is not mandatory to have the address changed. So what else should I take to support this or how to go about this?


    • Nothing in specific. Read the above,it has full steps. you need current address proof and have spouse name endorsed, that’s it.

  37. For infant what do we fill for educational qualification. .. this is mandatory field and the options given oviously are not for infant as there is no qualifications.. what to do??

  38. My recent experience :

    My baby was born on 17 March and i was able to get the birth certificate on 26th March. There was no hassle in this process.


    It is highly recommended to book an appointment way prior . I needed the passport badly as i have to apply for visa. The earliest appointmnt i got was on 12.04 in a place 100km from my town. Tatkal around my place is not available till 22 April.

    So if you are sure with the name and you need the passport early, better book an appointment as soon as possible

  39. Hi,
    I am from India, but recently I have acquired Portuguese nationality. My spouse along with my 2 5 years daughters are back home in India, GOA. I want to apply for daughter’s Indian passport. But at the moment I can’t go to India to complete the process.
    So it possible for my wife to complete the process without my presence?

    • Yes, she can. She needs to use Annexure C stating that you are not available in the Annexure, there is a check box for it.

  40. My surname and my husband surname is different in passport as my passport is before my marriage so this will effect my babies passport process..?

  41. I want to apply passport for my 3 years old baby is it possible to take without husband signature and is there any chance for my parents to apply for passport for her grand daughter as a guardian. If so can, you please help with process details. Thank you!

  42. I am from Andhra Pradesh and my wife is from Karnataka. Presently I am staying out side of India, Can I use my wife place (Karnataka) as permanent address for my new born 3 months old baby and my wife address proof is enough to proceed for my baby passport or need mine also ? Please clarify regarding this.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • If your wife and baby are currently staying there, you can use those details and apply for passport. Need to have some address proof for the same.

  43. We want to apply for passport for my 4 month old kid in Tatkal. My husbands passport has Jharkhand as permanent address .i wanted d same address for my baby .can I submit her AADHAAR wid the Jharkhand address as permanent address proof. actually v both r working in Delhi , can I get my baby’s passport delivered to Delhi address submitting our working I card and rent agreement for the correspondence address or is it mandatory to go to Jharkhand to receive d passport?

    • Well, I doubt it. Usually, you need to submit proof of the current address and that’s what will appear on the passport. If there is police verification and you are not present there, then it will create issues and delays.

      • Good Day Sir,

        I would like to apply for newborn baby passport, but my husband is abroad. Above , I read that Annexure C is enough if one parent is absent..

        should Annexure C be signed by my husband and attested from abroad?

        Also I need to endorse my spouse name as well as change to his address in my passport .

        Also will tatkal service be available for newborn baby passport?

        I only have 2 weeks time since I need to fly back before my Visa gets cancelled. So, can you please tell me how many days it will take for both the passport?

      • Hi my friend and his wife are Iranian Nationals working in India doing research. They want to apply for passport for their Baby who was born in Bangalore, India as evidenced by his Birth Certificate, Aadhar. What is the procedure to get an Indian Passport?

        • Sunny,
          If both are Iranians, India does not give Citizenship by Birth, so they cannot get Indian passport. Check https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in/


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