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Guide to Apply Newborn baby passport in India ? Documents Checklist

The process to apply for Indian Passport for a new born baby is easier than you think. It is pretty much similar to the Indian passport renewal/ re-issue in India. The process is straightforward and there is NO need to pay to an agent or anyone for this. I did everything on my own, without seeking anyone’s help. I received my baby’s passport in about a little over a week via registered post. I applied it as normal processing mode ( NOT Tatkaal). Let’s look at the details. At the end there are users experiences and many new updates in comments, do check them out.

Minor Passport Spouse Name Endorsement Requirement

If either of the parents or both of them have passport, there is a requirement to have spouse name endorsed on the passport. Without having this, you will not be able to apply for passport. Endorsement means, on the pages with address and other info, you will see your spouse name as well, see below screenshot.

Spouse Name Endorsement Baby Passport India
Spouse Name Endorsement Baby Passport

The general process is to apply for Spouse Name Endorsement first and then apply for baby passport. But, there is a work around for this. You can apply for both Passport of the Baby and also Spouse name endorsement on the same day. Read How to apply for minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed Experience.

Now that you know the basic requirements, let’s look at the details step by step.

Step 1: Apply for Birth Certificate

Our baby was born in a little town in India and the first and foremost thing that I did was apply for a birth certificate at the municipality office. Depending on where your baby was born you would have to go the respective government body like Municipal office and apply for birth certificate.  Also, the hospital your baby was born in will ask you to fill out a form and you would need to mention all the details clearly on that, as that form will be sent to the municipal office or govt body.

It takes about two weeks to a month to get that. Nowadays everything is electronic. Depending on the state, you would have the state body give you a digitally signed birth certificate with an application number. I could check the details in the Govt website using the application number. You can submit your Passport copy and your spouse’s passport copy or Aadhar copy for spelling and proof.  Make sure your name, your spouse name and baby name are printed correctly, if not you will have issues. I had to re-apply for my birth certificate requesting corrections for the name as the address was wrong and they messed up the surname of my baby.  Eventually, I got the birth certificate of my baby in about 1.5 months.  This is the most important or the only document required I would say.

Step 2 : Register Account in Passport Seva Website, Complete Application

First thing you need to do is register and create an account at Passport Seva Website.  When you are registering a new account, you may not find the exact Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) center in the drop down as it may not be the major one and just a collection or appointment  center. In that case, you select the head of the state. For instance, you may not see Tirupati in the list of  Passport Office, when you register, you will have to Select Hyderabad.  It can be very misleading, but trust me, I did exactly the same thing by selecting the head office.  

The process is pretty standard and ensure that all the spellings are correct. Make sure you give a valid email ID, as the link to activate your account and other status emails will be sent to the email address. Once you register you will get an email to activate your account, then you are set with registration.  You can check the guide to Applying Indian Passport Online, the basic steps on the website are same irrespective of the kind of passport.

You need to complete the application online, it is very much straight forward, you can download the PDF form and save and submit it or fill it online. Just make sure you complete the application online.

Step 3 : Walk-in with Application Receipt Printed (Check with PSK)

Some PSKs allow direct Walk-in appointments for some categories like Senior Citizens and Minors without prior appointment.  This always depends on the PSK and you will need to check with the PSK for this by calling them. In case, they allow direct walk-in appointment, you will need to take a print out of the Application Receipt (ARN) and carry that with you.

 You can pay the fee online and take the appointment as well.  As you are applying for minor, you may do a walk-in as well and pay it there.  In my case, I paid the fee online and took appointment as written in the below step 4 as I did not know that I can walk-in.  One of our readers Raju (Thanks to Raju ) shared his experience that you can do walk-in. But, we have been reported by other readers like Suresh in Delhi that you cannot do walk-in directly and need to take appointment.  In any case, to avoid issues, I highly recommend getting an appointment, if you have time to avoid any confusions at PSK. 

 Step 4  : Pay and Book Appointment on Passport Seva Kendra Website

After you register, activate and login to your account and complete the application, you will be have options to book an appointment. Look at the left side navigation, you will have service section saying “View my saved/submitted applications”. Click on that and then you will get options to “pay and schedule appointment”.  You will need to do payment before you can book an appointment.

You can pay using challan or visa/master card. Only certain banks are listed like State Bank of India, if you want to use specific bank card. I recommend using any Visa or Mastercard of any bank and get through the payment, as it saves a lot of hassle. I used a visa card of some different bank and had no problems. You can just pay first and do NOT book, if you are not sure of the schedule. I first paid the fees and completed the payment process. I was waiting for the right dates to open for booking slot.  

Usually dates would be available at about 4 to 5 days before the actual date of appointment. So, it is pretty clear, wait for the slots to open and book the date.  Also, there is no hassle in process, where you need wait at a certain time of the day for the slots to open and there is so many people booking at same time. With the payment process in place, it is very clear and there is no artificial demand created, so just book it at your convenient time, no need to pay some for getting slot.  Once your slot if booked using the system, take a print out the appointment receipt as you will need it for the entry at the Passport Seva Kendra ( PSK).  Read all the instructions clearly on the appointment letter as it has all the information you need.

Documents Checklist for Newborn Baby Passport in India

Assuming your situation is straightforward, with both parents alive and both are legally together, below are the Required documents List :

  1. Birth Certificate issued from the Govt Authority like Municipal office.Carry a copy of this.
  2. Proof of present address – usually parent’s passport with address is sufficient. If not, any utility bill, Aadhar Card, Gas connection, Election Voter ID, etc. with the address. We took copies of our passports ( mine and my wife’s) as it served as the address proof documents and other identification proof. Carry a copy of the address proof.
  3. Parents need to print and sign Annexure D from the passport Seva Kendra website
  4. One Passport Photo of the Baby with White Background.
  5. Printed copy of the PSK appointment receipt.

Optional documents:

My wife’s name was endorsed on my passport, so it was very straightforward. If not, it does not hurt to carry the Marriage certificate to avoid issues.

Common FAQs

I do not have spouse name endorsed on parents passport, can I apply for baby passport ?

You need spouse name to be endorsed on passport of at least one of the parents, if not, you cannot apply. But, you can do the spouse name endorsement and applying for baby passport on same day. Check How to apply for minor Passport without Spouse Name Endorsed Experience.

Do I need to take Baby to Passport Office ?

Yes, you need to take Baby to the passport office. They take fingerprints of the baby at the passport office.

My Spouse is abroad, cannot come to Passport Office. Can I apply on my own ?

In the past, as per passport application guidelines, they required either both parents to be present or get the Annexure D as sworn affidavit signed by Indian High commission abroad to apply for passport in India for baby. But, this has changed in recent years and there is NO need to have both the parents. If one parent is traveling or abroad, they can submit Annexure C and indicate the reason as traveling or abroad and get passport of the new born baby.

Why Spouse Name endorsement for getting Baby passport ?

This is to get passport for the baby without police verification.

How long does it take to get Baby Indian passport ?

This totally depends on the PSK and hard to say. But, if everything is right and no complications, you should get passport in about 10 to 15 days under normal processing.

It is always recommend you all to check the passport office website to verify, if any changes to the process or required documents.

Check out the next step on Process at the Passport Seva Kendra for New Born Passport Application 

Baby Passport Applying User Experience at  PSK Ghaziabad

Hello All,  I went to PSK Ghaziabad today for the passport of my 7 month old baby and would like to share the entire story :

Documents Required :
1) Self Attested Copies of Father+Mother Passport ( With Originals )
2) Self Attested Birth Certificate of Minor
3) Passport size photograph
4) Passport Receipt Form
5) Annexure D

First of all, there is no direct walkin service at PSK, Ghaziabad for Minors, so we had to book the appointment and went on time. We entered and on the very first counter, he checked our initial documents, placed them in the file and asked us to go inside. We went inside and waited for about 15 mins max and our name was announced. For Minors, PSK give a token number starting from “S” which is a special case, so everywhere your token number will be treated on priority. And thats what happened, just when we were finished from Counter A ( max 10 mins ), our token number blinked for Counter B and then in next 2 mins, for Counter C. We were out in max 30 minutes.
It was such a great service there and we were highly delighted. Thanks PSK and Thanks TCS for such a great process.

Did I miss anything? Any other thoughts to add?


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  1. My wife apply for my new born daughter December 2020 because I am abroad my wife visit to passport office two times .we still didn’t get passport.can anybody help please

    • It doesn’t matter, If you want to have address on your child’s passport as one of the parent, then that can serve as address proof. Otherwise if you want to have a new address to appear on your child’s passport please provide proof accordingly.

  2. Thanks for the detailed answer. I recently went through your article which has helped me a lot. Here is my experience with the passport office in Lucknow
    1) Based on my case the final online booking shows only three documents were required a) birth certificate for id proof, b) birth certificate for resident address proof c) Annex C d) 2 passport size photos of newborn
    2) My wife went to the POPSK office. As her Passport had a different address than the address mentioned in the birth certificate, she was asked to write an application mentioning her address with proof. She submitted her Aadhar as an additional document and wrote an application for the same. The left thumb impression of the baby was taken.
    3) POPSK issued the acknowledgment slip.
    4) Application in process. Verification is due at the address mentioned in Aadhar of Mother.

    • Gaurav,
      Thanks for sharing the update and your experience, it will help others. Do update, once you get the passport to understand how long it is taking with COVID now.


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