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New Born Baby Passport Applying Experience at Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) India

The passport office used to be a place of big mess with long lines and tedious process. It is amazing how the system has changed after Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) operations have been outsourced to TCS. Private organizations outsourcing totally defines quality of service and incomparable. Couple years ago, I shared my experience of process at Hyderabad Passport Seva Kendra for Passport renewal. In this article, let me share my PSK experience applying passport for our new born baby in Tirupati, India.  This article is continuation to article on how to Apply for new born baby passport India, required documents.

Who will be allowed into Passport Seva Kendra ?  Walk-in or Appointment ?

Only Mother, Father and the baby will be allowed into PSK office. You need to carry your appointment letter or Application Receipt (ARN) copy.  PSK website states that you do a direct walk-in without any appointment, if you are applying for a Minor’s passport between 0 to 3 years old. Many of our readers confirmed the same and did a direct walk-in  to the PSK, just check the hours of walk-in. In my case, I did not know that info, so I took an appointment and went to the PSK office at the given time and I was let inside along with my wife and baby.  If you are doing a walk-in ensure that you are carrying enough cash for paying towards the application fee.

Step by Step Process inside Passport Seva Kendra office.

  • Once the security guard checks your appointment or application receipt letter, they will let you in.
  • All the processing is done by TCS, so it is done very well and they are not like regular government employees and do a good job as they seem to have some metrics.
  • You do NOT have to stand in regular line as you are with a baby, you can go to a separate line that is dedicated for senior citizens and kids, where you will give all your documents to the person there.
  • They will verify your original documents like your Passports, Birth Certificate, and Check the photograph, and the Annexure D. and take the application receipt copy, passport or address proof copies, birth certificate copy. They will just verify the originals. Always you will hold the originals.
  • If you do NOT have a photo of your baby in white background, you will be asked to get that. Don’t panic, I had to do that, it will be fine. There should be something around the passport office.
  • Once verification is done, they will ask you to go to waiting hall area, if there is too much crowd.
  • Your name will be called in the waiting hall area or just around there and you will be given a file with a token number on it.

Passport Seva Kendra simplified process calls it a three step process from here : Step A, Step B and Step C, and Exit.

You will have to wait in the waiting hall and look at monitor for your token to be displayed, it will tell which counter to go in.  Now processing starts at Step A or Section A.

Step A: Take Photo, Verify Info in System, Scan Documents       

Once you go to the counter, they will check your documents originals like birth certificate, passports, address proofs, etc. and take finger print of your baby with ink.  They will ask you verify your name and spellings at this section. It is very critical to pay attention to all the details here.   They will scan the copies of your original/ Xerox copies documents and upload the same to the system.  This is the most important step in my view after this it is all just verification. So, pay attention to spellings and address here carefully.  It can take up to 10 min depending on their system speed and the person doing it.  Also, you can ask the person to disable text message notifications, if you have chosen it while filling application form, as it is not required. The person processing said that you do not need it as there would not be police verification and it is very straightforward for minors, so why waste Rs.100 or so for SMS charge and he removed that. Once you are done at Step A or section A, you will be asked to go to other waiting area.

Step B : Verification of documents, originals.

Once your token number appears in the monitors, you go to section B or step B. This is an additional verification step done by the Government employee. They will look at each and every original document and cross verify the details.  I believe, this is to ensure that all of the documents are thoroughly verified. It takes roughly 2 to 3 min here, nothing much to do here.  After this again, you go back to the waiting area for your turn.

Step C: Passport Issuing Officer – Verification

You come to the passport issuing officer after your token appears in the monitor. The officer is a government employee and will ask for your originals. They did NOT ask us any other questions. They just blindly looked at documents and said, it is done. It took about 2 minutes or less. That’s it ! Now you go the last step.

Exit Step : Give the Application Receipt and Token, get Acknowledgement Receipt.

After the above Step C, you just go to the exit section and give them your token number and application receipt. The person there will take that info and give you an acknowledgement receipt with the respective information.  The acknowledgment slip will tell you some things like, if police verification required or not, etc.  In general, there is no police verification required for a minor passport, if the parents have passport. It said that Police verification not required for my case.  That’s it, you are all set and you now wait for your passport to be delivered.

Next Steps – Printing of Passport, Speed Post Delivery

I checked the status, couple of days after my appointment and it said, the passport is printed. I was amazed by it. You will get an email with the info like this : This is to inform you that Passport has been printed for your application with File Number XXXXXX.The same will be issued to you after Lamination, Signing and Quality Check. “

Almost after 4 to 5 days you will get another email saying that your passport has been dispatched via speed post. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days depending on your place. Overall, the process took little over 10 days and it is impressive for a normal processing passport.

What has been your experience ?  Did you get it earlier ? Did I miss anything ?

Minor Passport Applying Experience at Chennai in 2020 by JAISABARIBALAJI.

I have applied Normal quota passport for my 20 days old girl baby @ PSK Saligramam, Chennai 08/06/2020 during covid-19 pandemic situation.

1. Don’t opt for tatkal quota for minors, its waste of money. If either parent’s present residential address proof is available ( as mentioned in passport website ) with either spouse name is endorsed in passport. If all the mentioned are available within 3 days( excluding application submission date) minor passport will reach you in Normal quota.

My Experience:
1. Booked appointment for my baby ( 20 days old ) on 8th June 2020.
2. Process started with ‘S’ token issued coz applicant was infant @ 12.35pm, completed by 1.01pm.
3. Followed by 1.01pm text message “granted for No-police verification basis”
4. By 1.30pm Passport Printing initiated.
5. Printing completed on 9th June 2020, 3.30pm .
6. 10th June 2020 Passport dispatched by 12.35pm.
7. 11th June 2020, awaiting to receive.

Documents submitted:

  • Baby birth certificate was available ( Name included in Birth certificate )
  • Me and my wife have a valid passport (Spouse endorsed)
  • Aadhar card of both parents with same present address as address proof .
  • Annexure D duly signed by both parents.
  • Passport size photograph with white background. Dont complicate with baby photo too much. only face top to bottom should be visible not even ears.

Minor Passport Applying Experience from Chennai PSK – 2017  by Sathish.
(Thanks to Sathish for sharing his experience.) I went to PSK Saligramam in chennai today. Wanted to highlight few things.

1. No direct walkins for Minors.
2. If you have two kids, (Which was my case, they allowed one extra person (inlaw) to accompany) Not sure about grown up kids above 10+ . I had 2 months and 1.5 yrs kid.
3. SMS fee is 45 Rs
4. TIL/ TCS sells leather passport cover in PSK and they will ask for it in A counters. (350/450/550 rs)
5. The best thing you can do is book appointment for 9 AM slot or 9 15 as there wont be any backlogs and entire process completed in 1 Hr and youll get priority from document verification counter.
6. Minors get S tokens instead of N tokens and they have priority.
7. Anexxure H is different from Annexure D. when bth parents have passport and accompanying the child then it should be Anexxure D.
8. Having Aadhaar card helps in speeding the process and makes a No Police verification grant. Address on my spouse passport was different to mine. but Aadhaar had it same for both of us.


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  1. Hi All, I am planning to apply passport for my 11 months old baby, me and my wife passports are having different addresses, but all 3 of us having same residence address (my own apartment, which is currently in renovation process and we are living near by in a rented apartment) in Aadhar cards. I can’t change the addresses in Aadhar cards as I don’t have any address proofs in the rented apartment. Will the police verification creates any issues as the apartment is renovation state, if they come for visit?

  2. Hi.

    I am planning to apply for a passport for my 4 months old baby. I have couple of questions.

    1. I was told by someone that for infants, it is not required to take the baby to the PSK on the appointment date. Is that true?
    2. Is it mandatory that both the parents should visit passport office ? Or just one parent can visit with the original and attested copies of the parent?

    Appreciate your time!


    • Hi @Vikas,
      Can you please your experience? I have the same queries.
      1. is it not required to take the baby to the PSK?
      2. Is it mandatory that both parents should visit the passport office? Or just one parent can visit with the original and attested copies of the parent?


  3. Applied my 5 months old baby passport today and status showing police verification initiated. Does police verification needed for minor?

      • Hi ,

        I want to apply passport for my 8 months old baby.. my husband is in aboard and my passport address is different as we r not staying in mentioned address as it was rent house we shifted to other house . So my question is can I directly apply for my baby passport or first I need to change my address .

    • I recently applied for my 5 month old son passport and they initiated police verification. Actually I am not in India and my son is with my wife in india. My wife is having a different address on her passport. Although she is having the current address on her Aadhaar card. Still they initiated police verification.

      • Hi!
        Similar issue with me as well. All the documengation was perfect, aadhar, passports etc. Still, they initiated a police verification for 7 months old. And it’s almost a month and still it’s showing ‘pending due to physical verification by police’. Although the verification was over 10 days back.

  4. Hi I applied for my 6 months baby passport
    My passport wife name endorsed with current address
    No wife’s passport
    Aadhar card of wife
    Birth certificate with current address

    We were asked to move to exit after counter b
    I received a message saying escalated to RPO
    Also on the acknowledgement slip it was written
    Passport status: on hold
    With * ( subject to police verification)
    And also mentioned that subject to clearance from issuing authority

    What does this mean?

    Is it because my wife’s passport is not there but in rules it was mentioned either parents

  5. Hi sir. I need some help please. I am an NRI (born and brought up in Gulf). My wife’s passport and my passport both have each others names in the spouse name column but her address is different from my address. My wife is having aadhar card and pan card with her address same of her passport and her fathers name (we did not change that to husbands name yet since marriage has taken place last year and she joined me abroad right away). My wife’s family changed house temporarily because their building is vacated for renovations and are living in a house belonging to their elder son-in-law who has not made a rent agreement since it is between families.
    Wife came to India for delivery in Mumbai and our baby’s birth certificate issued from the Municipality is having address at time of birth and parents permanent address both as the rented house. The landlord of the house is also living abroad and will not be providing any documents as to rent agreement or NOC etc. We dont have a Municipality registered marriage certificate either since we were married in mosque. I cannot come to India due to work related issues and wife has to handle the formalities herself.

    What can we do for making our child’s passport? Baby is 2 months old.

    • Ali,
      You need to have one address proof of where your wife and kid are currently present for sake of documentation and police verification, if needed. She can use Annexure C & D and apply for passport.

  6. Sir need your help…we are going to abroad with our wife after 15 days but my friend’s daughter passport did nt come and we have applied passoport on 11/10/19 and still status showing Passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office from last 20 days and we are afraid when we get the passport as we have to go after 15 days…what should we do???

  7. The appointment procedure was really quick which was completed in less than 45 minutes (from my entry to passport office till my exit). Amazing is that after 2 hours of me leaving the passport office, i received another notification that the passport for my 2 year old has been sent for printing and i will be notified again once it’s done.

    Another message received next day, police verification has been initiated (confused by this message as i have my wife’s name endorsed on my passport, her passport has the address before marriage, but my AADHAR card, my passport, my 2 year old’s AADHAR card, his birth certificate, and my wife’s AADHAR card have same address, i.e., my residential address)

      • Hello,
        We have also received same messages first that passport has been sent for printing then received message that police verification is initiated. We have each other name endorsed in each other passport. Is any thing missing here?

  8. Two questions:
    1. Do we need to create a new email id for the infant and apply in his name or can it be in the email id of either father or mother?

    2. How did you manage to get the photo of infant as it is very difficult to make the baby see the camera?

    • Raju,
      1. You can do it using the email of mother or father.
      2. It is very hard…You need to take it multiple times, when they have their eyes open… then use some online software to change the background…That’s what we did.

  9. I am an Indian Citizen but living in Nepal, can I apply the passport of my child in Consulate General of India in Nepal? Both me and wife hold Indian Passport


    This is girish i have query that i am going to apply my wife passport and my new born 3 months passport at same time but my baby has only birth certificate as address proof if i have submit a adress proof as my passport then address is different place and my wife and baby are residing at there moms house . How to come out of it

    • You need to submit the current address proof of where the baby is residing. What you have on your passport or your wife passport does not matter. If there is verification, they will come the place where the baby resides currently.

      • My husband was in abroad. He can’t come to apply for the passport for our baby. Can I apply for the passport without my husband?

          • if Annexure C uses , why it is going police verification for minor ?? how long it will take to complete the police verification ? Shall we directly go the P.S or they will call us for verification ?

          • Well, they do it for the address verification and usually tied to the parents and residence. Nothing to do with the baby…Again, some of these are discretional. I know many who got this, but had no issues.

  11. hi , we both husband and wife living in UAe since 1 year my 14 th month old baby she is in delhi with her grandparent – is is possible they can apply her passport without us , she born in madhya pradesh we have birth certificate of her and in our passport our old house address is mention and we sifted from there in different place so what are the document require for her passport and that passport can we deliver in our new home

    • Yes, they may apply as guardian. You would need proof of the birth, guardian info. Check passport office document advisor and carry relevant info.

  12. Hi Gagandeep

    I am in same situation as yours..please update latest in you case..did you go to rk puram rpo


    • Hi Rohit
      Passport is not yet issued, status is same under review at Regional passport office. I have missed immigration form submission timeline for baby due unavailablity of passport and requested embassy for extension.

      We still don’t have any clue about the issue. Customer service is no help. No response received for email sent to RK Puram email id.

      I have got enquiry appointment from Reginal passport office after trying for 5 days. Appointment opens at 5.00 pm and end 5.02 pm, procedure is painful and not sure why it’s like this .. experience person may know why it’s like this.

      They issue only 100 appointments around 5 pm Monday to Friday to be booked online in you saved application section under book enquiry appointment section. So you need to open panel atleast at 4.45 pm to get quick appointment. I think they are available for public for 4 days in a week and 9 to 1 pm.
      I am not sure if one can directly go to RPo for enquiries. I have baby and place is around 30 km from my place so I prefer booking appointments instead of going directly. I am taking all documents again with me as I saw videos of RPO visit review asking again for documents.

      I will share updates once I visit the RPO.

      Timeline : 38 days baby passport not issue in Delhi India
      Documents: all as per the guidelines

      • Hi Gagandeep

        Yesterday finally i got next status that it is under processing though i did not get any sms or mail..what i did and you can also do is to request rpo delhi on twitter..they are quite responsive on that..e mail and phone calls wont work as i have tried in 3 weeks..but they will reply on twitter..you have to give your file number and seek help..anyways now you got appointment also which is good but in parallel keep trying this twitter option..

        • Hi Rohit,

          Nothing happened even after visiting RPO Delhi, total inconvenience and harassment. As suggested by most of people one can go directly without appointment and no value of prior appointment. We reached at 9.30..there was a long que. ..However on seeing baby with us one of the rpo employee took us to the front of row and skipped around 100 to 150 people in front of us… many thanks to him.
          Finally the officer came around 10.30 and our token number was 7 and number came around 11.15.. in between there was lot of inconvenience because waiting area had only few seats and place was overcrowded. Finally a guy gave his seat to mother and baby.. other shameless people didn’t even bother to offer seat for 10 mins. Then baby started crying and it was time for feeding. There is no babecare room and I asked one of lady Gard for private area for baby feeding.. then she send my wife and baby to private area meeting room.. but didn’t allowed me to enter.
          When our turn came the officer just ask me to photocopy of the passport application and send us to another room to get that photocopy scanned…they send us back claiming u will receive passport Very soon. No justification was given.

          Finally even after waiting for week after RPO visit nothing happened.
          As per your suggestion I twitted with filenumber… Then in evening they replied on twitter application has been granted and passport is in printing que.

          I have received follow up SMS stating that application is granted on post police verification. And received another SMS that SO police will verify your application by home visit. I don’t understand what they want to ask one and half month old baby in police verification. I am an engineer and wife is teacher … both have no criminal background and living at same place from many years.

          Can please share did you also got the same messages of post police verification

          46 days Passport application granted.
          48 days Passport is in priting que
          48 days Passport not yet received.

          Gagandeep Singh

          Gagandeep Singh

          • Thank you for sharing your experience. Don’t worry regarding the police verification, it is standard procedure, if there is any different address from past vs present. So, it is not related to the baby, it is more general check….In fact, many users got police verification and it was fine. Do keep the community posted once you have the passport. You tweeted to which account to get response ? Please share details.

  13. Hello sir ,
    i am from hyderabad , i wanna make a passport to my son who is 8 months old and main problem is that me and my wife have passport with past address and we recently changed home , i there will be a problem to verification ? and so what documents are required to apply , please help me out from this problem .. thanks

  14. Hi,
    I applied for baby passport, status shows
    Passport application under review at regional passport .

    What does that mean.

    • It means they are looking into details. Don’t worry. Online statuses can be misleading at times…if it has been past a month, then reach out to passport office

      • Hi,
        I checked today status is same, application under review at Regional passport office. I noticed change in acknowledgement letter. New pdf downloaded from acknowledgement letter section shows ” Exit slip missing for this file” till yesterday I was getting complete complete acknowledgement slip.

        During our visit to passport seva Kendra when we went to exit counter there was no one at the exit counter, few others were also waiting at counter and one guy in his 50s ask us to exit the application centre as work has been done.
        I think I missed submitting the token back to counter and went home with the token printout..that is the reason application is not yet approved

        Unlucky…I checked with few other people they all are saying token need to be submitted back at exit counter.

        I have lost 15 days due to stupidity of person roaming around exit counter of passport seva Kendra. Many other waiting there may have also got affected

        Can anyone please advise should I go to same centre and submit back the token.

        I am not sure what exactly is the issue, I will post new updates on coming Monday.

        Gagandeep Singh

        • Maybe, not sure, if that is the issue. Just go back to the same PSK and submit it and clarify the same. Do update everyone here.

          • Hi,

            I visited the passport sewa Kendra they told me token need not to submitted. Token recollection stoped 1.5 year ago.

            They ask me to go to regional passport office RK Puram or I should wait for some more time.

            Timeline: 16 days

          • Ah, thanks for the update. Well, 16 days is still not that long, I have seen users get in around 1 month. If you are not in any rush, please give it another couple of weeks and see, if you would get it. Worst case scenario, then you can go to PSK office in RK Puram. Do post your update once you get any status update.

  15. My daughter is born in Bengaluru, India and has a birth certificate containing my permanent address from my Aadhar Card. And I recently got my passport re-issued from PSK, Lalbaugh (Bengaluru). So, address on my Aadhar is different from my passport address. Now, I’m applying for a passport for my daughter (6 months age).

    My wife is not Indian and holds a Belarus passport. She is on Spouse Visa with a Residence Permit and yet to apply for an OCI card. Also, she doesn’t have Aadhar. But I have my wife’s name endorsed on my re-issued passport.

    In this case, do we need Annexure D or Annexure H?

    • Annexure D. The address on passports and aadhards does not matter. All that matters is the current address proof and the spouse name endorsement.

  16. Hi everyone.
    My baby’s passport is also on hold, since the baby’s Father is an Italian National and our baby was born in Goa this year. We applied for the baby’s passport on March 14th 2019 and we went to the inquiry office in Delhi since I am a resident of Delhi and we applied for the passport from my city. One of the officers took my application and said that this application will go to The Ministry Of External Affairs and the process will take 20 to 25 days. It is going to be almost 2 months now and every time we check the status of the application online, it says that the application is under review at the regional passport office. We don’t know how much more do we have to wait, it is taking a bit longer than expected. We are not married yet but planning to do soon.

    • Sabina,
      It could be that the verification takes longer as your baby’s father is Italian and there is additional paperwork and verification. Please check again with the PSK office and seek update…You can try to call them or visit the PSK office to get further guidance.

  17. Hi,

    We have applied passport for my 2 months old baby.We are getting getting a message from PSK that document number MAXXXX has been granted on Pre-Police Verification basis. Does Minor child require police verification? We were thinking we would receive passport in 3 days 🙁

    • Jith,
      Usually, if parents passports are endorsed, there are very few instances, where there are police verifications. Just give it a few days.

  18. I am planning to take passport for my 8 month old baby and my husband is in abroad. I have endorsed spouse name in my passport but don’t update address after marriage. Baby’s birth certificate has the address of my husband. I just want to take my baby passport with husband’s address. So for address proof, will it be possible to submit husband’s address proof even if he is in abroad? Also spouse name is not endorsed in his passport.

  19. Hello, I’m applying passport for my 8months old baby . My husband lives abroad. Is baby’s adhaar card valid proof ? My husband and I have passports with different address.

    • Will just share my experience. I had also applied for my 8 month old baby passport recently. I am from Mumbai and in my passport address is Mumbai and my daughter was born in Pune and wife address in her passport was pune. So I live in abroad and my wife applied for my daughter passport with Mumbai address they accepted with only child birth certificate and wife passport address and Annexure C with my wife signature. So they did the verification in both places, Mumbai and pune and in hospital she born. So it does not matter if the addresses are different in parents passport Police will anyhow do the verification in all addresses.

  20. Iam in gulf I and my wife took passport before marriage now I want to take passport for 6 month baby I have marriage certificate,birth certificate for my baby and my wife’s passport whether this document is enough……..but I need passport within 3 days very urgent what can I do

    • Your wife needs to carry an affidavit signed by you and stamped from Indian Embassy in Gulf. Besides that, all other documents you mentioned are good enough.

  21. Hello..I have applied for r my 8 month old passport but its put on hold as our permanent address and residential address are different and we were not having original rent agreement although we arranged it…so can u please tellme can I go next day between 9 to 11 am with all the documents or do I need to apply for new appointment..

  22. Hi,
    I m applying passport for my 4 month old baby. In my passport my home address is there nd in my wife’s her address, as we both got our passport before our marriage. And we dont have marriage certificate now.
    Whether it will create problem to get my baby passport as we both hv different address in passport?

    • Different address in passports does not matter. You will need to get Marriage certificate to avoid issues for endorsing your spouse’s name.

      • Hi,
        Read your reply.
        I have to get my 2 n half years old son passport done.
        Me n my husband already have passport but
        1) I don’t have address updated after marriage
        2) we both don’t have spouse name endorsed (is it necessary for nothing of us get spouse name updated in our passports?)
        3) we have our marriage certificate with current address and also I have adhar card n bank passbook with current address.

  23. I have applied my baby boy passport on 7thMarch from PSK office Gulburga kalburgi status still pending for police verification last 45 days when we will get passport from banglore office I tried called customer no body responding karnatka processing so dealy I hard frinds hyderbad within 15 days got baby passport.

  24. Hello,

    I would like to apply minor passport for my 2 year boy baby. My self and wife endorsed our name in passport and my wife’s address are changed to my address (we both having name endorsed and same permanent address in passport- Renewed last month). Now my question is,
    My kid having Aadhar card with our address but he was born in other state and having Birth certificate with permanent address as same as my passport address). If we apply for my kid passport will that be a problem?
    Will they go for police verification since my kid born in other state?
    Or will they accept Aadhar card as birth date proof?

    Can any one please help on this?

    • No, it should not be a problem. Your kids birth certificate place does not matter. They will ask for Birth certificate and you will need to submit that as proof.

        • Hello,

          In my case my daughter was born in Pune and we applied for the passport in Mumbai. So we just submitted the birth certificate from PUNE and not Aadhar card. So police did the verification at both address of PUNE and Mumbai physically. Even though we have our names endorsed on each other passport and address also same as Mumbai. So it all depends on the SB-II officers how they do the verification.


  25. Hi,
    I have applied for my 3months old daughter passport, my husband is abroad so RPO has said that pre-police verification will be initiated as both parents are not present. I have already gone through police verification, will police come to my current address just to check whether me & my daughter are at the place, becoz right now i am at my mum’s place with my daughter.

    • Iam also at your position. Iam abroad and my wife applied for our 6 month old daughter. So our daughter born in pune and there she stay for 2 months n then we applied for passport in Mumbai. So police did the verification and came home at both places mumbai n pune. So in your case u think police will come for visit at ur place.

  26. HI
    I am at Singapore and My wife applied passport for my one month old daughter with all required docs say birth certificate, mother passport, Annex C&D. She applied in Tatkal. On the day of appointment, RPO said both parent need to present for Tatkal passport. However same is nowhere mentioned also call center saying no requirement for both parent. Can he reject like that. Even after many request he said ” ye apka problem hai ” take again appointment and come again.
    As she has to travel again with infant i am worried. Is it documents requirement is at discretion of officer. he can ask for anything.

    • Gaurav,
      In general, you would need to go to High Commission in Singapore and send an attested Annexure D by them with your wife. Recently, there seems to be a change on the requirement, but none of us have got experience, no readers have reported.
      You could do two things, you can write an email to Passport Office using the form and get it clarified. With this way, your wife can take a print out of the same and show to the RPO that your customer service has said in proof, also, carry the required documents list from website. You can ask the front desk team at Passport office to confirm the same.
      Second option is to send the attested Annexure D from high commission and just do it. This is standard and many have done this process and they cannot deny here.

      Either case, do let all of us know the status, so that we all know the reality as well.

      • Hi Kumar . Thanks …I checked in Singapore, now no need for any attestation. Self signed Annex D is enough. I already sent and my wife applied with Annex C&D in next visit. However very much disappointed, the way RPO treat there in India even after transparent process and defined guidelines. They misuse the power and ask what they want even after docs requirement is already defined in black and white at site.
        Coming to your comment, now no need for embassy attestation for sure.
        and in India, still we cannot argue these Babu log.

        • Thanks for the update. Yes, sad to hear….if there is an email or something you can take from high comission here and tell the same in India, if that helps….
          Let us know, your current status and how you plan to apply, for our benefit.

  27. I am planning to apply passport for my 6 months old baby, as I am abroad and my wife is India can she alone go for applying passport, both our passport have each other names as spouse. I called the Indian embassy here in Germany and they said that now it is not required to send the consent affidavit from here as per new rules. So I am confused I checked few forums and its mentioned that I need to send the signed affidavit from Indian high commission Germany. But they said its not required and wife can also go and apply for Minor passport alone.
    So can anyone please share some experience on this. what all Annexure I need.

    • You need to send since your passport needs to be presented in original there and you can’t do that since you are abroad. Plus annexure of one parent your wife there

    • Hemanth,
      As Atul said, it was the general process. I did a quick check on the passport website and it does not say the high commission endorsement requirement anymore for parents residing abroad. It only says self attested Annexure D self attested by parents. Just to clarify, you can call the Indian passport office hotline and get their inputs. You can email them as well. Check FAQs under Minor Indian Passport

    • I am also in same situation, my wife went to psk at kanpur and asked whether any document will require from my end as I am not in India to apply passport for my kid and they told its not required she can alone apply for my kid and no document will require.

      • Thanks all for the inputs.
        Even I called the customer care and they also said its not required to send any signed consent from Indian Consulate. I just need to take a print out of Annexure D, signed it, courier it and then my wife can go alone with this Annexure D and other documents and apply for the passport.

        • Hemant,
          That’s great. Please share us your experience once your spouse submits the documents for passport to be sure for everyone’s benefit.

          • I have scheduled the appointment for 5th March. So I am not sending any attested Annexure D from Indian High commission. Also called the Passport helpline and they said its not required. I raised the service request for this and will take a printout of that once they answered. So I am sure they will accept the application. I will keep you updated.

  28. Hi,
    We both have passport and both of us are in Bangalore. We have taken appointment for Monday but all of a sudden there is important meeting scheduled for my husband and he cannot come to PSK for my baby.

    So is it fine If I go alone with baby by getting annexure D signed by my husband or his presence in PSK is mandatory?


    • Yup. Totally OK. Both of you need not go. Either of the parents can be there but both the passport in original to be carried along with all necessary documents including annx D

      • Hi Atul,
        Thanks for your reply. Yes, they don’t ask for my husband, just annexure D signed by both of us was asked. But they din’t consider letter given by my company (TCS) as address proof(Though it had signature of HR head as printed and also seperate seal by HR). Hence had to give electric bill as proof. Glad that I had taken both.

        I also had been for my spouse name endorsement.
        My husband name had Given name(his father name) in he passport, but not in marriage certificate. Hence they asked me to get marriage declaration form filled. They told, if not submitted, it will create problems in my child’s passport process.

        Tip: Please carry change with you as you may be asked to get photocopy of any document or acknowledgement. There is photocopy machine near Token counter. You may have to go back there to get it done.

  29. Hi,

    My passport has AP address(my permanent address same as in my adhar card) also Spouse name is included. My wife’s passport has different AP address from me. Now we are planning to apply passport for my new born. Baby’s birth certificate has permanent address as same as it is in my passport., but present address is given as Bangalore. Can I apply for passport in AP for my baby? Will present address in birth certificate case any issue? And mine n my wife’s address is different in our passports and adhar cards, will this have any impact on my baby’s passport application?

    • I had to apply for passport for my 5mnths old baby.i went to trivandrum psk.as there was appointment slots when i requested to send me inside they dint allow saying they will allow only at appointment time.inside the counters to take token i had to wait for more than half an hour as there was no priority for infants or anything.even if they are seeing im standing with baby they dint say anything. people were trying to get in queue in between.. but after getting token and verification of documents was done soon.i seriously think there must be separate queue for infants or kids below 4 years.

    • Umesh,
      The address on your baby’s birth certificate does not matter. All the address differences in your passport, your spouse passport does not matter. What matters is where you live now and you need to provide address proof for the same. There maybe police verification as it is upto the discretion of the passport officer.

  30. 1. What should be the online form value for Employment status for my 3 and Half child which is going in play school ? two fields as possible i believe Student or Not Employed.
    2. For Education level it would be 7 Pass or less for same ?
    3. non-ECR will be set to no for kids ?

  31. Hi Kumar,
    I have one question, if my wife passport have given name as Priyanka Amit Dixit but in birth certificate of kid, mother name is Priyanka Dixit, so in this case if we apply for kid passport will there be any issue? and which name they will pic as mother name ‘Priyanka Amit Dixit’ or ‘Priyanka Dixit’ , another question the address proof that we will give for kid passport should be on which name ‘Priyanka Amit Dixit’ or ‘Priyanka Dixit’ as I am in abroad Please advise

    • Amit,
      It is recommended to get the name on birth certificate fixed right now to avoid any future issues. We had a minor issue and I fixed birth certificate before I went for issuance of passport. Maybe they may accept, but I did it by fixing the name on birth certificate.

  32. Hi,
    I have one question, IN my wife passport under spouse name my name is appear with my father name as middle name ex- Amit Uma Narayan Dixit, while in my passport my given name is only Amit Dixit and under father name column Uma Narayan Dixit is appearing, will it cause any issue while applying passport for my kid

    • Amit,
      It may or may not, hard to say. To be safe, you can carry relevant documentation so that you can get your spouse passport fixed as well.

      • Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for clarification just have one more query if I want to go for spouse name change in my wife passport will it will be like issue a new passport or they will made correction on old one, one more thing my wife is currently not staying in address which is mentioned in her passport we moved to other city. Please advise the same

        • She will get a new passport with the change done. Address in the old does not matter. You will need to carry your current address proof as well.

  33. Hi,
    I have applied passport for 2 month old baby..Its bring around 13 days I got any notification about it..since my husband s in Canada I went alone nd submitted documents wit annexure C nd D. V both hav passports nd my name s in his passport.I want to know whether I will get police verification. Nd don know y its getting late..could u help me wit some information?

  34. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for my two months old baby, as I am abroad and my wife is India can she alone go for applying passport, secondly my wife passport have my name as spouse but my passport not have my wife name, can I apply for my kid passport.
    I also had marriage certificate

    • Amit,
      She can apply, but you will need to send a signed affidavit from Indian High commission that is stamped by them. Also, the corresponding original Annexure. Your wife can carry both of the originals and then apply.

  35. Hi I would like to apply for passport for my 10 month old son.
    1. His birth certificate has our present address in Shimoga
    2. My passport has my permanent address in Mysore. Spouse name endorsed.
    3. My husband’s passport has his permanent address in Sirsi.

    I am planning to apply in pso of Mysore. Are the different addresses going to be a problem? Do we need to change my son’s address to one of ours in the birth certificate before proceeding? Please advise.

  36. Hi,
    I had applied for the passport of my 7 months old daughter and both parents were present and passport copies submitted for appointment. Everything was cleared and we also received her passport 2 days ago. Today a police constable visited our home for verification. He verified all documents also neighbors sign and all the formalities we’re done. Now even after everything he said that we (both parents) along with our baby have to visit the police station again for verification and fingerprint. I had not read about visiting necessary after verification in any blog so I even called psk and they confirmed that it is not in their protocol but also mentioned that sometimes it is the police station’s call. But I think it is absolutely unnecessary and troublesome and they are doing this for bribe. Do you have any suggestion?

    • Roohi,
      Yes, there is no rule as such. I also smell something fishy maybe the police want something…I do not know, if they have right to call you to police station, unless something is wrong…It would not hurt visiting the police station to avoid issues. You can always decline to bribe and just give fingerprints and come back…

  37. I had a tough time getting a passport for my minor son. When I applied in 2015, his father was not giving consent and he was abroad, also he is an Australian citizen, so I applied as single parent. I was refused at the time of applying as they said there was no other way and that I had to get the consent of the father, who was just for name sake. Also there was no spouse name in my passport and I submitted the marriage certificate for that. The application was forwarded to Passport office and I met the Passport Officer in person and he said the same thing that he wanted the consent of the father. No other option. Though at that time too the Annexure was present for the case when one parent was not giving consent but they refused to accept it. The passport was issued only when I got the consent from my husband signed in the Consulate of India. He said to me ” If I wouldn’t have given consent, could you be able to get the passport made.” I am worried I will have to face a similar situation during re-issue of his passport as the situation is worse now. The whereabouts of his father are not known as of now. I am not divorced but separated without any proof. I got to know that the rules for single parents have been relaxed in 2016 but what is the proof that one needs to show that she is a separated not divorced? Is there any hope my son’s passport will get re-issued ?

    • Hi Rida,
      Yes, the rules are now better now for scenarios like yours. When you go for re-issue, you will need to submit Annexure C and it has all the options. In your case, you may select option g, which says “The father/mother of……………………..(name of minor child) has deserted me after the conception/delivery. That…………………(name of minor child) is exclusively under my care and custody since separation/delivery.” That should be help get the passport renewed and avoid issues. You can check the passport website document advisor to get confirmation on documents, depending on your case.

  38. I’m applying passport for my daughter, and I have only online printed copy of her birth certificate, will that be accepted as original birth certificate.

    • Well, I am not sure. I think they may ask for original…all you can do is go to a mee seva kendra or municipal office and pay 100 rupees and get one on the actual paper that they print in.
      In fact, I had a situation for the bank, where they wanted original. I had the copy from online, they sent someone to mee seva kendra and got it printed.

    • Hi Rida ,
      Even if the rules are relaxed those are just in the document . When you actually visit in person , the officers just mumble with each other that there is no id proof of father , how is that possible , how shall we except . I went through the same scenario but the reason for me is he has not completely deserted us , but keeps on travelling within India and is never available for us so I selected option 1 in Annexure C . They accepted the application only after providing some ID of Father in which case I gave his Adhaar card . But they were still keen on to have his passport . Finally the accepted the application but with police verification. When asked why this has been sent for police verification the officer gave me the reason that My name on birth vcertificate is Asawari Saolapurkar where as my name on passport is Asawari Galgali . But I have my spouse name present on my passport ,so this shouldnt have been the issue ideally.Just the rules are changed but the struggle for single mothers is still the same.

  39. Hi everyone, Can someone guide me regarding the process for applying for the passport for my new born baby. Unfortunately the problem is that I will not be able to accompany him to the passport office since I will be outside the country for job related work. But my wife can accompany him. Thanks

  40. Sir,
    I am having twins 2 months old, i need tatkaal passport for them. Do i need to take prior appointment? What are the documents required for them apart from birth certificate and parents passport? How much time it takes for issuance of tatkaal passport?
    My passport is having old address. I am currently living in other city and shifted there permanently with a new address. Will this affect my kids application for tatkaal passport? Do i need to change the address first ? or can i apply directly without address change?

    • It varies by the passport office. I would highly recommend to take the appointment to avoid last minute issues. That’s all you need. Also, address proof of your current address. It should not affect. But, they may do a police verification, which should be fine in my view. You do not have to change your address on passport, the key thing is that you need to have your spouse name endorsed on your passport or your spouse have your name endorsed on his passport, that’s all. If not, you can do it during the application process of baby passport, but you need to take prior appointment for that too on the same day and process yours first and then your kids.

  41. Hi I have too taken appointment at PSK for minor, re issue with change in address ,will the PV be required in this case?

    1) minor is 17 years old and opting for 10 years validity passport

    2) I have just renewed my passport (having spouse name) with address changed , PV was done in my case

    3) Mothers passport is valid however with old address( as changed rented house)

    4) Both our Adhar cards have current address, as well as rent agreement in both name.

    5) minors Adhar card address yet to be changed

    6) no documents of minor showing current address

    So considering all above will th PV would be required compulsory


  42. Hi,

    That’s a clear explanation of your experience. It’s really a helpful one.

    I have one question as below:
    I am from Andhra Pradesh, currently working in Bangalore. The address in my and my wife’s passport is of home town’s address (AP) . I am having Aadhaar Card, Gas Connection Bill as current address (Rental) proof of Bangalore. My kid is also having aadhaar card (but the address is of AP).
    Can we apply for my kids passport in Bangalore by giving AP’s address as proof, or do we need to apply in AP only. Please advise.


    • Venu,
      You should apply in Bangalore as that’s where you live. Address on your baby’s Aadhar does not matter as they are still minors. You need to submit address proof of your Aadhar card, Rental proof and kid’s birth certificate.

  43. My son is 1year old, and i want to get Passport of my son, wife and renewal of mine. Can we get it done without Appointment and direct walk in of all 3 applications.?

    • I have one question,

      Both parents are required to visit , or only mother can do with both passports? My husband leaves abroad. Also both original passport required?


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