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Passport Seva Kendra Experience for Passport Renewal – Mumbai, India, 2013

One of our readers, Vishwanth, posted this experience of applying for passport renewal in Mumbai, it is a good experience and gives a lot of positive hope and changes in the system. Thanks to Vishwanth.

Background – Appointment – Passport Office

The experience is fantastic. I just am unable to believe it.

I applied for renewal of my passport on 14th June and got an appointment fixed for 9th July 2013.
Like a good old way I went to passport office 1 1/2 hr before the appointment time along with 20 sets of different testimonials/ certificates originals and 2 copies each.


The private guard outside Mumbai Malad office was courteous, allowed us inside only 15 minutes early. I stood in the token counter and got my file papers in 5 minutes before appointment time. Then I got into the three step process.


Three Step Process at Passport office

Process at Section A
It took me about 10 minutes to get into “A” process which you have outsourced to TCS, that included photo and finger prints and checking of documents. He just took 10 minutes to do it all and just took two of my electricity bills one June 2013 and the other one year before.


Process at Section B

I had to wait about 20 minutes for B process of passport authorities’ verification who said police will come and verify other documents. He just saw again the same documents of old passport copies and electricity bills copies

Process at Section C

I had to wait another 15 minutes for the C process of the final authority for granting the passport a lady who just said everything is in order and since you have not changed address no problem.

I stood again in a line for receipt of the renewal application and walked out. The receipt said no police verification needed.

Just in 1 hour from appointment time I was out of the passport office .

Passport delivery to home – 3 days !

I expected the passport to come in another one month time with police verification.

I was pleasantly surprised to see the passport just in 3 days of appointment or 25 days of application.

I am clear the time taken in the AC office can further be reduced by half but it will take some time for you to do so.

I had a doubt how the quality of photo will be and again I want to say it is reasonably good. I was the only person in about 100 odd persons who had a tie and a coat.

I can only say Kudos to the authorities for making this change happen. It had definitely brought in smile on my face and I believe this is definitely a change in the right direction and better office productivity

Mumbai India


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  1. It’s either lies or unbelievable to get a renewal without PCC . Maybe non govt employees are issued without police verification in the present Govt scenario

    • In general, there is police verification for everyone who applies for new passport. More specific to get PCC is not required for most of them, unless special cases.

  2. process may have simplified but the employees at PSK and regional Passport office in Hyderabad have not gotten rid of their dirty attitude, they treat customers as animals, you cannot ask them anything, if you dont understand something, leave it because if you ask them they will start abusing you so badly that you will feel ashamed of being born on earth. The harassment is still there, i didnt see much of a change towards good. They do not value the time and patience of so many customers.

  3. Wonderful experience – had been for address change. Passport delivered the next day. I give 5 star to the new process:-) Police verification was the only painful process which happened post passport issue but service by PSK is awesome

  4. Due to address have to reissue the passport ,I want to know how much time require after appointment ? police verification required ? if require then how much time it will take for police verification after appointment date . I am from Rajkot,Gujarat

  5. My passport expired on2012.and I renewed new passport I got my new passport. At that time my residential address was changed .then I cancel stamped my new passport due to my residential qdress changed . Now I need to apply a new passport present address. What r the document should I apply for ris sue or fresh. Please help me out of problems

  6. I had a worst experience in Thane PSK, i had gone to Renewal of my passport office and my passport had ECR- emigration check required. I had carry all my documents and , which was required along with originals and My 10th mark sheet and certificate. Once the officer at counter verified my documents, he said go to lady officer incharge, who will say if all the documents are accurate. I went and meet the lady, she was very blunt and bad temper, she was shouting using bad words to old people. Thane is WORST PSK, especially the Head of PSK lady..!!!


  8. I have received my Passport after duly following all the steps required in the process and post Police Verification.
    But, now I want to change my name in the Passport.
    Currently, it is like:
    Given Name: Tanzeel
    Surname: Osama

    I want to make it to:
    Given Name: Tanzeel Osama
    Surname: Ansari

    Rest everything will remain the same.
    Now the question is, will this change in the Passport, attracts Police Verification? Because that will directly mean shelling out another Rs.1000 in the name of PV.

    P.S.: Apart from Name, all the other entries such as Address, DOB, Parent’s name etc., will remain the same.
    Please help!


  9. The Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) process is a big improvement over the earlier tedious manual procedure but there is still scope for improvement. In the entire process, the bottleneck is the Police departments. Delays begin once a request for Police Verification is initiated by PSK.
    While it is understood that Aadhaar is not yet mandatory, for applicants who do possess Aadhaar, the applicant’s fingerprints can be matched to the UIDAI database to ascertain whether the applicant has any adverse record. No Police verification must be sought where the applicants are found not to have an adverse record.
    It is my understanding that the Police departments receive a fee from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). This fee is based on speed of delivery i.e. a higher amount is paid by MEA to the Police department when the verification is done expeditiously. It appears that this is not enough incentive for the Police to clear outstanding requests for verification either because of shortage of staff or because of their inclination to do as little as possible.
    Another problem is the jurisdiction of Police stations. I live in Bandra ergo my Police station is Bandra Police Station. Sadly, this is not the case. I fall under the Khar Police station because the Bandra Police Station jurisdiction ends at 30th road. The problem with this is little anomaly is that PSK will initiate the Police verification from Bandra Police Station. Bandra Police Station then has to forward the request to the Khar Police station. This is a wasted effort and one whose results are not guaranteed. I speak from experience because on two of my personal visits to the Bandra Police station I found the officers to be less than cooperative.
    Hopefully the process will be improved so as to alleviate the burden placed on the Police departments and to improve PSK’s delivery dates.

  10. Respected Sir/Mam , I Urvi Solanki Has Visited the passport kendra in Malad n all the verifications has been done… and is dispached on date 10th of july but yet not reached till now to itz designation… msg sent to us as BO1067897552214: Passport No. M0088378 dispatched on 10/07/2014 and can be tracked using Speed Post Tracking No. EA416450520IN …!! In case of this what should i do..?? plzz do the needfull…!!

  11. I recently went to Passport Seva Kendra, Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu for change of address. Employees in Seva Kendra is really polite and helpful. But, officers (C-Section) from Government of India still think that they are the lord and make you to worship them. One of the id..t officer (C-Section) asked me to show my passport and I did so. He, without thinking what he is talking about, asked me to show the Indian Passport. I really shocked to hear that. He is from Issuing Authority (GOI). I told him that this is an Indian passport and had renewed it in Indian Embassy.
    The passport had Indian Emblem and “Republic of India” like any other Indian Passport. There is no difference except place of issue and current address.
    Then he went through his system and found that the police verification was not available while issuing my first passport on 1996. In fact, police officer at that time came to my door and got what he needs. He referred my case to his superior officer who in turn took all my passports and kept himself and referred my case to Madurai seva kendra, Tamil Nadu.

    After 12 days, I received a call from my local police station for enquiry. I know it’s going to be tougher than Passport Seva Kendra. So I prepared all the documents like ration card, a resident certificate from VAO along with two witnesses from my village.

    Police officer enquiry begins…. answered his questions… gave my evidence and showed my witnesses… Officer got signature from my witnesses as well…. now comes next question…. Where is your old passports? I told him that the officers from passport seva kendra took all my passports. Officer said he needs to know the reason for that. I explained the reason…. again he puts the same question…. I explain the same…Again, Police officer said he needs to see the passport and enquiry is done for today… come tomorrow.

    I called the police officer after 4 days and explained my case details. He immediately asked me to come over to the police station. I thought everything will be done today. As soon as I met him, he started again from the same question that he needs to see the passport@#$%^&*. I explained the reason… He asked me to come again tomorrow with the copy of my passports.

    I am going to meet him tomorrow with the copy of all my passports. Let us see how will it go.

    • This is not yet done. Now, I am getting call from Police Officer for enquiry related to a Civil case filed by a lady who claims the property is an Ancestral One. I am not sure how it affects in issuing Passport.

  12. I hv also applied with normal process and police verification is done at thana and file is send to sp office now how many days it will take to get my passport pls reply

  13. I had a very bad and different experience with name bifurcation. The psk staff did not no such thing exists. I had a given name. vinay kumar but empty surname field. I had booked a visa IV date for Mid June 2014. So a friend told me that in USA surname is required for many important things like opening accounts etc. and I’ll have to bifurcate name in passport and add a surname. So I searched net and found that true. I down loaded a form 2 from net and filled it and went to the PSK. To my horror they did not know there was a thing like name split or name bifurcation. They forced me to apply online for reissue of passport which was just issued in the month of september 2013. This happened on the 5th june 2014. To add insult to injury RPO accidently clicked pre-verification on his computer. He promised that he will correct it later but after 6 days I got a call from a police officer that my verification is being done so I need to visit police station. I said I am a govt. employee so why pre verification? To that he replied I dont know. So I went to police station and the verification was
    done. Now after two days I am seeing the status of the web site as ” Passport printed and a sms or e-mail will be sent when passport is dispatched.”

    I had no option but to cancel my visa IV which was scheduled for 16th. as I know passport will not reach my door step in two days as it is not dispatched till now and 15th being the sunday.
    This was a horror story as no one knew the procedure at PSK. This passport should have been issued to me on the same day as it was just a name split or name bifurfaction as it is called in the technical jargon. but I was not lucky as you guys .

    so I’m still waiting for the passport to reach me so that I could book another date for my visa interview.

    • If you are Govt employee make sure you will get Annexure “B” from your office in duplicate on original stationary and make sure that you upload it in correct code “IC” or 8058, because the data entry operator of TCS even doesn’t know about difference in Annex B & Annex M, if the operator entered your Annex B in code of Annex M you cannot avoid the Police verification even after submitting Annex B

  14. I really have a different scenario. I am in my H1B. Currently in US for 6 months. I have to come to india for my marriage and I will be staying for just 3 weeks. But my passport expires in another 2 months. So if I want to come back to US again i need minimum 6 months validity in my passport. So I need to apply for passport renewal in indian PSK(Madurai) in tatkal. While filling the online form it is asking for current address. Can I use my US address or my india permanent address? If I use my US address as current address will there be any difference in Police verification?


    • Dude..u can renew your passport from US also. They are more quicker than india passport office staff. They will give you passport in 1 day. Google about it you will get more info. Renew your india passport in USA and thn travel to India

      • Thanks for your reply. But the fact it will cost me 800$ and i need to travel to Washington DC jurisdiction. I will not get a time off before my travel… just thinking how unlucky i am…


        • Hi,
          I also found this from the US official website..


          Indian citizen can travel to US if the passport is just valid and does not require a 6 month rule…

          Is this true?


  15. Sir,
    I need to renew my passport and change my address on my passport please show me the way how to go a head

  16. I am staying in Bangalore for last 18 months(From May 2012).
    I want to get passport for my Wife and daughter, But i was unable to arrange a one year address proof for my wife.
    So i decided to apply for reissue of passport for SPouse name addition and address change. That will enable me to use my passport as address proof for my wife.

    I applied for the reissue via online submission of the application in Tatkal quota.
    The application was accepted and i got an appointment for 26-Nov-2013, 12.30 PM at Marathalli PSK.

    I had the following documents with me
    1. The reissue application ARN.
    2. My original Passport
    3. Original Marriage Certificate
    4. Gas Connection Book
    5. Gas Cylinder bills from Jul 2012 to Nov 2013.
    6. Two Passport size photos

    I took 3 photo copies of each of the above mentioned documents.

    I reached the Marathalli PSK at 12.00.
    I was allowed to stand in the queue at 12.15.
    I was let in at 12.30.

    I stood in the Tatkal queue.
    I was asked for ARN prinout and the following photo copies
    1. Passport
    2. Gas bills and Gas Books
    3. Marriage Certificate

    On submission of these documents the Official at the counter asked me to wait till my name is called out.

    My name was called out after 15 minutes.
    The official at the counter told me that i cannot apply for the reissue in TATKAL since Police Verification was incomplete from my original passport.
    I requested to take the application in Normal Quota. The application was accepted in normal quota and i was issues a token.

    I completed the formalities at counter A, B and C and i was out of the PSK at 2.15 with Acknowledgement status “Granted”.

    A Police officer called me saying he will visit the address mentioned in the application at 10.00 am on 30-Nov-2013.
    I was told the documents that will be required on his visit.

    A Police Office arrived at my home at 10.30 am.
    I gave the following document(Photo Copies).

    1. Original Passport
    2. Gas Bills(July -2012 and Nov-2013)
    3. PAN card
    4. Adhaar Card (Not Mandatory)

    The Police official told me that the concerned Inspector who will sign the report will be available on 09-Dec-2013 since he is out of station.

    10-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “PVR report submitted to Bangalore Police Commissioner’s Office”.
    12-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Police have submitted a clear report for the address”.
    13-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printing in Progress”.
    14-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport Printed and will be dispatched soon”.
    18-Dec-2013, On the Passport website, The status was “Passport A1234567 has been dispatched on 18/12/2013 via Speed Post Tracking Number AA123456789IN”.
    19-Dec-2013, I collected the Passport at my house at 2.00 pm.

  17. Hi,
    We are going to apply for a re-issue of my wife passport with Suname & Address change.
    Will they do police verification again? Please clarify..

    Thanks In advance…

    • No. They will NOT do a re-verification. However, you will have to shell out Rs.1500/- towards change of personal particulars in your passport. I just got the information changed on my wife’s passport last week. You will just have to fill out a downloadable form from the website, fill it up- pay your fees online for the appointment and then head to the Passport Seva Kendra on the designated appointment date and you will have to go through the A-B-C sections (A-TCS, B-Passport Official’s Initial Document and Information Verification, C-Second round of verification). It might take you a couple of hours if you get an appointment for first thing in the morning. However, if you get an appointment for post lunch assume that you would be leaving the premises by 1700-1800 hrs. Good luck with the same.


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