New Born Baby Passport Application Experience in Passport Seva Kendra PSK in India

New Born Baby Passport Applying Experience at Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) India

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The passport office used to be a place of big mess with long lines and tedious process. It is amazing how the system has changed after Passport Seva Kendra(PSK) operations have been outsourced to TCS. Private organizations outsourcing totally defines quality of service and incomparable. Couple years ago, I shared my experience of process at Hyderabad Passport Seva Kendra for Passport renewal. In this article, let me share my PSK experience applying passport for our new born baby in Tirupati, India.  This article is continuation to article on how to Apply for new born baby passport India, required documents.

Who will be allowed into Passport Seva Kendra ?  Walk-in or Appointment ?

Only Mother, Father and the baby will be allowed into PSK office. You need to carry your appointment letter or Application Receipt (ARN) copy.  PSK website states that you do a direct walk-in without any appointment, if you are applying for a Minor’s passport between 0 to 3 years old. Many of our readers confirmed the same and did a direct walk-in  to the PSK, just check the hours of walk-in. In my case, I did not know that info, so I took an appointment and went to the PSK office at the given time and I was let inside along with my wife and baby.  If you are doing a walk-in ensure that you are carrying enough cash for paying towards the application fee.

Step by Step Process inside Passport Seva Kendra office.

  • Once the security guard checks your appointment or application receipt letter, they will let you in.
  • All the processing is done by TCS, so it is done very well and they are not like regular government employees and do a good job as they seem to have some metrics.
  • You do NOT have to stand in regular line as you are with a baby, you can go to a separate line that is dedicated for senior citizens and kids, where you will give all your documents to the person there.
  • They will verify your original documents like your Passports, Birth Certificate, and Check the photograph, and the Annexure D. and take the application receipt copy, passport or address proof copies, birth certificate copy. They will just verify the originals. Always you will hold the originals.
  • If you do NOT have a photo of your baby in white background, you will be asked to get that. Don’t panic, I had to do that, it will be fine. There should be something around the passport office.
  • Once verification is done, they will ask you to go to waiting hall area, if there is too much crowd.
  • Your name will be called in the waiting hall area or just around there and you will be given a file with a token number on it.

Passport Seva Kendra simplified process calls it a three step process from here : Step A, Step B and Step C, and Exit.

You will have to wait in the waiting hall and look at monitor for your token to be displayed, it will tell which counter to go in.  Now processing starts at Step A or Section A.

Step A: Take Photo, Verify Info in System, Scan Documents       

Once you go to the counter, they will check your documents originals like birth certificate, passports, address proofs, etc. and take finger print of your baby with ink.  They will ask you verify your name and spellings at this section. It is very critical to pay attention to all the details here.   They will scan the copies of your original/ Xerox copies documents and upload the same to the system.  This is the most important step in my view after this it is all just verification. So, pay attention to spellings and address here carefully.  It can take up to 10 min depending on their system speed and the person doing it.  Also, you can ask the person to disable text message notifications, if you have chosen it while filling application form, as it is not required. The person processing said that you do not need it as there would not be police verification and it is very straightforward for minors, so why waste Rs.100 or so for SMS charge and he removed that. Once you are done at Step A or section A, you will be asked to go to other waiting area.

Step B : Verification of documents, originals.

Once your token number appears in the monitors, you go to section B or step B. This is an additional verification step done by the Government employee. They will look at each and every original document and cross verify the details.  I believe, this is to ensure that all of the documents are thoroughly verified. It takes roughly 2 to 3 min here, nothing much to do here.  After this again, you go back to the waiting area for your turn.

Step C: Passport Issuing Officer – Verification

You come to the passport issuing officer after your token appears in the monitor. The officer is a government employee and will ask for your originals. They did NOT ask us any other questions. They just blindly looked at documents and said, it is done. It took about 2 minutes or less. That’s it ! Now you go the last step.

Exit Step : Give the Application Receipt and Token, get Acknowledgement Receipt.

After the above Step C, you just go to the exit section and give them your token number and application receipt. The person there will take that info and give you an acknowledgement receipt with the respective information.  The acknowledgment slip will tell you some things like, if police verification required or not, etc.  In general, there is no police verification required for a minor passport, if the parents have passport. It said that Police verification not required for my case.  That’s it, you are all set and you now wait for your passport to be delivered.

Next Steps – Printing of Passport, Speed Post Delivery

I checked the status, couple of days after my appointment and it said, the passport is printed. I was amazed by it. You will get an email with the info like this : This is to inform you that Passport has been printed for your application with File Number XXXXXX.The same will be issued to you after Lamination, Signing and Quality Check. “

Almost after 4 to 5 days you will get another email saying that your passport has been dispatched via speed post. It can take anywhere from 1 to 4 days depending on your place. Overall, the process took little over 10 days and it is impressive for a normal processing passport.

What has been your experience ?  Did you get it earlier ? Did I miss anything ?
Minor Passport Applying Experience from Chennai PSK – 2017  by Sathish.
(Thanks to Sathish for sharing his experience.) I went to PSK Saligramam in chennai today. Wanted to highlight few things.

1. No direct walkins for Minors.
2. If you have two kids, (Which was my case, they allowed one extra person (inlaw) to accompany) Not sure about grown up kids above 10+ . I had 2 months and 1.5 yrs kid.
3. SMS fee is 45 Rs
4. TIL/ TCS sells leather passport cover in PSK and they will ask for it in A counters. (350/450/550 rs)
5. The best thing you can do is book appointment for 9 AM slot or 9 15 as there wont be any backlogs and entire process completed in 1 Hr and youll get priority from document verification counter.
6. Minors get S tokens instead of N tokens and they have priority.
7. Anexxure H is different from Annexure D. when bth parents have passport and accompanying the child then it should be Anexxure D.
8. Having Aadhaar card helps in speeding the process and makes a No Police verification grant. Address on my spouse passport was different to mine. but Aadhaar had it same for both of us.


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Comments ( 237 )

  1. sodhan mahajan

    Here in Mahisagar district there is provision of no police verification of infants for passport. Even through passport is delivered to infant police continuously insist parents for police verification and even if informing them that we have received passport and no need of police verification of infant they rudely behaved with parents and insisted to do the verification. So many infants verification has been done even after receiving the passport of infant. So please inform them not to harrase the parents. Even they take thumb impression of infant with blue ink.

  2. Saravanan G

    We have applied passport for our 4 weeks old new born. My wife has been appeared for application submission along with my new born today. Becuase I’m currently in UK and has sent sworn affidavit document. Also my wife passport has spouse name endorsed in it.
    As per the information in passport site, I can see no verification required in this case.
    But the passport officier initiated police verification for giving passport for my 4 weeks old new born.
    Is there any other way to skip the verification?
    How long does it take to get the passport delivered in this case?

  3. Mohd Rehan

    i am Indian i am staying in grand Comoros, here no Indian embassy available for my newborn baby how i can apply Indian passport please advise.

  4. Papireddy

    I would like to apply passport for our infant baby which is barely 15days old and we are having valid passports and endorsed each other’s name in our passports,our query is that I have logged onto passport website and I could not able to apply and take appointment for applying passport.
    How can I apply for passport for our baby.
    Shall we directly visit to passport service kendra or need appointment from passport service kendra.
    Please advise.

  5. Harish


    I need to apply for my 1 year Baby, in my passport my wifes name is added and in my passport the address is my native address.
    Now for my Baby I want in the new address when we stay now.
    Also parallel my wife’s passport is getting expired and in her passport my name need to be added and the new address also need to be updated.
    Hence can I apply for my baby showing my passport which has wifes name in that. But the address need to be the new address.

    Can I apply for my Baby and wife at the same time.
    Also can we get a appointment one month in advance.

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. administrator

      The address on the passport of your wife or yours does not really matter. You can apply for both of them at the same time. Seek advice of the Passport Office, when you enter at the first counter. They may suggest that you apply for your wife first, get the application number and then apply for your baby on the same day ( just after an hour or so), it is quite possible. You should get appointment to avoid issues. Not sure, if the slots open one month before. I have only seen them open 10 days in advance.

  6. Ramesh V


    The passport process is very bad. For my child, they have initiated police verification even we have given parent passport. This is too bad. it seems…it will take 2 to 3 weeks time. Now the status shows that “Police verification has been sent to SP office”. This is stupid process, 2 years old child why this is required. Very bad experience.


    1. administrator

      If the address is different, the police verification will trigger or based on the discretion by the passport officer based on your passport and history. It is usually done to avoid fraud and child trafficking.

  7. Rubitah

    Hi Kumar!
    Thanks for this write up. I have a query too. My husband works in Bahrain and has his kerala address on the passport while I have Delhi address on my.passport. Since my baby was born in Delhi I put his present and permanent address as delhi address only. Will this be a problem? Also since we would be flying to Bahrain soon after the passport arrives, how will the police verification happen? Should we contact them somehow before leaving?

    1. hkhan

      Police verification is not done for minors if both parents have passports and each others name endorsed in each others passport.

      As far as address is concerned ,in my childs passport address is of my wife which is different from mine and no problem whatsoever, I have even got visa successfully applied for my child for uae.

  8. Bibin

    Hi, I have a valid passport with my wife’s name endorsed. Now I want to apply a passport for my newborn baby. The problem is we are staying in a new house and my passports address is old one. Is there any problem to apply passport for my baby, with new address? And also wants to take passport for my wife. Need reply

  9. Abhirup

    Do both parents need to visit the PSK while getting the child’s passport done?
    My wife and I have our names endorsed as spouse in each other’s passport. However since I am in Bangalore and she is in our hometown we would like to get the child’s passport done without me needing to travel back.

    1. ashwani

      Generally both parents are required during verification process. If you are not available then sworn affedevit is needed in some psks

      1. Atul Yadav

        Both parents are not required and no need of affidavit for the same..
        You just need to submit annexure D with signature of both parents

  10. Yusuf

    Q7: We are planning to apply for passports for our kids (minors). Is it necessary that my name should be included in my wife’s passport?
    A: If either parent of a minor holds a valid passport with spouse name endorsed, passport will be issued to the minor without any police verification. Original passport of parent(s) should be presented for the verification of particulars. If parent(s) hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they must get the spouse name added in their passport. For this, they have to apply for re-issue of passport and get the specified change done in personal particulars. Thus, it is necessary that spouse name should be endorsed on the parent’s passport.
    Q8: Is it necessary that both parents should have passport before applying for their child’s passport?
    A: It is not necessary that both parents should have a passport before applying for their child’s passport. The advantage of either parent holding a valid passport with spouse name endorsed is that it exempts their child from the Police Verification process.

  11. thomas

    I need to apply for re-issue of passport (adult).
    For this I have filled the online application and submitted the same. Can I go now to PSK Madurai as a walk-on and pay there in cash or should I pay and book an appointment online?

    All my personal details are still the same as in the old passport (address, name, etc,.. Is it true that I need only my old original passport and self-attested copies of the same?


  12. Nasi


    I panning to apply passport for my one year old baby.
    My name is not endroled in my husbend’s passport.but my husbend name is endorsed in my passport.the adress is diffrent in both of our passport. I think that to given my hubend’s adress in my baby’s passport.

    Please suggest will there be any issue when submitting both of our passport as proof.

      1. administrator

        Both passports need not be endorsed. Endorsement in either one of the parents passport is sufficient. I have applied for my baby, where my wife’s passport was not endorsed with mine. We have got our kids passport without any issues.

      2. Yusuf

        Q7: We are planning to apply for passports for our kids (minors). Is it necessary that my name should be included in my wife’s passport?
        A: If either parent of a minor holds a valid passport with spouse name endorsed, passport will be issued to the minor without any police verification. Original passport of parent(s) should be presented for the verification of particulars. If parent(s) hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they must get the spouse name added in their passport. For this, they have to apply for re-issue of passport and get the specified change done in personal particulars. Thus, it is necessary that spouse name should be endorsed on the parent’s passport.
        Q8: Is it necessary that both parents should have passport before applying for their child’s passport?
        A: It is not necessary that both parents should have a passport before applying for their child’s passport. The advantage of either parent holding a valid passport with spouse name endorsed is that it exempts their child from the Police Verification process.

  13. hkhan

    Dear Kumar,

    I want to apply passport for my new born daughter (1 month old) in Mumbai. Both me and my wife have each other’s name endorsed. Can i give my wife’s address in my child’s passport or only my address can be given?. In my daughter’s birth certificate also, my wife’s address is written.

    1. administrator

      It does not matter. You should give the address, where your baby will live along with you. You will need to provide two references as well, when you fill out the application. There is no rule as such that addresses should match. The requirement is to give the current address where the baby would reside along with parents.

      1. hkhan

        Hi kumar,
        Thanks for the advice.
        Went to psk lower parel and the process was lightning fast. In 15 minutes we got out. At counter A the employee took baby’s left thumb fingerprint and checked all entrys. Then moved to counter B and there he just asked for both of our passport and birth certificate copy of baby. That set he said you can exit now. I was surprised that there was no need to visit counter C. Only mine and my wife’s passport and original birth certificate was needed nothing else, they didn’t even ask adhaar.

  14. abdul wahab

    Hi dear respected sir hope u OK and doing well ,
    We are couple from Afghanistan studying in chittoor AP we have a baby born in india and now she is 7month we have already got birth certificate India and now we want to apply for Indian passport plz guide us and tell us the process . and plz tell me that is it possible to apply for passport in Chittoor or Tirupati ?

  15. Kumar

    I am planning to apply for my 5 month baby passport next week. I booked the appointment as I opted for tatkal in the ARN it is stated that VC (verification certificate) is needed. Is VC mandatory for minors under tatkal.

    1. ashif

      Hi Kumar,

      I also need to apply passport for my 7 months daughter. I submitted application online. Its same asking for Verification certificate either from Annexure “F” or Annexure “J”. Can you please tell me with whom did you stamped your VC?

      1. administrator

        It should not ask anything. In fact, all you need to do is carry Annexure H and it is self attested, no need to go to anyone for stamping. Check the requirements again on the website.

  16. shanaz

    my husband is working abroad. .He has sent sworn affidavit.. the problem is I have not added my spouse name in my passport .. will it creat any issue to apply my baby’s passport??

  17. Reddy

    I want to apply for passport for my 6 months old baby , myself & spouse passport same address, birth certificate is ready, Adhar card ready.
    present i am working in abroad, In this case, they allow only spouse.
    Can I apply for passport at the Seva kendra with my absence?

    1. administrator

      You will need to send a sworn affidavit from the nearest Indian high comission, where you work in abroad along with Annexure H signed by you. Your spouse can carry the originals sent by you and go to PSK to get passport. Also, if the spouse name is not endorsed on either of the passports, that has to be done too and it can be done at the same time.

      1. Reddy

        Dear Kumar,

        Received sworn affidavit through Indian high comission, another doubt Annexure H also required through Indian high comission(or ) only my sign is enough in Annexure H to send India). OR
        One parent applying , Annexure G should be submitted by the parent at the PSK.

        Thank You.

        1. administrator

          You will need to sign and send physical copy of Annexure H, your spouse will sign the same document as well and submit. You can check with embassy or PSK customer service to confirm.

  18. Vidya

    Hi all, How early can I apply passport for newborn? I will be staying temporarily in my mom’s place for 3months in Chennai but both hubby n my passport have bangalore address which is our permanent address.we want our Bangalore address in my baby’s passport. Should I apply only from bangalore?is it possible to apply from Chennai?plz help.

    1. administrator

      Typically, if the spouse names are endorsed and your current address is Bangalore, the child passport is issued without any verification, if you provide all address proofs for the current address. You should typically apply from the PSK that is close to the place you live. I suggest you wait and then apply once you are in Bangalore, it hardly takes a week to get passport these days.

  19. Anam Salmaan

    My husband is currently in Delhi for six weeks. I need to apply for a passport for my 3 month old baby. Can I apply for her passport at the Seva kendra in his absence?
    P.S: he has signed the annexure H.

    1. administrator

      Well, it is required to have the spouse along with the baby at PSK. If the spouse is abroad, then they request a singed sworn affidavit from high commission. I am not sure, how it works if your spouse is within India, you can speak to the Passport Seva kendra customer service to get suggestions.

    2. Raj

      Minor’s passport is kept on hold as passport office wants to verify sworn certificate. I have sent original sworn affadavit from abroad, both parents of minor have their spouses names in passport
      Has anyone experienced this?

      1. administrator

        It is always at the discretion of the passport officer, unfortunately, you will need to wait. As long as you have done it right, there is nothing to worry.

  20. nandakumari

    hi, am nandakumari, living presently in pondicherry( in parents home), my husband is working in abroad, my passport’s address is in pondicherry and my husband’s passport address is in madurai and he has endrosed my name in his passport, i have 9 month baby now, address of my baby’s birth certificate is in pondicherry. wether i can apply passport for my baby in pondicherry itself or i need to apply in madurai? and if suppose i can apply in pondicherry , what are documents needed? due to my husband’s work place is in abroad, what are the documents needed in absence of him in india?

  21. Nagarjuna buddala

    myself and my wife having passport and would like to apply for my 3 months baby passport on tatkal and i would like to collect the passport in passport office, since i will be in india for 5 days, so i need to collect passport in RPO chennai, is this option available or they send only through post?
    thanks in advance

  22. Ramya

    Dear Kumar ,
    I am resident in banglore …. I need reissue of passport for my 4 years old son ….. how can I get appointment ….. should I fill application on my son’s name or directly walk in

  23. Shakun narula

    HI there!! i was going through the comments section and found the information very useful..Would appreciate anybody can help me on the new “office memorandum” issued by Ministry of External affairs. Would like to understand with the new memo, is it feasible to get the passport of minors(9 months old) with presence of single parent. Considering all the forms in place. In this case i am based in India but cant’t reach PSK (in Delhi) due to unavoidable circumstances.

    Help needed.


    1. administrator

      It should be possible. I suggest you check the passport website or latest news. You can call the customer service, they can give you all the guidance.

  24. rahul shrivastava

    Please suggest on this, it is very urgent:

    My baby is 6 moths old(02/12/2015)

    Since last 2 month we are in BHOPAL(MP) and this is out current address, so
    we are applying from here.

    Last year I was in mumbai so in previous address section, I am putting Mumbai
    address but unable to process due to below error message:

    “residing form can not be earlier than data of birth”

    Please help.

    1. administrator

      As you are creating application for your baby, you can only give address details after your baby was born. You need to use the current address and any other address from the time your baby was born.

  25. Shahrukh

    Applying for a minor passport has proved the most craziest part ever for us at patna. The passport office sent a police enquiry at our home for a 7 months old infant, (not even termed a minor), who already left the country with my brother and his wife as the passport was issued and received even before suspecting a enquiry for the same. The office served a show cause notice to the infant as to why your passport should not be impounded. For which my mother went to the office and was said, matter would cause no issue, as the case is for a minor. Now again after 2 years a reminder notice has been served in the name of infant. Can you please let me know where is the exact rule of a police verification for a infant and what it states? so i can quote and prepare my documents. Thank you

    1. administrator

      It is crazy…but, the police verification is done at time depending on the discretion of the passport office, does not matter it is infant or adult, they want to verify if the person exists and they are in that address, nothing to do with the infant. Anyways, read this at last Question at Passport Website

  26. Devansh

    Dear kumar
    Thank you for the info.

    Can you please help me out
    My father is a govt officer and mother is a house wife.So is it required to give vc/noc/pil/ic details for my mother also cause before payment it was showing that you have to give details for dependent applicants.
    I have a doubt please help me as appointment date is nearing.

  27. Vineet

    Thanks heaps Kumar for taking the time to write this excellent and highly informative piece. Just wondering if you’ve any idea on the following –
    1) How the process and requirements are different for applying the passport of the adopted child?
    2) How to change the name of the adopted child for passport issuance purposes?

    Any pointers would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.


    1. administrator

      1) it is preciesly same as the regular passport, but with few additional documents. You will need Couple of things
      –A Declaration affirming the particulars furnished in the application about the minor as per: Annexure ‘H’
      –Valid adoption deed with photo of the child duly attested by the Court (in the case of Christians, Muslims and Parsis, a court decree/ order granting adoption/ guardianship and allowing the child to be taken out of the Country)
      2) Well, I am not sure, how it works for change of name for adopted child. I wish, I could answer.

      1. Vineet

        Thanks Kumar for the answers. I’ll try to find out how I can change the name. One thing I would like to clarify on your comment “Valid adoption deed with photo of the child duly attested by the Court” – we’ve got a valid adoption deed but not sure how we can get the child’s photo attested by court – which court to approach? Also the deed is registered with sub registrar, will sub registrar seal on the photo be not sufficient? Any thoughts?



        1. administrator

          In fact, I picked up the court info from the passport website. What you have may be sufficient. Please call their customer service, they are quite good and would clarify.

      2. Amar

        Hi – this is very helpful. I am in a similar situation, needing to get a passport for an adopted child.
        Question – does the child need to be present at the passport office during the appointment? This is a bit of a challenge for us because we have been told that the passport can only be done in Nagpur since the orphanage is in the same district … whereas the child is currently with our family in Jaipur.

        1. Vineet

          Hi Amar,

          To the best of my knowledge the child has to accompany the parents as they’ll take finger prints of the child and also I think they’ll verify the child with the photo.

          All the best.

        2. administrator

          It is mandatory to have the child at the passport office, they will take picture and fingerprints. I am not sure, what you heard is fully true. You can apply for passport at any PSK near your current address. I suggest you call the customer service and clarify, it should be possible.

          1. Amar

            Thanks, Kumar.

            We can never get through to customer service – maybe because I am trying to call from the US and the 800 number is only valid from within India. Do you happen to have another number to call? I couldn’t find one online.

          2. administrator

            You may try using the feedback form at

  28. Deepa

    Hello Kumar,

    The information you have shared is very resourceful !

    I have a query which I hope you can help with.
    We live in Mumbai and I want to apply for a passport for my two month old baby. I am presently in Bangalore at my mother’s house. Can I apply with documents of the mumbai address since that is what I want on my baby’s passport?
    Secondly, Are both parents required to be present at the PSK OR only one parent can visit the PSK with the baby?

  29. abdul

    I am planing to apply passport for my 1 year old.
    My wife’s name is endorsed in my passport, however the address is different in both of our (H &W) passports.
    Please suggest will there be any issue when submitting both of our passports as proof. I am considering my passport for address proof.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. Ashish


    Have couple of question
    1) Mine and spouse address is of Chennai but can i apply for passport for our new born at Nagpur or we need to go and apply for passport only at Chennai?
    2) Are we allowed to apply for passport under Tatkal quota for infants during walk-in or is it advisable to book prior appointment online for Tatkal applicants.

    Thank You

    1. administrator

      1. You do not need to go to Chennai, you can apply in Nagpur as that is the place you currently reside. You will need to produce proof of residence.
      2. You may, but you will need to submit extra documents as required. You can check document advisor on passport website. You need to book appointment for all of the options either tatkaal or regular.

  31. Nivethitha GV

    Without taking appointment for minors it is useless to go, atleast in bangalore PSK.
    Also spouse name should be endorsed before applying for kid’s passport. Only if all the documents are ready with valid appointment they are taking the application. 9 – 11 am they take walkin applications but all the mentioned document should be available.

    Just went for walkin yesterday and came back without doing anything.

      1. arun

        Online Payment has been made mandatory for booking appointments at Passport Seva Kendra(s) under this Passport Office. Click here for details.

        Categories of Applicants allowed as “Walk-In with ARN”

        Following mentioned categories of applicants are allowed as “Walk-in Applicants”. Applicants falling under these categories need to register Online, fill in the online application form and generate Application Reference Number (ARN) at least one day in advance before visiting the PSK. With effective from 01st March 2016 such applicants may visit the PSK Saligramam as per the time slot mentioned against each category with required set of documents and a copy of printed ARN sheet on all working days except Mondays. No walk-ins are allowed at Tambaram and Aminjikarai PSKs.
        Senior citizens above 60 years 09.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
        Physically challenged applicants (certified) 09.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
        Minor below 3 years 09.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m.
        Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) 02.00 p.m. to 04.00 p.m.
        Tatkal Applications which were scrutinized at PBO and advised to apply under normal course are allowed as ‘Walk-in’ in all three PSKs between 02.00 p.m. and 04.00p.m. on all working .

        In the absence of a Marriage Registration Certificate, a notarized joint photo affidavit signed by both husband and wife as per Annexure – D should be accepted only in case of their marriage held before 24.11.2009.
        If the marriage took place on or after 24.11.2009, a Marriage Certificate issued by the Registrar General of Marriages OR Registrar of Marriages OR Sub-Registrar or Marriages is mandatory.
        Public Visiting Hours at Regional Passport Office, Chennai : 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM on all working days except Tuesday.
        Every tuesday will be observed as Internal review day, hence public enquiry of Onhold /Escalation cases will not be attended at Regional Passport Office (RPO) Chennai.
        Passport Office’s working hours : 09.15 a.m. to 05.45 p.m. with the lunch break of half an hour from 01.15 p.m. to 01.45 p.m).

  32. ondo rachel

    I am a single mother. and my fiance and I are no longer together also he stays in my hometown and I am studying here in Bangalore for past 4 years my concern is how to apply in this case plus I was planning to go on holiday with my 8 months baby girl I am still here in Bangalore I have all my papers but not the father side one more thing my birth certificate I mean the original is in my country so what are the steps to follow in this case

    1. administrator

      ondo rachel,
      Well, if you are applying for Indian passport, you will need the original birth certificate of the baby. For single parent, you need to fill out Annexure C. I suggest you speak to the customer service for more information.

  33. Prasanna


    I have an appointment at Mangalore PSK for my 2.5 months baby on Monday at 2.00PM. Since it is difficult to take baby during afternoon, is it possible to walk-in during morning? Will there be any issue?

    I tried calling call center number, but could not reach because it is not in service. Even local PSK office number also doesn’t work.

    thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Well, you can try doing that. Typically, each PSK has different walk-in hours, your option is to check with the PSK that you plan to go. Try search on Passport website, if you get any luck. Try calling the general customer service, which should work, for the walk-in hours for that PSK.

  34. Shaik

    Q4: What is the definition of minor for issue of passport?
    A: Applicants less than 18 years of age are considered as minor for issuance of passport.

    It not true that only under 3 yrs are allowed for walking.

  35. Fahad

    Thanks for your elaborate step- by-step instructions to be followed in psk. I have one question:
    While filling an online application form for my 1-month old neice, I encountered some mandatory fields-employment(I put as unemployed) and educational qualification(I didnot know what to do). I didnot go any further but logged out. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. administrator

      Yes, you just put it as unemployed or select others. You can select 5th pass or less, thats what I selected. Usually this is required for having the passport with ECR or not, thats why the education is mandatory.

        1. administrator

          This is something you need to check with the passport office. Some of them have fixed timings. I suggest you call the customer care or the passport office number, they will guide you on timings.

      1. Srinivas

        Hi Kumar,

        Can you please help me in filling the application form? I have the same query as of Fahad. Regarding Employment(selected unemployed) and educational qualification(selected 5th pass or beow). Now it is asking me to Enter VC/NOC/PIL/IC Details. I am not sure what to fill in this section. Can you please help me?

        Thank you

        1. administrator

          I am not sure, how you got it. If you have used the PDF form, you may not have got that unless you are a Government employee. They correspond to Verfication Certificate / No Objection Certificate / Prior Initmation Letter and Identity Certificate that is typically required for government employees applying for passport. You may read more details at VC / NOC/ PIL/ IC. Try using the PDF form, it should be straightforward.

  36. veera

    Thanks Kumar for the useful information.

    I have a question. My daughter is 6yr old and we need to apply her passport (reissue). In this case, do they allow direct walk-in in this case?

    1. administrator

      I was also confused like you, When I tried to register…I could not see Tirupati. After you pay for it and try to book slot, then Tirupati will show up for booking appointment. When registering you can select Hyderabad and go for it.

      1. Raja

        Dear Kumar,

        How do I apply online for my 10 year old son (both me & my wife are passport holders)? Do I have to create a separate login id for my son or can I login to my own existing login account at & apply for him from there?
        Thanks for you helpful post.

        1. administrator

          No need for separate login. You can use your own login. All you need to do is select new application in the menu after you login. I have done for 3 from one login for my family.

          1. Raja Ray

            Update: The PSK part managed by TCS is really of professional standard. Got appointment for my son at Kolkata centre on Friday. Passport delivered next Wednesday (within 3 working days).

      2. Sreeni

        I am from Nellore , but i have a list of places to choose only in ANDRAPRADESH, except Thirupathi, I cannot choose Hyderabad on list while paying amount, can i choose vijayawada before pay and change to Thirupathi?

        1. administrator

          During payment, you can only choose anything during payment, but when you schedule appointment then you will see Tirupathi.

  37. danny

    great writing kumar. very very helpfull.
    job well done. my scenario is exactly the same as your.
    iam applying for my child in coimbatore this week…

    thanks for the writeup with details.

  38. lucky

    Hi Kumar, me and my wife both have passports but with different address as I no longer live and work in my home town address as printed in my passport and my wife passport too having her parents place address. Also our names are not endorsed in either of passports. I want to apply for passport for my 3 months old baby with my wife’s parents address…can there be any problem?

    1. administrator

      Lucky, it is mandatory to have at least one of the spouse’s passport endorsed with their spouse’s name. The good thing is that you can apply for endorsement and the new baby passport at the same time. Recently, one of my friends applied for the same in Hyderabad and got it done. Address is not an issue, you can submit your latest address. There will be police verification, which is a pretty standard process. Nothing to worry, just more process.

    2. karthik

      Hi Lucky/all,

      recently , i applied passports for my wife ( renewal -reissue), both kids.
      both of us does not have names endorsed in passports. still we are able to get all 3 passports.
      steps followed:
      booked appointment for wife passport slot. produced documents like original passports, aadhar card & marriage certifcate. my name got endordsed. immediately, with that acknowledge number
      i took tokens for my kids. ( they need to be present there for fingerprints)
      with the filenumber/ack number, they issued passports for kids
      in 4 days, we received the new passports to our address 🙂
      all the best

      1. administrator

        Thanks for sharing. If I read it correctly, the appointment for your wife and kids was on the same day but different time slots. But, first slot was your wife and after her process was complete and you took the acknowledge number from her process and then went into line and took token for kids ? Please clarify.

  39. vijay

    Hi Kumar,

    I have some question Appreciate if you can answer

    1) My passport has US address and my wife passport has India address(Madurai). My passport has my spouse name endorsed. If I apply passport for my child(newborn) can I apply at any psk location for ex can I apply at chennai even though my permanent address is Madurai?
    2) Since only my passport has my wifes name but with US address can I apply childs passport using mine or Do I need to endorse my name in my wifes passport and then apply?


    1. administrator

      1) I think, it should be ok. Because, I myself applied at the capital city of the state, when my native PSK was some other place. Technically, they all would fall under Chennai, in my view. You can double check and call the customer service for confirmation.
      2) Not required, yours is good enough. In my case only my passport was endorsed with my wife’s name. All that matters is the address you plan to have for your kid. If the address would be different, you need to submit address proof of current address. Usually, there is no police verification for minors, if your current address in passport is same as the current residence address of yours.

  40. Sony

    you can do a direct walk-in without any appointment, if you are applying for a Minor’s passport of “age 0-3 “.
    @ Kumar, please include this info also in “Who will be allowed into Passport Seva Kendra ? Walk-in or Appointment ?”

  41. ponmanikandan

    Dear Kumar

    Many thanks for the info,.

    Do we need both the parents’ passports (or) either father’s or mother’s is accepted?

    In my case, both of us have passports where my passport has been endorsed with my wife’s name and her’s was not endorsed. In addition, the addresses in both the passports are different.

    I would like to get our child’s passport in the address mentioned in my passport.



    1. administrator

      Your case is exactly like mine. It will be fine. I have my wife’s name endorsed in my passport and she does not have that endorsement in her’s and the addresses are different as well. I got our child’s passport address to be the one mentioned in my passport…so it should not be any issue.

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