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As we have done in previous years, we will track all the H1B visa FY 2016 news and cap count updates on this page.  Did you apply for FY 2016 ?  Please add your case info to H1B Visa Case Tracker. It is community driven by applicants like you and gives everyone bigger picture on where others petitions are to speak to their employers, USCIS and attorneys, if you feel it is delayed or something is not right.

Update : We are in H1B FY 2017 Season, Check out H1B Visa 2017 Cap Count Updates, News

H1B 2016 News Updates ( Latest on top ) :

  • July 14th, 2015 : Official :  USCIS announced that it has returned all the petitions that were not selected in lottery for FY 2016. They mentioned that, if you filed a petition for FY 2016 during Apri 1st and 7th, but did not hear anything from USCIS by July 20th, 2015, then you can contact them for details on your case.  Check official press release 
  • May 20th, 2015 : Unofficial :  H1B Petitions not selected in lottery have started to return from USCIS.  One of our user reported that his H1B package was returned. See below.  Check out Sample H1B Rejection Letters H1B Package Returned
  • May 4th, 2015 :  Official : USCIS announced that they have completed data entry of all the H1B petitions that were selected in the lottery and receipted them as well. They will start to return those petitions that were not selected in lottery. Read H1B News Alert and Analysis
  • April 23th, 2015 : Students on F1 status were reaching out DSO, who in turn checks SEVIS for inquiring about their H1B case details and lottery decision. SEVIS updated that their system is experiencing high call volumes and gave guidance to DSOs to instruct students to check with their employers for H1B receipt numbers and check status on USCIS website.  Read H1B Lottery Results – SEVIS Updates DSO.  Below is the email sent to SEVIS users. SEVIS H1B 2016 Update

Source :  ILW : ( http://discuss.ilw.com/content.php?4315-News-SEVIS-Asks-Students-to-Contact-USCIS-for-H-1B-Petition-Inquiries )

  • April 21st, 2015 :  Unofficial update : USCIS has started to send out premium processing receipt notices. Attorneys have confirmed that they are receiving premium processing petitions receipts, also our H1B case tracker is updated with many updating that they are selected in lottery and waiting for case number. You may read H1B 2016 Premium, Regular processing Time 
  • April 14th, 2015 : USCIS released a news alert saying that they will begin premium processing from April 27th, 2015. What it means is that the the 15 day count starts from April 27th now, instead of May 11th. Read Details on  H1B 2016 Premium processing Alert .
  • April 13th, 2015 :  Official Update : USCIS received about 233,000 for H1B FY 2016 quota and completed computer generated random selection. USCIS conducted lottery on April 13th, first for US Masters quota to select 20,000 petitions and the ones not selected in this were added to the general quota pool to select 65,000 for FY 2016 cap. Read Summary of press release :  233,000 Petitions for FY 2016, Lottery Complete 
  • April 9th, 2015 ( 11 p.m. PDT) : No official update from USCIS on the H1B Lottery or cap count. In fact, there is no unofficial numbers or words even in the attorney’s community or AILA.  Don’t be mislead by the false rumors spread by others on the blog as comments. Stay calm !
  • April 7th, 2015 :
    • USCIS Released a press note telling that the H1B visa 2016 cap has been reached.  There were more petitions received by USCIS than required to meet the H1B cap of 65,000 + 20,000 petitions. USCIS is yet to announce the date of H1B lottery. Check out the Summary of USCIS H1B 2016 Cap Reached.
  • April 6th, 2015  (9 AM EST):
    • USCIS released a news alert on filing second petitions, when there are Delivery Service Errors. Essentially, USCIS is giving an option to file second petition, if the employer believes that there were issues with the delivery of the original petition filed due to the delivery service. The employer should include explanation for the reason of second petition, with the proof from delivery services, including a request to withdraw the original petition. Read USCIS H1B 2016 news alert Summary
  • April 3rd, 2015 : No official or unofficial H1B cap count news from anyone.
  • April 1st, 2015 : H1B 2016 season Starts Today ! 
  • March 12th, 2015 :  USCIS update – April 1st start Date for H1B FY 2016

Reference Articles related to H1B visa 2016 season :

H1B Visa 2016 Cap Count updates Tracking Table:

USCIS Update DateRegular H1B Cap (65,000)Advanced Degree Cap (20,000)Analysis and Cap Count Update Article.
 April 7th, 2015 65,000 20,000 H1B Cap Reached 
 April 14th  2015N/AN/A H1B Lottery Complete -Summary
Remaining H1B Cap 00



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Comments ( 411 )

  1. sevis

    My DSO said my status is still active. Does it mean I didn’t get selected? What’s the status to be if get selected? thanks

  2. waiting

    Checked with my attorney today, and he said they still receive a handful of receipts every day and no rejection notice yet, so still hoping for the best

    1. h1b_3rdtime

      Thanks for comment , any idea when we will get the decision.
      This is the third time aim applying and probably the last time.

  3. H1b_3rdtime

    My consultancy has applied for only 2 people , the other one got selected in lottery in 1st or 2nd week of may.
    last week i have checked with my consultancy they said they have not received any communication regarding my application.

    Is any one ion the same boat as me?

  4. H1B_Seeker

    I read this from some other forum.

    “Starting May 26, 2015, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will temporarily suspend premium processing for all H-1B Extension of Stay petitions until July 27, 2015.”
    Coz of EAD rule for Dependents.

    Question: So, Did USCIS stops processing H1B applications?
    They mentioned for Premieum, but, I think it would be applicable for Regular processing as well.

    Any thoughts?

    1. administrator

      It applies to only premium processing that were filed from May 26th to July 27th. Regular processing continues for all of them. This is to accommodate the high volume of H-4 EAD applications.

      1. H1B_Passport_Validity_Visa_Impact

        Hey Kumar,
        Thanks for the reply. Highly appreciate for all your articles on this site.

        Never mind, 2 questions:

        My case RP, selected in lottery on 27th APR and waiting for updates from USCIS since then.
        1. Is there a way to check how long does it take for processing etc.
        2. My passport gets expired in Dec-2016. If in case, my case gets approved? Does my passport validity affects VISA?
        I mean, will it be given only till 2016 as passport?
        Also, Is that recommended to go for Renewal of my passport now?

        Thanks in advance & Happy weekend!

      1. Sandy H1B RP-NonAD

        Its good to see that you too applied from ez2technologies. could you kindly let me know from which cons u applied?

  5. Sam

    I have applied with consultancy in US. I contacted them yesterday and they replied that they have not heard any thing so far. Eagerly waiting the response. I am still hoping for positive looking at the comments on red bus.

  6. Poorna

    Hi All,

    I have applied for H1b from a small consultancy in US. They are telling me that, they are receiving both selected and rejected petitions. Mine is not there in both list as of now. They are expecting few more selected and rejected list by tomorrow. I am eagerly waiting!

    Anybody on the same boat applied through Indian consultancy?

  7. H1 B Reg/NON AD

    Hi Guys
    I received a notice from USCIS with a receipt number last week. Do any of you know the average time it takes for the processing, in the case of regular processing ?

  8. Scorpie

    My case was approved last Friday. I applied regular processing with advanced degree at Vermont center. Good luck everyone!

  9. IBM

    Going through the comments from redbus gives diametrically opposite views.Rejection rate looks very high.Can we expect further extension of H1 B doling out in further time.

  10. igate_immi

    In IGATE almost 99% cases were rejected.. And strange thing is everyone received rejection email on same day. I.e. 13th May 2015.
    And content of an email is “This is to keep you informed that the USCIS has concluded the H-1B lottery and we have a final confirmation on the cases that were selected

    With regret, we would like to inform you that your case was not selected in the Random Selection process carried out by the USCIS this year.”

  11. Sumith

    I have applied for H1B from Tech Mahindra. But I haven’t heard of any update regarding this. Nor do I have any clue as to who to contact for my case. Friends, could anyone tell me if Tech Mahindra has got its + and – ves? Help me with some information

    1. ManyaB

      Check with Manager. Freevoice mentions that first list was sent to IBU on 8th May and Second on 22nd. But yes still no updates on selections or rejections. People who got it last year says that we will be informed in June.

    2. Sobit

      You can contact visa cell or your manager regarding updates on H1B.
      I got official mail from my manager on 14 May for H1B update.

  12. H1BSeeker_SKB

    Hi Guys,
    Do we have any link or information on this site on
    “How to check the processing time that will take for our case no”?
    Where can I find that info?
    The USCIS page still shows the same initial message since 3 weeks.
    Link please..

    Happy Weekend!

  13. Sreenivas

    I Got receipt number yesterday. never loose hopes guys. After reading comments in this blog, I totally forgot abt my h1b after 15th May. But I got it on 21st may. Mine is RP/Non-Ad/WAC.
    All the best guys. Thanks admin for this site.

  14. IJ

    I have received below response with regards to my H-1B cap filing under premium,
    “We have not received any updates from the USCIS in connection with your H-1B cap filing. At this time, we are waiting for a final decision from the USCIS. The USCIS has not stated when we should be receiving the final determination. ”

    I believe the game is over me though I haven’t received any rejection mail. Please share your thoughts.


  15. Sumi

    Is general lottery of h1b is over? I mean if I did not get the notification till now.. So my profile got selected? I have filed from CTS. but not the exact status?
    Can any help me to understand?

    1. Ash

      Lottery was over on 14th April itself. It sjust that it can take time for the petitioner to know the ouutcome of the lottery.

      If your company filed under premium processing, then I am sorry, there is no hope. 11th May was the date by which all premium processing applications should have been decided upon ( note, not just selected in lottery, but decided upon).

      If your company filed in regular processing, you still have hope, but very little.

    1. AB

      Try to find if your check is cashed. If Yes you can wait for receipt No and you are on safe side. If check is not yet cashed it means its over. I hope it helps

  16. H1B_Mongers

    I recently got information from my employer that my Petition has been selected in the lottery.
    But my employer does not disclose the Receipt Number till one actually travels to US, and there are no roles(in project) with which I can travel in the near future.
    So I want to know if there is any way to force the employer to share the Receipt details and documents so that I can use it elsewhere?
    Any suggestions from experienced folks here will be appreciated.

    1. Ash

      If there are no roles in the project, then can you tell me on what ground did the company file for your H1-B ?

      You should know that in the H1-B petition, an employer needs to state where the worker will be working, on what project he will be working and what will be his salary. These things are clearly stated in LCA (Labor Condition Application) that employer needs to get approved from Dept of Labor, before filing the H1-B petition.

      There is no way USCIS will approve the petition if these details are missing.

      So, hope my post makes you better informed.

      1. H1B_Mongers

        Hi Ash,
        I agree with what you said, but such stringent processes are not always followed by most Indian IT companies. The H1B petition is not a confirmation of an onsite role, but a reward for good performance or to prevent attrition.
        In such cases the petition is filed with the details of employee’s current project and it is done in bulk so that at least a few get picked in lottery. Next, an onsite role in identified for the ones who got picked in lottery, not necessarily in the same project for which the LCA for H1B was filed. In case there is a requirement in another project a new LCA is created and the employee travels to US with that.
        So in my case, this yr my employer has filed a lot of petitions trying increase their visa count and in turn a high number(much higher than previous yrs) has got selected in lottery. So my condition is that even though I will have a H1 from Oct 1st 15, I may not be able to travel anytime till 2016 or even 2017 in worst case.
        Hence I was looking for ways to transfer the H1 and travel from some other company, but I guess that’s not possible as my company would never give the documents till I actually travel to US.
        Hope this clears the air to some extent.

  17. Corporate

    Ok guys here is the consolidated news from all my friends:

    WIPRO – Got their + and – news
    TCS – Got + news
    Infosys – These guys are pissed. Only 5 or 6 in the whole company got + it seems. VERY WEIRD. Most of them are saying company did not raise it in the first place but falsely claimed that they did. Chop shop indeed!

    1. Cognizant the great

      Mr.Corporate ..Please comment on cognizant whether they have a +ve news in this year H1B selection or Average year for them

    2. sunil

      how can I know about my company ? Amazon.com applied for my visa. me and my friends are still waiting. Here HR or Immigration does not provide the service of checking whether check was encashed.

    3. igate_immi

      In IGATE almost 99% cases were rejected.. And strange thing is everyone received rejection email on same day. I.e. 13th May 2015.
      And content of an email is “This is to keep you informed that the USCIS has concluded the H-1B lottery and we have a final confirmation on the cases that were selected

      With regret, we would like to inform you that your case was not selected in the Random Selection process carried out by the USCIS this year.”

    4. Stella Vincent

      Are you sure that infosys got only 5 to 6 slots? We got a message from Git on Monday that only this week they are getting the result and they would update everyone in this week. From where did you get these numbers?

  18. thankstojesus

    My application got selected in Lottery and I am hoping for my application to get approved. Has any one received any update this week. My friend is waiting for update

  19. Day Dreamer

    now its official !!!!

    I am not selected in Lottery, All the very best for the ones who got selected in lottery & for the unlucky ones like me don’t get disappointed The World is Not END with this. let’s pass this 6 Months time and later get busy with H1B processing for year 2016.


  20. abc

    Congrats who got selected .
    I have one query one of my friend mail received from IMS ‘Receipt copy received ‘

    Currently your application is under process with USCIS authorities and the processing timelines for adjudicating the application is 3–4 months . In mail I got mail like this. What is it mean? What is next step?Are there more lotteries? What is mean of here Approval / RFE / Denial?Please answer

    On receiving further update from the authorities on your application status (i.e. Approval / RFE / Denial), we shall keep you posted

    1. Vicky

      Hey abc,

      I believe you are from Wipro as well. It means that you have been selected in the lottery and your application will be taken up for further processing with US authorities i.e. USCIS. Just relax and wait for few more months until the petition is complete so that you can get the VISA stamped.

  21. Balu

    I have received my receipt number. The status states it is being processed at vermont Center. The case numbers after me and before are already approved or Query raised. Is this an issue? How long I had to wait?

    1. Jay

      Hi Balu,

      Congrats. You dont have to worry abt the case numbers before or after you… all can start working only from OCT-1st.. Your employer will recieve communication from USCIS what is missing (if any) .

      I have been following this for past 3 years . Just wanted to know if anyone is still recieving receipts. So may I know when you recieved this reciept number.

  22. H1BSeeker_SKB

    Never mind, posting my question again.
    My application got picked in Lottery.
    But, There is a TYPO in the application RECEIPT.
    The typo is on the date (REcevied date) It shows year as 2013.
    and at the end it shows 2013.

    “On April 13, 2013, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC15146xxxxx, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice
    by May 13, 2013″.
    REceipt no. is correct, but received date is an issue.
    Will this be a probelm to process my applciation further?
    Please share your experience.


    1. dontBother

      No need to concern more,ur receipt number have year 15 as EAC15, u can ignore the displayed date,otherwise technically-check with other’s receipt with you system or u can check in other system.

  23. vikas


    Mine and my firend’s H1B was raised for the same location and for the same client. He recieved the acknowledgement on 30th April but I hvn’t recvd nythin so far. Does it mean My case is rejected ?

    Appreciate your response.


    1. Same Here

      Yeah. I feel you. I have been in the US for about 4 years now 2 years masters and 2 working. I am in a bad state now because i havent heard anything leading me to accept that i did not win the lottery and I have to leave US in 2 months now.
      The depression calms down as time passes, you need to be strong and just know that theres a new life waiting for you somewhere.
      Fate. 🙂

      1. Mayur

        I agree with you brother. This is my 2nd year of H1B application and I have not heard anything positive yet.

        Last year, my application packet was returned on 1st June and my STEM OPT was coming to an end on 1st July. I was completely unsure of future but my company supported and moved to Mexico. They made all the arrangements they could in one month.

        I just want to say one thing: H1B is not the end of the world!
        Having gone through the state of hope and despair for 2 consecutive year, I can most certainly say that : Do not tie your future with one visa! Also, it makes no sense to judge people who have multiple applications and who have applied from India, have got through the lottery system. Indian applicants will never be able to match up with what you have learnt in your 2 years of MS and for multiple applicants, well they have already lost the self respect they have!

        1. emp_raf

          Certainly shows you are upset and you are just trying to cover it up. What different have you learnt in your 2 years of MS that you couldn’t learn from 22 years of studying in India?
          Get a life dude. I am an Indian applicant and so are you. Go sob over it now.

  24. H1B Seeker_SKB

    Thanks much for all the articles and information on this site.
    By God’s grace Luckily I got my case reciept no. yesterday from my employer.
    But, to my surprise there is a TYPO error in the receipt.
    “On April 13, 2013, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker…”
    It should be Apr 13, 2015.
    and also, at the end
    “If you do not receive your receipt notice by May 13, 2013, please call Customer Service at 1-800-375-….”
    which should be May 13, 2015.
    I am following up with my employer.
    But, wanted to check if this is OK or does this impacts processing my application further.
    Have you found any such cases?

    Your thoughts on this would be highly appreciated.

    Good Luck for all those who are waiting for their receipt numbers.

    1. CB

      If the your receipt number is EAC15******** or WAC15********, then this is a typo.

      USCIS case number has the following format:

      AAA The USCIS service center or office that received your case
      WAC – California Service Center (CSC)
      EAC – Vermont Service Center (VSC)

      BB USCIS fiscal year (October 1 to September 30).
      Cases filed from 10/01/2014 to 09/30/2015 will have BB=15

      CCC The working day of the fiscal year when your case is received.
      10/01/14 = 001

      D Internal USCIS use (typically 5)

      EEEE Starting at 0001, the order your case was received that day.

      1. H1BSeeker_SKB

        There is no error in the RECEIPT no.
        The typo is on the date (REcevied date) It shows year as 2013.
        and at the end it shows 2013.

        “On April 13, 2013, we received your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EAC15146xxxxx, and sent you the receipt notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your receipt notice
        by May 13, 2013”.

        Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  25. FirstTime

    Hi All, I’m working for Wipro. I’ve applied H1B(Regular). As of today(11/05) there is no e-mail from Wipro whether my application had been picked up by the lucky draw or not. How long can I wait to receive the news from my organization?

    1. SergV


      Most of the companies won’t relieve the information so quickly. So, it is not possible to know whether your petition got picked or not unless the organization confirms. Another way is, knowing a person from immigration department in your organization. If you don’t know anyone, probably, you need to wait

  26. Harshit

    I got my receipt number friday only so still the hopes for all of u my friends ….
    All the best to u all and thanks ur all comments was helping me to stay positive in this period

  27. infymcity

    Please clarify this :
    Employers wud have received all receipts last week itself?? Is the game over?
    Or we can stay positive until may end?

    1. RRRR

      Nt sure yaar..but the info is by 05/13 all the visa centres will send the receipts to the employers/attorney. so after that, i think the game will be done. mee to waiting, but i lost hope..plan for PLAN B. Off-course it will be very difficult to digest, but slowly u will comedown.

    1. SG

      Just wait till 15th of June… I said 15th of June…!
      After that you can relax. Employers will receive the receipts till that time, however the volume would be less like 1 or 2 receipts in a day for unexpected lucky guys..


  28. Migrate

    All, my case was picked up from USCIS lottery. I just enquired how long it takes to get next update… but they said it can take 3-4 months.. I got shocked….

    Please help!!!!

    1. aNN

      This is normal time frame. It may go up to 6 months. There is nothing you can do here but sit back and relax until the time comes. If your paperworks is all real and prepared properly, then there should not be any problem.

  29. Poulome

    First of all , Would like to say thanks to , who been through the lottery and literally , it’s great luck .
    My bad luck is still hounding me fourth time .
    1) First time i been selected in lottery but due to some reason , project got scraped and then employer did not processed for next step.
    2) Initiate L1 Visa , but due to internal politics , couldn’t get process further.
    3) Again initiate L1Visa but again some internal people hammerd me , thus not process further.
    4) Initiate H1b but not have any information so far . However mine some of the team mates got their receipt .

    1. Shankar

      All happens for good, So please dont worrry..Think that something bad could have happen to you and so GOD didnt process you for four time..but try try till you sucess…
      All the best..
      Shankar Savant

    2. Sam

      If you have the approved petition of your first H1B attempt, you can use it now. Just requires a transfer or amendment.

  30. Kp

    Hi Frenz .. Its Friday today and I have no news regarding my regular filing … Is the game over for this year ?😞

  31. Timememo

    Got my H1B picked and informed by my company lawyer.. my L1B is going to expire next year.. if I miss this year I will try again next year, otherwise I will need to go to Germany for assignment 1 year.. And sale my house in US… I am lucky.. God bless us..

  32. Frank

    Hi Guys,
    I donno how this stuff works… I got the receipt number from CTS- GIT today .. Does that confirm anything… whats the next process after this…
    All the BEST, for the ones waiting the updates…

    1. ComeOn

      Yes Frank, Even I got it today from CTS – GIT – Regular NonAd Vermont. It’s confirmed that you got through lottery, Congrats!

      1. Nik

        Just curious did you guys did premium filing or regular filling? I mean did you get electronic receipts or hard copy of the receipt?

  33. Diego

    I don’t understand premium processing, we all regular and premium know with this USCIS notice if we are selected or not more or less at the same time…

  34. LL

    If I haven’t got the receipt, should I ask my school of my SEVIS status? (Since USCIS has completed all the data entries…)

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