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H1B Lottery Results- F1 Students SEVIS Update DSO, Get Receipt Numbers?

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As many of you have applied for H1B Visa 2016 and waiting for the lottery result and wondering about the H1B Processing times, Receipt Numbers there was an update last week from SEVIS giving guidance for Designated School Official ( DSO) also called as International Student advisor, to address the H1B lottery and SEVIS update issue, as their system was flooded with too many requests from F1 students on SEVIS update and H1B lottery status. Let me share the background and some details on the same.

Background:  What is SEVIS record and Why important ?

If you are a student either studying or working on F1 Status in America, your F1 status is tracked in SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Department of State ( DoS) and SEVP ( The Student and Exchange Visitor Program) uses the SEVIS system to track and update changes corresponding to students and exchange visitors.   Basically, the DSO/ International Student advisor at a school updates this SEVIS record of a student, every time there is a slight change in your F1 status like Working on CPT, Working on OPT, Extensions. If you enter US on F1 visa, your F1 Status has to be maintained properly and DSO updates the SEVIS system. Your I-20 would have these updates on it. That’s why DSO issues a new I-20, whenever you apply for CPT, OPT or extensions, including travel.

SEVIS record Update on H1B Application Receipt for Cap Gap eligible Students

Firstly, in simple terms a cap gap extension basically lets a student work or stay in US legally, depending on their OPT expiration date, during the cap gap period (between April 1st and October 1st) when their H1B visa application was  properly with USCIS. With USCIS Cap Gap extension, student status becomes legal/ authorized  by the update of the SEVIS record.  Usually, if the H1B Application of an F1 student, who is in OPT cap-gap extension, gets picked in lottery and USCIS gives a receipt number, their SEVIS record would be updated by the system with F1 status extended until Sept 30th of that year and have H1B receipt number on it as well.

Typically, as the F1 students are anxiously waiting for their H1B case updates from their employers and attorneys, they used to go to the DSO at their school and ask them to check their SEVIS status, if it was update and sometimes even get the H1B receipt number and use that to check the status on USCIS website. Sometimes, the SEVIS and USCIS system would be delayed by couple of days or more. In any case, checking your SEVIS status from DSO was one of the ways to find out about your H1B lottery status. Guess what has happened last week?  Unfortunately, you cannot use this DSO route anymore.

DHS Updates SEVIS Users to Inform Students on H1B receipt Numbers to work with Employers

With the flood of requests to SEVP response center regarding H1B petitions and lottery results checking by F1 students,  DHS has given a guidance to DSO at schools telling that they should instruct their students to check USCIS website or call them for status of their H1B application, if they have a receipt number. If they do not have a receipt number, they should contact the employer, who has filed their H1B petition on behalf of them.  Unfortunately, this was one the good ways to know the status for regular processing students and now it seems to be gone… Not sure, how DSOs will handle the requests from F1 students now… Below is the email that was sent.

H1B SEVIS Status Update OPT Lottery Results

Source : ILW : http://discuss.ilw.com/content.php?4315-News-SEVIS-Asks-Students-to-Contact-USCIS-for-H-1B-Petition-Inquiries

Life is a Marathon – Don’t look at Others— Stay calm !

Last week, I did a 5.6k run and we have about 14,000 runners. I am not a marathoner by any means, but I did practice for it on my own and was comfortable completing it at a certain pace.  But, on the day of run, as I started to run, I was not getting a hold of the right pace at which I should run to complete it. The reason was, I was looking people ahead of me and trying to speed up, I was feeling the pain in my body and thought of stopping at a point.  Then I started to look down the road and focus on my running, instead of looking others around me…then I got a hang of it and could complete it !

I realized something during this run, if we keep looking at people ahead of us or behind us and keep comparing, we miss our pace and may even fail… I feel, life is exactly like that, we should look at our goal and keep going at our own pace, we should not be altered by people ahead or behind us… In our context of H1B Lottery results, I want you guys to also not worry about people who have received H1B receipts and keep thinking about it by comparing with them… Just stay calm and keep focus on your day to day activities. The receipts will come, if you were selected, there is nothing you can do about it…if you get one great, if you don’t, you may have better things waiting for you !

Any additional information on SEVIS record update and H1B lottery ?

What are your thoughts ?


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Comments ( 157 )

    1. Namaste

      only STEM engineering branches get the stem extension (17months). you should verify if your branch comes under STEM. Also you need to apply for the extension few days before the end of your OPT. Please check that time period also. Do not wait till Aug or Sep to apply for extension. that would be too late

  1. Have Receipt number but SEVIS still the same

    Today is almost the last day of PP, I am AD/PP/CA, and I have a receipt number, but SEVIS is not updated (pending status). Whats going on?

    1. Jonathon Lee

      If you do not receive the receipt this week, then it is a game over. USCIS will complete the receipt delivery process this week.


    I was on my 60-day grace period while i apply H1B, and now my case approved. Can i go back to my home country during this time and return U.S after Oct.1st? Is there any risks?
    Also, my school said there is an error about my SEVIS record. It shows “complete” rather than “active”. Does anyone has the same problem?
    Please comment. Thank you!

    1. sam

      We should have the positive result within a week or two , otherwise it is safe to assume that you were not lucky this time .

      After all it’s sheer luck .

  3. Rr

    I got my receipt number from University international students advisor. My checks are all cashed. When I track my case, it says “Application received, receipt has been emailed”.

    However my employer hasn’t received any email from USCIS yet. My case is PP/AD

    Is this normal?


    1. Rk

      I am also in the same status as yours. I am working here at university and h1b has been filed as a cap exempt and filled in California Service Center. I talked to layer today and she said she has not got the decision of the application which was filled in march.

    1. rr

      My check was also cashed in may -05 and it was filled in California Service Center. Did you get any update? By the way, what does AD/RP mean?

  4. cts_h1b


    Today i got a mail from my employer along with my receipt number. All the best. Hope all the genuine applications will be selected.

  5. Abhi

    Students are frake too… a lot of students .. I know fake students in my company paid money for H1b ..and then showed fake experince certificate of 6-7 years experince.. and trying to get a job… is this what you students have come to USA..to fake

  6. chaithanya

    I have heard from my employer that,mine,got picked in lottery.
    Would like to know,whats next?

    Please,any body,help me in under standing the next process

    1. vj

      You should get your Receipt number. Using that number you can track your case online (“USCIS my case status”). Your case will be validated and finally approval will be granted.

  7. Xyz

    Hey guys think about us students who came to USA for education with loans and companies in India are filing visas left and right and some of them don’t even come to USA, I mean we get 20k quota but that’s not sufficient as always the companies and ppl who file for multiple applications are useless and company nowadays is entertaining such things this hurts all of us who have spent so much money and approx 4 years here. All the ppl who come from India haven’t spent a single dollar on education here. And we are the one who get affected by all of you making multiple applications. Infy, tcs and techm are the worst of the lot and who decides who gets to apply for their h1b here it’s all based on who is going to do chamchagiri and the one who is from their state or speaks their language and once you guys are here you start showing all your true color like getting drunk and being obnoxious, sharing food at a buffet instead of ordering per person (I have seen this at a American restaurant, and when asked by the staff not to do it the guy asks for the manager and makes a big scene), acting like you own the place and trying to be cheap at tipping and sticking urself to a white girl at a disc… You guys will never improve at all and the worst is you guys start the office politics and suck up to the white boss… There is no hope and all this I am saying bcoz I have worked with consultants from IBM, wipro, Tcs and infosys… The worst ppl to work with….

    1. What you want finally ...

      So you want all the visa should be given to students and there is absolutely no need for experienced candidates ..What point you are trying to make by saying tips,white girls ,buffet,getting drunk etc etc ..

      Please ask US government why don’t they simply allow the EAD on F1 VISA after degree completion why all these OPT tantrums and then go for H1 B .. So much rarely found educated diamonds which can only be created by American universities should get this special
      privilege noo..

      You cannot blame and disregard others for fulfilling your desire .If numbers have grown it had grown from both front .You can blame universities as well for start selling there degrees and lead to so much AD student population . I have seen live examples Students with below average academics got degree in US and if they cry for H1 by disrespecting the fellow brothers and sisters is pathetic and i am very much sure that you are one among them .Your reply to this post may be trying to tell my univ top 10 blah blah …It hardly matters you have shown you education by this post ….

      Best of luck for you future and get a life …

        1. vj

          who needs your care anyway. you think you can buy h1 by paying for master degree from XYZ college. That’s not how h1 program works. You get CPT, OPT that is enough, you can recover your fees paid for degree program using CPT and OPT, after that you can go back to home country to implement your great knowledge earned from degree.

        2. Life is awesome ..

          Chal smajh to aa hee gya tujhee …Waise to tu apne baap ke bhe care nahin karta hogaa angreezz… bechare ne majdoori kar ke tujhe yahan bheja aur tu khali angrezi seekh paya ..hahahaah ..

      1. ABC

        He has a very valid point. I am not saying that someone who gets an education here is more qualified than someone from India, but people coming from India needs to understand the culture here. Taking a shower and using a deodorant are the basics. Again, speaking in their native language in meetings is totally unacceptable. I have worked with people from TCS and some (not all) are very unprofessional.

      2. Abhi

        Students are frake too… a lot of students .. I know fake students in my company paid money for H1b ..and then showed fake experince certificate of 6-7 years experince.. and trying to get a job… is this what you students have come to USA..to fake

    2. Vijay N

      First of all who are you to decide who should come and who should not. Who the hell had asked you to go there and study there? What the hell you consider yourself? You yourself are foreigner there and wishing others should not come. Better get your ass out of usa and make blacken your face in your native place.

    3. Bhags

      Firstly.. Get yourself back to mother earth.. Looks like you been flying in air for little too long.. You paid fees in USA probably because your father had enough to spend or you want to earn more once you are done with degree. People who want to travel to USA from India all have same goal.. Its money.. If you went there only for education then go back to your home and help.. As you tend to think you are extra ordinary. I do agree that people coming from India need to learn few things. But that doesn’t mean or prove they are not capable to work in office. And talking in native language in office meetings is different. But if anyone speaking outside how is that going to offend anyone.. I have heard spanish and italians doing that all the time.. Also you can’t say they didnt spend anything on education. Do you know cost of education in India now.. Just because you had family support to take loan for USA .. I know people takings loans in India to complete Engineering as some families can not afford that too. These people also dream to go to USA and clear up these loans . Moral of story none of us go to USA for charity or learning 🙂 Its dollar money .. So take a chill and wish yourself good luck rather than cursing others..

      1. troll

        Look at all these tech support guys talking as if they are zuckerberg’s and larry page’s . We all know what work all these support companies( tcs,infosys,wipro) do. So calm down and be happy that you got lucky in the h1b lottery .

        1. same story every time

          What is the problem you guys have with TCS/Infy/Wipro.. .Its just that they are Indian Multinationals and providing employment in India and you all get disturbed seeing growth of India . Can you please tell what these support companies do..and its not needed right ??to sustain a business .

          Tech support guys really ?? Abe cheechore kabhi kam kiya hota to pata chalata …But still if you feel so every work is equally important .

          zuckerberg’s and larry page’s ke cheentein …TATA ka naam suna hain tere baap ne bhe uska namak khaya hoga ..Infy ke head ko world man gaya aur tu BC ..

          1. ABC

            I do have a problem with these tech guys from Indian Multinationals. They are very unprofessional and inconsiderate. Companies like TCS, Wipro, Infosys file for multiple H1bs without projects. Worked with a guy who was in India for a year with H1B and there are several guys like him.

          2. troll

            It took me a while to understand what you have written . First,go back to school and learn how to form sentences and where to put question marks. Later, ill tell you why everyone has a problem with those companies.

    4. every coin have 2 sides

      1> to study in usa or not , is something that you take the decision . you can study in excellent colleges in India also , but you choose the easy way out to pay money and get education in usa . – most of the times (not all for sure) .
      2> H1b is skilled category visa . they cannot have all students /fresh graduates to take this up . USA need skilled worker with experience . So there is a reason they have kept a cap on master’s h1b slot . its not meant to fulfil your requirements ,rather its for the skill requirement fulfilment for USA .
      3>not all employers or candidates who have their h1b visa initiated by IT companies have fake exp . I have worked with lot many good experienced people in USA who were on h1b . Some are there with fake exp but not all .
      4>the money you spent on education in usa does not mean that you are guaranteed a job opportunity . work visa and student visa are different . you get the edge with 20000 slots exclusive and then also chance to be put in lottery for the remaining 65000 slot . you have been given your fair chance .

    1. Jonathon Lee

      It implies that your application has been selected in the lottery for further processing. Congratulations!

  8. AD/RP/VT_2016

    Sharing an update from The Immigrationgirl website dated 04/30/2015–

    ***UPDATE 4/30/15 – Looks like we have a brief break in the receipt notice action. We have not received any new receipts yesterday or today. I still expect more regular processing receipts to come over the next 2 weeks.***

    I’m still waiting for mine, hope this info helps. Good luck.

  9. Jonathon

    It is officially game over for the below listed categories. Non-AD/RP receipts will still be coming in for another week or so.

    * Non-AD/PP
    * AD/PP
    * AD/RP

      1. Jonathon Lee

        I work as a Paralegal at USCIS Office of Chief Counsel. Hence, am informed of the weekly official actions.

          1. Jonathon Lee

            Whomsoever you are, my friend. I am reiterating again – All hopes will end in the second week of May.

            Snail mail will take 4 days to reach in the worse case. Rumors that receipts will come in until June is completely false. Lets not give false hopes to the aspirants.

    1. AD/RP/CSC 3.0

      Jonathon, what do you mean by “game over”?

      Does this mean that all paper receipts for Non-AD/PP, AD/PP and AD/RP have been shipped by the end of Apr 30, 2015? And if I do not receive receipt 4 days after Apr 30, 2015, I should not give any hope?


  10. Nonindian

    I am non Indian.. and non Asian.. does that affect my chances? I know they said its a random selection but if you think about it since majority of these petitions comes from Asian countries it would be unfair for some of us who are non Asian. Justwondering

    1. Jonathon

      It does not work like that my friend. For H1B, pretty much everyone is in the same boat, no matter which country you belong to. There are exceptions only for Singapore citizens.

    2. Mayo

      This categorization is nonsensical. Today it’s asian vs non asian.
      Tomorrow it would be male vs female.
      For US it’s either US worker or foreign worker. They don’t differentiate between races, gender, countries unless they have special treaties in place like US-Singapore, Chile or Thailand.

  11. ADV/RP/CSC

    I went back to university on 28th and still nothing show up on my SEVIS. I’m guessing thats pretty much it. It’s ok life goes on

    1. AD/RP/CSC

      Same for me. We are in the same boat here along with most other ppl from CSC. I still believe something might turn up next week

      1. AD/RP/CSC

        Man I know how you feel right now. I’ve been through exactly the same feeling the past 2 weeks. But you’ll find it really ok. If something turn out next week that’s good. If not it doesn’t kill you. Life goes on

  12. AAA

    Mine got approved just now!!!!
    1 application
    April 13 is the date on my 797 notice.
    But got email on April 20th!
    SO HAPPY!!! 🙂

      1. AAA

        Yeah, i think VSC got some problem with their email system, I guess I am supposed to get email earlier, cuz the date on 797 is April 13rd.

  13. Mo

    I haven’t heard anything from the lawyers. The checks haven’t been cashed. AD/RP. I’m fearing the worst. But, my question is, when are the rejection packages sent out? I want to know if I was selected or not and not wait and wait.

          1. Mo

            If the checks haven’t been cashed by the first week of May, then rejection is most likely the result and have to prepare for that.

            My point is that the rejection notices will come a month from now. They notify everyone who was selected in the lottery first and then only after that they send out the rejected packages.

        1. eric

          On the same boat AD/RP/VSC. Not much hope I guess, because AD will get receipt earlyer than Non AD, and one of my collegue non AD/RP/VSC already received yesterday. Now I am working on plan B

    1. Mo

      I found the answer at the ImmigrationGirl blog.


      USCIS will make the announcement regarding when they are done with data entry is complete. Last year it was May 2nd.


      They will send the rejections a few weeks after and we will get the rejections at the end of May to until mid June.

  14. Old timer

    Hi All,

    I got the mail today from my employer (CTS) informing me about my petition getting selected in the lottery. The case number would be updated within 2-4 days and the same can be seen in our office Visa tracking application.

          1. Old timer

            2 of my frenz got thier confirmation yesterday….
            my center was VSC n the receipt was received on 13th April n notice was sent on 22nd April n i got the confirmation on 29th April…

          1. navin

            Yesterday lot of folks got the mail from immigration
            should we already consider that people who havent received the mails did not make it in the lottery?
            or should we wait for some more days?

          2. Bhags

            GIT just emailed they they started receiving and will be expecting to get updated may month wither approved or rejected.

  15. San

    H1B aspirants, grass always looks green from the other side. It is not easy to live a good decent life in America if you are not going to earn around 80k to 90k per month. With 60-70K salary it is like counting every penny before you spend any. Visa is just first step, life does not end if you don’t get Visa. You can make money in any part of the world, live a decent life. Something else must be waiting for you, carry on, get out this hangover and craze.

    1. Intern

      Lol :)) I Live here for 19.5k salary a year! 1800/month. Web-Designer 🙂 I am on J-1 (internship program) 450$ spending on housing(I’m sharing house) 200$ other expenses (phone internet, etc) + $300-$400 food/month.

      So the total is around $1100 cost for a living here for me, out of $1800 total a month.

      so..with 60-70k you are counting every penny? wooah.

      With this salary you might be having full coverage insurance, 3 bedroom house with a pool and a nice car. Not from the first day…but eventually.

      1. Intern

        Guys…H1b is…I’d say first step of making career here. I believe majority of ppl applying for H1b interns..or students..and som percentage of high skilled people.

        I did not say it will be enough to have 20k/year for entire life. But anyways…somebody can only dream about $50k-$60k/year jobs…somebody is counting every penny…

    2. Nav

      LOL, you’re not insane, right? For 5 years, I had lived with $1200/month, and my life was just fine. If you’re able to make 80k or 90k/month, you must be boss of some kind of business, you can sponsor another person for H1B visa.

      1. Bostonh1b

        Come to Boston! $1200 you can live in basement 🙂
        Boss 90K? Hahaha
        Guys for Newyork city and Boston type of cities Salaries starts from 55K for entry level.Vice presidents,Principals etc makes 250K.If you are living in sub urb area wher u can rent a house for 1000 dolars and have 2 bedrooms.However you might drive 2-3 hrs a day to go work:)

        1. Nav

          I live in Atlanta, the biggest city of the South. My house just about 20 minutes to downtown Atlanta, and only 10 minutes to Buckhead area, the heart of Atlanta. I rent a house with 4 bedrooms for only $800, and I re-rent 3 bedrooms for $300/each. So technically, I rent the house for free. $1200/month is enough for my living expenses. FYI, I only work 2 days a week to make that money. It all depends on how you’re gonna spend your money. Does it make sense to you guys now?

          1. Nav

            That amount doesn’t come from my H1B job 🙂 I make a lot more from my H1B job. That was just my part time job during the time I was in F1 visa.

      2. h1b2016

        your cost makes no sense unless your in alabama or some red neck city. come to NY/Cali/Boston and you will be paying 2000 for rent alone. and whats the use living like a dog and not enjoying life.

        1. Nav

          Why do I have to live in expensive city and make $60k just to cover basic expenses while I can live in a big city and make only $48k and have a worried free life???

  16. TY

    Got the receipt from employer!! RP/CAL
    Receipt was generated on 4/13.
    I had words with DSO and she said still no change in SEVIS. and sent me same email that she got it from USCIS. do i need to worry about SEVIS status?

    1. case_not_found

      My case number was in “received” status at USCIS website yesterday (first day) and today turned into “case not found, validation errors”. Is that a bad sign all?

          1. waitlist

            the # before mine was showing validation error like mine yesterday, today it is approved, but bunch # before that one was not approved yet

  17. anirudh

    Mine was applied through premium processing method and was wondering if my “deadline date for panicking” should start or should I “lose hopes of getting it” or is there “still a chance” that I might just get it? Any response will be appreciated. Thank you everyone and good luck!

    1. Passerby

      In fact the chance must be very slim by now for PP. This happened to me last year. It’s bad that you still cannot lose hope until you get an official rejection notice which may come as late as June…

  18. Vishnu

    University DSO stated that – Currently your SEVIS record shows that you have been approved for the Cap Gap extension.

    What does that mean about H1-B lottery?

    Please help with your comments!

      1. Shiva

        DSO just said approved for Cap-Gap extension…does that mean picked in the lottery or all eligible OPT guys get Cap-Gap Extension?

        Not sure…please help

      2. Shiva

        if approved for OPT extension…does it mean that my petition selected in the lottery or all eligible OPT guys get Cap-Gap Extensions?

  19. ario


    I just checked with my DSO that my Cap gap has been extended to 9/30/2015. I didnt ask about the reciept number. Does this mean that I’ve been selected? I know there were a lot of updates last week for AD/RP..I just dont want to lose hope.

  20. H!B Seeker

    Got the below info by randomly checking the H1b case status website.Info as on 28 Apr 2015 10:30 Pm IST

    EAC1514155248 –Last one for the Series EAC15141552XX

    EAC1513854323 –Last one for the series EAC15138543XX

    EAC1514055195 –last one for the series EAC15140551XX

        1. the corrector

          ROFL ! Unreachable grapes on my Di*K, Get a life dude, Infosys has been fined once for illegal visas. World knows how much you guys can deliver.

    1. Phil

      Received. RD/RP/VT/27/4/ generated 23/4.
      I guess My case was the almost first RECEIVED. RD/RP/VT case will be received in this week.

  21. V

    AD/PP. My OPT started in Feb 2015. I just got the reply from my school DSO and she told me that there was no updates to my sevis status. Does it mean that my case didn’t get selected or does the rule only apply to those whose OPT expires between April and October?

  22. Rodolfo

    Nice words, life is exactly like that. I’m eagerly waiting my notice, freaking out watching people saying that got their receipts. I simply realized that, if I don’t get my visa, there is a whole life ahead of me. There is no worries. My God is with me.

  23. Sri

    Does this mean all the SEVIS updates are completed for F1 Students.I’ve applied in Regular Processing and our DSO/employer/attorney has no update on status. Can we still wait till 2nd week of May for Update??

  24. Rr

    My SEVIS shows pending, ead got extended to September 30, checks have been cashed. However, I still did it get any official notice yet. My case is AD/PP. is it normal?

  25. SN

    @ Kumar,
    Well said Bro. That’s a great example. We lose ourselves when we start comparing with others. I think it’s something cultural about it too. Our Society always tends to push performance benchmarks at every level of life. It’s sad to see people objectifying everything, financial measures, Individual’s worth, how many K’s one makes. We are human beings, not computer chips. We tend to forget the basic fact that life is all about living to its fullest extent and we get so involved with things around us, start comparing with everyone and everything start losing faith, discouraged and lose hope. We are unwilling to open new doors and are stuck with the one which can’t be opened.

    After following this blog for several days one thing is evident, people have placed way too much control of their life in the hands of Government of United States and blaming each other for things not going their way.

    Coming to H1-B, No system or government is perfect (not trying to support anything, obviously it’s a broken system. If anyone knows about game theory & Nash Equilibrium, everyone would choose a strategy (like finding so called “filing with multiple employers”) which is in their best interest, ethical and unethical, until it’s not worth the risk and that’s the truth.

    Take back the control of your lives people! Whoever can, if it makes sense, and others, excuse my philosophy…

    1. administrator

      Thanks SN for adding your thoughts, you are absolutely right. Nash equilibrium is one of the key drivers for many of human’s decisions…

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