H1B Rejected in Lottery Sample

H1B Lottery Rejection Letter Sample VSC and CSC

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One of things that many of the readers wonder, while waiting for H1B lottery results is to understand how does a H1B visa application lottery reject notice looks like. We have posted similar Sample H1B reject letter from the past, but you might be curious to see how the recent reject notices looks like.  Please find the sample H1B reject notices from CSC and VSC.  Credit to Emily from ImmigrationGirl Blog for sharing these. These have not changed much for FY 2017 and we can expect similar reject notices for FY 2018 as well.

H1B Lottery Reject Notice from FY 2016 from Vermont Service Center ( VSC) 

H1B 2016 Rejected Notice Sample Vermont Service Center

H1B Reject Notice from California Service Center CSC

H1B 2016 Rejected Petition Notice Sample California Service Center

Reference : http://immigrationgirl.com/return-of-petitions-begins-for-unlucky-h-1b-visa-applicants/ 


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Comments ( 72 )

  1. Anil R

    Hi Guys,

    My H1B Petition got rejected. Employer shared me rejection doc. Reject case ID starts with VNM###########. Is this petition filed genuinely? Can some one share me sample one.

  2. Arjun

    I have received the return notice from my petitioner and I am not clear about the reject reason which is mentioned in reject notice. Could you please clarify on the below return reject reason what is exactly is?

    “your petition is subject to the FY 2018 H1B numerical cap and USCIS received a sufficient number of H1B petitions to reach the numerical limitation for FY 2018 prior to receiving your petition.”

    Does that reason state that my petition was part of lottery or received after lottery is over?

  3. lifeseeker


    Has anyone got the H1-B sponsored by Prithvi American Inc. ? I am thinking to file thru them in coming year, any previous experience would be appreciable. I am willing to share more details if required.

    1. mobabhi

      Hi, don’t file H1B petition with them. They are running scam. Last year, I filed H1B petition through them. They didn’t file the petition. Took entire amount and not refunding any amount after 1 year of waiting. Stay away from them.

  4. Varu

    As per the discussion reject case id starts with either CSC or VSC.But my Reject case id starts with CRN,could anyone got like this and is there any link to check the status for Rejected ones?

    1. administrator


      Only cases that are selected in lottery will have EAC or WAC numbers. The ones rejected in lottery will have CRN numbers, like yours. You cannot check such petitions online.

      1. Murali

        Hi Saurabh,

        I noticed a 11 digit number starting with WAC on the right bottom of the rejection letter next immediate to the sentence “Save this notice for your records”. Do you have any idea about this number?

        Basically how to validate the rejection letter issued by the employer?

        Kindly help me on this part.


  5. Rohit Kumar

    Can you please confirm if the reject case no starts with these below letters? And is it same as the filing case #?
    VRN **********

    1. Brains

      Hi Rohit/Any friend ,

      Please help me with below query.

      My reject case starts with VRN. I have doubt on the employer who filed my H1B .
      Because, he did not send me complete scan copy of reject letter(in end of the reject letter we should see “save this copy for future use” and other details) and more over i see the font color of my name is different from all other font colors in rejection letter. Can you check you reject letter and tell you also see different font colors for your name and other font color or it’s same color.

      Appreciate your help.

  6. Shashi

    Hi All,

    I am planning to file my H1B for 2016 (FY2017) through Acceligent Inc.

    Please let me know If anyone has got H1B Sponsored by this Employer ?
    How was the experience getting it from them ?
    Status of H1B – Selected / not ?

    So, I could take my decision soon.

    Please HELP..!! 🙂


    1. Rahul

      Hi sashi,
      As far as i know its fake employer which earns lucrative money from H1b scam. Nobody does the advert for h1b. Only the fake one does .


  7. Monty

    Hi Saurabh,

    My query here is that if my application will not selected in lottery round then I will also get a rejection letter. Then is their any way to verify that my application was really submitted with USCIS and it has been rejected in their lottery round only. In rejection letter are we getting receipt number? so we can check our application status on link https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
    I am thinking that my sponser will take $4000 from me and he will not submit my application at USCIS for H1B process and after some days by June he will send a similar artificial H1B rejection letter. So how I will make confirm that rejection letter which I got is really from USCIS Vermont Service Center or California Service Center?

    1. administrator


      That is a valid fear and I think there are companies who do that. They make quick money by stating the petition wasn’t selected in the lottery, but in reality it was never filed.

      If you look at the samples posted in the article, they have beneficiary name – which will be your name. Unfortunately, the case number cannot be looked-up online on the case status page. That’s for petitions that are selected in the lottery.

      1. Monty

        Hi Saurabh,

        Thanks for your reply. Now I am not going to apply for H1B through a company heard for first time. Please let me know if you know any faithful sponsors to process my H1B. My email is montishtoATrediffmail

      2. Lost in Lottery

        Hi Saurabh,

        I am trying to understand based on Reject case number, can I verify that if my H1B was filed by the employer?
        Is there any link related to USCIS that will retrieve my application details based on Reject case number?
        Can you please help?

        Thanks in advance.

          1. Sridhar

            I have applied 2 times with same employer, he gave some letter which shows that. my H1B got rejected. How can i verify that document is correct. Pls advice

          2. administrator


            You can look at the letter and compare it w/ the sample uploaded here. Other than that, there is no way to authenticate the letter.

  8. Sumit

    Hello Kumar,

    I would be feel great if you can help me answer my queries.

    1) I am having 7+ year exp in Unix IT but I am bcom (p) open learning as well as MBA distance learning. Does my chances are less to get my name in lottery? Or will have an issue afterthat if my name selected in lottery?

    2) My company will give my name for Visa processing. Can I ask my case no. from them? For confirmation whether they have forwarded my case or not?


    1. administrator

      1. No, it will be same. Read H1B Lottery Myths
      2. Yes, you should ask them to give you the case number after filing. If you are selected, your employer would get a case number that can be used to track the status. If not picked in lottery, still the employer will get a letter like the above one in article. You can ask for that for confirmation.

  9. prasad

    I have filed my H1 application for 2015 from one of the consultancy. they didn’t share any tracking number or other. after the completion of lottery they said your application was not picked. from then onwards i am keep on asking for my rejection notice, but till now i didn’t get any details from them. My worry is they didn’t applied my case. How do i know whether they have applied or not? , How to i get my rejection notice from them if they applied. Is there any way from which i can get my rejection notice.please help in this regard.


  10. hhh

    Hi There,

    I got selected in H1B lottery, and my application is in process with USIC
    , my question is if i get my H1B now with present employer, do i need to travel first time with same employer or i can change job here at india and can travel with another employer ? plz let m eknow
    if i need to travel first time with same employer who sponcered me for H1B ?, since i would like to change companey after gettinh my H1B , is it ok to change my present companey and join another companey then i can travel with H1B ?

  11. Ram

    Hi I have not got the rejected notice ,my employer told me that he have not received any rejected notices, he said he applied 250 still he needs to receive 170 petitions back , is there idea why he did not got rejectin notices

  12. Akash

    Hi experts,

    My H1 application not picked in lottery. In this situation, how much expenses might incurred, because my consultancy not return money.


    1. minhaj syed

      hello sir,

      I’m holding master degree with almost 2-3 years of experience, I want to apply for lottery what is the complete process and probability of getting the visa. what are the areas for development and eligibility for this lottery.

      Thanks in advance.

      1. administrator

        minhaj syed,
        You should first find an employer who has a job opening matching your skill-set. If you have done Masters in US, then you are eligible for Advanced Degree cap, else you will have to apply in regular quota.

        Chances of getting selected in lottery depends upon how many petitions are received. After that it is a just a mathematical formula.

  13. sree

    HI, my cases was received on April13th and still it is showing as “Case was received status”, It seems most of the cases have been processed …may i know how long till thy process and deadline to process? thank you all and this forum very helpful.

    1. Ram

      I’m in the same situation, [On April 13, 2015] my cases was received on April13th and still it is showing as “Case Was Received” Status. Even i wanted to know how long we can possible wait ? what would be the last date to finish the screening of filed case ?

      Mine is form WAC – California Service Center.

    2. LongWait

      Same here, my case also from WAC California service centre. Unfortunately, there is no SLA for regular processing cases, we just have to wait and move on. Better focus on other things in life 🙂 If it comes, it comes …

  14. RedSun

    My Employer still says my H1 lottery result is pending with USCIS .
    Can there be any more hopes ?? as this August Already !! any one still on the same boat ??

  15. Chakri415

    yesterday only I came to know my EAC# from my employer..when i tried to check the status it is showing “we denied your form I-129 ” 🙁
    Can my re appeal my petition

    1. Chakri415

      On july 29, 2015 we denied your Form I-129, petition for a non immigrant worker, receipt# EAC**********. We mailed you a decision notice that explains why we denied yoir case and options.

      This is status i got when i checked with my EAC#
      Is this is a type of RFE?
      Is there any chance for my I 129 to be approve?

      1. No

        Sorry to hear that. This is a denial notice, you can appeal against this but do it only if you think USCIS made a blunder and your application was genuine. If you applied through some shady consultants and they shared the receipt after denial, then it looks very fishy. There is no way you can know if that receipt is yours at all.

        1. Chakri415

          In that status they also mentioned like “we mailed you the reasons why it was denied”
          If my employer again appeal with perfect docs against those reasons Is there any chance in I129 approval

  16. madhusudhan

    Hi Kumar,

    I have gone through the sample rejection letter posted above. could you please clarify if petitioner and beneficiary are employer and employee names. Also can we check the rejected case in USCIS website and will it display employee name as I suspect my consultancy will give manipulated fake rejection letter.

      1. Rahul

        Hi kumar,
        I have received the rejection letter from my employer. I am doubting its fake one. Could you please help me find out the difference between notice date and the date found in footnote left hand side of letter? Also let me know what right hand side footnote means in rejection letter?


  17. US_aspirant

    Hi Kumar,
    I can see there are H1b jobs posted in this blog. Can I apply for them if I don’t have a H1B visa or is it that H1B visa is mandatory for application? Please reply

    1. administrator

      Those are jobs that are eligible for H1B visa holders in USA. Well, you may not be eligible unless some one sponsors H1B for you.

      1. US_aspirant

        Hi Kumar,

        Can u suggest some sponsors whom I can approach from India itself. Please help. I am in a weird situation. 7+ years experience and this is the 2 nd time my lottery has been rejected. my current company wont file next year. So I am desperately looking for a sponsor. Any help will be appreciated.

  18. Deepa

    Can you please confirm if the reject case no starts with these below letters? And is it same as the filing case #?
    VRN **********

    Please reply

  19. Jani

    Hello Sir,

    Am still waiting for my H1 status for current year.. When i contacted my employer even they do not received any status update on my H1 from USCIS. My concern is ” Can I still keep hope on my H1″

    Please put your comments..

  20. Nagaraju

    Thank you Kumar, for your wonderful guidance and support. Looking forward for the next process, after selecting in lottery.

  21. Ishita

    Hi kumar,just wanted to ask you is it possible to apply for MS in the same year after B.Tech graduation.I’m gonna complete my B.tech next year,so is it gonna be hard to apply for MS for fall 2016.Thanks in advance.

  22. Approved_Acc

    Thanks, Kumar for this post..Still awaiting for the post which provide details next process after selecting in lottery…

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