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Not Selected in H1B lottery – Sample Rejection letter from USCIS

Some of you might be curious to see how a rejection letter would look like, if you were not selected in H1B lottery. A good friend of mine sent me a copy of the same to share with our readers.  If you look closely, USCIS says that they returned the associated fees to the petitioner. FYI, this letter is from H1B lottery corresponding to FY 2009 H1B cap. I am assuming, it would be similar for this year’s lottery that was done for petitions received by USCIS on Jan 26th, 2011. If you got one of those, please send it to redbus2us(at)gmail.com to share with our readers.

Sample H1B rejection letter not picked in USCIS Lottery :

Sample H1B Lottery Rejection Sample Letter

Image credit : http://www.flickr.com/photos/hhoyer/2700721956/sizes/s/


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  1. can I willfully ask H1B counsellor to cancle my H1B stamping @ interview. I cannot travel because of certain issue & my name there in lottery.

    • Instead of going for interview and asking them to cancel don’t fill out DS-160 and Don’t go for an interview. Your valid I-129 save it for later date when you are ready to travel.

  2. Does anyone has a sample H1 B rejection letter from this Year 2015 from USCIS, please post it and enlighten the people who are victims of the greedy fake H1B employers who create a dummy rejection letter and send it to their candidates just to earn a good amount of 1000$ to 1500$ case claiming the Lawyers fees for a petition that was never filed , Nor they have the Guts to prove the petition was actually filed by sending the candidates their hard copy of the petition and original USCIS rejection letter… Such employers should be completely banned.

  3. Hi , I would like to apply for US H1B for next year personally. But how to and where… how I know whether it is genuine….. if not selected in the lottery , whether i will get 100% refunded or if refunded how much % i will get back…

  4. Hi Saurabh,

    I applied this year in general quota and i did not see any update till date, most of my friends (who applied in general quota) already got the case number. Can you tell me when do we get to know from USCIS about our rejection if it is not picked in lottery.

  5. I often get posts from members here and elsewhere saying their employer has filed H-1 for them, and said they would return 50% of the filing fees (again it’s ILLEGAL to pay for your own H-1) if the petition doesn’t get selected in the lottery.

    This rejection letter should be an eye opener for all, that USCIS does NOT keep a penny from the petitions that didn’t make through the lottery.

      • Yes, attorney fees are not refundable, but it would be better if candidates can have a discussion w/ the employer on how to share those expenses. A good company would bear the attorney costs, but consulting companies often inflate those expenses to keep a cut for themselves.

        One solution would be to ask for a break-up of the expenses, so that you know how much was the actual cost to the employer in case petition is not picked up. Again, it’s illegal to for your own H-1.

      • Rajib,
        If the petition is denied, no fees is returned. If there is lottery and the petition doesn’t make through it, then all fees is returned by USCIS.

        • Hi ,

          I today got my rejection letter but i wanna make sure my employer is not fooling me with a fake uscis letter because my petition was going through fedex on april 1 ,but it never got delivered status till date..When i called fedex they said they delivered 40,000 packets in bunch so didnt scan my specific packet but its delivered .But m not so confident..my employer can always lie to me that it got delivered but nit picked up in lottery so he can save his face.He sent me a scanned copy of letter but i wanna confirm its just like other rejection letters of this year..can u plz help ??

          • In similar status. The employer says he has filed but there is no proof. In my case they havnt even sent me the rejection letter till date. They eep telling havn’t received any info from USCIS.
            I really wish USCIS plugs this loophole by either giving receipt numbers even to rejected petitions or providing the name of the applicant in the Rejection letter.
            As of now there is no way of knowing whether the employer has filed for H1B or not. Rogues maybe..

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