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Plan to Study MS/MBA in US from B.Tech first year to final year

One of our readers, Sameera, asks on our Facebook page, “ Hello. I’m currently pursuing B.Tech II year (CSE).Will be entering III year in June. Want to pursue MS in US. When do you think I should apply for GRE?” . Looking at the question, I thought, wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan with preferred set of activities/ tasks for every year of your B.Tech( Bachelor of Technology) ?  

Currently, we do have some sample plans like Sample Plan MS- Fall 2019, but it does not stitch up B.Tech/ B.E years/ semesters with MS/MBA in US admission preparation activities.  All of the below activities apply to any bachelors degree and not just B.tech…it is just that most of the pool of candidates are from B.tech, hence divided by B.tech/ B.E semsesters.

Plan to Study MS/MBA in US – Activities split by B.Tech year

Every university is different, some have yearly system, some have semester system. Majority of Engineering colleges go by semester system…As there is no one size fits all, I have to pick one…the below plan is based on semester system.

Assumptions : Academic year of your B.tech starts from  July 1st and ends by May 1st, including summer vacation of 2 months May and June. 

B.Tech/ B.E Year MonthsAdmission Activity
First Year – Semester IAll monthsEnglish for GRE: Read American News Papers Online, American Authors Novels, etc. for GRE
English Listening Skills TOEFL : Watch American News Channels, Shows, Movies for TOEFL
First Year – Semester II
First Year  – Summer Holidays
Second Year – Semester IAll monthsAssess your GRE Skills : Install ETS PowerPrep, Take sample test, benchmark results.
GRE Test Prep: Buy GRE Books & Material, Start preparation, Spend 1 hr every day.
Second Year – Semester II
Second Year – Summer HolidaysMay, JuneGRE Test Prep: Spend 2 hrs. Every day
TOEFL Test Prep: Buy TOEFL books, Spend 1 hr. a day, focus on listening as well.
Third Year – Semester IJuly, AugustApply for Passport
All monthsResearch on US schools related to your program ( side activity to understand system)
All monthsGRE: Take Sample tests, Check score. Work on weaknesses, Spend 1 hr. every day
Third Year  – Semester IIJanuary – FebruaryBook GRE and TOEFL Dates ( after Passport) for June 15th, June 30th weeks
All monthsGRE: Take practice tests online. Take previous GRE tests. Spend 1 hr. a day.
TOEFL: Take practice tests online. Take previous years TOEFL tests. Spend 30 min per day
Research on US schools related to your program (side activity to understand),
Network with Seniors, get advice.
Communicate with Student Association in US schools
Third Year  – Summer HolidaysMay, until June 15thIntensive GRE Preparation – Practice Tests
 June 15thTake GRE Test
June 15th – June 30thIntensive TOEFL Preparation
June 30thTake TOEFL Test
Fourth Year – Semester IJuly, AugustUniversity Selection List
August, SeptemberScholarship Application Prep &  Apply
September 15 – October 1stComplete online applications for Schools
October,  NovemberTranscripts& Recommendation Letters
November 1st – Nov 30thSOP and Scholarship essays
Bank Statement Preparation
By November 15thDraft of application set
Dec 1st –  December  15thFinal Check,  Ship/Post application material
Fourth Year – Semester IIDecember 15th – April 30thFollow up with Graduate School
Follow up with Scholarship committee
Follow up with your School/ Academic Department
Receive I20 from Schools
Fourth Year  – Summer HolidaysMay 1st – May 15thFind open slots, Book Visa Stamping Appointment
May 10th – June 15thVisa Stamping Documents Preparation
Bank Statements for Visa stamping
Education Loan
Read Visa stamping experiences
Misc. tasks related to Visa stamping
June 15th – July 1stVisa Stamping Appointment – US Consulate
July 1st – July 20thBook Air Tickets
Communicate with Student Association
Communicate with Admissions
Communicate with Academic Advisor
Register for Courses, if you know
Travel Preparation
Medical checkup/ Dentist, etc.
Education Loan work
July 30th – August 10thFly to America for Fall Orientation

What are your thoughts on plan?   What was your plan for Studying MS in America, when you were in B.Tech ?

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  1. im a student, im 22 years old im looking to study in USA , its mydream to study & work there , i wish oneday mydream come true, cuz i need this more than myself, im a moroccan student , it will be kind enough tohear from you soon thank you

      • Mohd,
        It varies by school and hard to say. You may spend anywhere from 20K to 150K per year, depending on the school. You should check the schools you plan to apply to get the exact fees.


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