H1B Visa 2015 – Frequently Asked Questions – Updates

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Updated : Dec 9, 2014 (H1B 2016 FAQs )

H1B Visa 2015 season is over. Check below for H1B Visa 2016 Season.

Applying for H1B Visa 2016 ? Did you miss FY 2015 lottery ?

Check out -> H1B Visa 2016 – Start Info, Sponsos, Fees, News , FAQs 

Flash News Update  : 

  • May 5th : USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery. They have announced it on their twitter and facebook pages.
  • April 18th : USCIS announced that they will begin H1B FY 2015 premium processing from April 28th, 2014. Previously they announced that they will begin, ‘no later than April 28th’. They just clarified that. You can read on USCIS website  
  • April 11th : USCIS announced that it received about 172,500 petitions for the H1B Visa 2015 Quota. Read USCIS : 172,500 Received – H1B Lottery Summary 
  • April 7th USCIS H1B Visa 2015 Cap Reached on April 7th. 

H1B Visa 2015 – Latest News Updates , Articles 

Looking for H1B Cap Daily Updates ?  Check  H1B Visa 2015 Cap count Updates Page 

Frequently Asked Questions about H1B Visa FY 2015 

When will H1B Visa 2015 Season Begin ?

USCIS accepted H1B Visa 2015 applications from April 1st, 2014. They had the window open for 5 working days. USCIS stopped accepting H1B Petitions for FY 2015 from Monday April 7th as more applications were received than the required cap of 85,000 petitions.

What would be the Cap count for H1B Visa 2015 quota ?

No changes to the H1B Cap for FY15, the immigration reform discussions did not go through, the cap limit remained same as last year.

  • Regular H1B Quota : 65,000
  • Masters H1B Quota : 20,000
  • It is to be noted that 6,800 visas every year are set aside for Singapore and Chile Free trade agreement filings, which is called as H1B1 program.

Would there be lottery for H1B Visa 2015 ?

We had H1B visa Lottery for fiscal year 2014. USCIS received about 172,500 petitions for FY 2015 . Our predictions were right, you can read the article H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Prediction analysis 

How soon should I start planning for H1B Visa 2015 ?

[ Updated : H1B Sesaon is over for FY 15, plan for next year FY 2016 ] Well, there is nothing like too early… Getting a good H1B Sponsor can be a challenge these days. You need to find a job that fits your profile and find a sponsor that has a job for you.  Some employers want to test out the capabilities of the candidate before they plan to sponsor H1B Visa. Typically, they would like students with masters from US work for them on internship or co-op.  If they like the candidate then they will sponsor H1B visa.  If you are planning to land in US from overseas countries like India, it could be even challenging to find a good sponsor. Maybe you would need to work with global IT services companies and make your way up. It can involve lot of internal process to get the process initiated… You are never early…. Read Step by Step Plan to Apply for H1B 2015 

How do I find Sponsors for H1B visa 2015 ?

This is probably the most asked question.  It can be a challenge to find a good sponsor. We have written quite a few articles on this topic. The fundamental concept of finding a good employer does not change.  You can use our H1B Visa Sponsors Database  and search for sponsors in a city or zip code. Check out the above links under 2015 latest news and updates for the current year’s article to find sponsors. You can also, read our last year’s article :  How to find H1B Visa sponsors, avoid fraud 

What would be the H1B Filing fee for Fiscal year 2015 ? 

There has not been any changes in the filing fee for the past couple of years. It did not change for fiscal year 2014.  The  H1B Visa 2015 filing fee can range anywhere from  $1,575 to $4,325  based on the size of the company (number of employees ). Also, the attorney fee can range from $700 to $3000. If you go for premium processing again that is $1225.  You can check out the detail break up of fee at : H1B Visa Filing Fee Details – Who Pays for What ?  

H1B Visa Immigration Reform – CIR – Proposed Changes ? The comprehensive immigration reform has not passed yet.  But, lets say, if it gets passed, the below changes may happen.

  • Annual H1B Cap will be increased from 65,000 per year to 110,000. If exteme demand, it can go up to a maximum of 180,000.
  • The H1B quota for STEM degree holders from American Schools will increase from 20,000 to 25,000
  • H1B Visa fees can up to USD $10,000.
  • More stringent rules on H1B visa adjudication.
  • Mandatory LCA posting on DOL website for at least 30 days, before it is certified.

You can read Summary of CIR – Immigration reform – H1B Visa and Green Card  . We will keep you posted with updates on CIR and H1B visa changes for this year, if any. Did I miss anything ?  Do you have any other questions ?

Note :  Some of the below comments about H1B Sponsors are negative.  Please be aware that these are comments added by individuals of companies, competitors and many others that may hate such companies. We do NOT vouch for any of the comments made as they are not made by us.

Under federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), our Blog RedBus2US.com is NOT legally liable or responsible for information posted by public, general users or third parties that contains remarks that are defamatory for a company or individual.


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Comments ( 23,888 )

  1. swarupa

    hi ,
    iam clueless of this h1b ,my husband is trying it this year his employer has filed h1b on April 2015 ,no response yet shuld we wait more or loose hopes

  2. nilesh pathak

    hi guys,

    Heard that 3 lot results are out already& last lot was due this week or early next -so now those who have not got even me any updates.

    The chances are very slim now.

    Any further updates anyone ? But i asked people were even selected in June too when the results were announced last year.


  3. Mike

    Is there any change in H1B policy this time? I heard there is some change on the location stuff..like you cannot change your location after getting H1B in the lottery(Location will be mentioned while applying for H1B it self). is this true? Can anyone provide answer/any Link to these kind of changes?

    1. kumar

      I think the rule says that if you are planning to go for different location after your h1b is stamped with a particular location, you need to file another LCA for the new location through your employer/attorney.

      1. kumar

        If you are planning to stay with old LCA and moved to new location, this becomes illegal and they might close the h1b

  4. longwaitapplicant

    after 5 years of wait got selected in lottery this year. For Guys who have not got selected dont loose your hope, god will do things at the right time.

  5. Suman(IBM)

    Fact is that lottery was done and they sent receipt numbers to people who picked from Lottery. So now we need to wait for rejection notification. If you didn’t receive receipt number so far that means your name didn’t picked from lottery. You need to accept your self … 🙂 I already accepted myself… This is big world let’s try other country and show your skills…

    1. Nikhita

      From your name, I believe you are an Indian (pardon me if you are not). I am glad that you do not think this is the end of the world if you don’t get your H1-B picked, unlike a lot of other people that I have seen. Just one question I have for you, you do know the world’s big but you don’t really care about showing your talents to India (if you are an Indian that is)? You talked about showing your talents to OTHER countries, but I am still not sure if you even thought about showing it to your motherland.

      1. Ram

        If Indian government works towards economy improvement and follows the law then everybody will stay in India. Every country will have their own laws. People like law system in United States. More employment opportunities. And most important thing, minimum wages of the states is decided by Government. We say our motherland is great to work, live and to serve but nobody loves to choose that option until unless they have no option. Hence they love to move to United States. Most of the people like the lifestyle here. Indian government should concentrate on this to handle this which will never happen in a corrupted country where there is no true justice for the talent.

      2. Tamilan

        I’m guarantee that I’m sure you too Indian, so I’m welcoming your comments above, but the fact is most of the indians dream to arrive at states for many reasons. hope you are agree on this, if not – please this twice

  6. Waiting

    Any one got picked up on 22nd May? Any one know when regular process ends? Also, any one has received packet Back ?

    1. Waiting

      Who are the lucky ones… I mean, got in lottery can update the Tracker in this site.. So, to have latest details to Judge where the waiting people to decide in good stand.. So, it is kind request to update Tracker.

    1. Rajan

      2 people whom i know already got the results before 10 days. But, no update for me from the HR yet. I am starting to think that the case is not picked up.

    2. Ram

      There is no last date for lottery update. It depends on how your USCIS process and sometimes attorney also. Attorney should receive the result first. Then you will be notified

  7. Hrishi

    Have not received any email or anything. till now application should have gone through the Lottery process regardless of selection or rejection.

    1. Hrishi

      Got picked up. had applied through a consultancy. he has provided me receipt no…but not soft copy of approvals think he will provide me soft copy.

  8. subhro

    My employer has said that my H-1B application has been picked up in lottery. However they won’t provide me the receipt number now. Is it possible to know I-797 number from LCA Case number.

        1. CTS

          am from CTS ,I got my receipt status last month 22/Apr/2015 but my friends didn’t received any .but surprisely yesterday some of my college got update that they have been selected with receipt no. so guys who waiting don’t loose your hope. god will do everything in the right time.

          1. Opponent to CTS

            Ah! Who is God here? you mean USCIS??? Would suggest you should think pratically in the technology word when lottery (random pick-up) arise:)….

  9. H1b2015 Amendment petition

    Hi Folks,

    How much time does it take for the entire project change, H1B 2015 amendment process? I have heard some rule changes happening by which we can travel with the approval notice and need not wait for amendment hard copy if ur visa is already stamped on the old project

    1. Ram

      You will be notified if your petition is picked in lottery. Wait for the result. That means They haven’t updated anything about your petition whether it is picked or not. Be patient and hope for the best. Good luck

  10. CR

    Hi Folks
    A bit of hope. I just talked with my attorney and they said that UCSIS will be sending the reminders notices this week. There is hope.

  11. varma

    any one got news last friday that there h1b amount got deducted and picked up in the lottery , do we still have the time for h1b regular processing or shell we try for next year

    1. h1b_ss

      Still no mails from iAura.But Yesterday i checked in iAura -by clicking Check USCIS status button in the page.It is redirected to US immigration site with my receipt number with case receipt of my petition.For some of my other colleagues it was showing some popup with receipt number not available.

      1. hcl-h1b-update

        Hi All,
        I am from HCL ERS LOB Banglaore .
        Last week I was able to see a receipt no updated in iAura for me , when checkd uscis website with this receipt no it was saying “At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case.” .

        Yesterday I received emial from iAura that Receipt no for my cases is updated , But today I can see the receipt no is actually removed from iAura .

        When raised ssd I got reply that “ISG is processing receipts and employees are not authorised to see it” .

        Not sure whats happening . Some of cooligues till now did not received any updated on receipts yet .


          1. hcl-h1b-update

            Sour grapes :)) .
            I will use spell check 🙂 .
            English is not a criteria . Grow up black british .


          2. Not good in english

            Not worthy to comments about their english language since most of here not from British.. so Mind your words ****

          1. Real Mass

            Think twice! when you commenting others communication:( I mean we should read their objectives not for play…

  12. Amolk

    HI friends,

    Finally I heard from my employer that my petition got picked up in lottery. This is my first time to apply for H1b and got lucky.
    Waiting for case number now.

    Best of luck to all.

  13. dmg

    “Case Selected under USCIS Lottery System”. Looks like a bunch of the receipts came in Yesterday/Today as 3-4 of my friends got the same news. Mine was Reg/non premium

  14. CTSH1b Vetri

    Batch 1-> 29 April (IST Evening mails getting triggered )
    Batch 2-> 04 May (IST Evening mails getting triggered )

    can surely expect for next batches in upcoming weeks as they are sending batch wise
    I got my Receipt on 4th May : WAC151455****.
    All the best for all 🙂

    1. vvv

      Hi CTS,

      Thanks for info. By USCIS, It completed data entry task that means consultancy people know whether the check has encashed or not. Still some checks are happening.

      Kindly reply.

    2. NoVISAThisTimeTOOO


      Any CTS folks got receipt after 4th. I dint hear anyone here getting it after 4th. This is my third attempt :(:(:(

  15. oopsadaisy

    our timeline for sharing every socal h1b candidate here…
    April.23 _got one receipt of master cap(regular)
    April.24 _got two receipts of master cap(regular)
    April.27 _got one receipt of master cap(regular)

    we haven’t received any notice for regular cap(Bachelor degree or lower level), including mine. Hope still can have some good news later:) (crossing fingers)

  16. AD/PP/VT

    I asked to my attorney if there was an update in my case. He says this:
    We still have not learned whether or not *******’s petition has been selected for processing. There were more than 233,000 petitions submitted for the 85,000 available slots. We are still receiving receipt notices and we have not received any petitions back. So there is still a possibility that *******’s petition will be selected. As soon as we learn more, I will contact you immediately.

    Mine is AD/PP/VT.. Do you guys think I still have a chance as he hasn’t got my petition back yet. Is there any timeline for the PP people to wait? Please help..

    1. Govinda

      sorry bro, I dont think so, mine is also ad/pp/vermont, and mine already got processed and approved. of course there is theoraticaly some chance. maybe 10%

  17. finallyreceivedreceipt

    Hi guys, sterday I recieved the receipt mail. Me always do not have any luck . But by god grace I got receipt, dont know wat the next step to get visa but m happy for now. Same month, lastyear I was rejected in l1b, I drank fully n cried opp t chennai embassy. This time, I got somewat happy news….. I always in the side where luck is missing, feeling somewat new which I couldnt express when m standing in the luck group…. like to share u all since I always used to read comments here almost alldays in the last month..

  18. tj

    My HR has updated me on my status. Still no receipt number from USCIS. Mine is regular processing and she said it will take 2 months from USCIS to send all the receipts. Can we expect receipts in May?

  19. abhi

    My consultant told me that he submitted all docs already.
    Is there anyway to check whether he really submitted it ? He is telling only when i get selected in lottery, i will get a receipt number

    1. H1B

      Tracking number and Petition number are 2 Different numbers.

      1. Tracking number is the one you get when you send your H1B packet by post. It could be a Fedex, USPS etc.. It is the number you get from the courier service when you ship something.

      You can ask this number from your consultant to ensure your packet was indeed sent to USCIS.

      2. Receipt number is issued by USCIS ONLY when your application is selected in the lottery.
      Not all individuals will get a receipt number as you have to get through the lottery.

  20. seeker

    My employer told me that check is en cashed and it is most likely check is en cashed for my application. But he will confirm me once he has got the check copy. Why he has the doubt?
    When I will get the receipt number assuming check is en cashed last week?

  21. Red

    As my consultant is not letting me go for stamping, I would like to transfer my h1 to another consultant. Can any one help in giving info reg consultants who can do this. How much money should I invest for this process ??? Experts plz reply

  22. neeta

    guys good news for people with 221g white slip mumbai . Number of white slips have been cleared this month hope it continues. I got my passport stamped after 15 business days of document submission in april.

  23. uma

    Hello Everyone,
    Need some help guys…..Do we need to file an amended H1-B incase we change our Employer Address…we happened to move two times with in 3-5 miles radius….city is same (Arlington)…any idea??
    i mean from 2013-2015, we moved two times

    Thanks in advance

  24. Vijay

    When I applied h1b last year my employer gave me an offer letter for $90000. HoweverWe agreed that 80:20salary will be worked out once I get a job offer.My petition is approved now and I am planning to take the visa interview. However my employer gave me another offer letter for 80k and asked me to take this to visa stamping interview. When I asked him the reason for change in salary he mentioned that my lca was approved for 80k it is better to take this interview. I believe when they filed the petition they would have submitted my previous offer letter of 90k. Will there be any problem in visa stamping because of this.

  25. asjk

    my Company applied for H1 in April-2015 , However , my company lawyers informed me that application stuck in security check… but till today no changes in my application status..
    experts pls advise..

    1. Rewise

      There is no definite timeline if it is stuck in security check. I applied in 2014 and waiting since Oct 2014 in RR RFE state (stuck in security check).

  26. neha

    My lawyer said that they are still processing and will results will be given out until 27th April.

    So hang in there..Its not yet over

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