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H1B Visa 2014 Sponsors – How to find companies, Avoid Fraud ?

Some of you might be planning to apply for H1B visa for this fiscal year of 2014.  USCIS, just like it has done in previous years, will most likely accept H1B Visa 2014 Petitions starting of April 1st.  Depending on your current situation/ status you could have questions like below in your mind.

  • How to find H1B Visa 2014 sponsors ?
  • I am student and completing MS in US, How to get a H1B Visa sponsoring company for 2014 ?
  • I am on H4 visa in America. I would like to work on H1B Visa, How do I find a sponsor ?
  • How to search for H1B Visa 2014 sponsors from India ?
  • I am in US on L1 Visa. I want to move to H1B Visa. How to find 2014 sponsors ?
  • How to get full list of H1B Visa 2014 sponsoring companies in USA ?
  • How to avoid fraudulent companies that say that they sponsor H1B visa ?

Many such questions…Let me help you explain the various options to find H1B Sponsoring companies for fiscal year 2014.

Different options to get H1B visa sponsorship and find companies

There are multiple ways to find a H1B Visa sponsor. Below are some of the various options available based on your network, reach, and capability.

  • H1B  Visa Sponsoring companies Database
  • Global IT Services Companies  TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, etc.
  • Internship – Progression to H1B Visa Sponsorship
  • Consulting Companies in America – Fraud ?
  • H1B Sponsorship through American Universities

Let us take a quick peek at various options in detail.,

H1B Visa 2014 Sponsors  Database :

This is probably the most direct and random way to find a H1B Visa sponsors.  US Labor department publishes all the LCAs information quarterly indicating the list of H1B Sponsors. For latest data, you need to check out the Dept. of labor website : Depart of Labor LCA Data or for archive data you need to check out  website related to FLC Data Center LCA  . The bad part with both of these options is that the data these US Govt. websites publish is in the form on MS Access database or large .txt files with lot of information hard to read .  So, there are websites like MyVisaJobs that have used this Database and published information in a more presentable format. In fact, our Green Card Database that is built from the same database as well. Anyways, that database would have contact information of the exact companies that sponsored H1B visas. You can directly reach out to them by figuring out the companies that fit your requirement.  Honestly, it may not work out very well…But, just an option to at least prepare the list of companies that you need to target to find H1B visa 2014 sponsorship.

Global IT Services Companies TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro, etc.

Global IT Services companies like TCS, Infy, CTS, etc.  strategy is to primarily to recruit international students/ professionals and sponsor H1B Visas to them to make them work in America. These companies either sponsor visas to professionals in India with experience or recruit talent in US.  The crux of the issue is to network and find out the requirements in such companies and get their sponsorship for this 2014 fiscal year.  It requires little bit of homework, but it works…These companies are always looking for students/ professionals with experience in certain fields.  They may not give you lucrative salaries, but you will get sponsorship.  If you are not in such companies, try out options, it could potentially work, talk to the hiring managers.  I have known friends who shifted companies  just because they would sponsor H1B visa to work in America and they are in US now.

Internships/ Co-op – Progression to H1B Visa Sponsorship :

If you are in the last semester doing MS or MBA, you can take up OPT / CPT and take up internship or co-op in a company that can potentially sponsor H1B Visa. The trick to this is to find and join a company that does your H1B visa. You can use DOL database ( the one I mentioned above)  to find the list of companies.  Many companies may not even have heard of the visa like H1B Visa. You need to be careful and make conscious decision at the time of internship or co-op. This may not be an issue in large cities in America, where there is startup community and lot of internationals. But, you have to be careful.

Consulting Companies in America – Fraud ?

Until the changes to H1B Visa rules in 2011, consulting companies were the major source of H1B Visa sponsorship. Due to all the abuse of the H1B Program by some of the consulting companies, USCIS introduced lot of changes to H1B visa guidelines to avoid fraud.  With the changes, a good number of H1B fraud companies have been barred from sponsoring H1B Visas.  So, there are still a good number of consulting companies that are run properly that can help you get sponsorship. Again, to find such companies, you need to do thorough analysis regarding the company and personally know someone in the company to avoid fraud. There are quite a few fraud companies that take money from you luring H1B visa and just cheat you.  DOL states that you should not pay the H1B fee, so you should never be charged for it.  So, be careful to avoid fraud.   All in all, be careful and do your due-diligence before you commit to any consulting companies for your 2014 h1b visa sponsorship.   Your best bet is to network with your colleagues or friends and know more about companies.

H1B Sponsorship through American Universities

Many of the academic institutions sponsor H1B visas to internationals either based on academic merit or experience.  In fact, you are not counted towards the H1B Visa cap for getting visa sponsorship.  The only catch is that you cannot transfer your H1B visa to other company once you get H1B visa as it was not counted towards H1B cap. You can only transfer to an academic or research institution.   In any case, seeking H1B sponsorship from an academic institution is definitely a good option for someone on H4 Visa or F1 visa students. I have seen my friend’s wife get a H1B visa sponsorship as she did volunteering at a research lab for some time, as she had the skills they wanted.


All the above mentioned options are some of the ways you can find a H1B Visa sponsor for this 2014 fiscal year and get sponsorship.  You should talk to more people and network to get more information and options regarding companies.  Always, networking will help… Do NOT be fooled by fraudulent consulting companies. Just watch for what they ask and what they say. You can validate them very easily and avoid fraud. Good Luck !


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  1. Hi, I am Dr. Iyengar from India. I have good qualifications and very good experiencein Supply chain/Material mangement. One company has offered me a chief manager’s position. But asking me to pay for VISA. He has an Indian agent to process H1B VISA. It is true that ihve qualifications nd experience but how cn one gets selected without face to face interview? how doIknowthis company is authorised to sponsor H1B VISA? Can someone help me?

  2. Dear All,

    Hi, hope doing well, I am an electronics engineer working in medical health care since from last twenty years. I am working as a field service engineer, nuclear medicine since from last thirteen years, I am in US now a days on B2.
    I will be highly glade if any company can sponsor me H1B.

    Thanks and regards,
    Abdul Rehman Qureshi

  3. i am a British subject working for 23yrs in civil construction as a fiel superintendent ,
    i have worked all over the uk where i came from and the caribbean and Africa .i have finished some very large projects from $140million USD to $1Billion USD.
    i am finding it hard to find a sponsor and i now live in florida with my girlfriend . i have a good cv and references no criminal record and a clean drivers license. can anyone help me please find a sponsor. i am willing to pay inadvance the cost of the sponsorship direct to the imigration department.

  4. Hi,

    I am a full stack developer, and currently attending an advanced bootcamp, MakerSquare, based in San Francisco. My program will be done in the end of this month. I am currently on H4 visa status, and looking forward to applying H1B work visa thought a full stack developer position.
    Should you have any suggestion or question, please do not hesitate to contact me

    I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter.

    Best Regards,
    Darko Gjorgoski

  5. Hi,
    I am Swati. I have 4 years of work ex as a Business Analyst from Big 4 Company. I am in Boston on H4 and looking for H1B sponsored Jobs in Boston.
    Contact – 16129998434

  6. Hi,

    I am IT professional (Microsoft dynamics AX) , I have experience of 6 years and looking for H1B sponsor for me and i have H4 visa . even ready to switch to any platform.
    please let me know if you have an opportunity for me.

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Hi,

    I work as a Test Engineer and have over 5 years of experience in Manual Testing .
    I am on H4 visa and looking for opportunities to work in USA. If anyone is looking for a same profile with H1B sponsorship, please contact me.

    Jeo Priniya

  8. l am a policeman in Ghana with 10+ yrs experience seeking for any security job with H4 visa sponsorship and my contact is +233 _243 277 216 …I also have work Advance certificate in forensic ,criminal psychology security management and anti terrorist combat

  9. Hi ,
    I have 8+ yrs of exp in SAP BW/BI-BO,HANA & working in a MNC ,having qualification as MBA,BE .I am looking for a company which can give/process sponsorship for US H1B visa. Currently having valid US B1/B2 visa & visited US as well.
    Please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,
    +91 8380066124

  10. Hi ,
    I have 8+ yrs of exp in SAP BW/BI-BO,HANA & working in a MNC ,having qualification as MBA,BE .I am looking for a company which can give/process sponsorship for US H1B visa.
    Please let me know.

    Thanks & Regards,
    +91 8380066124

  11. Hi,

    I am international student currently studying in university of tampa. I was looking for H1B sponsorer. Please contact me on 8132901690 or 6023380059

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  14. Hi,
    I have 4+ years of exp in Information security and i am looking for a company or consultancy who can sponsor Visa for me. Please do let me know how should i proceed. thanks in advance!

  15. Hi , am about to complete my Masters in Environment from CAL STATE FULLERTON. I have about 12 years experience in teaching from India. Am interested to know if i can find an H1B job- in teaching or any environmental services sector.
    Please help.

  16. Hi, I am apparel Merchandiser(Knit Division). I have 6 years More Merchandising Experience. Now i need a sponsor visa for live and work in USA. If you have any option then mail me for details sifaat1988atyahoodotcom

  17. Hi, I am apparel Merchandiser(Knit Division). I have 6 years More Merchandising Experience. Now i need a sponsor visa for live and work in USA. If you have any option then mail me for details E-mail: sifaat1988atyahoodotcom
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  18. Never get into Everest Consulting Inc. sick people. your career will get screwed. You will end up paying h1b fee, all fee.. referrals they say they will pay but at the end they will not give anything.. It is just a body shop company. No direct clients. Careful while signing papers better check with lawyers.

  19. hey there, I have total 9 years experience in IT industry with 3 years of experience in real-time implementation with KDB+/Q+ languages. This is one of the rare skill set in earth. To make use of best out of it, I have been thinking to relocate. please feel free to contact me yshashidhar on outlook server.

  20. Hi,

    I work as a Senior Test Engineer and have over 7 years of experience is Manual Testing .
    I am looking for opportunities to work in USA. If anyone is looking for a same profile, please contact me.


  21. Hi,

    I have 13 years Total exp and 8 years SAP IT exp being as PMP certified, SAP certified and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt holder. Please let me know if you have any one who can assist me in Sponsoring H1B Visa. Mob: +91-7207202001…..Thank you

  22. Hi,

    I work as a Senior Test Engineer and have over 6 years of experience is Manual Testing and Mobile Testing. I also posses expertise on Jenkins CI for build deployment.
    I am looking for opportunities to work in USA. If anyone is looking for a same profile, please contact me.

    Tejas Mhaskar
    Email – [email removed spam]

  23. Sir I have completed my MBA with HR and MARKETING from UPTU in 2010 and i have 3+ Years working experience in US IT Staffing Company from India. I want to work in US.
    could you please give me some suggestions. what can I do for that…. if you have any ideas about this plzzzz contact me ph no. +917838711734.
    I would really appreciate your help.

  24. Hi. I have 3.3 years of experience in IT, in EDI technology.
    I have extensively worked on EDI Middleware tools and have a good knowledge.
    I am currently looking out for some company or a consultancy who can sponsor me H1B.

  25. Hi, I work as a Recruiter for one of the top IT Services company. I have to work from US starting next year as my husband is relocating there to do his MS. When I checked with my current company, they declined the option of processing my visa. But they are willing to hire me as a contractor if I have a work visa from other consulting company.

    Will you please let me know further details on this. If this option is worth considering and are there any companies which will do my visa on the confirmation of my current company? Your reply is much appreciated. Thanks in Advance. – Hema

  26. Hi ,

    I am IT professional (Oracle DBA) , I have experience of 7 years and looking for H1B sponsor for me , please let me know if you have an opportunity for me.

    • Hi Monisha,

      I am Raja Shekher, completed my masters from University of Aberdeen Scotland and I have 6 years of work experience and currently working as an associate lead at Cognizant. Please let me know if i am eligible to apply for H1B from your consultancy.


    • Hi Sandeep,

      Could you please send me ur email address as I am looking for H1B sponsor for fy2015. I have 9+ years exp in testing , selenium with Java automation skills


  28. sir I have completed my MBA with HR and MARKETING from JNTUH. I want to work in abroads..
    could you please give me some suggestions. what can I do for that…. if you have any ideas about this plzzzz contact me ph no. +919177958500.

  29. Hi,
    I have 10 years of experience in Supply Chain gestion and have an MBA degree in general business. I am looking forward to get the H1B visa.
    Can you help me?



    • Hi Amarjit,
      I am having 9 years of experience in Automotive parts Design and Development and looking to get H1B sponsorship from any company for FY2016.
      So kindly if anyone having some idea that who can give sponsorship please let me know.
      contact detail [email spam – DO NOT share email- do not get cheated by others ]


  31. i had H1B stamped in yr quota 2007 and got visa stamped in feb 2008 .. Let me know if I am still eligible to get my visa transfer . heard from someone that visa is valid only for 6 yrs ?? can someone help me to know on this

  32. Hello
    To whom so ever it may concern

    Hi my name is rohan dalal i have completed my Diploma in hotel management and have a work experience of a year and i am looking for a sponsor-or who can sponsor my H1B visa. Please let me know if any one can assist me to do so thank you for your guidance.


      • Hello Sir / Madam,
        I am Android Developer in India, looking for job in US. I have total 5 Years exp. I am looking for Sponsor and providing job in US.

        I am waiting for your positive response. Please update me.


      • Hi Amarjit ,

        I am a certified SAP BI/HANA consultant looking for H1B . Can you please let me know if you can take my profile further .


      • hi i am from Philippines
        I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.
        I used to work in US under J1 visa. I was issued twice and i never got denied.
        I am looking for an employer who can help me to have h1b or h2b.
        Thank you

      • Hi Amarjit,
        I am software manual testing professional having 10yrs experience.
        Please let me know if any opportunity from your end to sponsor H1B.
        Please let me know your contact so that I can reach you.

    • Hi Rohan Dalal, I seen you post about h1b visa for hotel management and I have a couple questions for you. I was wondering if you got your visa? What company sponsored you and how did you go about getting them to sponsor you? Did you have a certificate or a degree?
      The reason I’m asking is because my boyfriend is from India, He has certificate for hotel management and he currently has a visa to work on a cruise ship, but that visa is a specific one that cannot be used in the USA. I live in the USA and trying to help him get here, but seems like its very hard to get a work visa. I was hoping you had experience in this area that can help me. Thank you for any help, it’s very appriciated

  33. Hi I have worked in US on L1 and came back to India. Now I have a B1, I work for US healthcare end to end process. Is there an opportunity for me to apply for H1B

  34. hi am gaurav mallick looking for ajob in us am an undergrad please help me with this.i have valid passport. and nw i work as a caller in a mnc

  35. I am having 10+ years exp. in IT and right now working as a Oracle Apps ERP/ES technology. I am looking for a company which give sponsorship for H1B for me and my family.

  36. Hi I am Ganesh frm India completed my Bachelors degree and holding a CEH certification from EC council and had 2+ exp in Information Security and right now working in Infosys and would like to get a job in US with H1B sponsorship

  37. First, its our government that allows so many citizens to be out of jobs.
    Second, our educational system is a joke. If anyone meets the requirements
    Needed to get a valid visa, then God bless them! Why hate on them? They have done nothing to deserve all this hate. If you haters, would put the enery you have on hating, into doing what you need to do to qualify for the same jobs, there would not be a need to look outside the country, to fill those jobs. Just saying!!!

  38. Hi There,

    I have 4.5 Years of IT experience in Microsoft Technologies like .Net and SharePoint. I am in need of H1B sponsors. Please let me know if you have any one who can assist me in Sponsoring H1B Visa for 2014.

    Here are my details:

    Thank you in anticipation
    Vikram P

  39. Don’t come to the U.S. as the people who were born here or came here legally don’t want you here. Millions out of work will start to get desperate and will not take kindly to you stealing jobs that should got to citizens that desperately need to feed their families…. What if the situation were reversed and hordes of americans came to India and displaced Indian workers…. I think it would get ugly for Americans very quickly….

    • If you guys are capable enough to work then why the hell some one steals your job….first learn how to study in schooling and graduation instead of dating and drinking….you guys start working only after 35 years , why not at 23? Ask yourself or ask your fellow buddies….don’t blame Indians…..blame yourself and your govt…

      • Look at your reply in light of all the above posts going something like “Hi I am vishnu, I want live in US, mail me for job at …@…”, and in light of the average salaries h1b visas recipients get. Sometimes starting working at 23 does not seem to help a lot, unfortunately. The H1b system is still bloodsucked on by hordes of indians who just want to leave india and end up working abroad regardless of employment there, which is understandable, but defies the intent of this program.

  40. Is it possible to apply for H1B through a consulting company, while being in employment with some other organization?
    That way one can avoid the risk of losing his current job in case the LCA is denied. Please let me know.

  41. please, please, don’t come to the U.S. crry monkeys, we don’t want you here, you won’t be welcome in the slightest. Stop with your lying and fake CV’s, stay home and snake charm and grow coconuts…NO MORE H1B’s Raja

    • Hey FU ,
      Funny that you are worried about some one coming to US, Not all H1B candidates are with Fake CV’s. If you want to know the potential of us then come to India and find a Job, I really appreciate if you can get one. I pity on you because being an Indian you are talking like this……..Any way first be perfect in what you do then you will need not be worried for some one coming to US. Or Agree that you cant win the race because you are incapable … LOL

    • I understand you are the one who went there on H1b with fake qualification and experience and now you should be out of job. People like you spoil Indians image there. So you show your frustration on people who try for h1b. People like bring shame to the country.

    • Don’t be so selfish, while there is only some percent of fake cannot generalize it there are so many talented engineers in India who are more eligible than big fishes around there with just riding their lucks…

  42. Hi,

    Please find the attached resume. I am chartered finance analyst (CFA) looking for consultant who can sponsorship my HI B.
    I am having a good experience in International Trade finance and much flexible in performing any suitable role in finance/banking domain.

    Appreciate if you can look into my resume.


    Please contact me at below number for any query.

    Thanks and Regards
    Suman More
    201 685 4288

  43. I have recently travelled to US on dependent visa from India. I have 2 years’ IT experience in india software company We are looking for a sponsor who can convert his H4 visa to H1b. Im looking for a job but since im dependent visa holder i cannot work. So pls can anyone give some suggestions


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