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H1B Visa 2014 – All you need to know – FAQs

H1B Visa 2014


H1B 2014 Cap reached on April 5th, 2013. Read : 124,000 H1B Visas Filed. Lottery Process
For this year FY 2015 H1B Info  read : H1B Visa 2015 – FAQs

Page Updated :  January 18th ,  2014

As USCIS is all set to accept H1B Visa petitions for the fiscal year 2014, many of you have questions on various aspects of filing H1B Visa 2014 like fee involved, lottery chances, H1B sponsors, Change of status, start date, end date of accepting H1B Visas, etc. This page will track all the H1B Visa 2014 News updates, Cap count information, FAQs, etc. Bookmark this page !  We have divided the page to various sub sections for your convenience.

FYI. Last year quota,which is H1B visa 2013 cap reached on June 11th, 2012.


H1B Visa 2014 News Updates


FAQs – All you  need to Know  !

Over the years, we have observed that prospective H1B visa seekers are always looking for certain pieces of information. We have grouped such information and created FAQs as listed below :

When will H1B Visa filing season start for Fiscal year(FY) 2014 ?

H1B visa filing season for fiscal year 2014 starts from April 1st, 2013. USCIS did a press release confirming the same.
How to find H1B Visa 2014 Sponsors ? Various Ways to find H1B Sponsoring companies
Finding right H1B Sponsor can be a very daunting task. There are few options to find sponsors like checking the H1B Sponsors Database and randomly contacting employers, working with IT outsourcing companies, looking at options in American Universities, Networking with friends. Each of these options are explained in this article :

How to find H1B Visa 2014 Sponsors ? Avoid Fraud

Why do we call H1B Visa 2014, when the petitions are filed in 2013 ? 

USCIS operates on a fiscal year basis instead of calendar year ( Jan 1 to Dec 31st). Its fiscal year starts from October 1st and ends on September 30th. On that lines, USCIS’s fiscal year for 2014 starts from October 1st, 2013 and lasts until September 30th, 2014.  So, though we file H1B petitions in April of 2013, they are counted towards H1B visa fiscal year 2014 and everyone calls it in short form as H1B visa 2014.

What is H1B visa 2014 Cap count for Regular quota and Masters Quota ?

If you are not aware of H1B cap count, it is the congressionally mandated numeric limits for H1B petitions based on category. Regular quota is for anyone who meets H1B visa requirements and Masters quota is specifically for students who have a Masters degree from US University. Typically, below are the numeric limits… ( we had these H1B cap limits set in 2004, if any changes by USCIS, we will update this page)

  • Regular Quota Cap – 65,000
  • Masters Degree Quota Cap – 20,000

Also, typically USCIS sets aside 6,800 visas  for Singapore and Chile Free Trade agreement filings, which is H1B1 Program. Also, read article All about H1B Caps – Basics Calculations, Lottery


H1B Visa 2014 filing deadline – What is the last date ?

Well, there is no set deadline as such by USCIS. They start to accept petitions from April 1st, 2013 and will continue to accept H1B petitions until the H1B cap (85,000) is reached. It can vary based on the H1B visa demand.


Will there be Lottery for H1B Visa 2014 ?

This is most commonly speculated question by many H1B seekers. Due to very high demand and hype for H1B workers, we had lottery in some of the previous years. But we do not know, we just have to speculate based on past data and economic conditions. As done in previous years, here is our analysis:

Check out H1B Visa 2014 Lottery prediction- USCIS Data Analysis

. You can also check out last year’s: H1B Visa 2013 lottery prediction 


What will be H1B visa 2014 filing fee ? Any changes ?

There has not been any changes to the filing fee for the fiscal year 2014. Check out the article : H1B visa 2014 filing fee – Who Pays for what ?. In general, it can range from $1,575 to $4,325 based on the number of employees ( this does not does not include attorney fee and premium processing fee).


International Students  – Can we do Change of Status ( COS) from F1 Visa to H1B visa for FY 2014 ?

Yes, international students pursing their Bachelors, Masters or PhD programs from US Universities, who may be working on OPT, can file a H1B Visa petition to USCIS with Change of Status(COS) option.  The advantage of COS from F1 visa to H1B visa is that you can continue to work after OPT expiration starting from October 1st, 2013 without leaving the country.  You have to do the COS before your OPT expires to maintain legal status in America.


How soon Can I start working, if I file for H1B visa 2014 fiscal year ?

One can start working from October 1st, 2013 , if you have an approved H1B petition. You may need to get H1B visa stamping done, if you file your petition from overseas and wish to come to America on H1B visa.. Unlike, if you are filing for a COS by staying in US, you can start to work without leaving US for H1B visa stamping.


What is current H1B visa 2014 cap count ?

The H1B season for FY 2014 will begin on April 1st, 2013. We will keep track of the USCIS cap count updates with analysis.

All H1B Cap counts will be tracked at :  H1B visa 2014  Cap Count Tracker .

In the mean time, you can check out our FY 2013’s  : H1B visa 2013 Cap count Tracker


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  1. I am a health care worker from india. I have received 2 h1b selection letters from 2 different health care companies for this year. Now I have been approached by a non cap hospital employer willing to sponsor for non cap H1b under premier process and their pay is much better than the other 2 employers. now can I go ahead with this non cap employer and how can I say NO to the 2 employers who have successfully petitioned for me? Do I need to compensate them by money?

  2. I am waiting for the uscis response since August 26,2014. (RFE RR for 2014 h1b submitted). hopefully will get update Before March 2015. Not sure if uscis can delay the update after March 2015 ? and after that the next h1b 2016 quota processing starts. Anyone here had past experience where uscis works on h1b visa processing of the current year after March when the next year h1b visa starts?

  3. Hi,
    I’m finding my status from employer as ‘selected in lottery-Pending with USCIS’ . I did not receive any RFE till date. Am I on right track or is it some where gone.

    What could I do to get the information?

  4. Hi,

    Off-late I realized that my employer cheated me by promising filing for H1 B … I have paid huge amount to him through a known source … How can I complaint on this company about the fraud they are doing for lot of people in India?


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