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H1B Visa 2014 Cap Count Updates

Page Updated :  December 14, 2014.

H1B 2014 season was over on April 5, 2013 with lottery. Currently, we are in H1B 2016 season. See below for details:

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H1B 2014 Cap reached on April 5th, 2013. Read : 124,000 H1B Visas Filed. Lottery Process
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Just like previous years, we will track all the news updates and cap count numbers related to H1B visa 2014 on this page. You can check out our previous H1B visa 2013 cap count updates page to get an idea.

Latest News updates, Information for H1B visa 2014 :

All the H1B news releases by USCIS and informative articles related to applying for H1B visa 2014 will be posted below :

H1B Visa FY 2014 Cap Count updates Tracking Table:

The below table will be updated as soon as USICS updates cap counts.

USCIS Update onRegular H1B Cap (65,000)Advanced Degree Cap (20,000)Analysis and Cap Count Update Article.
April 5th, 2013 65,000 20,000USCIS news Update – Lottery
Remaining H1B Cap ZeroZero  Total Remaining = ZERO


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  1. Hi,

    I am from India working in Mnc company recently i got a job in NY in one company they filled h1b from there end. At the time of filling i send my certificates scan copy and pay slips of previous company and ID card. Now recently quited that company whether i have to show orginal ID card in Visa interview.

    • Suresh Kale,
      This page is for FY-14 cap which got over in April 2013. If you are looking for the cap just got exhausted, then you have to go to FY-15 page.

  2. Hi,

    I have a bad situation where my Employer is asking me to pay bond amount as I am asking to cancel my H1B application and they are giving reason that they have paid the amount. My H1B application is in status ‘Sent to Attorney’.

    Can you please suggest any way by which I can cancel application or there is actually any bond exist which employer can bind their employees in acse they breach it.

    Please suggest.


    • Sagar,
      Legally, they cannot ask for any bond money or the money they spent on H-1 application. Do you have the receipt number with you? If yes, then what’s the status on USCIS website?

      Are you inside US or outside US? Why do you want to cancel your H-1?

  3. Hi,

    My employer has applied for H1B for me. I tried to search for the lottery status online in US gov website. But it asks for a receipt number. Where can I find this? Will my employer have this? Please help.

    With thanks and regards,

    • the USCIS will be emailing you the same…it should be taking about 3-4 weeks considering the amount of applications this year…

  4. I came to US on L1b and my wife on L2. L1b/L2 and I-94 for both of us were valid till 6th Sept 2013. My employer applied for L1 to H1 COS in april 2013, got selected in lottery. While H1 COS was in progress, my employer applied for L1 extn for me and L2 extn for my wife for us to maintain status. My employer also applied for my wife’s L2 to H4 COS in Sept.

    Current Situation –
    My L1 extn denied on 20th Feb 2014
    My wife’s L2 extn denied on 21st Feb 2014
    My H1 COS approved on 20th Feb 2014
    My wife’s H4 is still in initial review since 19th Sept 2013 (her I94 has already expired on 6th Sept 2013)

    My Questions –
    1. Can my wife continue to stay here until her H4 is approved?
    2. Is she maintaining valid status as her H4 is in progress?
    3. If she is not in valid status how much time does she have to leave the country? I need number of days? today is the 5th day from when her L2 extn is denied.
    4. Is there any other option available for her to maintain status?
    5. Can we apply for H4 Premium Processing?

  5. Hi Saurabh,

    Kindly reply me to the below.

    My status was showing “Initial Review” from April 13 to Feb 5th. My employer upgraded my petition to Premium which was filed in April 2013 Regular. On 7th of Feb 2014 he filed Premium and no status change from USCIS till today. My 15 days time will be finished by coming Friday. I was wondering whether I can expect the result at least by end of this week (Friday). I heard people used to get their result in Ten days itself once they upgrade it to Premium. I also heard that there is process called “Extended Review” which will take months to get an upate irrespective of Premium or not. How far this true and what are the chances my petition fall into this category? I am really worried baring this pain since an year. Please respond to me Saurabh. I also request all the members of this forum to give their views on it. Thank you very much


  6. I submitted RFE documents in October and still the status is “RFE pending for review”…can anyone tell me what are the chances of getting the petition approved and by when?

  7. I am currently on H4 and wish to start working in USA. Will I have to file a fresh H1B or get transfer my H4 to H1B, or is it that both are same?
    I am based out of South Jersey (Greater Philadelphia area). Can anyone refer to me some good consultancies nearby based on personal experiences?

  8. Hello All,

    Finally I have my H1B in my hand 🙂

    And this is how the story goes:
    1. Got selected in the lottery on Mid May 2013.
    2. Got an RFE on July 31st (RFE was to be replied by the attorney)
    3. RFE responded on October 20th.
    4. RFE received by USCIS on Oct 26th.
    5. Petition approved on Nov 15th.
    6. Petition reached India on December 27th (it took almost 50days for the petition to reach India !!!)

    So guys..have faith and patience.
    All will be well 🙂


  9. Hello Everyone,

    My L1B is approved, however my travel dates are not yet finalized (most probably they’ll be in March or later). But My Husband’s Travel dates are finalized and he is travelling on 2nd Jan 2014.

    I am planning to take LOA(Leave of absence) from India and travel with him. My query is can I travel from India on L1B, be on LOA from India and join US Company later?

    Will there be any technical issue with my Visa while I enter US or in future when I join US employer.


  10. Hello Saurab,

    My H1-B visa extension got denied in Feb-2013 and I move back to India beofre my I-94 expired but I heard my H1-B is still valid as it’s just my visa extension got denied.

    Is it possible to transfer my H1-B with another employer or I can apply another extension with same employer.

    I was in USA from Nov-2009 to Feb-2013 on L1-B and on H1-B visa from Feb-2012 to Feb-2013. so I just completed 3.4 years in USA.

    Let me know possible options.

  11. Hi Saurabh,

    My company is going to file my h1 b petition in apr 2014. Is there any possibility that I can get it by august because I have got admitted to US university and I have to decide between F1 and H1 B before august.

    • You can upgrade it to premium once you got into lottery and that way you can get the results fast, otherwise under regular processing there is no gaurantee that you can get a decision before August..

      • Thanks Prabha. Can you tell me what is the difference between normal and premium H1B and what will the extra cost company has to bear.

    • Abhishek,
      You can study while working but vice-versa is not true. SO better get your H1-B, go to US and then join a college there. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Why to rush?

  12. Hi,

    I applied for H1b 2013 quota through a consultancy. Unfortunately I received RFE on my petition and my employer submitted the additional documents on Aug 30th. Since then the status in USCIS website is showing as “RFE review”. It being almost 3.5 months and really worried now. Is there any hope? Do upgrading the petition to premium processing helps?
    Please advise.


  13. Hello Saurabh,,
    Just 2 weeks back I applied for a job based in USA with company A. Now the recruiter is making some hopeful conversation(Hope I will get the job). But I am not going to work for Company A, but for Company A’s clients. If suppose I was selected for this position,Is it possible to get the H1b visa on this December 2013? Already I am having L1B visa for my current employer. But now I am in India only. I really don’t understand about how they are going to proceed?
    Please clear my doubts.

    • U will have to wait until Apr 1st 2014 to file for a H1b petition..And you can travel only after Oct 1st, provided ur H1b got selected in lottery and approved before Oct 1st..
      Don’t give any money for filing ur H1 before that..Read reviews about ur employer as there are lot of fake companies like Infy Infotech..

  14. Hi All

    I am also a follower of this forum. Yesterday My Visa got approved.

    Thanks to god and wishing all the best to every one awaiting for the approval…

    • Hello Srivasa,
      Can you please tell me some information regarding when your H1b visa process started? Is it possible to get the H1b visa on this December 2013? If suppose I was selected for any job on this December, Can my employer sponsor me H1B visa?
      Please clear my doubts.

      • Hi Deenesh

        My Visa process started in the Month of April 2013. This year the quota got filled up in 5 days and no more applications were accepted.

        So even if you get a job, VISA process can be initiated next year on April 1st 2014 and Once your visa is approved, you can start working from October 1st 2014.

        Hope this clarifies your question.

  15. Hi,

    I am silent reader of this forum. I got the H1B visa and saying thanks to all who share their experience with this forum which help me lot.

    • Hello,
      Can you please tell me some information regarding when your H1b visa process started? Is it possible to get the H1b visa on this December 2013? If suppose I was selected for any job on this December, Can my employer sponsor me H1B visa?
      Please clear my doubts.

  16. Hi,

    I have a quick question here. My company is planning to process H1B (2015 CAP)for me. I completed my junior college(HSC/PUC) as private candidate(not in school) but completed UG in college. Will that affect my VISA process??

  17. Hi Saurabh,

    I am in H1 (effective Oct1,2013). My wife entered to US in F2 from India. I ve applied for a change of status for her from F2 to H4, I got the receipt on 09/24/13 and is still under processing. Also, My wife got an admit in one of the state universities here in GA. The college allows her to start studies while she is in H4. And later she can change to F1 by applying for a COS. My questions are:

    1. Will she be able to start her studies when her H4 is pending. (With just the acknowledgement receipt).
    2. Her F2 visa is stamped till my OPT EAD exp date. But, I am no more in F1 (In H1b now). Whats her current visa status? (F2/H4)
    3. I am not sure if the H4 COS will be done before her college start date. Can she go to India for a F1 stamping directly and return back in F1 instead of waiting for her H4 COS.

    Thanks. Waiting for your reply,

  18. Dear Saurabh,

    My employer sent me H1B approved documents using some regular mail which I have not received yet and according to the mail delivery service it may be lost.Is there some possibility to get duplicate copy of approved documents.How log it take to get duplicate copy for approved documents.Will be thankful for your guidance.

  19. Hi
    I am trying to transfer my H4 to H1…
    Can anyone help me with the names of the companies that can transfer h4 visas to h1 and the process to do this….???
    This would be a great help for me…
    Thanks in advance,,

    • Gravity solutions Michigan, please google it youll get all the info. I have applied through this consultancy and its very good. Even I had to transfer from H4 to H1B

  20. Hi Saurabh,

    My case (EAC1314650XXX) is in RFE review since 23rd SEP 2013. Any chances of getting approval as it is already end of October & I am very much tensed here as you know it is long journey all the way since April 1st.

    I heard that US Govt shutdown – is it affect the approval count of H1Bs for this year.

    I would be thankful for your advise.

    Thanks & regards,

  21. My H1b & wife H4 visa expired on 20 September 2013. We had applied for extension together (H1 & H4) with my “A” employer in June 2013 and also had applied H1 for my wife and it got approved in September 2013 with ‘B employer’. now I have got an RFE and I am planning to upgrade to premium process.

    I don’t want to disclose/withdraw my wife H4 extension from my A company as I might get problem on my H1 from my A employer.

    Does it affect my wife approved H1B(with cos) as her H4 also is in process along with my H1?

    Does it affect my H1 processing?

    • Pari,
      You should withdraw her H-4 in my opinion. Withdrawal of her H-4 doesn’t impact the outcome of your H-1 petition. However, if her H-4 is not withdrawn and gets approved, then her status will change from H-1 to H-4. This means, she will have to stop working for B. You can run this by your H-1 attorney (A or B) as well.

      • Hi Saurab,

        I can’t withdraw my wife extension from my company. I need to give a reason for the withdrawal and my manager would stop processing my H1b extension if he comes to know i have plans to stay for long time.. Lot of politics in big organization..

        1) Her H1B is already approved. If H4 extended is there any option she can change her status from H4 to H1?

        2) Company A has applied for her extension and she has her H1b approved from Company B. Can company B withdraw her extension?


        • Pari,
          1. She will have to file COS from H-4 to H-1 or enter US on stamped H-1 visa.
          2. B cannot withdraw the extension filed by A. Only A can do that.

          BTW, in future when you go for H-1 stamping and your company realizes that your wife is not accompanying for H-4 interview; or when H-1 extension is filed for you in future w/o H-4 extension, wouldn’t they realize that your wife is no longer a visa dependent.

          Seems weird that they take wife’s employment as an indication of long term stay and may decide to retaliate.

          • Thanks Saurabh.

            This is my first visit to US so not familiar with all this stuff. Just worried about the current situation. As of now I don’t have plans to visit India and don’t think stamping is required for H1b extension?

            My wife’s attorney informed let the company A file for the wife extension and asked me to send a mail to USCIS asking for withdrawal of H4.

            Is that ‘Ok’?


          • Saurabh,

            If I send a mail directly to USCIS to withdraw H4 extension. There will be no issue for my H1 right?


          • Hi Saurabh,

            My wife’s attorney informed let the company A file for my wife extension and asked me to send a mail to USCIS asking for withdrawal of H4.

            Is it ‘Ok’ to send a mail directly to USCIS asking for withdrawal of H4?

            Waiting for your reply.


  22. Hello,

    My h1b petition has been sent to USCIS and homeland Security department for re-consideration. Can Government shutdown affect the time duration to come back ?What are the possibility to get success ?

    • Kartik Trivedi,
      Now that government is functioning again, it will be processed as per its queue number. Chances of success are not impacted by the shutdown.

  23. I got an rfe back in April and my employer replied to the rfe and then it got denied.
    My employer appealed the decision and since then the only update I have is the case has been moved to local California office from administrative appeals. Any clue as to how long they take to deny or approve the case?

    • hi,

      even i have similar case, filed mtr in august still in inital review, when did you file yours? I have new receipt number with me, ask your employer to call uscis they give you the new one. Mine is CA center, on oct 11 they updated my status as address changed and till now nothing new.

  24. I have done engg (electrical) and MBA in finance from renowned universities in India and have been working in banking industry in India for last 6 years. My husband has been approved H1b this year and being spouse will be going to US on H4 visa. I just wanted to understand basis my prior graduation and post graduation qualifications and good 6 years of experience, what are my prospects of getting a job and job sponsor in US after reaching there. Is there any course which i can do in US basis which i can get a job out there with a sponsor who can apply for my H1b visa.

    Thanks in Advance

    • Ruchikar,
      I don’t know your expertise and qualification, but let’s assume you are qualified for a position. Even in this case, the company has to file the petition in April and wait till October for you to start working for them on H-1. Most of the good employers prefer not to wait for 6 months. This is where consulting companies come in to sponsor the visa and then place you at the client site. However, the number of bad ones outnumber the good ones by miles.

      What you can do is go to US job sites like dice, monster and then look for openings matching your profile. If you see some opening then check whether those companies sponsor H-1s and wait for 6 month or not. If there are none, you will have to get those additional education/experience as asked in those job requirements.

  25. Hello Saurab,

    I have a small situation here. Just want to update you.

    My Current Company Filed H1-B for my case this year around April and that has been approved and from 1st October this year my current status has moved from L1 B to H1 B with current company.

    Earlier this year I also contacted Company-B for Filing H1 B anticipating my Current company may not file H1 B. Now Company B H-1 also got approved and this company wants me to join them starting 1st October this year, But I hesitate to join them as my current company is more stable and secured and decided to stay with them.

    Now Company-B is sending mails that they will with draw my H1 B petition in next 1 week, and hinting me to take steps to ensure that i have legal status in USA.

    Please let me know if I should be worried about my legal status? Can company-B cause damage to Company A h1 b visa?

    I would appreciate if you could share your thoughts on this.

  26. Hi Everyone,

    Could anyone help me with this question ?

    I got approved my H1B this yr Oct 2013
    But I can not apply for SSN because of gov shutdown, How it will impact on my job search and with good bless if I get any opportunity can I work for client.

    I appreciate your quick response


    • @Sheetal : I am on the same boat. Without ssn we cannot work for a client until client knows that you are on h1b only from this year and since shutdown you cannot apply for ssn. But consultancies/companies which sponsored your visa would tell the client that you are already on H1B , to get interviews with client.(I guess this is what is happening with your company also.) so they will surely ask ur last four digits of ssn. My worry is how long can we be without being paid on this h1b since US govt itself is not giving us ssn , will we be considered or given enough time to get a paid job.


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