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USCIS received 124,000 H1B Visa 2014 Petitions – Official Lottery Update Results


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As predicted by us earlier on USCIS official news update date, USCIS did an official press release today disclosing the details of overall petitions received and lottery process followed, including results. Below is a brief summary of the H1B Visa 2014 news release.

USCIS Official News : Summary of H1B Visa 2014 Lottery Results press release

  • Big News: For the first time in USCIS history since 2008, H1B Visas 2014 cap reached within the first week of filings, i.e, first week of April.  You can check out US Economy and H1B Visa Lottery
  • Total H1B Petitions received :  USCIS received a total of 124,000 H1B Visa petitions for fiscal year 2014.
  • Lottery Information : USCIS conducted a random computer generated random selection process, also called as lottery, on April 7th to select the petitions needed to meet the regular cap of 65,000 and masters cap of 20,000
  • Lottery Process followed: As described in our detail H1B Visa Lottery process, USCIS followed the same thing.  First USCIS conducted lottery process for Masters quota petitions and then the petitions not selected in masters lottery were merged with regular quota pool and random selection process was conducted for remaining pool to select 65,000 petitions.
  • Petitions Not Selected in Lottery  : If your petition was not selected in lottery, USCIS will reject and return the petition along with the filing fee, except for duplicate petitions.
  • Premium Processing for H1B Visa 2014 : To facilitate the data entry process and meet the timelines, USCIS will begin premium processing for H1B Visa 2014 from April 15th.
  • Non-Cap Subject Petitions Accepted :  USCIS will continue to accept non-cap subject petitions i.e, that have already been counted towards to the cap, including petitions filed under below category
    • H1B Visa stay extensions
    • Employee terms changes for H1B visa worker
    • H1B petitions filed for Change of employers
    • H1B petitions filed for concurrent working for more than one employer

Did I miss anything ?

Do you have any questions ? What are your thoughts ?


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  1. I had applied for l1 to h1 cos under RP.
    Today I received receipt number for my dependents H4, through i797c notice by mail.
    I am not sure if this is receipt number for my H1 also or will it be separately mailed.

    Best of luck to all of you

  2. To increase my chances of winning a lottery I bought 2 mega millions and 1 powerball lottery.
    Everybody is thinking of plan B so I thought I should also ..

    Ohh god pls pls pls show some mercy to all the good people on this forum…

  3. Hi there,
    I have been observing this forum for a few days, I really value all of you guys inputs.
    I am also an H1b FY 2014 applicant. I havent got any news yet 🙁
    I applied under Bachelors degree, normal processing, CSC. My employer or attorney has not received anything for me yet 🙁
    I made my employer call the USCIS today, actually i was sitting right next to him when he called and he was on speaker. After a wait time 1 hr 13 mins, finally a customer service rep from USCIS picked up and asked some details from my employer and then asked for the beneficiary’s (that is me) name and date of birth. He looked for a bit in his system and then came back saying he doesnt see anything on my name.!!
    My employer asked if he could tell that I was selected through the lottery or not, he said he cant tell that..he said, just wait…
    What does this means? If my name was not in the system, does it mean that I was not selected through the lottery or does it mean a receipt under my name has not been issued yet and there is still a chance?
    I am just trying to make sense to what does “not having the name in the system” means here?
    Any one please any comments?
    Thanks in advance

    • ur name is not in the system means they have not generated receipt for your employer/you. You may still be still selected in the lottery but they have not entered your name in the system (which might be done at the point when they enter the details of your petition and generate receipt)….Wish u good luck..i am also waiting

    • It is also possible that you may be wait-listed so don’t worry too much. A rejection is only definite once you have either received a rejection notice (i.e., application was selected in lottery but rejected) or if your lawyer receives the returned package (i.e., application was not selected in the lottery). So keep your hopes high until then.

    • Sarah
      The real meaning of that is only known to USCIS.
      But to apply a logic, when they did a lottery, they did not put all the information of the application… now when they are processing the application, they are feeding information from the application into the system…. if this is true… meaning of “not having the name in the system” will be till then your application was not processed. so it could be possible that your application is selected through lottery but not yet processed….
      just be optimistic…

  4. One more friend got the receipt on Tuesday..

    Receipt generated on 15th April.. Received on Tuesday 23rd April..

    May be the employer got it on Monday or so…


  5. All the people who have not yet received the receipt…

    Don’t loose the hope guys… evenif you have filed under PP… reasons are as below,

    1. Still USCIS is processing PP applications. some random receipt numbers are evident for that.
    2. Evenif you consider your application is filed under PP, your lawyer might not have filed under PP as there was some confusing info on PP processing (earlier USCIS said that PP will start only after Apr 15 and hence some lawyers considered that PP can be applied only after Apr15) anyways….
    3. Since USCIS is handling huge volume of applications, there might be some typo errors & email id might have entered incorrectly. in this case you still get the physical copy of receipt with snail mail.
    4. As per various data points and analysis, USCIS has completed around 80k applications as of now. My gut filling is that it could be less than 80k but my analysis says 80k.
    My analysis says that around 73% of total applications processed in a day at VSC are for I129 (I assume it will the same for CSC) and till yesterday VSC has processed total 59k applications and CSC has processed 51k application from Apr 8th… hence total of 110k from both the centers… 73% of 110k is around 80k
    5. With this speed they might complete processing of all applications by this weekend.
    6. Its simple logic that if you have not yet received receipt number then you could be among the last people of whom application will get processed by this weekend.
    7. The last person’s receipt will be sent out by Monday Apr 29 so as per experience of the people on this blog it takes 4-5 working days… so the last day to loose the hope could be May 3rd…
    8. Being extreme optimistic I will request you to not to loose the hope till you get the documents return.
    9. Also if you dont receive anything by May 1st, your employer or lawyer can call USCIS and ask for the status of application…

    So be optimistic and don’t loose the hope…
    I wish all the best for all the people on this blog for their future endeavors….
    God bless you!!!

    P.S. If you have any question you may ask….

      • Thanks ZZ!
        No, I have received my receipt this week.

      • H1B Regular Waiting
        No. 110k applications means total number of applications they processed through center… apart from I129 (H1B petition) these office process other forms as well… when I am saying 80k out of 110k are I129… remaining 30k are some other requests like I539, CR189, I192 etc…..
        The applications which are not selected through lottery will be sent back only after generating total 85k receipts for acceptance… if any application selected through lottery gets rejected due wrong fees attached or not properly signed… will be replaced by same number of applications from not selected applications through lottery.. but the process of such selection only known to USCIS….
        I hope I answered your question

        • oh kk..got it

          when you say 80k are I-129 petitons does that mean they have already issued notices for 80k applicants out of 85k overall?

          Are these statistics as of today?

    • Good point, my friend. Also important for people to keep in mind that some applications are wait-listed in case there are rejections, etc. so another reason to not lose hope 🙂 I am REG/PP/CSC and still waiting

  6. When I checked in morning WAC was WAC1314350140 and now the last generated is WAC1314351370.

    So in all 1370 petitions processed today @ WAC & as far as I checked all were RP.

    Wait guys, 1370 more of us should hear it shortly 🙂 all the best!!!!

  7. Just got mine and my wife’s receipt WAC-131-38. RQ/RP/CSC. I’m getting my masters in May so I applied as RQ. I have an OPT option, but in my homecountry it’s almost impossible to renew student visa on OPT. So for me it was a question about seeing my relatives first time in 2 years.

    I will join Google and I’m really happy that I won this lottery and that my receipt didn’t go to some consulating company. Sorry, but you guys (colsulters) should seek for normal employer to file your H1B. If you can’t find one, you are not smart enough and do not deserve H1. So don’t take other person’s place who got a position with normal employer and maybe already started building his career here. Again H1 is not for no-brainers. US goverment is sick of you – you lay off americans by providing low-wage job. I really hope that the new immigration reform will pass and kick the ass of all such employers who abuse H1B program.

    I wish a luck to every non-consulting person, especially to AD guys who may already have an established life and career here.

    • Don’t say those words….I am also filing with regular full time employer but you should start respecting others…Don’t fly in air by getting receipt. You never know how time will treat you in future.

        • just chill, some people have this narcissistic urge to put others down to feel good about themselves…. the best you could do is just ignore…. do not respond and waste your time…

          • Oh and BTW, I have an offer from a search giant as well, but that is no reason to condescend….
            “There comes a time in every man’s education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance, that imitation is suicide, that he must take himself for better, or for worse as his portion.”
            –Ralph Waldo Emerson
            So, how you want to live your life my friend, does not necessarily mean that the way every one else lives it is wrong and warrants you to comment with a condescending tone. Good luck with your future though!! Best rgds!!

    • @ AZ…First Best Wishes for H1, I Partially condemn your thoughts on Consulting peoples. Well Am NYU GRAD one of the top 10 Universities in USA and am Consultant. You Said Consultant’s do not have brains, Dude First Watch your Words because you are no-one on this earth to say who deserved well more…its god wish whom he want to grant the best things and who is doing what is not really mean to your business.
      Take your Visa and work well, and Be down to earth nobody knows the expert consultant will come and sitting behind your right and bang you on performance.
      SO DO GOOD and Have GOOD.

      All The Best,
      Proud Consultant.

    • Congrats az!
      Not all Indians and India-based companies are opportunists, as it might appear so from some examples being given on this forum repeatedly. We have one of the richest cultures you might find in the whole world. Many great innovators, researcher, entrepreneurs come from our land. Do visit India if and when you get a chance. 🙂

    • I’m so happy that my application for picked too. I haven’t seen my family in homecountry for almost 6 years already 🙁

    • I’m so happy that my application got picked too. I haven’t seen my family in homecountry for almost 6 years already 🙁

    • Just because you got the receipt ..u are flying in the air…and disrespecting others…Every1 in this world has a right to try his/her luck…be grateful to GOD and enjoy ur time rather than bitching about ppl…

    • @az.

      You are not from Google. I can bet my life on that. I am a Cornell grad and have been following this forum only for the sake of my good friends who are tensed because of the freakish lottery system. I have plenty of batch mates who are working in the valley and most of them have a certain sense of empathy towards their colleagues. You clearly lack that quality. BTW what is “Consulating company?”. It will save you some grace if you could reflect on your post before hitting the submit button. Good Luck to all

  8. Atlast i saw my luck 🙂

    Got receipt from my employer just now:
    Petition Received date: 04/08
    Petition Receipt Notice date:04/20
    Received the receipt from employer: 04/25
    Receipt no : EAC131405****
    Regular Process/Regular Cap

    Dont lose hope guys. Be optimistic. I did the same.

    All the best!!

  9. My case status was updated to RFE yesterday. I guess it will be 3-4 days before the attorney receives it, but I am quite surprised. I am in engineering/AD/regular processing. The company has less than 2% people of around 500 people on H1b. Is this RFE something to worry about? First it was a torturous wait for receipt notice and now this RFE!!!!

  10. I just got it! Holy F**K I feel relieved..

    Profile: BS in Engineering (Arizona State University) / Non-IT / 5% H1 staff / Phoenix, AZ
    Application Type: RQ/RP/CSC
    Notice Date: 04/19
    Attorney Received Notification: 04/25

    Just putting in my $0.02

    It takes 4 business days from notice date for you to get notified, based on my observation of 3-4 friends who got their receipts within 4 business days of notice date. Also, as many of you also must’ve observed, processing strength of CSC and VSC are around 3500 and 4500 respectively. Considering 90k applicants for new H1 and 90k for extension, the service centers would complete processing by 05/09/2013. I think one should wait 05/16/2013 to receieve notices.

  11. guys,
    I have seen people keeping track of status in comments,
    though a formal way would be clean, please submit your input on below link to help others get the trend.
    you can also update your status here


  12. Got news from my employer today afternoon:
    Got my Receipt.
    Received date: 04/08
    Notice date:04/20
    Received the receipt from employer: 04/25
    Receipt no : EAC131415****
    Regular Process/Regular Cap

    Dont Lose hope guys. Believe that you have already got it. I did the same.
    All the best!!

  13. After a dreadful experience waiting to get the receipt no. I finally got the good news from my employer. I wish everyone out there the best.


  14. Guys can someone please tell me what is meant by notice date on i797 form. My friend got so trying to figure out if there is some hope left for me. We are from the same company

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