When to Apply for H1B Visa 2015 – Step by Step Plan

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We had H1B Visa Lottery last year for the H1B Visa 2014 quota, it seems like we may end up in a similar path this year for H1B Visa 2015.  It is better to plan from now and get your things right, so that you can apply for H1B visa petition for this fiscal year of 2015.  This article will focus on how to plan for H1B visa filing for this fiscal year.

When to apply for H1B Visa for FY 2015 ? USCIS accepting date ?

H1B Visa season starts on April 1st of every year. Usually USCIS starts accepting H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year starting from April 1st of the current year.  What it means is that USCIS will start to accept H1B Visa petitions for FY 2015 starting from April 1st, 2014.  Based on previous experience, the H1B Visa 2015 filing date would be April 1st, unless USCIS makes any dramatic changes to the start date.  We are about two and half months or about 75 days away from the filing date.

Applying H1B Visa 2015 – Sample Plan

Below is the sample plan with information on what you need to do at every step. It should give you enough information and time to plan for this year’s H1B visa petition filing. Depending on the activity, you would have to carry out few activities in parallel. It is assumed that your profile is

MonthDatesH1B Visa Application Activity
January15th  – 31st
  • Research on H1B Visa sponsoring companies. You need to create a list of all the companies that are likely to sponsor H1B Visa for your profile.  Read article :  How to find H1B Visa 2015 Sponsors. You use our H1B Visa Sponsors Database to look for companies that sponsor H1B visas in a particular City or Zipcode. You will apply for jobs during this period with these companies and do job interviews with the companies. Think of this period as intensive job search.
  • If you are in US and doing internship at a company, you would need to check with them, if they would sponsor H1B Visa for you. If Not, you need to do the above.
February1st   – 15th
February15th  – 31st
  • You need to make sure, you have an offer on the table from a H1B Sponsoring company. If you get multiple job offers, it is even better. You have the choice to negotiate, before you finalize the company.
  • Verify the H1B Visa Sponsoring companies – Due diligence on the above list of sponsors you have created and the companies that you interviewing with.  You will need to dig into details like the types of jobs and LCAs these companies have filed, including approvals, denials, etc.  You can use our H1B Visa Sponsors Database for the same. Check main menu above.
February15th  – 31stSecure all the required documents for filing the H1B visa application. Typical set of documents you would need are transcripts, degree certificates, experience letters, etc. Read article H1B Visa Petition Filing Check list. 
February15th  – 31stNegotiations with H1B sponsoring companies.  Usually, you will talk to companies as part of the HR round or consulting companies and finalize the offer.  Read the below articles

February21st – 28thYou need to finalize the H1B Sponsoring company by this week. If you have multiple offers looking attractive, you need to put them in an excel and rank them based on various aspects like salary, benefits, good will, brand, etc.  If you are joining a consulting company, ensure that you know someone in that company, talk to someone working there so that you know the ground reality.
March1st – 7th
  • You need to work with your employer and their attorney for filing H1B petition. You will need to send the documents, usually only scan copies of the documents are requested by attorney. Do NOT provide any origianls. Read article on What NOT to give to H1B Employer to file petition.
  • Send out all the scan copies via email. If anything required as hard copy, just courier the same.  It is critical that you work with your attorney and have it ready so that they file for your LCA during this week itself.
  • Your LCA has to be filed this week as it can take a week to be processed.  As soon as you have a decision made, just work with attorney and ensure they file the LCA for you.
March8th – 24thYou need to check with your attorney and employer, if they have all the documents and everything is on track. This is the most busiest time for employers and attorneys. If everything went well and your attorney has all the paperwork, there is no activity for you.  Just keep tabs on everything so that you don’t hear last minute surprises.
March24th – 31stYou have no activity.  Your attorney/ H1B sponsor would work with companies like UPS, FedEx, USPS to deliver your H1B visa application petition exactly on April 1st, 2014,  which is a Tuesday.


What is your plan for filing H1B Visa petition for this 2015 fiscal year ?

Did I miss anything ?

You can also check our H1B Visa 2014 Sample Plan


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Comments ( 49 )

  1. Gagan Kaith


    I am a graduate student (pursuing Masters in Construction Management) and I graduate in May, 2016. I am currently working for an employer as a full-time employee by using my CPT from January to May, 2016 and I have got the full-time package from June, 2016 onwards.

    Can my employer file H1B visa in 2016 and Can it come under “Master Cap”? Can the attorney say that since my CGPA is 3.8, I will positively graduate in May, 2016 and thus, file my VISA for next year?


    1. administrator

      Gagan Kaith,

      AFAIK, you need to have completed your studies before applying for H-1 in order to qualify for Advanced degree cap.

  2. Bhavik patel

    Dear sir/madam,

    My H-1B visa is approved on 3rd September.

    Due to some personal reason I am unable to go before 15 December,I already discussed to my company owner and they can’t have problem when I have arrived at USA.

    I want to know about last date I have to reach to USA.

    Thanks & regards.


    Sent from my Mi phone

    1. administrator

      Bhavik patel,
      You can enter US anytime during the petition and visa stamp validity period. If you delay longer (say > 3-4 months), then you may be asked about it at PoE. It’s not a big issue and you can say that you stayed back for personal reasons etc. Make sure to keep your employer in loop about it.

  3. sandhiya

    hi everyone ,
    Can anyone clarify my query?
    My husband got lottery H1B visa in 2015..
    And we are waiting for our petition and the further procedures,Actually my question is…
    when do my husband can apply for green card?
    & as am a spouse, am i eligible to work in h4 visa?
    i should wait to apply for EAD,after my husband getting the green card?

    Can anyone clarify my doubt….

    1. Akash Anasane

      Dear Tejani
      do u have any idea about the banking consultants who place in USA in Banking sector as i aslo have 5 years of experience

  4. Kallesh N S

    I am looking for H1B sponsors,
    Currently i am working in IT with 4.6years of experience in L2/L3(Datacom/Telecom) testing.

  5. Kesava

    I did masters in structures. I have 2 years exp in site and design field. I have good knowledge in autocad , etabs and revit architect. . I’m searching for h1b visa sponsorship. So plzzz help me

  6. Sukumar

    I am looking h1b visa sponsors , i have 7+ exp in IT java, Ajax,Could you please let me know the consultants who process h1b.
    please guide me how to find out a good sponsors.


  7. fault

    What’s up mates, how is everything, and what you would like to say concerning
    this piece of writing, in my view its truly awesome in favor
    of me.

  8. lucky

    I am looking for h1b sponsors, i have 4+ years of experience in IT.
    java,salesforce.com.Could you please let me know the consultants who process h1b.


  9. Nadeem

    Same case need Valid B1 to H1B,
    I have American FAA Flight Dispatcher License and good Airline Experience in Asia.
    I will be in New York on 20th May 2015.

  10. Madhu

    Hi all,

    My friend didn’t go thru the lottery last year and trying his luck this year. He didn’t file LCA this year as his immigration lawyer, suggested it’s not required, as they filed LCA last year and making use of old LCA this year. Is that true? Doesn’t she need a new LCA?

  11. Sailaja


    I am looking for H1B visa, I have 8+ years of experience in marketing and operations Please advice.

    Sailaja Dasari.

  12. Dr.Mahendra

    I am looking h1b visa sponsors , I have 15+ experience in the area of Nutraceuticals/cosmoceuticals/carotenoids/anti-oxidants/phyto-pharmaceuticals/natural products .
    please guide me how to find out a good sponsors.
    Can i apply now for H1B Visa for this 2015 fiscal year, Please advice.


  13. pankaj jarial

    I am looking for H1B Visa sponsorship. I am having 8+ years in Automotive Designing Field using CAD Software CATIA V5 & NX. Could you please let me know the consultants who process my H1B.

  14. g p reddy

    I am looking for h1b sponsors, i have 8+ years of experience in IT.
    Could you please let me know the consultants who process h1b.



  15. sathishkumar

    Can you please let me know what is the eligibility for H4 to H1 Conversion? I did my B.tech(Bio Technology) and i have only months of IT work Experience. Can i process the H1B from US, please let me know your thought. email m[email removed spam]

  16. Jagadeesh

    I am looking h1b visa sponsors , i have 4+ exp in IT .
    please guide me how to find out a good sponsors.
    Can i apply now for H1B Visa for this 2015 fiscal year,Please advice.


  17. Jamal uddin

    I am looking h1b visa sponsors , i have 3+exp in civil engineering.i can autocad 2d 3d max etc.
    please guide me how to find out a good sponsors.
    Thanks. Jamal

  18. amber naz

    Hi I m amber want to know about h1 visa for my husband we r here in oman muscat from 10 yrs he has online BBA DEGREE can he apply for h1 he has 10 yrs of experience in oman electric billing company plz give advise thanks

  19. Asif Sheraz


    I have a B1/B2 visa and would like to know if you can help me through this process of getting an H1 visa for work in US.


  20. @Go

    Yeah Hi,

    I have Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Mechanical & not presently working for HP for past 4.5 Yrs as a Software Developer & I am planning to apply for H1B Visa 2016. will my education background be a problem since it has no relevance to my Job.

    Please suggest

  21. Bibhu

    Hi All,

    Could you please let me know any genuine consultants who process H1b. Please email on my mentioned email address.

    Many thanks in Advance !


  22. priyanka

    My employer is saying that they filed my petition for this FY for H1B.

    Is there any means that, i will know about my petition filed?

  23. Lovely

    Hi Saurabh,
    I hold L1A visa that got expired in 2013 but I have an approved extension petition. Based on this I have been traveling to Canada for work purposes – using the auto-reval whereby a New Visa stamping is Not needed as long as I have an approved petition. However, in my last visit to Canada they wrote something across on my (expired) visa which I was later informed means cancelled. Now they told me in order to reenter US I need to get new stamping that can also be done in Toronto, Canada.
    They let me travel freely for 5-6 times between US and Canada but last time without even telling me anything he just put that ‘cancel’ comment across the visa.
    Can you please let me know your opinion
    1. Does the cancellation of the expired Visa mean anything negative for my immigration records?
    2. I’ve heard that its better to get the new stamping done in India. Any idea hows the stamping process in Toronto for L1A visas?

    Thanks and Regards

  24. ashu

    Hi Saurabh
    I have H4 visa and looking for H1B. Currently working with Employers A in offshore. (FYI:last year lottery kill my application)
    Employers A/B both file my H1b Fresh, than we will have time till receipts comes in case of lottery this year also.
    1. could you please confirm if 2 Employers sponsors for one individual or not? i think Yes but please confirm?
    2. what will be the case if both are selected and how can i choose one, from both!!! need to ask Employers to stop/withdrawal the case or it will auto apply if i choose one from both?

    In case Employer-A will file my H1b in FRESH. and if i will come US on (H4 visa) march end and Employer B will file H1b COS.
    3. Employer-B application is selected so NO issue. but in case Employer-A Application is selected and submitted Application does not included my current i-94 (because submitted paper before fly from offshore) which i will get at the time of march end. what will be that case?

    3. What will be the safe case for me please advice so i can proceed for the same.
    Below Possibility:
    a. Employer-A COS is not possible .
    b. Employer-A H1b Fresh is possible.
    c. Employer-B H1b Fresh /COS both possible, Need to choose Fresh/COS, please advise.


      1. shasha

        My employer has assured me that he would file my H1B application in April 2014. However on asking them to give me a petition number/any acknowledgment number through which I could track my application, they answered saying that such numbers are generated only if you pass through the lottery system.

        This explanation looks a bit odd, that there is no acknowledgement/receipt number given on filing a petition even before the lottery is about to begin.

        I just wanted a clarification on this uncertainty.

        1. Sharan

          Yes. The explanation given by your employer is true.
          If u do not get through the lottery, then you do not get any receipt number.
          Your application will be returned to you.

          1. Prakash

            When employer sumbits application to USCIS do they give acknowledgement receipt that we have received your application ? i want to know just to make sure that if i am paying to my employer for H1B he is not cheating me just by saying that i have applied but it didn’t get picked up in lottery.

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