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Updated : Dec 9, 2014 (H1B 2016 FAQs )

H1B Visa 2015 season is over. Check below for H1B Visa 2016 Season.

Applying for H1B Visa 2016 ? Did you miss FY 2015 lottery ?

Check out -> H1B Visa 2016 – Start Info, Sponsos, Fees, News , FAQs 

Flash News Update  : 

  • May 5th : USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery. They have announced it on their twitter and facebook pages.
  • April 18th : USCIS announced that they will begin H1B FY 2015 premium processing from April 28th, 2014. Previously they announced that they will begin, ‘no later than April 28th’. They just clarified that. You can read on USCIS website  
  • April 11th : USCIS announced that it received about 172,500 petitions for the H1B Visa 2015 Quota. Read USCIS : 172,500 Received – H1B Lottery Summary 
  • April 7th USCIS H1B Visa 2015 Cap Reached on April 7th. 

H1B Visa 2015 – Latest News Updates , Articles 

Looking for H1B Cap Daily Updates ?  Check  H1B Visa 2015 Cap count Updates Page 

Frequently Asked Questions about H1B Visa FY 2015 

When will H1B Visa 2015 Season Begin ?

USCIS accepted H1B Visa 2015 applications from April 1st, 2014. They had the window open for 5 working days. USCIS stopped accepting H1B Petitions for FY 2015 from Monday April 7th as more applications were received than the required cap of 85,000 petitions.

What would be the Cap count for H1B Visa 2015 quota ?

No changes to the H1B Cap for FY15, the immigration reform discussions did not go through, the cap limit remained same as last year.

  • Regular H1B Quota : 65,000
  • Masters H1B Quota : 20,000
  • It is to be noted that 6,800 visas every year are set aside for Singapore and Chile Free trade agreement filings, which is called as H1B1 program.

Would there be lottery for H1B Visa 2015 ?

We had H1B visa Lottery for fiscal year 2014. USCIS received about 172,500 petitions for FY 2015 . Our predictions were right, you can read the article H1B Visa 2015 Lottery Prediction analysis 

How soon should I start planning for H1B Visa 2015 ?

[ Updated : H1B Sesaon is over for FY 15, plan for next year FY 2016 ] Well, there is nothing like too early… Getting a good H1B Sponsor can be a challenge these days. You need to find a job that fits your profile and find a sponsor that has a job for you.  Some employers want to test out the capabilities of the candidate before they plan to sponsor H1B Visa. Typically, they would like students with masters from US work for them on internship or co-op.  If they like the candidate then they will sponsor H1B visa.  If you are planning to land in US from overseas countries like India, it could be even challenging to find a good sponsor. Maybe you would need to work with global IT services companies and make your way up. It can involve lot of internal process to get the process initiated… You are never early…. Read Step by Step Plan to Apply for H1B 2015 

How do I find Sponsors for H1B visa 2015 ?

This is probably the most asked question.  It can be a challenge to find a good sponsor. We have written quite a few articles on this topic. The fundamental concept of finding a good employer does not change.  You can use our H1B Visa Sponsors Database  and search for sponsors in a city or zip code. Check out the above links under 2015 latest news and updates for the current year’s article to find sponsors. You can also, read our last year’s article :  How to find H1B Visa sponsors, avoid fraud 

What would be the H1B Filing fee for Fiscal year 2015 ? 

There has not been any changes in the filing fee for the past couple of years. It did not change for fiscal year 2014.  The  H1B Visa 2015 filing fee can range anywhere from  $1,575 to $4,325  based on the size of the company (number of employees ). Also, the attorney fee can range from $700 to $3000. If you go for premium processing again that is $1225.  You can check out the detail break up of fee at : H1B Visa Filing Fee Details – Who Pays for What ?  

H1B Visa Immigration Reform – CIR – Proposed Changes ? The comprehensive immigration reform has not passed yet.  But, lets say, if it gets passed, the below changes may happen.

  • Annual H1B Cap will be increased from 65,000 per year to 110,000. If exteme demand, it can go up to a maximum of 180,000.
  • The H1B quota for STEM degree holders from American Schools will increase from 20,000 to 25,000
  • H1B Visa fees can up to USD $10,000.
  • More stringent rules on H1B visa adjudication.
  • Mandatory LCA posting on DOL website for at least 30 days, before it is certified.

You can read Summary of CIR – Immigration reform – H1B Visa and Green Card  . We will keep you posted with updates on CIR and H1B visa changes for this year, if any. Did I miss anything ?  Do you have any other questions ?

Note :  Some of the below comments about H1B Sponsors are negative.  Please be aware that these are comments added by individuals of companies, competitors and many others that may hate such companies. We do NOT vouch for any of the comments made as they are not made by us.

Under federal law (Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act), our Blog RedBus2US.com is NOT legally liable or responsible for information posted by public, general users or third parties that contains remarks that are defamatory for a company or individual.


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Comments ( 23,888 )

  1. Pal satish

    I am in US on H4 now and going to apply for H1 in april 2014.Then I am planning to travel to India dated from April 2014 to June 2014.Since the dates are just after applying for H1 , will there be any legal implications on my petition as it will be pending with USCIS.
    Will it impact the H1 approval or my returning from India or any Stamping related thing.
    Detailed information will be appreciated.

  2. Pallavi

    I am going to apply for H1 in april 2014.Then I am planning to travel to India dated from April 2014 to June 2014.Since the dates are just after applying for H1 , will there be any legal implications on my petition as it will be pending with USCIS.
    Will it impact the H1 approval or my returning from India or any Stamping related thing.
    Detailed information will be appreciated.

  3. Nanda

    Hi Saurabh,

    Can I file 2 H1B petitions for same person from different employers. If so do we need to take any precautions?


  4. VARNA

    BEWARE FROM SAB INFORMATION SYSTEM OWNED BY BABU DEVALAPUR AND BY NOVELTY INFOTECH BY JAYAKAR NEELA. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!! NEITHER THEIR ANY VISA GOT APPROVED NOR THEY RETURNED ANY MONEY. They will change the company name, so just remember their names. They ran to India and they are not refunding any money. One is located in Atlanta and other in Alpharetta.

  5. Singh

    Hi Saurabh,
    L2 Visa for my wife got expired last month, and we have sent documents for her L2 extension. Case is in Initial review stage.
    Can I apply EAD for her while her visa is in Extension, or should we wait till she gets her L2 visa approved?

    Thanks in Advance..

  6. Narasimha

    At present I am working with an MNC as senior level Software Test Engineer. Now my age is 50 years. I am working on very rare skill knowledge area. Planning to get H1 Visa 2014 and go to US and find a suitable job there. Friends circle who stay in US can sponsor all the way for me till I get a job there.
    Please advise me on this as quickly as possible.
    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Chittra

    I have a wart on the tip of my finger for about 4 months now. …. this is one on my right hand ring finger. Will it be a concern during Visa stamping biometric collection? Please respond

    1. JackOfAll


      Google for something called “urine therapy for wart”. It has worked for millions of people so quickly that it is unbelievable. I am not spamming here, just trying to help you, because if you go to some doctor, he’l just make money and ask you to operate on it again and again. This advice is just for you, other people in the group, I apologize to distract, but I was just trying to help this person.

  8. Daniel


    I believe there isnt any problem in filing H1B while on H4 Visa. Please correct otherwise.

    The situation is like currently I am planning to file H1-B for FY 2015. Can I travel to US on H4 visa after applying for H1-B from India?

  9. Dorj

    Hi, there

    I would like to ask some questions about H1 visa. I am new to the subject. I got my Bachelor and Master’s from US and currently working for a company on OPT. My OPT will expire in June,2014. Can I apply for H1 visa on April,1st,2014 and work until October,1st,2014 until my H1 visa come?

    Thank you,

  10. MM

    Hi All, I had a doubt.

    My company will file for H1B on April 1st 2015.

    (1) Can I go for F1 Visa interview(college in August 2015) on MAY 1st 2015 even before H1B lottery results announced ? I mean can we run 2 processes at same time?

    (2) For example if H1B was selected in lottery and we got PETITION(didn’t attended H1B interview) in September, if we want to go to higher studies can we go to F1 Visa Interview in November?

  11. Shaikh Tyabur Rahman

    I am looking for H1B sponsorship for FY 2015 in the field of Networking and System administrator. I have more than 7+ years experience. Please help me to find out a job with Sponsorship. Please contact with me email skbadol at gmail dot com

  12. luz

    Dear Saurabh & others,
    I’ve a doubt.I’m hired as a java consultant by some company in US. They have said to me that my client location will be XXX place. Besides, they are continuously getting me client interviews for other locations.

    How does this work? when an H1B has to be approved, the employer has to give the details of client locations to USCIS? Can I just go to US and work wherever they ask me to work? Is it legal? Thanks in Advance.

  13. Mayank

    I am planning to get H1 filed for my Wife(she is now on H4), before that I just wanted to check, if when she gets the H1 status through a consulting firm and for any reason she dint get Job for a month, what are the available options? Below are my queries.

     Does she has to go out of country and come back only after getting a Job?
     Or she can continue to stay in US on H4 status?
     Or she can go out of country and come back on H4 status?
     Or temporary change of status from H1  H4?

    1. RaNa

      1. Better go out of Country if her COS is approved to H1, coz she will be out of status if her paystubs are not generated being on H1 and it will impact her further extensions or green card or transfers

      2. She can stay on H4 if COS if not filed /approved. In this case, she can go out of country and find job and then come back US by getting stamped

      3. She can come back on H4 and she will be on H4 in US, again COS is needed

  14. vinuuraj

    Hi ,

    My wife will become four months pregnant by H1 visa stamping time .
    in this scenario , please provide answers for below questions.
    1) will we need to carry medical report for stamping ? is that possible umbassy people know about my wife pregnancy ?
    2) will they allow she to fly while she is in pregnancy ? (if so how many months)
    3) If my wife is pregnant by stamping time, will my kid get US citizenship once we are in US.

    Can you elaborate answers and explain the situation please

    1. V

      Please find below my answers

      1. You no need to carry the medical report for stamping, buy you need to carry a report when you are travelling.
      2. If I am not wrong they will allow to fly till 7 month (depends on the suggesstion by the doctor)
      3. If your kid is born in the US he/she will get the US citizenship regardless of your stamping status

  15. Vijay


    Can we file H1 with more than one employer?. I read in many forums that many people mentioned that it is legaly fine to apply H1 through more than one employer. But the below link from USCIS says that
    “USCIS will reject and return the petition with filing fees, unless it is found to be a duplicate filing.”


    Please share your inputs.

    1. Mayank

      That is for the a company which files more than one application for a person, not for many companies files visa for a single person.

  16. Puneet


    I just want to ask, which address need to mention in H1B application, Current or Permanent (Mailing). I have my permanent address as my preferred mailing address.

  17. timpu

    I have done my 10th standard and directly done my bachelor Degree through Correpsondence education and now i have total 10years of experience in IT industry. am i eligible to apply for H1B visa. please let me know…

  18. RAJ

    Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for youir service.I have one question.

    For the docs required for H1B do we need to produce only front and back page of the passport or is it required to produce all pages ofthe passport including blank pages.


    1. H-1B Applicant

      You need to provide a scan copy of Cover page, Front page, Back page, Observation page and pages that have entry & exit stamps. In short, you need to supply all non-blank pages.
      Please be aware, that apart from your Passpost, there are a lot of other documents needed for filing a H1B petition.

  19. Vish

    What does duplicate application mean in case of Lottery. Saurabh Please do clarify.
    Can i process my H1B thru multiple employers. If i dont get selected thru one in lottery and i am selected for another employer. Will the other employer get the money back.

    Also i dont have my Degree Marksheets but i have a education evaluation certificate is that sufficient for me to process my H1.

    Thanks in advance

  20. Ming

    I am in the US with B1 visa now. My employee will apply the H1B visa for me?.What will happen if I change B1 to H1b in the U.S.? Will I be in some trouble in the future,such as my wife’s H4? Will it be better to go back my country to file the petition? In addition, I have to extend my B1 Visa, if I want to change B1 to H1b in the U.S.

    Thank you.

    1. administrator

      You may be asked about your intent of entering US on B-1 and then moving to B-1. You should be very careful when moving from B-1 to H-1 inside US.

      When you apply for B-1 extension, you will be asked for the reason of extension. Any stay in US on B-1 of more than 3-4 months can cause additional questions during future H-1 visa stamping.

      Did you talk to an attorney before agreeing to this route? Did he tell you about these scenarios?

  21. Sunil Kumar

    First of all thanks to redbus2us.com to providing the details about H1B process…It’s very helpful to new people (how are applying for the first time) to understand..I am currently located Malaysia and looking for H1 B sponsor ship for the year 2015. Does any one have any idea, please share the information to sunil dot bv at gmail dot com.


    1. Satya Chandran

      Hi Sunil,

      For filing H-1B petition the employer will file the LCA (is a prerequisite to a properly-filed H-1B) for its employee before filing H1-B petition and will take 7-10 days.

      If you are looking for 2015 H1 sponsor ship, Please send me a mail to techinfo914 at gmail dot com.


  22. varun

    First of all, thank ton for spending your time to share all valuable information. I’m working in IT company and this year I’ve to apply H1B. I have all required documents except degree. I would be getting in couple of weeks. Want to know, I’ve provisional degree as of now, so is it possible to submit all documents without degree? What would happen? Plz let me know ASAP.
    Your help much appreciated.

    1. administrator

      H-1 documents need to be filed on April 1 or later. As you will be getting the degree in next 2 weeks, you should be fine.

  23. Mayank


    I’m in discussion with my parent company and one more company to file my H1 for year 2015.
    can you please advice me is it possible to file visa through more than 1 company?
    What happens if the visa get approved at both the companies?

    1. administrator

      Yes, multiple employers can file H-1 for you. If both get approved, then you have to decide which employer to join and go for stamping through them.

  24. Meghna

    I am on a H4 and figuring out to apply for a H1B this april. I would like to know if I can go ahead for cap-exempt category as there is always a rush for cap subject H1B. Could someone advise on this? I have an IT experience in India for 5 years.


  25. praveen


    i have iran visa in my passport.. and now im planning to apply for h1 2015. will there be any problem because of Iran visa..

    1. administrator

      When you go for visa stamping, and the officer looks at it, s/he may ask about the purpose of visit. If they are satisfied w/ the response, then the Iran visa won’t matter. If they decide to do additional checking based on the visa and your trip to Iran, then it may take sometime (doesn’t mean refusal though).

  26. LookingForH1bSponsorship

    Hi Guys,

    I guess everyone is on same boat looking for H1B sponsorship for the Fy 2015 as we have to file petitition on April 1st 2014 Exactly..

    So we have to get the sponsorship before that..Even i am trying really hard for this.

    Let’s all work as a group and search together as that might help all of us to fetch the sponsorship bit quickly as the recruitment will be starting in Jan mid..

    Please send me an email at [email removed spam] who all interested and trying for Fy 2015 Sponsorship..

    So that we all can work as a group and make this possible before it is too late.

    Common guys..Waiting for your response on this.


    1. jothy


      I have H1b visa from one of the IT firm in India,But still in India.i m married.Now i m looking for my husband H1B.Please let me know if any good sponsers who can provide work permit visa for him so that both can traveel together

    2. Harikrishna

      Hi Hemanth,

      Im alos looking for H1b Sponsor. Currently Im in working in australia. can you please share your contact details so that I can be in touch with you.


          1. Harikrishna

            Hi guys,
            Im also from australia. my mail id is haridotkrishna709atgmaildotcom.
            Send me test mail. we will keep in touch with the updates.

          2. Harikrishna

            Dudes, don’t pay money yaar, there are consultancies sponsor H1b for free of cost. Dont believe in these guys, expecially indian consultancies.
            Good Luck,

          3. Hema G.

            Have you applied for your H1B yet?

            I was like you last year (not willing to pay a single dime to any company for filing my H1B). But all of friends were smarter than me.

            All of my friends got their H1B approved and they started working on job since October 18, 2013.

            You can’t simply blame the consulting company that they are not genuine.

            We people also abuse the privilege of applying H1B’s by not showing up at employer’s place, after the H1B approval. Some does the multiple H1B filings and not letting the employers know about their multiple H1B filing status etc. Some joins the company like TCS, CTS, wipro in US as permanent employee with the H1B filed by the consulting company on their first week in US.

            How to you expect employer to file the H1B to people who they don’t know personally. And how the employer trust the candidate that he will show up in US after the candidate’s H1B approves.

            I am in US and I am in H4 visa. Don’t try to predict things by being in Australia.

            I am not going to do the same mistake, which I did last year.

            This just my experience and opinion.

            Good Luck !!! for you Mr. Harikrishna

            Hema G.

          4. Harikrishna

            Hi Hema,

            Thank you very much for your response.
            I do completely agree with what you said, but still people likes to go with consultancies who can bear the processing fees. Hopefully some may get those and others may not . However, I wanted to know few details, I hope you would not mind answering.
            As you pointed out, can we lodge h1b visas with multiple consultancies? the reason being there may be more chances that your visa application applied through any/all of the consultancies get picked compared to single application. would there be any problem if all the applications gets approved? Look forward to see your response.

          5. Hema G.


            You know what, that’s a very good question. I am not a attorney or a USCIS representative to answer that question nor i know the answer.

            So, save the question for your attorney.

            Hema G.

    3. Shaikh Tyabur Rahman

      Hi Hemanth,
      I am looking for H1B sponsorship in the field of Networking and System administrator. Currently i am in Bangladesh and have B1/B2 visa. I have more than 7+ years IT experience. please share your contact details or please contact with me at skbadol at gmail dot com


  27. krish

    What is the date that we can expect the results of new immigration bill?
    And what will be the cap count of FY2015 if the bill comes into action?
    In case if the bill doesn’t change for this year what will be the cap count and will there be lottery?

    1. Tim

      Since last year we had 123K applications, I predict this year we will have $180K+ applications. The market is very hot, its easy to find a sponsor, but its hard to get selected.

      The only hope that H1-B part of new immigration law passes in Jan or February 2014.

  28. mac

    Hi Saurabh,
    My Wife’s H1 visa was applied and it was approved. this happened when she was on H4. But the COS was denied after RFE.
    We renewed her H4 and we returned to India after this episode.
    She underwent stamping for H4 while in india.
    Now If same company applies for her H1 , will it be subjected to quota of 2015 or it will be exempt as she was subjected to quota already for previous h1.

    Thanks in Advance.

  29. Roshani

    Hello All,

    I came to US on L2 dependent visa and now working here on EAD. My visa has expired in Sep 2013 but I have I-94 till 2015. I am planning to apply H1B visa next year in 2014 thru my consultancy. My question is after applying for visa in April can I plan to go India(may be in July 2014) and if I get selected in lottery, will I be able to stamp my visa in India and come back to USA? While my visit in India I will not be working but as I am applying thru the same consultancy with whom I am working now will they be able to help me in visa stamping from India?
    Please provide guidance on same. I appreciate your reply.

    1. Daniel

      Hi Roshani,

      This is something outside of what you have asked. Can you share your consultant details since I am also looking for applying H1B this year

    2. sumit

      better you should leave US on your expiry of Visa . Because Visa links with Petition and some time it creates a problem when you will file H1 in future. I left US on 30th march 2013. my visa expiry was 31t march and my I-94 expiry was 31st march 2014.

      So better to be safer side. Also good orgnization does not allow you to work or stay on I-94 .

  30. Harjeet

    I applied to work as a Mechanical Engineer with General Motors, I’ve been included in their employee list. Think they’re still looking for workers for a new firm.

  31. Hemanth

    Myself Hemanth Dixit from Bangalore, India B.E Computer Science Graduate having 7.5+ years of experience in Websphere MQ and Message broker.

    Redbus2us team is doing wonderful job here in guiding the people to be in right path for H1b.

    I will be trying really hard to get the H1b sponsorship for FY 2015 and i already kicked off as some of the companies already started interviews..

    Hopefully i will be succeeding in getting the sponsorship.

    Finger’s crossed here..


      1. Hemanth

        Hi Vijay,

        I am still the baby on this but whomever consultant i go to they are asking security deposit of 2lakhs :(( that is way too high and what if H1B visa interview rejects and whole money in serious trouble..So we have to be very careful in selecting this..Please let me know if you know someone…I will definetely share you as well.

        Where you putup vijay ? Can you share your contact ?


        1. NeverPay

          Dear Friend, My suggestion is : Never pay for your visa.
          If your employer is genuine then he will sponsor your visa and will not be worried about you leaving if he really has work/project for you.

          In lottery case – your total money will be lost and I suggest you go through the 2014 forum post to see how many people complained about money lost.

          1. sudhakar


            I dont think so. I heard that if its through lottery the ATTORNEY FEE is refundable.please correct me if am wrong.

        2. Rajesh

          Hey Hemanth/Vijay,

          I am also looking for consultancy for processing H1.

          Could you please share your contacts or share the details of consultancy please.

          Rajesh G

        3. VARNA

          If you are lucky then fine..but many even after approval got deported, as securities checked that there were no projects in the company. BEWARE FROM SAB INFORMATION SYSTEM OWNED BY BABU DEVALAPUR AND BY NOVELTY INFOTECH BY JAYAKAR NEELA. THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS!!! NEITHER THEIR ANY VISA GOT APPROVED NOR THEY RETURNED ANY MONEY. They will change the company name, so just remember their names. They ran to India and they are not refunding any money. One is located in Atlanta and other in Alpharetta.

  32. Unluckyin2013


    I have some queries about the H1B process. I was employed with a Big 4 firm from 2012 to 2013, working under OPT after graduating with an MBA from a top US b-school. Unfortunately, my visa application didn’t make it through the lottery this year and I had to leave the company and the country.

    Now, by God’s grace, I have an offer to rejoin the same company in the same position from Oct 1, 2014.

    My query stems from the H1B requirement of a LCA being filed with the Department of Labor (and getting it approved) before the H1B application is filed with the USCIS in April.

    1) I believe that the LCA filed earlier will no longer be valid since the H1B didn’t come through. Is that right?

    2) If a new LCA is filed, what is the earliest possible date? Will it mention the preference for an Advanced Degree for the position?

    3) I believe H1B application mentions “specialized labor”. Does the fact that I have significant domain expertise in Cloud Computing with hundreds of published articles help my case?

    I hope 2014 will prove luckier for me than 2013.

  33. Raj


    when i was working in one MNC company, they have initiated the H1B for me. while it is processing i quit the company and joined in another MNC.
    the current state of my h1b petition is “Post Desion Activity”.

    so my question is if my current company is processing new H1B for me this year, is there any issue, since my old H1B is still processing?

    and is it possible to use my currently processing H1B petition in my current company?


  34. Ash

    Hi All ,

    Currently I have H4 visa and want to apply for H1B. I have 3 years experience in IT industry. Could anyone please guide me how should I proceed?

  35. fellipe

    I have a h-3 visa expiring in february, i am going to apply to change status to h-1b, can i stay in US until open date or do i need to return to my country and await there?

  36. varun

    Hi ,
    Any idea on next year H1b Process ? I mean its gonna be same like year ? I heard this lottery had in 2007 or smthime .. so how much chances for lottery for next year ..Its wired Q but any analysis ? What was factor for this year how got selected in lottery ? % in graduation , DOB ,Branch .. put some thoughts

  37. Varun

    Hi ,
    I did my MS in US , passed out in 2009. I then came to India to work , in April 2009 in an electronics manufacturing MNC… I now want to go back to the US for work. Will I be able to find H1b sponsors ? Even if I am offered a job, will the H1b Sponsors be ready to wait until October, until I am approved to work under h1b visa.

  38. parvesh

    i have a mechanical graduation but i was moved to IT sector or have 5 years of exp in QA/software testing (manual and automation/QTP) in india and looking for a company/ consultant who can sponsor H1B visa.

    May i know the step by step procedure in my case for H1B visa.


  39. Daniel

    I understand that the H4 /B1 holders cannot work in US, but wanted to know if there is any exception available to get a work permit? Kindly let me know

  40. Junaid

    Hello, I have a question.

    I have a L1 visa stamped on 19th July 2013, my company applied for this back in August 2012 but due to this 1 year process the company is now not willing to send me as there is no opportunity right now. I wast to ask that this L1 stamped can in any case help me getting H1 from another sponsor? A friend of mine told me that usually companies prefer employees who already have L or H1 stamped.

    Note: Its only issued and I have never entered to US on it. Its valid till Feb 2015

    1. administrator

      It doesn’t give you much advantage. The only advantage I can think of is that one can now consider you to have already made through US consulate’s security checks when they issued the visa.

      1. Christopher

        I’m currently in US for 2 years under L1 and want to change to H1 through COS as I got a new employment offer from a company here in Miami.
        Do you know if I need to wait for April/14 to apply for a COS ?
        Or I can apply for a COS at any time ?

        1. administrator

          If you don’t have any previous H-1, then you need to wait until April 2014 to file H-1 and Oct 1 to start working on H-1 (pending H-1 + COS approval).

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