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H1B Visa 2015 Cap Count Updates

Page Updated  May 3rd,  2014

We have been tracking H1B Visa cap count updates every year. We will do the same this year on this page. We will post all the latest news updates from USCIS, H1B cap count numbers by week for fiscal year 2015.   You can ask your questions at QA section for any clarifications or help. 

Latest USCIS News updates, Information for H1B visa FY 2015:

All the H1B news releases by USCIS and informative articles related to applying for H1B visa 2015 will be posted below :

USCIS Official  News – Cap Count Update 

  • May 5th : USCIS announced today that data entry of all FY15 H-1B cap petitions has been completed. USCIS will now begin returning all H-1B cap petitions that were not selected in the lottery. They have announced it on their twitter and facebook pages.
  • April 18th : USCIS announced that they will begin H1B FY 2015 premium processing from April 28th, 2014. Previously they announced that they will begin, ‘no later than April 28th’. They just clarified that. You can read on USCIS website  
  • April 11th : USCIS announced that it received about 172,500 petitions for the H1B Visa 2015 Quota.  Read USCIS : 172,500 Received – H1B Lottery Summary 
  • April 7th : USCIS released official press note saying that FY 2015 cap reached today. For details, read  USCIS H1B Visa 2015 Cap Reached on April 7th. 
  • April 6th  : USCIS non-working day. Weekend ! Will NOT have any update. 
  • April 5th  : USCIS non-working day. Weekend ! Will NOT have any update. 
  • April 4th  : No official update from USCIS ! If you have to file second petition due to courier delivery issues, you need to do it soon by Monday as per AILA note. 
  • April 3rd : USCIS update to AILA ( American Immigration Lawyers Association )
    • USCIS has updated AILA team that, if there were courier delivery problems to USCIS office for the H1B petitions filed, USCIS will accept a second H1B Application for FY 2015 under certain circumstances.
    • What it means to you is that, if your petition is delayed by your mail carrier, you can submit a new H1B Application with New Fee and Explanation for the delay including a requisition to withdraw the first petition.  If there is no explanation and you file a new petition, USCIS   will consider it as duplicate petition and deny/revoke the same and not refund the filing fee.
    • USCIS is monitoring the situation and update us with more info.  Check AILA Updates 
    • AILA Report USICS Update H1B Visa 2015- April
  • April 2nd :  No Official USCIS Update today on the cap count
  • April 1st :  USCIS starts accepting applications. NO official update from USCIS yet.

H1B Information Articles :

H1B Visa FY 2015 Cap Count updates Tracking Table:
The below table will be updated as soon as USICS updates cap counts.

News Updates :
H1B Lottery conducted for 172,500 H1B petitions filed for FY 2015 quota !

USCIS Update onRegular H1B Cap (65,000)Advanced Degree Cap (20,000)Analysis and Cap Count Update Article.
 April 7th, 2014 65,000 20,000 USCIS H1B Visa 2015 Cap Reached on April 7th. .
Remaining H1B Cap 00


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  1. Hi..I’m working in techmahindra..I got a status as pending with USCIS..so is there any hope to selected in lottery..

      • I am also from Tech M till now we did not received any information can you please let us know till now how many lists released till what month we can keep hope.

  2. Team,

    USCIS has received their query response on July 21st but till now there is not change in status. It still says ‘We have received your response on July 21st’ . I can see the denied petitions also. Do we need to consider my case is also as denied and that may be the reason why there is no update in the site.

    Please share your experiences if you are on the same status like me and if you have found any information or reason

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rajkumar Nerella

  3. Hi,
    My H1B 2015 got approved and stamping is also done from xxx company. I did not travel to US till now. Now I do not want to go to US from this consultancy as I got better opportunity in another company.

    1) Can I get transfer for my h1b from xxx to yyy company without travelling to US from xxx company? I mean by staying in India itself, is it possible?
    2) MY Petitioner xxx will raise any problems or cancelling my visa if he comes to know about transfer?
    3) what are the original documents are required for transferring from xxx to yyy?
    4) How much it takes for getting transfer if possible?

  4. Got my security back from my consultancy Sierra Infosys..

    They still have no update for me on my application rejection letter or notification..

    Is anybody still waiting for their application rejection notification?

    I am also wondering if anyone applied through H1 Base India..?? They seemed pretty promising initially but they had pretty messed up response time and case handling and hence I decided not to go with them.. Plus the guy called Karthik, he never answered his calls, wondering if they were actually legitimate or were they fake.. Please do let me know..

  5. Hi Everyone,

    When we can get the status of period of permit for our application is approved for 1 year or 3 years ?

    As i my application got approved already but i did not get hard copy or any other forms.

    Please share your Exp on this.


  6. Hello Guys,

    Thank God !! I got update from my Employer that my H1B application got approved & I will be getting hard copy in 10 to 15 days.

    In my employee immigration portal my application date showing it is applied from 1/12/2014 to 31/12/2017.

    As per that i am considering i can travel after 1/12/2014 only.

    Am i right ? or is there any possibility to go early as my petition already approved?


    • Hi,

      hen did u get the information from ur employer that ur case has been picked and can you tell me the pickup date
      just to know whether we have any chance that they are picking up even now at this point of time

      Would appreciate your quick response


  7. Is there anyone still in the sinking boat of waiting for an update on their petition?

    My consultancy says that they have still not received my package, I want to know if it is me or there are fellow mates who are still in the same boat as me…

    Kindly let me know..!!!

  8. Still my status in TCS for H1B is awaiting lottery status…They asked me to check after July 8th….hoping for the best to happen soon….oh god please bless me.

  9. My Status just got updated to RFE.Any idea how we can get to know the evidence that they are requesting.Is there any ol way to check it

  10. Thank GOD!.Waiting comes to end got selected in lot ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ on this tuesday ,June 17th .It was fifth slot of results in TCS.They said still 3 more slots of results are available.Hope for all the result is positive. Luck fortunes !!

    • HI Sukumar,
      Can you please tell me on receipt what was the date?
      I mean on what date the receipt (Case) got selected on lottery.

    • Hi … I am also in TCS but I haven’t got any information on lottery result …
      I hate the way they reveal the results .. Makes no sense.. One of my friends is in ZS Associates and they were informed bat the lottery in first week of May that too in single slot .. This policy is so torturing .. Ok !! All I need from you is to know if you have any more info on this as to when the next slot comes and I wonder if are wait will end by June end bacause last year people were informed of the results till October even If thy were selected .. And also when do they actually start letting us know about who haven’t got selected ๐Ÿ™

  11. Same OLD STORYYYY…we have to wait till JUNE end it seems..donno if some miracle will happen in these 10 days which was not happened since April10th..

  12. Anybody from Value consulting waiting for return packet and the payment.Every time whenever I call them, I am getting update as return packet not delivered.And cannot say when return packet will be returned.Without return packet they are not returning the money paid to them

    • I heard they have received few Approvals and RFEs have also started pouring in. Wishing all who has receipt/or waiting for receipt a very Good Luck!!

      • SAM,

        I called them yest, Sierra said that they have not received any new receipts in last 3 weeks, but have also not received rejections well.. We will have to wait for either of them..

        • Sam,

          Any updates from Sierra buddy? I think they are taking us for ride, how can there be no updates until now. June is almost over.

  13. Hi All,

    I called to my employer and he said that I didn’t make it since my packet is already returned.
    For those who have not yet got any news from their employer, sorry to tell you but you have to accept the truth. consider it bad.


    • The return package recieved by your employer also contains rejection letter with your name.
      I just wanna ask how can we check if H1B application was actually submitted.

  14. Has anyone on this forum received their application package back yet in case it was not selected in the lottery..??

  15. Hi All,
    any one from Millennium Info Tech Inc. still waiting for receipt?
    did any one from Millennium Info Tech Inc. got information about their rejection packages ?
    please update
    Millennium Info ask me to wait till package returns.


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