Summary of H1B visa 2011: Lottery Prediction, News, visa Cap Statistics, Recession Analysis

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We are just one day away from the H1B petition filing for the FY 2011 visa cap. As of today, there has been no surprises, no new press releases. Seems everything will be right on track and H1B visa petitions for filing will begin on April 1st of 2010.  We do not know if there will be need for lottery this year with the recovering US economy. I have done a lot of data analysis over the course of few months and published few articles related to all about H1B visa filings in the past year. A good way to predict future is to follow the past data. Here is a summary of the articles I have written over the past few months, I have just compiled the list for easy reading of articles 🙂 You can check out the stats and come up with your educated guess!

What do you all think about this year filing ? Will there be lottery for FY 2011 quota ?

Articles on Lottery prediction, Max Visa Cap statistics, Recession analysis :

Articles on H1B visa 2011 News, New Memorandum :

Articles on Port of Entry issues for H1B holders in 2010 that can impact 2011


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