How to find H1B Visa Sponsors

How to find H1B Visa 2019 Sponsors – Search Options?

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If you are looking to work in America in 2018, you should be planning to apply for H1B Visa 2019 petition with USCIS. The big question is how do we find a H1B Visa sponsor to file our H1B petition. Many of you would be wondering with many questions like

  • How to get H1B Visa Sponsor?
  • How to search for H1B Visa 2019 Sponsors from India ?
  • Who are the H1B Visa 2019 sponsors in India ?
  • What is the full list of H1B Visa 2019  sponsors ?
  • What is the H1B Visa 2019 sponsors database ?
  • How to find a job at company that sponsors H1B Visa for FY 2019 ?
  • I am on H4 visa, where to find H1B visa sponsor ?
  • I am on F1 Visa, how to find H1B 2019 sponsors ?
  • How to find H1B Visa jobs to get H1B Visa 2019 sponsor ?

Many such questions. This article will focus on the various ways of finding a H1B Visa sponsor to file a petition in April. You can check out the When to Apply and sample plan for H1B Visa , you can use the same timelines for any year

Various options to find a H1B Visa 2019 sponsors
There are quite a few ways to find a sponsor, listed below are few of them.

  • Find H1B Visa Jobs and get job offer
  • Search H1B Visa Sponsors Database
  • Internship work – progress to H1B visa
  • Boutique IT Consulting Companies in USA and India
  • Global System Integrators like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Accenture, etc
  • Find Jobs at American Universities

 Search H1B Visa Sponsors Database
The simplest way to find a sponsor is to look at the H1B Visa Sponsors Database that we created about a month ago.  You can search for sponsors by zip code or city. If you know the company, then you can look at the LCAs’ details to see what kind of jobs that they have filed H1Bs in the last 5 years.  All the data in our H1B sponsor database is extracted from LCA data published by US Department of Labor for public disclosure. DOL only provides raw data in excel and .txt formats, we have built software to search and display the information. Our H1B Sponsor Database provides Salary information, approvals, rejections, etc for the last 5 years, that should give you benchmark.  You can prepare a high level list of companies and evaluate the H1B Sponsors based on their profile.

Find H1B Visa Jobs and get job offer
Probably the most logical way to find a sponsor is to apply for a job at a company that sponsors H1B Visas. You can use few sites like Another way is to search for jobs at  H1B Sponsoring companies (The list created using our H1B Database ) at any US job site like Dice, Monster, CareerBuilder. Once you apply and get an offer, then you can seek them for H1B sponsorship to apply for petition this April.

Internship work – progress to H1B visa
If you are in America and on F1 visa, this is your choice. You need to find an internship or co-op at a company that can sponsor H1B visa. You can use the above two methods to create such list of H1B sponsoring companies.  Always make sure that the company that you pick up internship from is willing to sponsor H1B visa.  You do NOT have to scare them with visa issues, when you are applying for internship. You can give a hint at the final stages so that it does not confuse them and make your life complicated.  Your best bet is to attend Job Fairs, look at your career center to find such opportunities.

Global IT Consulting Companies like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, Accenture, etc.
Usually, if you would like to search for H1B Visa 2017 sponsors from India, this is your best bet. Apply for a role at any of the large global consulting companies like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, etc. and make sure you negotiate about the H1B Visa sponsorship when you take the offer. Joining these companies, without a commitment from the manager is going to be difficult, because internally there would be a very long queue of employees waiting for H1B Visa sponsorship. It is a little tough, but you just need to position yourself and your skills to get this going.

Boutique IT Consulting Companies in India and USA – Fraud ?
You need to find some specific boutique IT consulting companies in India and USA that can sponsor H1B visa. This is not going to be easy as it involves great risk of ending up in fraud. With all the H1B Visa rules changes in the last few years, it has become very difficult to find small companies with credible background to sponsor H1B visas.  You would need to have personal connections in small companies to evaluate their profile and pick up a role. There are companies that take money from you and claim that they will sponsor H1B Visa for FY 2017. You will need to be very careful as legally you should NOT pay for your H1B visa filing fee or expenses. Avoid H1B fraud companies by picking the right company. This is only possible by talking to close your network of people both in India and USA. You would see lots of people posting contact info on the blog telling they will help you with sponsors and everything, be careful !  DO NOT share your information publicly.  USCIS is very careful screening small size companies, make sure the company you pick has good background by verifying our H1B Visa Database.

Find Jobs at American Universities  – No Quota for H1B Sponsorship
Another great way to work in America on H1B Visa is to pick an academic or research institution like University. The biggest caveat is that you cannot transfer to a regular company with this H1B Visa.  Typically, academic institutions do NOT fall under H1B Visa annual cap restrictions, so they are free to sponsor to anyone as long as they believe that you are right candidate.  It is a great option for anyone on H4 visa or F1 Visa, if you like to work at a school.  You got to be careful here, if you miss the FY 2017 quota this April and join a University, then you would need to wait until next year for moving out to a regular company, so be careful !

You can also read our previous article on How to find H1B Visa 2014 sponsors 

What are other ways to find H1B Visa Sponsors for FY 2019 ?  Any other ideas ?

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  1. sri nivetha

    I need a information regarding sponsorship for h1b.Currently i’m living in San Antonio,Tx.I want details regarding jobs in San Antonio too.Thanks

  2. Morney

    I am  currently  living  in  Cape  Town  South Africa  seeking a permanent opportunity to work  abroad.

    I’m  a  Freelance  Graphic  Designer  and  completed  a  certificate  program in  Graphic  and  Web  Design  from  the  University  of  Cape  Town.  I  have  over thirty  oil  paintings  sold  to  private  collectors  and  also  hold  a  Diploma  in  Art Education.

    I have 3 years graphic designer experience.

    I’m seeking work authorization sponsorship. H1B visa sponsor

  3. Bigboy bere

    Hi I’m big boy
    7 years experience in home nursing looking for sponsors also have diploma in supply chain and logistics management +27

  4. manju

    Hi,this is manjunath . I have 8 years of IT experience .I am intersted in applying for H1b this year. Kindly letme know if there are trustable H1b sponsors

  5. Amira

    Hi Kumar,
    Thank you so much for the information!!
    Is there a list/database of non-profit organizations that offers Cap-exempt H1 ?
    I missed the deadline last year as I was taking the boards and was waiting on my licensure. Now, my OPT period will expire in Dec 2018.
    and I don’t want to apply for an academic position!

  6. Darshit Modi

    Hello my self Dashit Modi from India. I have 2 years experience as Sr. Technical Recruiter position. I did bachelor degree in information technology . I need H1B visa.

  7. Arun

    I have done bsc 2nd year completed and have 13 + job experience in bpo final year 2 paper arrer degree not completed is that iam eligible to entry h1b visa.

  8. Anil kumar

    Hello my self Anil Kumar from India. I have 8 years experience as data analyst position. I did master degree in information technology . I need H1B visa.

  9. Raj

    Hi ,
    This is raj here , i am a full stack developer with 6 years of experience in java/j2ee,
    advanced js (angular,ember), phonegap,android application development
    i am looking for h1 sponsorship this year , please let me know if any company/consultancy sponsoring h1 and please be noted i would not be able to pay for h1 sponsorship

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