October 27th USCIS H1B visa FY 2011 Cap count Update – 2,000 filed.

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USCIS updated the H1B cap count numbers today and as of Octobers 22nd, 2010 the updated H1B petition filing numbers since last week are:

  • New 1,500 Cap eligible H1B visa petitions were filed under regular Quota.
  • New 500 cap eligible H1B petitions under Advanced degree cap.

October 22nd , 2010 USCIS official H1B cap count update :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings44,300    of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count16,200    of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received60,500 of total 85,000

Analysis of H1B numbers and US Economy

The H1B petitions filed this week increased by a significant number this week…If we compare with last week, Oct 19th H1B Visa Cap Count update, the regular cap numbers were up by 600 from 900 last week to 1500  this week and the advanced degree were up by 200 from 300 to 500 this week. In fact, this is the highest number of petitions filed in a week since September 7th…Well, if we look at last years filings in the graph below, you can see that there was a big spike in numbers during the same period of time.  I guess, it is the beginning of the last quarter and companies tend to hire as soon as they have budgets approved for the quarter and most likely it can be that impact… about US economy, as always, there are small glitters of hope like New Home Sales up by 6.6% in September, which indicates the economy is recovering but at a slow pace…The next month is projected to be good for retail spending as Halloween spending is supposed to go up by 4%, also the holiday season sales are expected to go up as well… Consumer confidence is slightly up, but not the best….What all the spending means to companies ? They need more people to work for them…supposedly they might need skilled workers as well, which is most likely to hire H1Bs….

Do you have any other guess for increase in H1B cap count ? Economy ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2011  Trend Graph

H1B visa 2011 Oct 27th cap count updates

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2011 Graph and Trend

Oct 27th  Advanced Degree H1B cap count

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Comments ( 8 )

    1. administrator

      RFE letter will be issued and sent to the employer/attorney and will contain details on why it has been issued. The details of the RFE are not published online.

  1. bill

    What is the name of the visa that employers can use where as the government pays up to 75% of a foriegnor wages? That is the one that ticks me off because the small town where I live quite a few of the business are doing it and it is keeping the ones that live here out of work. In this economy !! when people need there jobs the most.

  2. L1 to H1

    Hi ,

    I came to US 2 months back, i will work in US till may 2011 , i am planning to file H1 B,, i am not interested to go for COS,because i have to work for my compnay till May1 2011 then only will move to H1.

    what is the best way??

    1. administrator

      Well, some people apply H1B without COS…. it depends on how the company wants to file your application…Talk to your employer and attorney for best advice.

  3. Abhi

    Hi Dude,

    Can you explain me what is ETA acceptance for H1B premium and regular processing?
    Is it going to vary every month or consistent? Bcz i saw some people who’s got approved with in a week in the month of july and august. where as other who’s took more than 2 week for acceptance status for premium processing.
    What are chances of RFE for any application premium or regular procession?
    In what situation RFE applicable?

    1. administrator

      Abhi, there is no rule, it entirely depends on the processing center and it may change anytime….. Premium has 15 calendar days limit. Chances of RFE depend on various factors and we cannot generalize….it depends on company and lot of other factors….

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