July 13th H1B visa FY 2011 Cap count Update – 800 petitions filed. Analysis.

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USCIS today released the latest cap count update and the H1B cap count as of July 9th , 2010.  Here is an update since previous cap numbers :

  • New 600 Cap eligible H1B visa petitions were filed for Regular Quota.
  • New 200 cap eligible H1B petitions for Advanced degree cap .

July 9th , 2010 USCIS official Total H1B cap count update :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings24,800    of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count10,600    of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received35,400 of total 85,000

H1B Visas issued in India go up. Analysis of H1B filings this week :

This week update indicates that  the H1B petitions filed decreased by 300 compared with last week’s July 2nd H1B visa cap count. The filing count in the H1B general cap quota decreased from 700 petitions to 600 petitions and Advanced degree cap decreased from 400 to 200.  I am not trying to tell a stat class here, but the reality is the filing of Advanced Cap reduced by 50%.   The numbers of H1Bs filed are on a bumpy ride as expected. We have a week slight increase and another week slight decrease. We are on track with our predictions and we can expect the regular quota to last for at least until the end of this year, provided the same pace continues (which I assume will continue.)

If you read today’s article in Chicago Tribune, Americans still needs jobs , they say that 80,000 private jobs were added in June.  Despite the add in jobs, the jobs lost and the future outlook they portray does not look great. They say that workers are discouraged. Think of it logically, if there is no job security, how can someone work happy with their full potential? Anyways, let’s just hope that we do not hit double dip in recession. Lets hope the US government and senate will do something and stimulate the economy and create jobs.

What do you all think about jobs situation? Do you think it is improving for IT Consulting ?

Regular H1B 2011 cap count Trend Graph

H1B 2011 Cap Count and Predictions July 13  2010

Advanced Degree H1B Cap Prediction Graphs

Advanced Degree H1B 2011 Cap Count and Predictions July 13  2010


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Comments ( 15 )

  1. kavitha


    Mobile Application Testing profile – 6+ years of experience , Please let me know if any one ready to file H1 from India. Looking for Genuine as we are looking for it seriously looking for it.


  2. D. Chandramouli

    Dear Mr. Kumar

    My son is waiting for his H1B approval. His OPT expired on 25th May 2010. Normally, he has a sixty days grace period to stay in the U.S. Since his visa process has started, he is on OPT cap gap extension. Just in case, God forbid, his H1B is rejected, how long is he allowed to stay in the U.S.? The reason for raising this question is that my son has simultaneously applied for MBA – and he might need sufficient time to process his new I-20 with the new college (in case of H1B denial). FYI, he completed his 4 year under-graduate course from U.S., and has continued there on an OPT job. Greatly appreciate your response. Advance thanks.

    1. administrator

      Chandramouli, Here is the info exactly taken from USCIS site. I think this is what you are asking for.

      Q: If, after being granted the automatic cap-gap extension, a student’s H-1B petition is subsequently rejected, denied, or revoked is the student allowed the 60-day grace period?

      A: Yes. The student will have the standard 60-day grace period before he or she is required to depart the United States. In such cases, the 60-day grace period will commence on the date that the rejection, denial, or revocation letter is post marked.

      Please note that in cases where the H-1B petition is denied or revoked based on fraud, misrepresentation, or a status violation, the student is ineligible for the 60-day grace period and is required to leave the United States immediately.

  3. Mugar

    You have great blog/site.I visit it regularly. I have a question for you. If filling H1b continues with this pace (between 800 to 1100 weekly;),cap should remain open till spmetime in March or April. Why you always mention the end of this year as a prediction. Is there anything going to happen (and you sense it) which will change this slow bumpy-lumpy pace to a sharp spike? thanks

    1. administrator

      Thanks! Well, I think I mention that it will at least last till end of year, to keep the expectations right for people, because it is a pure prediction based on data and does not consider any macro economic factors for prediction. What you have said is correct, the best case scenario is it may last till next year March or April…To answer your question, personally, I do not sense anything…

      1. Subhadeep

        Hi Kumar ,

        I am little puzzled after going through the following url “http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/features/the-sunday-et/business/H1B-visa-growth-signals-recovery/articleshow/6096661.cms”. It says that already 55000+ H1B have been filed .Am I missing something ?

        1. administrator

          It is not petitions filed, it is visas issued. Thats the number of visas issued in India to enter United states. They may be H1B petitions approved last year or before too. The cap I update is the number of petitions filed this year for FY 2011 quota. Both are different.

  4. Venky


    My service provider employer applied for a H1 for me this year and it is in pending approval status with USCIS.In the petition we have mentioned about a particular customer(client),right now the customer is in very bad state it may even file bankruptcy soon,in that case will i face any problem in getting my H1 and also i might travel to work for a diffrent customer will i face any issues in travelling .I heard some news about the deporting at the POE when the client name was diffrent from the client name stated in the petiton.

    1. administrator

      Venky, I do not think it would impact you. I do not think USCIS and Justice department are so connected to verify if the company is ready to file for Bankruptcy. No, you will not have POE issues. Remember, you are working for your company and they sponsor your visa. The client is just giving you work. As long as the Employee-Employer relationship is maintained, you should fine.

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