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Guide to Indian Passport Renewal/ Re-issue – Documents, Process

Applying for Indian passport used to be a complicated process in the past and mostly done with the help of agents. But, things have changed in past few years with good process and technology. You do not need an agent anymore and can do it everything on your own. We cover the entire process end to end and also have user experiences too.

Indian Passport Renewal vs Re-Issue

“Renewal and Re-issue are used interchangeably by many. But, there is subtle difference. The term renewal is used, if you have a passport with Short Validity Passport (SVP) and you are applying for extending the same. In that case, you will still be getting a new book. Unlike, Re-issue relates to exhaustion of pages or passport reaching the end of 10 year validity. The term renewal and re-issue are used interchangeably in the below article for easy understanding. The process is same, so nothing to worry.

When can you Renew or Re-issue Indian Passport ?

You can renew or re-issue your Indian passport up to 1 year before the expiration of the passport. If you are a student, you can get re-issue of your passport within two years of expiry by selecting reason ” Validity expired within 3 years/ Due to expire”. You can also renew or get re-issue of passport, if you meet any of the below :

  • Your personal details changed like name, martial status, etc.
  • Your passport expired already within last 3 years or before
  • Your passport pages are completely full and no pages left
  • Your passport is damaged or you lost the same.

Passport Document Advisor : Indian Passport Website has a document advisor, that clearly tells the required documents, you should enter your details, to get the list of documents required before you begin to process, so that you do not end up in panic after registering. You can access it at Passport India Document Advisor

Below is the step by step guide to get Indian Passport re-issue or renewed.

Step 1 :  Register Online Account at Passport Website

Since the paper based forms are eliminated, you need to fill Indian passport application online. Below are the details.

  • The very first step is to register yourself with the Passport Website. All you need to do is go to Passport Seva Website and click on ” New User Registration”.
  • You will be asked to fill basic details and email ID. This will be used to login and fill the passport application form. You can choose the passport office based on where you currently live now.
  • The second thing is to activate your account using the email you get and login.
  • After you login, you will see an option called “Apply for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of Passport”.  Click on that and enter details.
  • Can Submit Passport Application Anywhere : Since June 2018, as per new guidance, you can apply for passport anywhere in India. You do not have to do it in the same state of your residence. There is a dropdown in the account creation page, you are free to choose the location where you are

Step 2 :  Fill Passport Application Online

After you activate your account and login, you will be presented with two options to fill out application form, the online system will show as Alternative 1 and Alternative 2 . It does not matter what you use, both work the same.

  • Alternative 1  : Using Online form to fill the application online. You will need internet.
  • Alternative 2 : Using PDF form. You download the form, fill it out and then upload it.

The recommended option is to use the Alternative 2 with PDF form as some details may not be readily available with us and we have to save info, etc. I also prefer the PDF form option as it is very detailed and clear. Either case, it is the same. You will need the below details to complete the form.

  • Your current address details and other details that are already in your previous passport.
  • You need to enter Emergency Contact Details like Name, phone number and email.
  • If you are changing any details like adding Spouse info, their info as per document

If you are using the PDF form option, you will need to fill all the mandatory fill and then hit validate and Save, it will ask you to save a file (XML file) and give it a name.

You need to upload that file in the section where you just downloaded the PDF form. All the details will be automatically created, you need to verify before saving as you cannot change the details after this step. Of course, you can change them when you are at passport office, if anything wrong.

Step 3 :   Pay and Book a Slot or Walk –in, Print Application Receipt :

Once your application is created, next step is to check for available slots and then pay for it.  There is an option on the website home page to check the slots as well or you can go to Check Appointment Availability. Anyways, once your application is submitted. you need to select it, for that see below.

  • You will have an option on the left saying ” View Saved / Submitted Applications “.  Select the application by clicking on radio button. Then you will show options with links to them. You need to click on Pay and Schedule Appointment. 
  • This will give option for payment, either online or pay with challan. Usually, it is easy to do it online way. Selected Online Payment
  • Then you will have option to select the Passport Service Kendra and the time slot. It will show the available time slots options.
  • You can select the same and then you will go for payment page. Where you can select your payment option. I used NetBanking and it was seamless.

If you are eligible for walk-in, you can cancel the appointment and then carry that cancellation page, along with the payment receipt page, you will be allowed to walk-in directly during the respective hours.

Once payment is complete, you will have to print the application receipt and carry that with you on the appointment day. It will have a bar code as well, ensure that is clearly printed and it has the payment confirmation info on it. If you find something wrong in the details, make a note, then you can tell the same at passport service kendra.

Step 4 : Documents List for Passport Re-issue or Renewal

You have a nice step by step guide to help you identify the list of documents that you need for your passport renewal. If you go to the home page and click on Document Advisor for renewal / re-issue , you will get a form to select options. Based on options it will show the list of documents that you need.  These are the documents you will need. NO Additional documents are required. In fact, I called the customer support as well and they said the same list and my experience at Passport Seva Kendra says the same.  You do NOT require additional documents.  Do NOT listen to others.

Indian Passport Renewal Documents Checklist

Below are the typical documents that you need to carry to the passport office, depending on your situation.

  •  You must print out the online form that you printed out with the Application Reference number ( ARN ) and carry with you. It is mandatory to have this document with you.
  • Original Old Passport that is expiring or expired
  • Same Address as in your Old Passport :
    • You do NOT need anything other than photo copy of your passport first page, last page and the page with ECNR info. You will do self-attestation ( your own signature)
    • You may carry current address proof like a utility bill or Bank statement or Voter card, etc… see below for some of those documents.
  • Change in Address – Different one from your Old passport address
    • Just like above,  first, last and ECNR page photo copy with self attestation
    • Address proof of change in address – Any one of the below is acceptable.
      • Any one of the  Utility bills like Water, Telephone, Electricity Bills –  You need at least for 2 months  of which one should be of current year and other should be of previous year.
      • Proof of gas connection. If you are submitting utility gas bill, PSK will ask for two of those from past two months. Make sure you carry two of them. This was shared by our reader Karthik.
      • Ration Card with address .
      • Bank Statement  for 1 year, Passbook of the bank account with address on it.
      • Any of the cards like Aadhar card, Voter ID, etc.
  • Add Spouse Name, Change
    • If you would like to add your spouse name, carry original and photo copy of your marriage certificate. It is required. You need a photo copy that needs to be self attested.
    • If you plan to change any details like names, etc, you need to carry original with photo copy signed by you.

There may be other set of documents that you may be asked from the website, if some exceptions for your case. That’s why always check passportwebsite.

Step 5 :  Go to Passport Office (PSK) for Appointment

If you have got a slot, go at that exact time or 15 min before, no need to go there and wait outside.  If you are eligible for walk in, you can do that.  The process at PSK is very straightforward and they have clear steps for the process. For process at PSK, read Process at a Passport Seva Kendra and some key pointers .

Indian Passport Renewal Experiences

Below are real experiences shared by our readers A G Bhat,  in Bangalore and Mrinal from Mumbai. Thanks to them for sharing his experience. Also, we have many other experiences in the comments, do check them out.

Passport Re-issue Experience at Mumbai

I had my Indian Passport renewal today in Mumbai(Andheri PSK) as my passport was expiring within 1yr. Got appointment for 9.15AM IST and was asked to report at 9am. (Under Regular processing) . Process was very smooth and straightforward and I was complete in 1hr time (primarily due to preparation and early slot).

Passport Re-issue Process at Mumbai

1. I had actually downloaded the PDF first and filled it and kept so that any trials errors needed were done on that.
2. I was having minor difficulty uploading it probably because i renamed etc. However I used the filled PDF as entry for Online application (Which also can be saved and filled over multiple attempts like for any college /visa application).
3. The form was submitted.
4. I have just moved back from US so I wrote my current Indian address which was also in my Aadhaar card . Mentioned US address for previous in last 1yr stay without state or county.
5. I had even uploaded PDF copy of all documents though not sure if it was any help today.
6. Paid online and booked appointment

Documents Required On Passport Appointment Day

1. Originals: Passport(old), Aadhaar (both top and bottom part: for Address proof and ECNR), 10th Marks card (for ECNR)
2. Copy of first 2 pages, last 2 pages and Page number 2 of passport which would either not mention anything or ECR. ( I had not taken page 2 and was asked to take photocopy at Passport Seva Kendra)
3. Copy of 10th marks card and Aadhar both top and bottom part. ( Had not taken copy of top part and had to take at PSK.)

Process at PSK for Passport Re-issue

At the PSK try to reach early for your reporting time. The entry is not based on sequence number assigned but based on your arrival for your reporting time. Once you enter, the originals, photocopy and application receipt are checked once and after all documents are confirmed you are asked to wait till they generate token number. After token number is generated you are asked to go inside and wait for 1st step in A counter.

At the A counter documents are scanned, photo taken, biometrics verified and signatures taken. Also they check if you want to enroll in Mobile Seva(Sms updates for Rs 40). If yes you pay in cash exact amount. Once done you are asked to goto B counter.

At B Verification Officer (VO) validates the entries again and puts his ticks & sign in the application. Once B is complete, one proceeds to C counter for Granting Officers approval who again verifies documents and stamps both the old passport ( Cancel & returned) and approval stamp for application,

Once that is done you are asked to proceed to exit counter where you are given acknowledgement receipt and asked to fill feedback form. The acknowledgement ideally mentions your passport approved post police verification.

Passport Renewal Experience  at Bangalore

My passport had expired three months back. I read the articles in this site and understood the procedure to be followed. After understanding the same clearly, I applied online and selected the slot at Bengaluru (Lalbhag) PSK. I applied on a Saturday and slot was available for very next Monday. However, I opted for a slot on Wednesday which I got. So there was no necessity for me to cancel the same and go for “walk in”. On Wednesday, my time was at 10.45 AM and I went there exactly at 10.30AM.

The process at PSK was exactly the same the Hyderabad PSK explained in this site. Courteous people, proper guidance at every stage, no confusion at all and no hassles. After successfully finishing the entire process I came out from PSK at 11.15AM, in just 30 minutes for whole process. I gave my feedback as “Excellent” for the service but I feel that this is too less a grade. World class experience indeed. Thanks to the vision of the External Affairs Department of Govt of India. And my thanks to all concerned, from Prime Minister and External Affairs Minister to TCS and every one in the PSK.

Along with my wife also had applied for re issue of her Passport. We both selected the same slot and went inside together and we both came out together. She could not believe that such things can happen in our country.

Common FAQs

Do I need an agent  for Passport Renewal ?  Any value ?

In the past, there were few things that were not clear. Now, with online process and outsourcing the process is fully online and no need for agent. You can do everything on your own.

How long does it take for Passport Renewal ?

It usually takes anywhere from 10 days or so to 30 days. In many cases with the new system, many were able to get passport within 10 days. But, if there are some delays in police verification or other things, it can take time.

Delays with Passport – More than 30 days – What can I do ?

If for some reason, there are delays, you can reach out to Regional Passport Officer and take it from there. You can check RPO Process to Speed up Indian Passport Processing

How do I know if I am ECR vs Non-ECR Category ?

If you have passed 10th, then you are Non-ECR category. You can read complete details at ECR vs. ECNR(non-ECR) Indian passport Differences

Also, if you are an NRI, not living in India and plan to renew passport during your visit to India, check out Process for NRI to renew passport in India 


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  1. Sir,
    My passport expired in October 2011. Can I renew it or apply for a new one? Also, my address have changed in cause of divorce. Urgently, I need to go abroad. If I should apply for a new one, what will be the time taken and what are the documents required? Kindly advice me sir.. Please..

  2. hi, my passport has missed somewhere , so i was reissue of passport applied, It may goes one month . now i want know that when will passport send .all procedure are finished only have to receive passport.

  3. Hai everyone ,
    I had lost my passport . I heard that for reissue of passport we need police FIR . So after getting FIR ,how long it will take to get the passport in my hand . Actually i am waiting for my job visa . I will get it with in 2 or 3 weeks . So please give me an advice through mail . My mail id is [email removed spam]

    • I have lost my passport with my wife’s and my daughter’s passport. Our passport was issued in Kolkata. I live in Siliguri West Bengal. We want a new one. I have make missing dairy . Now what I should do?

  4. Hi,
    My passport is expired 1 month ago and need to renew it with a change in address !
    But, I do not have any supporting document that are listed in official website for address proof !
    I do not have public sector bank accounts ..! ICICI account records will not be accepted !
    I have property tax docs of my present address(permanent address too) but will it be accepted as address proof ? (Because website has no mentions of it )

    My aadhar card and Voterid card has a old address where I don’t reside anymore ! (different from my old passport address too)

    If permanent/present address are different but both are within in same city , where the police officials will do verification ?

    What should I do in such cases ? Any advice would be of great help !

  5. Hie sir,
    sir actly i have applied for passport 6 mnths back,but due to the birth certificate which i have submitted,it was on hold.the birth certificate which i have submitted was from my village and it was manual birth certificate signed by village head.due to the village does not have muncipal office,i have applied for birth certificate from hyderabad,as i am living for past 10 year.now i have applied afresh passport.do they reject my passport,since i have changed my birth place?

    • Your birth please no change same address you go to mundal office request letter give to Tashildar office or attal snehajevi this office after you draw income certificate with your birth certificate……

  6. Hello,

    We are travelling to India in December and getting back to the us in Jan. My wife’s passport is expiring in March 2015. We are on EAD/AP. AP expires in April 2015.

    Will there be any issue when getting back to the US ( regards to passport expiry within 6 months)?

    If there will be a problem getting back can my wife renew her passport in India?

    Please let us know what the best option is for us.


    • It is better that you get your passport renewed in USA before you travel to India. It would be difficult to get it renewed in India as the local passport office will ask for your residential address for the past 12 months.
      The USA govt. will allow Indian passport holders to enter USA as long as your passport is valid. India is one of the countries where a grace period of 6 months beyond the expiry of the passport is allowed. Please check up the US Visa requirements web site. Please look up the requirements of Indian passport renewal requirements mentioned in this blog.
      N R Pingili

      • Thanks a lot for the reply. I don’t know if we have enough time to renew the passport here in the US.

        How long does it take to renew passport in the US?

        Are you implying that she will be able to get into the USA in January even if her passport expires in March?


        • It is better to get your wife’s passport renewed before leaving USA. I don’t know how long it takes to get it renewed in USA. In India you can get it renewed in two to three days provided you were staying at one place in India for more than 12 months. In your case there may be delay as the Indian passport authorities may require you to get a police clearance certificate from the place of your residence in USA.

          However you may be able to enter the USA in January as the passport is expiring in March 2015. Please go to the following web site where they indicate that Indian passport holders may enter USA and get their passport renewed beyond the six month limit.

          N R Pingili

  7. Your blog helped me in renewing my passport. The whole process was very well stream lined. I was at the PSK at 9:00 AM. I had applied for the renewal under the Tatkal scheme. There was an initial delay in taking up Tatkal applications. It was taken up at 10:00 AM. I was guided thru the A, B and C counters smoothly and I was out by 10:30 AM. The staff of TCS and the Passport office were very helpful.
    I would like to point out one ambiguity in your procedure. In step 1 you said to go on line and register your application and save it. Then in step 3 you mention about taking the ARN with you. I think you should mention in step 1 to save the application form and print the ARN to remove the ambiguity.
    Thanks once again for a well researched blog.

    N.R. Pingili

  8. Hey I made my first passport in college days. Now it got expired and I have applied for renewal. Now I am married. But I don’t have marriage certificate. And me and my wife also don’t stay together. We are separate mutually. But unfortunately I mentioned in passport application that I am married. Now they need affidavit from magistrate. For that both of me and my divorcee wife has to go before magistrate which is impossible. So what else option available. Please suggest. It is urgent.

  9. Hi,
    My son has completed 18 years just now. He got passport 5 years back. The passport will be expired in April 2015.

    So , I want to renew his passport now. What is the procedure
    For this. Pl give the reply.

    Thank u,

    • Srihari,
      It is pretty straightforward, it is similar to what is explained in the article. Just go to Indian passport govt website and check out the latest process.

  10. hi
    Richard here…I have 8 month old passport . which says emigration check required. but know I have my certificate. how can I update too ECNR …….

    waiting for your reply


  11. My passport is expired in 2015 now I want to get it renewed. I would like to know that what are the documents required to submit along with the application. there is no change in address qualification and other all.

    Janardan Bhatt

  12. Check this blog regarding India passport renewal in US.

  13. Hello Sir,
    I have Lost my Passport , Please tell me the procedure to apply for a new passport.
    i need to apply for a Reissue.
    Need to get an FIR from the Police Station.
    So how many days will it take for me to get the passport in hand to complete the procedures.
    Its a Fresh passport – never used before in a months time i will be travelling.
    Pls Help.
    M Vasanth

  14. hi sir,
    my passport expired on last month, please advice me how to renewal passport, what is the way, please tel me
    thank u

    • My passport expires on 6DEC and I also want to go abroad at that time so what should I do for my passport validity can increase or can I renew in short time please suggest me

  15. Hello I am Avinash and i want to apply for reissue of passport can you please tell me what are the required documents because i dont have any ID proof will driving license do.Please Reply

  16. My son is serving in QATAR hIS Passport will expire in Jan 2015 .Please advise how he can renew his passport
    Can it be done on line.

  17. Hi,

    I am not finding the online application form for the reissue/fresh passport application on the link https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/secure/loginAction

    I can see the option for the official/diplomatic passport online,but no link for fresh/renewal .I have created my account in website and

  18. Hello i just recently turned 18

    tomorrow i will be going for renewal of my passport
    as i have no address proof
    but i stay in the same address as in my expired passport and i even have my address in my school bonafide certificate are these two things enough for address proof pls reply asap

  19. i have changed my address details in passport so they re-issued me new passport but i have visa on my old passport can i travel showing both passports or is there any problem with my visa because it is on older passport

    • Mohammed,

      I shud be okay as the new passport bear the reference of the old passport no in the last page – i think.
      For reference carry your old passport too.

      Have a nice journey..

  20. Hello,

    I am staying in Delhi but my permanent address is of moradabad. Can I re-issue passport from Delhi passport office for same address or I will have to go to
    Bareilly passport office ? i have 2 Questions (If i will apply thru bareilly Passport office):
    1. Do they required any documents for renewal?(as the address is same now)
    2.Is police verification needed for renewal ?

    Waiting for your reply>>>>>>

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Kashish Chauhan.

  21. Hi,
    I have applied for H1b this year and petition got approved(after RFE clearance). My LCA has end date of 2017 whereas my passport is expiring in 2016. Can anyone please let me know if I should proceed with existing passport and schedule visa interview or should I renew my passport now and then should apply for interview. Also if suggestion is to renew now, can I renew now (in 2014) as passport expiry is of 2016. Please advise.

    • You can go ahead to interview for stamping, no need of passport renewal. By the way… passport renewal can be done only 6 months or 1 year before expiry, not this much in advance.

  22. Hi Thanks for the nice article. Good info.
    I have some questions to you.
    1. My passport expires Jan 2015.
    2. I have to go to India for a two months visit for family emergency.
    3. I do not have valid visa stamp now. So I should renew my passport in India and then attend for visa renewal.
    4. I do not have any address proof in India except a bank passbook at SBBJ (State Bank of India Bikaner & Jaipur). I think this should be enough as this is a nationalized bank.
    5. How long the Tatkal process take, if I can take it.

    6. After reading your whole article I am going to ask the same question, Shall I book an appointment and then go straight in.

    Thanks in advance

  23. Hi,
    My passport is yet to expire five years from now.
    But I want to include that I’m in service in the
    Occupation coloum.What do I need to do?

  24. Hi,
    My passport is expiring in oct 2014, i got the appointment date on 21 st Aug 2014 since i took my incomplete documents.they asked to come with all docs and with a new appointment letter. so will i have to pay extra fees for re appointment letter or can i use the same dated appointment letter for next week.Kindly Advice.

    • You have to retake your appointment on the website and the passport fees prepaid will be valid for 1 year from the time of payment.

  25. Hello,

    I am staying in Delhi but my permanent address is Dehradun. Can I re-issue passport from Delhi passport office for same address or I will have to go to Dehradun ? Please advise


    • Hi Rakesh,
      Ask your brother to go to a doctor in India and get a medical certificate mentioning that he was admitted for some treatment (the date of start of treatment shud be earlier than visa expiry date). The doctor shud prescribe one or two months bed rest. Along with this letter and your brothers passport copy approach the immigration chief for extension. Once it is accepted you can show the airline to book the ticket for “visa on arrival” and document can be submitted at airport thru MARHABA for smooth entry into Dubai.

  27. Hi,i applied for passport in the very previous month and at the time of appointment i mean at the time of photography and finger print scan time by mistake i did a mistake in signature slot..my full name is saurav kumar sanyal and by some unfortunate and absent minded cause i wrote their only saurav sanyal left up kumar in my signature……is that will create any problem or what plz suggest me

    • DeaR,
      As far as I know that should not create any problems in your passport.
      Its alright.

    • Dear Friends,
      so many q’s related to documents and procedure for re-issue and fresh issue-
      just follow this link and fill details- self navigate andfind out accurately(as per deptt. system).

    • Dear Friends,
      so many q’s related to documents and procedure for re-issue and fresh issue-
      just follow this link and fill details- self navigate andfind out accurately(as per deptt. system).

  28. Hi,

    I ve a quiery that my passport has expired one year back now i have to apply for a new passport the problem is that the address which i have given is that the building has gone for redevelopment and we are staying in a rented house. Now kindly help me how can i proceed for the same.

  29. Hi,

    I applied for renewal of my passport in chennai where i have been living here from 3 years. but my old passport is issued at Hyderabad now i checked my passport status at RPO chennai they are saying that we are waiting for response ofrom hydearabad office to confirm your exixting details in PP. already completed 45 days. So, how long i need to wait for my new passport…please guide me if anyone face this.

  30. I had got my renewed passport after adding my spouse name in tatkal process (mumbai).Police verification came after I Have been went to bahrain. But now I got letter in mumbai regarding thier clarification. Now what I have to do?
    plz reply

  31. hello sir,

    my dads passport got expired 10 years before so i wanted to apply for re-issue so wat should i do and what for police verification and also address in old passport is changed we r staying in new address.

  32. My passport last date is 28th july may i know before or after how many days should i renew my passport kindly reply…

  33. Hi

    For current address proof – will airtel landline bill work ?
    I’m staying at current address on rent for more than 1 year.

    Electricity , water and gas connections are in the name of my landlord.

    This is the only document I think will work for me is the Airtel Landline which is in my name – rest wont work as I work in pvt company, no pubic ltd bank account and all other ID proofs (aadhar, income tax return) are for my permanant address which is a different city.

    Pls advise.

    • you will have to apply new and some passport offices gives facility to clear ECR status (ofcourse with some fee and relevent documents).Better apply new…its faster.

  34. my passport has six months for expiring its been nine years for marriage but we don’t have marriage certificate & now for one year my husband has gone aboard so can i apply without marriage certificate or what is the alternate for that

    • Mrg cert is needed…. and if you wanna fly abroad on ur husbandas visa .. he sld add ur name as spouse in his passport as per visa rules i know..

  35. Sir, i applied fresh passport recently and documents verification in passport office done successfully but coming to problem i mentioned permanent and present address same but now i want to change my present address so please can you tell me the process for changing my present address and required documents for that..

  36. Hi,
    I lost my passport which is expired 5 years back. I do not have any detaisl about the passport. I have visited the RPO but with no outcome.
    I need to travel abroad immediately . Please advice.

  37. Sir
    my passport expired in August 2012, I want new urgently, it will be renew or new passport ?, my address has changed please advise me

    • Sir
      my passport expired in August 2012, I want new urgently, it will be renew or new passport ?, my address has changed please advise me

  38. My passport will be expiring in November 2014, can I apply now for renewal because in September I need to go Indonesia. .but they ask for 6 month validity. Again my address & family information is same.Does there is need for police verification again.? I recently returned from Vietnam in March. So kindly advice please..

    • One can apply for re-issue of passport in case -due to expire before 1 year. You need to check the appropriate raeson as given on line on gov. website.Beleive me if you have all the documents, its just a matter of time to get a nw one.I got my passport in flat 3 days in case of reissue.

  39. Hello Dis Nageswararao Pagadala i have given permanent and present adders same but right now i am staying in Bangalore can i pay any charges let me know .


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