Updated : November 25th, 2015

H1B Visa 2016 Filing Season Complete, Cap reached on April 7th, 2015.

Planning for next H1B season, Check out H1B Visa 2017 FAQs

As many of you know, H1B Visa 2015 quota was over in the first week and a whopping 172,500 H1B petitions were received in first week by USCIS.  H1B Lottery / random selection was held by USCIS to select 85,000 H1B petitions to fulfil the work permit cap. Many of the unlucky ones are already wondering about next year H1B Visa quota. Also, some of you are planning for H1B visa for next year, you also would be wondering regarding the same. This article addresses many of the common questions, it will be updated constantly, whenever any changes to info.  Bookmark this page !  To start with, firstly the news updates on this season, followed by many commonly asked questions.

Official & Unofficial USCIS News Updates Regarding H1B 2016 Season 

When will the H1B season for fiscal 2016 begin ?

USCIS will accept petitions for H1B Visa 2016 season starting from April 1st, 2015.  USCIS did a press release on March 12th outlining the details. Read summary of press release by USCIS on H1B 2016 .

Will there be lottery again for H1B Visa 2016 ? Predictions ?

We had lottery for FY 2015 and FY 2014. The total number of petitions filed for FY 14 were about 125,000 and for  FY 2015, there were about 172,500 petitions… As H1B Quota did not increase for FY 2016, and the demand does not seem to decrease, we would very likely have lottery for FY 2016.  Read H1B Visa 2016 Lottery Predictions, Dates, Results

What is the H1B Visa quota Cap Count ? Would there be any changes to H1B 2016 count ?

H1B Visa quota cap count is the total number of petitions that USCIS will accept for a fiscal year to provide temporary work permit for highly skilled workers.  For the 2016 fiscal year, the cap count is as below :

  • Regular H1B Quota : 65,000
  • H1B Masters Degree Quota ( only US Degrees) : 20,000
  • Out of the above, a total of 6,800 is usually set aside for Singapore and Chile citizens as part of the free trade agreement between them.

As per the press release in March 2015, the quota did not increase.  To give some background, as per the Obama executive action in Nov 2014, no changes were announced to the H1B Cap count. There was proposal in 2013 to increase H1B cap from 65,000 to 110,000 and Masters quota to increase from 20,000 to 25,000 did not go through as of March 2015. At least, for this FY 2016 season, the quota is fixed and it will be as above and no changes.

When should I start planning for H1B Visa 2016 ? What are the steps ?

It depends on your situation. Below are few scenarios and your plan.

  • If you are a student on F1 Visa in USA, you need to plan for your internship/ CPT or OPT employment  at a company that can sponsor your H1B Visa for FY 2016. In my view, you should start now to find something for the fall 2014 and continue that for next spring so that you can file for FY 2016
  • If you are in other country and planning for H1B, it is good to start your process around the end of this year 2014. It will give you enough time to find sponsors, search for job, etc.
  • If you are on H4, L1 or other visa in USA and planning for H1B for FY 2016, you also should consider looking around end of this year i.e. December 2014.

We have published step by step plan, you can read the article How to plan for H1B Visa 2016 ?Step by Step Guide 

Most asked Question – How do I Find H1B Sponsors for FY 2016 ?

This is a million dollar question !  One of the biggest challenges is to find a good sponsor that can offer you a job and wait for you to start work after 6 months of filing your petition.  You should review the detail article on How to find H1B Sponsors for FY 2015. Your first place of start is to find the H1B Sponsors in an area or by company. Use our H1B Visa Sponsors Database to search and filter. Read this article on details on how to search in our H1B Sponsor database. We keep the database updated as DOL publishes data. Do NOT share your email or phone number on our website as comments, there are many people do H1B Sponsorship fraud by requesting money using your contact info. RedBus2US.com never provides personal guidance on H1B sponsors or seeks money from anyone, we only display publicly available data on our H1B Sponsors Database page. We DO NOT sponsor H1Bs or guide anyone. Beware of H1B sponsorship Fraud ! 

What about Comprehensive Immigration Reform ( CIR) – H1B Visa Changes ? What are they ?

There have been some proposed changes to the H1B Visa program to cater to the demand in the  US economy as part of the Comprehensive Immigration reform. Below are some of the proposed changes.

  • H1B Cap to be increased from 65,000 to 110,000 per year.  Also have provisions to have it up to 180,000 in case of extreme demand.
  • Advanced degree from US cap quota to increase from 20,000 to 25,000
  • The Filing fee for H1B could go up to 10,000 USD
  • Additional H1B rules to avoid H1B Visa fraud by employers
  • Mandatory LCA posting for 30 days before it is certified.

These were proposed in 2013, but nothing has moved significantly and all the above are just proposed rules. We are not sure when they will be implemented. You can read  Summary of CIR – Immigration reform – H1B Visa and Green Card  to get an idea. The latest update is that Obama has taken executive action on Immigration in Nov  2014  and none of the below are included as part of that.  Stay tuned for updates.

H1B Visa 2016 Fees – Any changes ? How much does it cost ?

There are various components of the fee. The H1B Application filing fee could range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $4,400 depending on the size of the company. The attorney fee can range from $500 to $3000 depending on the attorney. If you apply for premium processing that is another $1,225. The fees has not changed in the past couple of years for FY 2014 and FY 2015. Unless USCIS revises fee based on immigration reform, it should be same. We will keep you all posted. For complete details of the fee by components and break up, read the article H1B Visa  Fees and Who Pays for What ?

H4 Visa EAD rule impact on H1B Visa 2016 Season ?

As you know, certain H4 visa holders are now eligible for EAD. The H4 Visa EAD Rule Passed earlier in 2015 and is effective from May 26, 2015.  USCIS will start accepting applications for EAD from those eligible H4 visa holders starting from May 26th. The question is that will that have an impact on number of H1B petitions for this fiscal year  ?  It very likely will have certain impact on the number of H1B applications that are filed for this year 2016 quota. Many of the H4 holders, who would now be eligible for EAD, may not apply for H1B visa, just because it gives them more flexibility to work and more choices to work as well. We would have to wait and see, how much of an impact that would have, but it is very straightforward and no brainer for eligible H4 visa holder to avoid the H1B processing.

H1B visa Premium Processing Changes to H1B Visa 2016 quota ? 

USCIS updated in their press release that the premium processing will be accepted for FY 2016 quota and they will only begin that “no later than May 11, 2015”. What it means for the petitioners is that the official 15 day premium processing clock starts from May 11th, 2015 and their petition could be adjudicated within 15 days from May 11th, which would be May 26th, 2015.  USCIS can process them earlier as well, but their new timeline is just indication for setting the right expectations to meet the stipulated time frame for premium processing.

Track H1B Visa 2016 Cap Count updates ?

As in previous years, we have created a page, where would track the cap count updates for FY 2016. You may check out  H1B visa 2016 Cap Count Tracker.

While you wait, you can check out April 1st – USCIS H1B Visa 2016 Season Starts Today, When to expect Lottery ?

H1B Lottery Completed – Official Tweet and Press Release 

H1B Cap Reached – Official USCIS Tweet and Link to Press release :

Any other questions ?


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Comments ( 28,609 )

  1. Dhruv

    Hi Guys ,

    First of all , All the best to everyone here .
    My application reached USCIS on 1st april . I just need to know few things from you guys .
    1 ) When do they disclosed how many applications are received ?
    2) What is the tentative time of lottery ?
    3) If someone is picked in lottery , When does they intimate ( Time and date )

    Share your experiences .

    Dhruv .

    1. RR

      1 ) When do they disclosed how many applications are received ?
      By 7th they would
      2) What is the tentative time of lottery ?
      By 15th the process should get over
      3) If someone is picked in lottery , When does they intimate ( Time and date )
      If you are PP , then you will be intimated after the lottery is done..Within a week of the Lottery , USCIS would be sending out the PP results.. RP would still be getting the results until the end of may…. As per Last year

    2. nobody redbus2us

      For premium processing, if your petition is selected, you will get the notification “no later than May 11, 2015.” You (or your attorney) will receive an email from the Premium Processing Unit by that date confirming the petition was selected and the 15 day adjudicated period has begun.

  2. Bobby

    My company is a startup company. This is the first time they are applying for H1b. Is there any rejection happens based on companies previous records.

    1. Smit


      No, there is not. I work for kinda startup comp and I am the first one they filed H1-B. If you get selected in lottery and doc are clean, you will be good.

    2. PK

      Yes, their could be an objection from USCIS if your company is startup company, They check the company revenue and sales before giving any visa, i know one of my friend who filles his H1 last year and got rejected at the time of Visa interview saying company is not eligible to sponsor H1, by the visa officer, You can search in google for that also

  3. Sruz

    Rahul are u sure about the counts..I strongly feel that if these counts are right then there wouldn’t a amount as big as last year for the lottery as most of the petitions are filed on day 1 itself..there will be mostly fewer numbers in the following days

  4. prabhu

    hi friends,

    if the application reaches 200k , is there any chances uscis can re consider the cab count, is ther any chances to increase the cab count or the cab count wil be 85 k only as per press release note

      1. Mr.analytics

        so Mr Rahul says on an average 39500 application / day and uscis receives for 5 business days which is somewere around 200000 :O . lets see how it goes

    1. sonia gandhi

      Rahul chottu, i just figured out were you were hiding out for these long days. When spreading some news tell it with proof, dont bluff like this as your party’s political propoganda 🙂

        1. Rahul Gandhi

          My real name is Rahul Gandhi and I am not a vice president of Congress.. I got this info from some insiders.. believe it or not .. does not matter to me… I just gave whatever update I have

          1. Priyanka Gandhi

            Thanks Rahul.

            Your name reduce the pressure from every one & give every one a chance to laugh. So be Relax and cool down. We all wish that this year there are less applications and all the candidates get the H1B approved 😀

            Be relaxed & chill and keep posted with your updates.

    2. administrator

      FYI. As of now( April 3rd, Friday evening EST ), there is NO official or un-official updates on the H1B cap count numbers. Stay tuned for the updates

      1. Sonu

        Yes Mr Applicant this a mew name 😀 Your name looks like more like some application, is it digital or paper application 😀

  5. H1BApplicant

    Prayers to you all of you !! I am an applicant and I just realised I need to get through this , I feel everyone who is desperate and have no choice should get through this eve if I have to loose , hope the people who have last chance would get it through!!

  6. Raul

    AD, PP here, long weeks ahead. We shall persevere guys, there is no other way!
    Either we will find a way or we will make one!!

    1. PK

      Hi Guys,

      Keep passions, USCIS will announce exact no of application on 7’th april and they will conduct the lottery on or before 15 april, And process will be fast this year so everyone whetaher he is applying through PP aur RP, will get the status by 15 may, only status hard copy of result can be on different month

  7. McKain

    Hello Everyone,

    Few weeks ago, I have written to U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement about this h1b visa abuse by applying multiple petitions through IT consulting firms. I don’t have any updates on it yet but I have given each and every clue about how the multiple petitions are filed and i have also given some examples on how to identify them. Hopefully they are working on it and hope they will completely plug this loop hole this time. And all the very best to those genuine applicants..

    1. McKain

      And I request each and everyone of you (only genuine persons.. i know fake people wouldn’t even dare to visit that website) to visit www.ice.gov and post as many complaints as possible before the lottery begins. we might not stop whats going to happen this year. atleast we can take this next level so that it wouldn’t happen in the future.. come on guys…. take a pledge now….

      1. McKain

        Like the great poet Leo Tolstoy said ” God sees the truth, but waits”, they might not solicit suggestions. But they will definitely look into each and every compliant that they receive and conduct a through investigation. If not this year, next year. so i wish all the best for your two applications Anusha. Sachchi baat hoti hai na woh sharaab se bhi zyada kadvi lagti hai

  8. Aish

    Hey guys…Do you need to transfer money to India with best exchange rate. Remitly has AMAZING service ! BBB A+ accredited !
    Get -> High Exchange Rate + $20 bonus + $30 Amazon card FREE = if you use following link to sign up: remit.ly/1ORZTQD

    1. jignesh

      Hey thanks Aish…..this works… dont worry about what other says…. helping other is good…n… its good for those who needed this…thanks again

  9. Kumar

    I know the person who works in USCIS he said this time they are taking out the applications who applied through multiple employers and then they will see the actual numbers and perform Random lottery the cases which have been separated will be processed through RFE

    Lets say 3 applications filed for single consultant they take out 2 and put one in the lottery if that is picked then they will review all 3 and process through RFE

    1. dharma


      Thanks For the update Kumar ask your friend to reform US immigration.
      Please don’t talk crap here…..Don’t mislead other.
      All people serious about their status.

    2. H1B 2016

      Hi Kumar

      For any kind of rule change the USCIS release a press release. If you consult with your USCIS friend check with him to share the URL where this is officially released.

      There are different employers in US for OPT candidates who are willing to file H1B and once a candidate is selected it’s the choice of the employee to select one of the company. If all the documents are legal no one can stop to file from multiple employers as it’s very much legal.

      Please share your facts with all the legal contents from USCIS. Please do not presume anything.


  10. Tofi

    Hey guys,
    I applied for the H1B via regular process.
    My lawyer told me that everyone should know the results of the lottery (if their case was selected or not) on the same time (probably until the end of April), and that the different between the two kinds of processes is the time for you to receive a final decision on the case by the government (approval or denial).
    The regular process will know/get this final decision only 3-4 months after the lottery was conducted while the premium ones will know after 15 calendar days.
    Is that really the case? Do you have other/different information regarding the different between the regular and the premium process?

    Thanks and good luck you all!

    1. Smit


      According to USCIC PP will be get notified first 15 days than RP. However this is not always true. There are many cases where candidates from RP get notification than PP, including my case last year. I was AD/RP/CA and got notification around mid May or so, while others with PP were waiting for notification.

      Anyways the summary is PP has higher probability that RP getting notification earlier than RP.

      Good Luck my friend….

  11. h1bslaughteragain

    Day 2 of this grueling wait, feels like it will be the longest month of my life. Wishing and praying for everyone here. Good luck fellow members and thanking those who have got visas and still care to come here to show support.

    I will get my visa this year 🙂 #bepositiveandwillhappen

    1. kv

      I know last year I waited till June. This time my company has filed for premium. I hope this time it gets selected and approved. Did your company filed in premium processing?

  12. Anusha

    Hello, I am currently on H4 and have applied for H-1B. If it gets selected, by the time I get the status changed i.e Oct 1st, I could potentially apply for H4 EAD. How long will that process will take? More fundamentally, can I have 2 processes running at a time EAD and H-1B.

    1. kv

      I am not sure whether you can have both applications at the same time. One is for ead and one is for h1b which is totally different.

    2. h1bslaughteragain

      Sorry dont have a useful opinion here but wanted to point out this post to other users who are thinking the total count will drop, it wont, everyone will apply whatever chance you get…such is the importance of a work permit

  13. Chandrasekar

    I too hope that all of us will get our visa this year. I am an unfortunate candidate who got through lot in the year 2013, but ended with an RFE due to some client related documents requirement and once an RFE, clearing it is very tough :(. I have filed this year again hoping it will get through this year… Lets all be positive…
    There are chances the number of applications can be comparatively lesser than last year as H4 visa people (H1B depedents) can work with dependent visa itself from this year… Anyways, keeping my fingers crossed…

  14. vinoth

    hi friends, hope we all wil get visa this year, this is first time i am applying my visa, but i can feel the pain of those who not selected the lottery last 2 years , i hope this time may be the no of applications wil be less compare to last year , i have no proper statistical report but when i take a feedback from many friends each company wil apply limited h1b visa this year. i have an one query is there any slot for company specific?

  15. Smit

    I hope everyone should get H1-B and sail to the land where all your dreams comes true. If you don’t(not wishing for anyone) then keep plan B and C ready to avoid last minute jumbling. I can understand your pain as I have been through this in 2014 and 2013.

    Good Luck to you all.

  16. h1bslaughteragain

    So if USCIS stated it won’t start premium processing until May 11th does that mean that earliest we will get lottery selection confirmation is in May? Apologize if this has already been discussed but I would like more clarity given lottery notifications were sent starting April 10th last year.

    1. Navya

      Hi h1bslaughteragain,
      Nope, From May 11th they would start processing premium processing applications, that means they would be looking into cases and start sending approvals. My guess would be they would finish lottery process may be end of next week and all premium cases would receive their receipt #s through emails.


  17. DD

    I got below email from my attorney..

    This confirms that the cap-subject H-1B petition prepared on your behalf has been mailed to USCIS for filing. USCIS anticipates that it will receive more H-1B cap petitions than can be accepted under the annual quota. It will conduct a lottery to select which cases will be processed and has stated it may not begin its lottery notifications until May 11. We expect that it will be at least several weeks before we receive an update from USCIS regarding your case. We will continue to monitor your case closely and notify you as soon as we have an update.

    1. Navya

      This is just an email notification that your attorney has sent all your docs to USCIS. He means to say sit tight and he will update you once he receives any email from USCIS. Hope this helps.

  18. Punit Omar

    All the best guys, hoping everyone will get visa. I got mine selected two years back and now renewed also for next 3 year. Also internally i searched sponser for GC. Yupee
    Im very happy in US. Earned almost 40+ lakh and now im a premium customer of Bank of America having deposit of 35K dollar. In india i would had hardly able to make that amount of money. Once my GC process starts. i will resign from my current company. later i will be staying here forever and planning to become millionaire.

    1. Ravi

      Currently they are accepting applications.. When the lottery process starts.. ? Is this lottery process completed in one day or they will do phase by phase?

      1. Rajesh reddy

        Lottery process will start on first week of May. Lottery will happen in one day only. But the information of got picked up in lottery or rejected in lottery will be passed to applicants for 2-3 months. This is as per my previous year experience

        1. Harun Kumaar Elamaran

          I don’t think it goes till May, I t should be immediately once the timelines for petition filing gets over.

      2. vijay

        Last year the lottery was done on april 7th itself. The announcement came on Apritl 10th and the results also started coming out from that day.

  19. Sidk

    I was in US for 6 years from 2008 to 2014 and had to return back due to GC issue. Very disappointed becaus GC didn’t work out and had to return back. But I am filing for a new H1B this year and hope it goes through.

    1. h1bslaughteragain

      Thanks VP and its good to see that you are back this year to support others. I did not get mine last year so hoping and wishing that i get it this year. Thanks for your support.

    2. AB

      Hi Vp,

      This is my first post, I just pitched in only to thank you specially for taking the concern to wish for others who are applying this year, though you’re already on the other side of the river. I liked it. Lets all hope for the best. I think the roller coaster ride just started 😉 Even I’m excited, worried about the result.

  20. CSM

    My application got rejected last year and I have filed back again with premium processing this year. If i get rejected again, will I be able to apply next year again? What is the limit? Thanks for your time.

    1. PK

      Yes you can apply again next year, so far their is no limit to file h1 and also with multiple applications, i hope you will get visa this year but anyhow if you don’t get that then try to find 2-3 genuine sponsors who is ready to file your h1 for next year and file multiple application to increase your chance

        1. PK

          No, i am not Jocking you can look in google too, You can file as many applications you want but with different different employer, one employer can only file one application for one person, and also you can file every year their is no blacklist concept in USCIS,

  21. Toni

    USCIS decided to give visa to all the legitimate petitioners this year given the higher demand. Congratulations to all of you.

  22. H1B 2016

    Best of Luck to all my friends here you is applying the H1B this year.

    I have studied one thing that every company almost get 50% of the lottery selection rate. I have being applied from last 2 years and every time in company there is a selection ratio of 50% candidates.

    Any one has any expert comments on this point ? It’s my observation so though to share with all of you.

  23. h1bslaughteragain

    I WILL GET MY VISA THIS YEAR – thanks to everyone`s support….i have decided to think positive and see the power of positive thinking…and i wanted to announce it to this forum for making me believe and be hopeful. Rest i leave it to GOD

    1. aa

      Boss, US is not the only country in world, there are much better countries than that. Also H1 is not the only way to go US, L1/B rules is going to get relaxed. So Just chill. All the best though

      1. h1bslaughteragain

        I don’t think you get it, for some of us it’s not about getting the visa, it’s about having to leave your existing job and setup that we worked so hard for. Anyways I am confident that this will be my year

        1. KV

          yeah you are right. I didnt make it last year. It was my first and last attempt for h1b on OPT. I had to go back to school to pursue second masters (MBA). I am hoping that mine will get selected and approved this year.

  24. H1B_Wipro_95

    Hi Guys,

    When should one expect H1B receipt for non-premium category?
    As per USCIS, H1B premium processing will start by no later than 11th May 2015. So does this mean receipts for non premium category will be sent after that only?

    PS: Good luck to all!

    1. hercules

      Last year, I believe, it was in June when I was told that my case had not been picked in the lottery. I knew this before hand based on common sense though !

      1. H1B_Wipro_95

        Thanks Hercules!
        Btw, did you applied through any services company? Wipro?
        The reason why I am asking this because services companies generally delay such updates and I doubt their internal visa portals provide any tracking info like receipt number,etc.

        Anyways, I guess you are applying this year as well.
        Good Luck!

        1. h1b_Positive_Think


          no, still didnt received any email from GIMS.

          hI, H1B_Wipro_95 & kARAN, You both have same general cap or any master cap? and you both in India rightnow or any other onsite?

          Plz keep in loop, and share updates, its really help in this stress situation.

          1. H1B_Wipro_95

            Thanks Karan for the info.
            I raised a ticket yesterday and as per them, they have not received any update from OOC onsite team yet. So they are waiting for same.

          2. h1b_Positive_Think

            Yes, GIMS said same thing, still they dont have any updates from OOC.

            My friends working in other services companies and other they mostly got Tracking numbers from employers and lawyer.

            When we wipro folks will get some updates from, GIMS/OR/OOC

          3. h1b_Positive_Think

            No, yaar still not any update from GIMS/AND/OR OOC.

            Atleast, they need to send everyone to one email with fileing confirmation……or tracking number…

          4. h1b_Positive_Think

            Hey Guys,
            any updates from GIMS/OOC?
            Any of your friend/collegue received any email or tracking number?

            plz reply

  25. Mundeep

    I hope USCIS denies visa to every single person working for Indian consultation companies.
    Better option would be if USCIS bans consultation companies from applying for H1bs. That would bring the load down from around 175K each each to just 40K or 50K.

    1. Subrat

      Well I am not from any Indian consultation company but I would definitely support the concept if USCIS can find all the fake Visa processing and non-deserving candidates and reject them that would help.

    2. dm

      Where are you from … ?

      Non eligible candidate should be rejected… who will make that call ? Do we have many people to verify all the applications.. ? Why we have lottery than.. ?

      if Indian companies are applying in volume – they are doing business in USA and USCIS knows the fact..

      The problem is how many strict rules USCIS put in to have less application.


    3. PK

      and i hope USCIS should approve all visa who filled through desi indian consultancies, Because that people is spending huge amount to process their visa and with a big risk

    4. Jai

      MR Mundeep,

      Attitude matters lot..

      Are you from Google,Cisco,yahoo,VMware,SAP?????

      He He He ….

      Don’t reply saying u r from TCS,WIPRO,HP…..(Laundry Companies)


    5. jk

      Hey Mundeep,
      I understand that you think that consulting companies are root of all problems. But if you think logically, consulting companies don’t have their own business, they work for clients which need people. At this moment these clients are getting people through these consulting companies, if these consulting companies can’t get them people. They will have to sponser H1B on their own so the total count of H1B applications will still be almost same. Also, I don’t know why you hate your own race so much, you could have just mentioned consulting companies, there was no need add word ‘indian’ there. IBM, Accenture, Dell are also sponsoring so many H1Bs these days in same type of consulting jobs. So, how they are different than the big indian consulting firms.

      1. Mundeep

        Not really. Ive seen housewives in these consultation companies who have never touched a computer in their lives learn few things about software testing and then lie over the phone about their ‘6 years of quality assurance experience’
        Do you think IBM or Dell will sponsor visa for such kind of people if they knew the truth?

        1. jk

          So, you are talking about small body shopping consulting running in 1 room, then it somewhat makes sense. Regarding experience, an H1B application doesn’t require any experience so USCIS has nothing to do with experience. Its up to clients/employers to validate the experience and knowledge claim made by people being interviewed. If they don’t care about geniune experience/fault its their personal fault and they get crap folks. Once you interview a person properly for 30 mins, you can differentiate a horse and a donkey. I always put my full effort while interviewing somebody for a developer to get best resources for my company. I strongly believe that big IT firms of headcount more than 5,000 may be indian or american never promote fake resume at org level. All fake resume business is with IT firms of head count <300-400. I also agree that more than 50% of testing resumes are fake, but thats not the case on other IT skill. All the best for your H1B lottery! If you have a STEM Masters degree then it would be very easy to go through.

          1. h1bslaughteragain

            Not sure why you think STEM makes it easier to go through, a lot of us are with STEM and still are awaiting to be picked in the lottery. While i do realize thr is the added advantage but the investment and the time and effort put in by STEM candidates kind of evens things out.

    6. Mundeep

      This is not a hate towards Indians. This is directed towards anyone working for consultation companies.
      If youre working for one, can you say with certainty that they didnt fake your resume to get you the job? Didnt you lie during your interviews about your experience?
      I hate this because undeserving people who have no talent are stealing jobs and visas from people who have genuine jobs and worked hard for those.
      I attended 2 weeks of classes with one of these companies and I was amazed how people were lying so comfortably and without conscious during the interviews, just so that they could cling on to staying in US.
      If you have no talent or cannot find a job genuinely, please go home.

  26. h1bslaughteragain

    I am seriously freaking out as we have less than 24 hours for the process to begin, I pray for all those that really need a visa this year get it, people who are on either thr only attempt or thr last attempt. So much hardwork, months of sleepless nights and dedication and yet it all comes down to roll of a dice..sigh….I wish this nightmare turns into a great dream and it gets over soon with reality being we have our visas.

    1. Hope

      Ok, we all understand your situation but seriously you need to relax my friend 🙂 things will happen when they are suppose to happen and we can only try. We did our part let’s wait and see, again Just Relax 🙂

        1. RR

          Should probably be around 10th – 15th of April.. This is when I thought they sent it even last year .. Any better Answers ?

  27. siva

    This is my first attempt for h1b, after i read the comments posted here i feel like you guys should get this year. I will wait for next year. I hope you guys get the h1b and chase your dreams this year, all the best.

    1. h1bslaughteragain

      While i appreciate the gesture, i personally hope you get it as well, so you dont have to stand at the edge ever again. Good luck my friend and thanking you for thinking of us who are literally standing at the edge holding on to the slightest of hopes.

  28. Hope

    I just hope will get picked this time, things didn’t worked out last year. Funny thing is I already know 4 people along with me who are filing this year too 🙂 all near and dear one. I am sure this year there will be even more applications then last 2 years. All we can do is wait and watch at this point.

    1. Sivakumar

      Goodluck. One curious question. Are you applying through the company where you are currently working? or through a consultancy in US?

  29. Final Chance

    Even I am not sure why I am posting this. Every day I just pray that this H1B lottery goes through. I just want to be with my life who is in USA.

  30. Vatsin

    Guys, Any wild guess on the total count ? Do you think H4 working status will impact on this ? This is my 3rd chance and the last chance as well. I could not thru in 2013,2014 and now keeping finger cross for 2015. I strongly feel there would be lottery but the total count is not going to higher that 150000..(its my wild guess 😉 ) Thanks

    1. PK

      Hi Vatsin,

      This is only a guess, some people are saying application count will cross 200000 this year and also if you search on internet this amount is prediction, But keep passions every thing will be cleat till 10 april, USCIS will announce the exact amount of applications by end of 8 april

  31. PK

    Hi Guys,

    i think there is no sense at this time to discuss wheather you should apply your H1 visa through multiple sponsors or not, Because count down has already been started and no body can process his H1 at this time, so please keep passions and wait for the results only few days left to get result, and i hope everybody will get his/her H1 involved in this blog and actively looking for visa, it doesn’t matter if you applied one application or two or three, someone who is applying two or three application ofcourse it will through desi consultancies is also spending lot of money as per consultancy = 5000$, and also big risk is involved so please don’t say that person should not get visa, or USCIS should track it if anybody could manage that then he should also applied by multiple sponsors

  32. ChillPill

    Everyone, just calm down. Don’t act as if the world’s going to end if you are not picked in the lottery. It is my last chance too. I also hope I get through but at the same time I know that there are going to be even more petitions than last year. So, not everyone will get through the lottery. It is pure luck.

  33. h1bslaughteragain

    I am not even sure why I am posting this, but i have a feeling someone out thr can relate to this. My last attempt, i just have tears in my eyes each night, really wishing i get through and everyone else who needs to get through. Last attempt, working for a great employer and couldn’t have asked for anything more. My dream job and yet at the end of the month it might get taken away if a computer generated s/w does does not pick me up…..just cant get to terms with reality at this point….apologize for the ramble.

    1. H1B-oneshot

      I absolutely relate to you, and feel the same tension and even anger regarding the broken skilled immigration system of the U.S. I have studied in the U.S. for nearly 10 years now, got a great job with great people finally, only to be subject to this bs dice roll. I have looked into all kinds of plan b options, but there really doesn’t seem to be any. Plus, because my field of study is not STEM, I literally only get one shot at it this year. Good luck to you and everyone else, I really hope you all get it! It is gonna be the ultimate roller coaster ride.

      1. Kate

        Dear friend,
        I also only get one shot as you. I really love my job and the people in this company. I like living in this country very much. I really hope I can get my H1B this year and I wish you good luck, too!

        Wish all of you, who really want the H1B can get it!

    2. Last chance- fingers crossed

      yes me too.. worked really hard to get a job in my filed of study., and i’m really lucky to work for my employer.. they applied last year but did not get through lottery. they are again filing this year.. dont know whats going to happen. fingers crossed and hoping for the best. screw all those cheap consultancies who take money and file multiple applications and screw all those who are opting to take the easy path. And I wish all the very best for all those true and genuine hard workers..

      1. h1bslaughteragain

        I am glad they are more of me out thr for support but at the same i hate that others have to go through this as well. I am hoping that god gives the strength to pass through this difficult phase and i will keep you both in mind when i offer my prayers. May we all get through….hopefully we can be pillars of support through this gruesome and cruel process

        1. Beren

          I know how hard it is, my dream is also at stake, besides this is my third year application, which makes it worse, this lottery process test you to you breaking point. But do not lose faith, keep calm, keep trusting, keep praying, That´s what I do. And I believe in God´s purpose beyond my understanding. Never give up guys!!

    1. Smit


      The time consuming doc is LCA, usually take 5 working days or so. You should make sure that this is been filed and its in hand of your attorney sooner than later. Other documents can be done quickly if your attorney has good experience with that.

        1. Smit


          Don’t be so reliable on 7th April, as I guess in 2003 they closed the application of 4th days. Anyhow I think they have made a rule about waiting and collecting application until first 7 working days, if they have received bulk amount of applications (do you research). But it doesn’t hurt to apply as soon as possible.

          Good Luck my friend…

    2. Ravi

      Like last 2 years, you should have a chance till 7th of April this year(1st 5 business days in April) for your application to be accepted. So your application need to be there no later than 6th of April. Good Luck!!!

  34. H1B 2016


    Best of Luck to every one. Hope every one’s wish complete this time. There might be a magic that there is no lottery this year but every one knows this is going to be a lottery.

    Let’s pray as I am applying for the fourth time. This time I pray to God that this year get the luck and get selected in the lottery.

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