How to find H1B visa Sponsors in an Area for Job Search in USA ?

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One of the most challenging things for Internationals during job search is to find the list of companies that can sponsor H1B  visa. Especially with the New H1B visa rules, it is getting even tougher to find a good H1B visa sponsor. If you are

  • H1B Job Search SponsorsF1 visa student  on OPT trying to find a sponsor
  • L1 visa holder trying to find a potential H1B visa sponsor to change status
  • H4 visa holder trying to find a sponsor to enter the workforce
  • H1B visa holder trying to change employer…
  • Any other visa holder like F2, etc trying to get H1B visa sponsorship.

One of the things we always wonder during job search is to get the magic list of H1B visa sponsors in that area. In all reality, not everyone knows how to get this list. Let me tell you exactly where to look and how to look for this list.

How to find H1B visa sponsors in a Zip code, City

It is very simple than you think. We have our  H1B Visa Sponsors Database  that provide us key info and capability to search.   All you have to do is click on the below link and enter the zip code or select occupation, state etc as per your need and then click on search

Read How to find H1B Sponsors and Avoid Fraud


Please click : Find H1B Visa Sponsors 

Search based on the choices, you will get the results and then you can see further details. By clicking on the links to find more about the company. See below screenshots for full info. All the information is free. We plan to add additional details to search in the future.


Job Search Strategy with  H1B visa Sponsor list :

The strategy for you look for a job in an area is to first get the list of the companies in your area and then sort them out based on criteria like number of visa filed, denied, if they are debarred or not, etc. Once you have the list then you should go to their websites and search for jobs and apply. You can also try to find someone in that company and forward your resume through them.  You can try to find many other creative ways to get networked with the people in that company and try to get your resume in by reference rather than just doing it online… People do not have time to go through all the big list, they need references… try to find someone in that company. It will help you. You may check article Guide on How to Apply for H1B visa and Complete process for more info.

H1B Visa Sponsor Search Database Info


If you click on a company you will see the below 


H1B Visa Sponsor Profile details Approvals Denials and Salary


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Comments ( 161 )

  1. Mukhayo Ashurova

    I am a certified translator and interpreter of 5 languages with MA diploma and certificate in sumultaneous interpreting residing in Uzbekistan. I have 9 years experience in legal interpreting and translation. How can I find a sponsor employer for H-1B visa to move USA?

    1. administrator

      Well, it may not be easy, you can try applying to Jobs in US that fit your profile and seek employer to file H1B for you to work in US.

  2. Graciamaria Aguero

    I am a fully bilingual English-Spanish-English Executive-Administrative Assistant looking for an opportunity to apply for a job where I can be of service.

  3. Yogesh Kumar

    Hello sir
    I am yogesh Kumar and I want to do the work in USA as a Carpenter Helper. I have very good experience (8years) in this field. And how I can get working visa. I am Just 12 passed.

  4. sanjay Jalkhare

    I am looking for a sponsor in USA,I am running my own medical store,I have completed Diploma in Pharmacy in indiaIndia,I have 9 yrs of experience, plz suggest me….

  5. Sandeep

    I am looking for consultancy or H1B Sponsor. I am working as Java developer with MNC and having total experience of 3 years in development.


    At present I am working at a Private bank since 1993 onwards handling Mortgage loan section credit processing and Foreign exchange dept.

    How can I find H1B visa sponsored banking job in U.S.A. in New york or Philadelphia please assist me

    [details removed spam]

  7. Kelsy

    Hi I would just like to know what is the job outlook for internationals to get work sponsorship by film/ production/ post-production companies? Specifically looking for video/film editing jobs.

  8. Sundaresh


    I am total 8 years of experience in CAD design, currently working as senior design engineer on solid works,
    Can I know who is sponsoring for the mechanical design jobs. Please reply to my email kalesundaresh at gmail dot com

  9. mandy

    Hi ;

    I want to know that can we get offer letter and sponsor without the help of any agencies.. As there are many who promising to get you a job with some registration fee.

  10. Arunkumat

    Hi Sir,
    Im Arun with 11+ years of experience in retail operations for hyermarkets,apparels and telecom industries.
    I have performed Retail store operations,merchandizing, strategy building and retail advisory roles.
    I presently head the retails operations for my state.
    Please advise me on suitable H1B sponsors for my profile.

  11. Guruprasath V

    I’ve 16+ years of software development experience out of which 7+ years worked at Cleveland, Ohio Location on H1B. Due to personal reasons, I had to come back home. Is there a way, I can get valid H1 again to travel back to US.


      1. Guru

        Thank you for your reply. The employer was going to file I-140 got approved. Employer was going to file I-485, but then, I had to return back to India. Is there a way, that I can reapply to go back.


        1. administrator

          It wasn’t clear from your previous post if I-140 was approved. If I-140 was indeed approved and you have a copy of the receipt, then an employer (old or new) can file a cap-exempt petition for you on the basis of approved I-140.

          If I-140 wasn’t approved, then you need to go through the cap again as 6 year limit has been reached.

  12. Rajesh TanaJirao shitole

    I am work courier company 8yers exprience courier services,I am looking for a sponser in USA any location is fine with me. I am vododara gujrat first filight coureir ltd. / ondot courier and cargo ltd. work.

  13. vinod

    I have 2 years of experience as Embedded software developer in India, also Have an engineering degree .Now I am looking for a Job in USA in the same field.
    I don’t know how to start .
    please help me to know more about finding a job In USA
    Thank you very much for your help

  14. mwangi nguyo kanja

    I like the place but I need one who can sponsor my education from USA…,I’m a Kenyan and my studies are stranded because of the poverty I live in..,who has a heart for me…?contact me on 0717315050

  15. Rashmin Malvi

    Hello Sir,
    I am working in Diamond Industry last 15 years. I have experience in Diamond cutting and Laser diamond process.
    I want to work in USA. My education is 10th Standard.
    I have experience in Laser machine Operate last 3 years.
    Please help me to get work permit visas.
    Thank you,
    Rashmin Malvi.

  16. Akshay

    Hi Kumar,

    My wife is on H4 visa. She used to work one and half year experience in facility management industry in India. Are there any such jobs in Austin,TX which can provide H1B sponsorship?

  17. Ravikumar

    Hello, This is ravikumar, i have 2 and half years of experience in medical coding field. Certified by AAPC. Currently living in India need H1b visa sponsorship.

  18. vishwanath

    Hello sir/madam,

    I am working as a software tester in a IT company (India) and looking for job in USA or any where. Those provide me H1 Visa and sponsorship.If any Suggestion or help Please let me know. Your reply and feedback is good for me or helpful for others.


  19. Swamy

    I am working in IT company (India) as SAP-ABAP-Webdynpro-workflow and looking for job in USA . Those provide me H1 Visa and sponsorship.

  20. Vimal Kumar


    I am working as a software tester in a IT company (India) and looking for job in USA or any where. Those provide me H1 Visa and sponsorship.If any Suggestion or help Please let me know. Your reply and feedback is good for me or helpful for others.


  21. v jaya kumar

    I am holding Valid H1b visa but never traveled to US, Can you please me in proceedings, Having 6yrs exp in Performance Testing current location is india

  22. purwa

    Hello Sir,

    I am looking for H1b visa sponsorship, having four year experience from Indian IT company and onsite experience too from HSBC Geneva Switzerland.
    Now I am in USA on H4 Visa.
    I am looking for a sponsor in USA. I would prefer Chicago as location. But any location is fine with me.

    1. Kumar

      check out H-Files app on Android Play Store for companies in your area and the jobs they sponsored. The information is more or less the same as referenced in this article, just that it is available on mobile phones for offline access.

  23. Ansari

    I working in IT Infrastructure Implementation / Operations since last 14 years in UAE
    Searching some openings to get the JOB via H1b visa in USA.

  24. warrier

    I have 14 years of experience in storage and backup infrastructure management. Looking for a H1B sponsorship in USA.
    Extensively worked on the Storage + Backup and VMWare environment.

  25. anchal

    I am anchal i am on H4 Visa i am looking for H1B sponsor ,i have experience in healthcare management.
    in philadelphia .


    1. Kumar

      there are about 7 H-1B employers in Philadelphia area who sponsored H-1Bs in healthcare management domain. check out more on H-Files app available on Android Play Store.

  26. Naidu A

    I am working for a MNC as Java engineer having 8 years of experience and looking for H1b 2016.
    I am looking for Sponsor

  27. mahmoodi


    I am a industrial engineer with experiences in production engineering manager and engineering planning & contractor affairs manager over 14 years of experience at car manufacturing company in Asia.

    With regard to the opening in your esteemed organization, I am looking forward for a sponsor in the manufacturing industry sectors.

    My previous experiences have supplied me with many skill sets that I can use during my tenure at the designated organization.

    I will try my level best to utilize my skills and domain knowledge along with my commitment and hard work to become an asset for the firm.

    I am looking for a sponser in USA. I would prefer any location.


  28. Will Richards

    I am a career counselor at Maharishi University of Management. I am looking for a site such as yours that specializes in accounting for placement of accountants with F1 status in Curricular pratical training for two years. Do you know of any sites like that?



    I am from Sudan, I reside in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1994.

    I am married and I have five children the eldest one is 11 years old.

    Three of my children in school studying British Curriculum Methodology, here things are not controlled for people like us from third countries, even the government started to force the international private schools to change some curriculum to be taught in Arabic while my children studied in English from the beginning, no expatriate like us (Third Countries Citizen) can complain here.

    I am facing uncertainty with regard to my children future and I can not survive anymore here.

    Knowing that I can not also go back to my home country due to political situation as I am opposite to the current government and also I can not disclose that I am a secularist here.

    I would like to find a job in USA in order to move and take my family with me for better future.

    Basically I am Engineer (Agricultural Engineering = Rural Engineering) and I hold MBA major finance with 25 years of experience in Logistics Management and my second experience is Translator ( For English & Arabic), in translation I used to translate for American companies who they worked and working for a large projects here in Saudi Arabia.

    Please find me some solution.

    Really, I am suffering the situation here.


    Asim Fageary

    1. Elio

      why don’t you try an asylum visa in the US…your case is a perfect match…you will need to prove with proper documentation that you are in need of political asylum…pay a lawyer in yhe US typically 200 USD 30 min of consultation….they will tell you how to proceed….

  30. Teja

    I am a Programmer analyst working for last 2 years on OPT.I would like some organization to file a work visa( H1B – FY 2016 ) for me.I have a previous work experience in India.
    I am looking for a sponsor. No location constraints.

  31. dossensmith

    i am dossensmith i am looking for job in USA north Kansas city or any where i n USA looking sponsorship to give me job . my profile of job roll logistics and shipping 5 years of work experienced in Hyundai glovis worked has a ware house interchange / container yard supervising / export planing [email spam – DO NOT share email- do not get cheated by others ]

      1. Krishan

        Hello Dinesh,

        Are you an employer? What kind of experience are you asking in IT which goes with MBA and do you have a vacancy?



      2. vinayak.v

        Hi Sir

        I would like know more about the HIB visa , though i have 5+ years of experience in GIS and IT organization, currently working as buisness Developemnt Manager ,,, looking out for opertunitites in US.

        Please provide me some suggestions or help..


  32. darshankumar shashikant solanki

    namaste sir my name is darshankumar s solanki my education is 12th commerce pass and fy b com fail, my work experience is helper, super visor and car driver,sir
    Will you help me I need to work visa usa, the Assembly, i agree any work,At the moment I have no money sir, I can get the visa to work, my mo no +91 9898682507…..

  33. Ruslan

    All these guys in the comments begging for American visa! If you are professional, you don’t need to be in America to live a good life! Build your dreams in your home country, build your own country’s future! After time, you will see how good the life is in your own country.

  34. Dr.Zugar

    I am the great acient physician i bring luck to you all that are having problems like all the above mentioned in your life and business example:financial problems, bad luck(like every thing you put your hands into gets spoilt) or each time you go to an interview for a Job your are not given the gob or maybe you have a business and it is not moving forward just as you want it,you working working and for past many years you have not been promoted it may be in a Government house or a company,or probably you don’t have a job yet i advice you contact for spiritual counseling to break this spirit of stagnancy that is holding you from moving forward just as your mates are making success because in life no one is made to be poor.
    Get in touch with The great Dr.Zugar the chosen one by the seven gods of the seas his lucky spells are pure and does not have any side effect visit email:[email protected]

  35. satish babu


    I have H1B which is approved and stamped on Oct 2008, did not use this and got expired. Now i am looking for sponsors. Currently I am working with TCS Bangalore as a PMO (Business Analyst). Can you please help me in getting details of sponsors.

    appreciate your value information.


  36. BERT

    Dear All,

    I am bert, lives in India. I hold Commerce Degree and a semi qualified Cost Accountant with 17 years experience in India relates to Accounts, Finance,Administration and Logistics .

    Could any body please let me know visa sponsorship employer information , so that I can contact them

    Thanks in advance



  37. Cesar Herrera

    I am an experienced Medical Interpreter (Spanish and English) looking for an opportunity to be sponsored by an American company mainly Hospitals or Medical facilities to provide help using my language abilities to those that find language as a barrier to develop a happy life.

    1. darshankumar solanki

      namaste sir, my name is darshankumar shashikant solanki, my education is 12th comerce pass and fist year fail, and basic computer, my work experience is helper. and car driver, sir i any work agree to helper,I need a visa to work in ,my poor house, I had no money in this study did not,Hey I can get working visas sir, I do not think I will get visa sir,

      my adress – maroli bazar, vesmaroad,dis- navsari, maroli,PINCODE -396436

      gujrat, INDIA

  38. Alain

    I m a Congolese national (D.R.C)refugie in South Africa for 11years.I m A cameramen.
    I need some compony to work for.
    MY contact no :+27 73 789 8895.
    i m 33 years old with a 4 years daugter.

  39. lakshmi sowjanya muddana


    I am a regulatory affairs manager with 10 years of experience.

    With regard to the opening in your esteemed organization, I am looking forward for a career in the health care industry & associated sectors.

    My previous experiences have supplied me with many skill sets that I can use during my tenure at the designated organization.

    I will try my level best to utilize my skills and domain knowledge along with my commitment and hard work to become an asset for the firm.

    I am looking for a sponser in USA. I would prefer Chicago as location. But any location is fine with me.


  40. Jobish


    I am a broadcast engineer with more than 12 years of experience in broadcast industry. My skills include proven ability in maintaining error free television production and broadcast,ability to configure, set up and operate production control rooms, studio setups and other broadcast systems, expert-level maintenance and installation of broadcast equipment and expert knowledge in all television broadcasting systems.

    I am looking for a sponser in USA. I would prefer Chicago as location. But any location is fine with me.


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