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Everything from – How to find H1B sponsor to How to find H1B Jobs in Consulting

Recently, a friend of mine asked ” I want to come to US on H1B visa. I really want to know

H1b Visa Jobs USA How to find a H1B sponsor ?
What to ask employers ?
How to  get a consulting job in US ?
Job sSituation  in US ?
What do they ask in client interviews ?
how to prepare for Consulting Jobs ?

Employment issues, etc…”

As per request, I wrote this series of articles focused on special topics from Finding employer to sponsor you H1B visa to all the way get a consulting job in US. You can click on the series of links to get full information on every step !

Series from How to find H1B sponsor to How to find H1B Jobs in Consulting :

How Choose  H1B Sponsor  ?

Finding a good H1B sponsor is very critical. If you get the wrong employer, you will not be happy. This particular article listed under this section focuses on How to choose H1B sponsor for working in USA. It focuses on What you should look for in a H1B sponsoring company. What are the key things to look for in Joining a Company.  Should you trust them ?

What to Ask H1B Sponsor ?

Finding a good employer just based on some criteria  is not sufficient, you will have to make sure they are the right fit for your requirements. You should ask them a set of questions before you join them. This article listed here focuses on key questions like ” will they do Green card, will they train you,  Will they pay for Health insurance, etc ” .

How to negotiate Salary with H1B visa Sponsor or H1B employer  ?

Negotiate salary with your H1B sponsor is a very key thing.  If you be easy on the employer because it is your first project, you will regret it for a long time. This article listed under helps you how to negotiate Salary with your H1B employer options like ” Percentage basis vs fixed Salary Basis”

Preparing for Consulting Jobs, How to train for Consulting jobs ?

Preparing for consulting jobs when you are H1B visa based on a strategy is very important. Imagine, if you plan wrong and take one month more, you lose pay for that one month could be $5,000 dollars. This article listed below gives you a full schedule and tasks for every week to prepare for Consulting jobs on H1B visa.

How to Prepare Resume for Consulting ?

Having a bad resume can completely ruin all your hard work. Consulting jobs resumes are completely different from Full time Jobs. This article listed below gives you intricate details like ” What should you stress on first page, First project info, etc ”

How to Market your Resume for Consulting Jobs ?

If you try to sell your resume at wrong avenues like uploading everywhere , you might get wrong results and it is a hassle to deal with futile calss. This article listed below focuses on How to circulate your resume in the Job market.

Tips in Taking to Sales people, How to negotiate Percentage ?

Sales people always try to trick you. The better they can negotiate with you, the better their margin. This article focuses on tips to maximize your billing rate by not falling into sales people traps.

Vendor Calls for Submission, What do they look for ? Negotiate interview Scheduling :

Vendors are the gatekeepers for the jobs. If they do not forward your resume, you never get one. Talking to them is very important. This article lists about ”  how to talk to them, What do they look for ? References ? Scheduling interviews ,etc ”

How to get better Submissions to Client ?

Submitting your resume to client is dependent on many factors. This article couple of the key things to get better leverage on Submissions to Client in Consulting

How to prepare for Client Interview ?  Will it be technical  or Functional ?

If you know how the client is going to interview, you will be able to do better in interview.  Unfortunately, it is not very clear most of the times. This article below focuses on ” How to prepare , if you are having less experience ?, What to prepare for the client interview ?, Technical or Functional, etc”

How to prepare for Telephone interviews ?  Mistakes to Avoid in Telephone interview.

Some of us are not used to telephone interviews, it can be very nervous. You are talking on phone and not to person. There is a very high possibility of making silly mistakes and get nervous. This article focuses on ” What should you have with you ?, How to arrange your stuff, How to greet , address and end conversation ?, etc ”

Technical interview by Client, How to prepare and Answer ?

Technical interviews by client are very different.  They are very different from regular technical interviews by real technical people. You will have to answer very logically and diplomatically. This article explains about ” what kind of questions are asked, Difference between Technical interviews in India vs. US client , How to answer, etc ”

Client interview by managers, Client interview Questions

Client interviews are the final step, all your effort goes vain if you screw up silly things and utter something that is not relevant. You have to talk well and answer questions from Business perspective. You have to know what mangers look for, this article focuses on what kind of questions Client Managers ask, what do they expect, How to answer , Difference between a consultant’s interview and a full time employee hiring interview, etc ”

Follow up after Client interview

You have to follow up after the interview. You do not want to sound desperate, you have to be real careful dealing with vendors and clients. This article listed below explains about ” how to follow up, how to use your contacts, when to leave hope and move on, etc ”

Process after Client Job confirmation like Background check, Medical test ,etc :

There are some steps involved after the job is offered by Client. This article focuses on how the system works and what you have to do in steps like ” Background checks, drug tests, reference checks, etc ”

Look for place to stay at client site, First week at Client site :

Doing right things in the firstr week of your job will guarntee your job for a long time.  Many key things are involved here and you do not want to behave cheap and screw up on simple things. This article focuses on things  like ” Looking for accomodation, renting car,First week accommodation by networking , Websites to look for place to stay, etc ”

Hope you learnt the entire process. If you have any questions ask in the Forum I will do my best to answer.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking out for a job in United States, would like to know how to prepare a resume so that the vendor and client should shortlist my resume and how to deal with them.

  2. sir im mca qualified doing job as a lecturer in pg college in india . i want to go to usa for job . please till me how it posible

    • sachin,
      you will need to find a H1B visa sponsor to work in US or work at an MNC that can send you to US on work visa. We have articles on the same. please check above and other articles on blog.

  3. i am diploma in mechanical engineer and i have 7 years experience in pipe manufacturing company and QC inspection field.

    Can i apply h1b visa?
    how can find sponsors related my job?

  4. Hi,
    I am a android application Developer in a software company. My petition has approve on nov 14,. Due to some client issue in the company stamping process is getting delayed till dec 15 . Now I have petition and visa stamped, but at last movement , travel plan and project has cancelled . So my employer is looking for other client project for me. Now can I try for new employer other than my current employer for job is USA. If yes then what is the process and how can I proceed. Please help.


    • neeraj,
      You can find a new employer and they can file a cap-exempt H-1 petition for you. Once approved, you can travel to US to work for new employer.

  5. Hi,
    I am a UI/UX Designer & Developer in a software company. My Visa is approved on August’15. Due to some issue in the company stamping process is getting delayed or no processing is happening. Now can I try for new employer other than my current employer for job is USA. If yes then what is the process and how can I proceed. Please help.

    Ajay Jaiswal

    • Ajay Jaiswal,
      Yes, you can find another employer and ask them to file a cap-exempt H-1 petition for you. Once approved, you can get it stamped through new employer.

  6. Hi,

    I’m an Engineering graduate and having 2 years of experience in Customer Support(of reputated US org) in India.

    Are there any chances of finding H1 sponsors for me to work in US. Suggest me on finding jobs in US. I’m certified software tester.


  7. hi
    my husbed having over all 9years of experiance in softwaretesting present we are in FL ,lakeland he is in currently l1b,now he is try ing for h1b sponsers is it possible.

  8. Hi,

    I am from India and i want to know that i have a valid passport and working for a US client in India and have a very good experiance in US healthcare industry.

    Please clarify how to get the good job in USA.

    Sunil Kumar

  9. Recently I came to US. I want to know how to get conversion of H4 visa to H1 visa. How and when to initiate the things.

    • Bhanu,

      You have to wait till the 2014 quota begins which is going to be in April2013, In the mean time search for a good employer who is ready to sponsor you the H1. If you get the H1 in the next yrs quota then you are eligible to work from October 2013.
      Hope this clarifies your doubt

  10. Hello Mr Saurabh
    I have one question related to B1,request you to clarify.

    On b1 visa, Can i give training in US for our customer for a period of 6 weeks?
    We have our compnay office in US also and they would like to send to US to train the customer.

    Your response is highly appreciated.


    • VVR,
      I don’t know if you can give training to a customer on B-1. You can consult your company attorney about it.

  11. Hello Saurabh
    I have one question ,pls clarify

    While applying H1b if iam in a job and once the I797 is approved and before we attend the personal interview if due to some reasons i dont work in any job and have a gap before personal interview,will that be a problem ?
    Is it a rule that We should be working in our home or base country while going a H1b visa stamping.
    I would be greatful if you can share info.


  12. Hi Saurab,

    Thank You for the Reply.
    Iam looking in and around my location. More over many of the opportunities over here are looking for GC/EAD holders with some US Experience and not the other Visas with short term validity. Till now i worked only in mainframe Manual Testing.

    Automation is good enough or do i really need to change my technology through some training sessions.Again to attend any training it is very costly here. If so, could you please tell me right one.

    • Manasa,
      As you have location constraint, it’s better to see what openings are available around your current location. Once you know the companies, you can know about the skill set requirements and start working towards filling those gaps.

  13. Hi Kumar,

    I have just followed the above method to find the H1 B sponsers and i sent my resume to few employers. But am not getting any reply from them.

    I have Mainframe Manual testing experience in India and currently am on L2 EAD. I heard that the opportunities and rate for testing jobs in USA are very less. So am confused here whether i need to learn new technology and start again or to continue in the same testing field.

    Please suggest.

    • Manasa,
      Are you applying for specific positions that match your skillset or you applying in general? There are positions open for testing, however lot of companies prefer the candidate to have some sort of programming background and manual testers are not that much in demand (plus like you said salary is low). I would suggest brushing up your automation skills. Also, are you constrained by the area you are looking for (as you are on L-2, I assume you will be targeting companies in and around your current location)?

  14. Hi,
    I have 60 months of experience in banking and finance sector (as a tool developer) and I am pretty sure I will get the job in US but I am too worried about cost of living and how much pay (Salary) I need to ask while facing the interview.

    Could you please guide me up?


  15. Hi kumar,

    I read all your H1B visa information. Its very useful and informative.
    Great job done for all. Thank you so much

    best regards

  16. Guys , i am really new in this world and really dont know anything about jobs in other countries but suddenly a thought came in my mind and started to find out the ways to have jobs in USA ,CANADA,Australia and Singapore.

    I have done B.tech in EC as well as MBA from IMT GZBD from DLP and doing job in Sales hence can anyone guide me about first step to have job in above mentioned countries?

    • Well, I can only advise on jobs in USA… You need H1B visa to work in USA. You need to find a company that can hire you for a job and sponsor you H1B visa to work in US. Though the process seems very simple, it is very challenging to find a company that can do for you. Talk to friends and colleagues to explore options about companies that can do H1B visa sponsorship for you.

      • Well, of course not yours. You’re ABSOLUTELY perfect. I’m talking about the other guy.

        You know what they say…

        People who can’t speak English fluently & properly, and whatever they speak, it’s abhorrently wrong, communicating with others in US is going to be EXTREMELY difficult for them..

        People are REQUIRED to learn how to speak clear & proper English before they enter US.

        Ain’t I right?

        • Thanks for clarifying 🙂 English is very important to succeed in US. Let us not start a fight here…If English is not our mother tongue, it takes time to learn.
          To answer ‘English required ?’ – Well, yes and no. People in US care about your technical skills and work ethic. English is not as important as your skill, but it is needed to succeed, otherwise you cannot grow in your career …

          • Yeah! Agree with that. But still one should be aware of the fact that English is the official language in USA. You can’t get to work in a big reputed company if your English is not perfect.

            Skill is of first importance, then comes English.

            BTW, I love your articles & how you give other so much information about US.

            Keep it up.

          • Wrong… English is NOT the Official Language of the United States of America. As a matter of fact, the US Constitution does not declare one language official over another. For what we care, though, you should be able to write and speak clearly. Poor grammar just reflect a poor sloppy professional attitude. If you aren’t sure about how to write something, ask or use online dictionaries. After all, that’s what they are for, right?

  17. thanks for your replay,this time most of consultacys not ready to file H1B…why it is like that??bcz of new memo??

    How many days it will take to finsih this 2010-11 h1b quota??


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