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7. How to talk to sales people when they are marketing you ? How to negotiate your percentage?

This post is part of the series: Everything you need to know about How to get a Job & face interviews in US. The current post will focus on the tactics used by sales people and what should you do.

Dealing with sales people is the most important process of negotiating your billing. If you do not negotiate properly, you might get a bad deal and you will regret it for a long time. Let’s say, your billing is $100 and you negotiate 5% less, you lose $10,000 in one year. So, it is very important!

The key to dealing with sales people is, you should not be desperate about anything. If you show signs of desperation when you talk to your sales, they cash your desperation and get you a bad deal. You should talk to someone in your area and get to know the average billing rates for projects in your technology. Once you know the average rates, you then deal with the sales people by not compromising your standards. Sometimes, sales people try to throw stuff like market is dull, no calls etc, remember this is only for now as economy is bad they are trying to trick you. But once market picks up, you are fine. Anyways, the bottom line is YOU NEVER Compromise the rate. You set a rate you are worth and stick to it.

Key thing with negotiation, ask your sales person to send an email and you specify the rate in email so that it is written proof. Once the deal is done you have a proof and they can not fool you. Ask them if they can forward or copy the email they send to vendor. Many do not, but some do thought. You lose nothing by asking. But, make sure you have the deal written and they cannot trick you or fool you later. Try to stretch as much as you can and get a good deal. If you are a good consultant, the sales will be willing to give you more. As client wants good consultant than someone mediocre!


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