How to find H1B visa Sponsors in an Area for Job Search in USA ?

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One of the most challenging things for Internationals during job search is to find the list of companies that can sponsor H1B  visa. Especially with the New H1B visa rules, it is getting even tougher to find a good H1B visa sponsor. If you are

  • H1B Job Search SponsorsF1 visa student  on OPT trying to find a sponsor
  • L1 visa holder trying to find a potential H1B visa sponsor to change status
  • H4 visa holder trying to find a sponsor to enter the workforce
  • H1B visa holder trying to change employer…
  • Any other visa holder like F2, etc trying to get H1B visa sponsorship.

One of the things we always wonder during job search is to get the magic list of H1B visa sponsors in that area. In all reality, not everyone knows how to get this list. Let me tell you exactly where to look and how to look for this list.

How to find H1B visa sponsors in a Zip code, City

It is very simple than you think. We have our  H1B Visa Sponsors Database  that provide us key info and capability to search.   All you have to do is click on the below link and enter the zip code or select occupation, state etc as per your need and then click on search

Read How to find H1B Sponsors and Avoid Fraud


Please click : Find H1B Visa Sponsors 

Search based on the choices, you will get the results and then you can see further details. By clicking on the links to find more about the company. See below screenshots for full info. All the information is free. We plan to add additional details to search in the future.


Job Search Strategy with  H1B visa Sponsor list :

The strategy for you look for a job in an area is to first get the list of the companies in your area and then sort them out based on criteria like number of visa filed, denied, if they are debarred or not, etc. Once you have the list then you should go to their websites and search for jobs and apply. You can also try to find someone in that company and forward your resume through them.  You can try to find many other creative ways to get networked with the people in that company and try to get your resume in by reference rather than just doing it online… People do not have time to go through all the big list, they need references… try to find someone in that company. It will help you. You may check article Guide on How to Apply for H1B visa and Complete process for more info.

H1B Visa Sponsor Search Database Info


If you click on a company you will see the below 


H1B Visa Sponsor Profile details Approvals Denials and Salary


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Comments ( 161 )

  1. Dane Bagangan


    I am Dane Bagangan from Philippines a holder of 457 visa and previously work in Western Australia (VASP – uder EDT Global and Silcar Communication). I want to apply for a position that suits to my qualification. I am license Electronics and Communication Engineer in the Philippines and finished the designs in microwave link and CATV and control system during my college year. To date, I have 8 years and 6 months of experience in different disciplines in Telecommunication and others. I have an experience in survey, installation commissioning, integration and testing of wireless equipment in BTS/RBS (2G, 3G and LTE) and PDH/SDH, Mux, fiber, copper transmission including in its IP networking. I also have experience in broadcasting; I operate the 10000 watts FM transmitter and set up of their two way radio for news report during elections or other activities. I also have experience in operating PLC (Siemens simatic S7) when I was an instructor in a certain university. I have three weeks of training in Broadband over powerline where data is being transmitted over AC line and have various certificates Telecommunication Cabling (Certificate III), working at Heights, Tower rescue and forklift. I am also knowledgeable in computer networking routers, switches and modems.

  2. Charles François

    I’m Charles, live in Cameroon, precisely in Central Africa.
    I hold an Associate Degree in Computer Management. and I’m doing now a Bachelor of Software Engineering. I practice analyst programmer before 2 years. I know the languages ​​C + +, Java, Visual Basic, PHP. I also develop websites, I’m web developer, webmaster HTML CSS, ASP. Administration of databases, and computer networks for small Companies.
    I am looking for a company to sponsor me for H1-B visa for USA. please contact me if you are interest

  3. Marco Gastelum

    I am a supply chain specialist, MBA, 5 yrs of experience in purchasing/ commodity strategy, inventory, materials, computer proclivity (various programming languages / operating systems . databases). Do you know if there is a chance i could acquire sponsorship from a company? My intention is to work as a Purchasing / commodity / materials manager.

    Thank you,


  4. Ramakrishna NV


    I have 6 years of experience on Microsoft Technologies MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS), Sql server 2012 / 2008 R2 / 2008 along with Asp.Net,C#.Net. I am looking for a company who can sponsor me H1B visa. I am working in a MNC at Hyderabad.

    Please contact me at: nvramakrishna at gmail dot com

    Ramakrishna NV

  5. kulanand devkota

    hi mr, chowdary
    i have been working 6 years in chili’s malaysia But now i wanna improved myself need H1 sponsorship. Could anybody please let me know Visa sponsorship employers information so that I can contact them.
    Early reply is appreciated
    (kulanand devkota)

  6. Chandra Kiran Bandaru


    Looking for H1B sponsor. I am having 5.2 years of IT experience in Banking and Financial Industry with the below skills
    C++,Sybase,Oracle,X-Motif,SQR,Autosys,Shell Scripting,Perl Scripting
    Knowledge on Derivative proucts,Understanding of Tradeflow and Risk and PNL of trades, Experience in Tradersupport

    Can anyone please let me know H1B Visa Sponsors for me.

    Thanks in advance!!


  7. Paromita Chatterjee


    I have 5.5 years of experience in Datawarehousing,ETL Datastage Developer as well as Admin. I was working for IBM in India. But now I am in H4 visa. So I need H1 sponsorship. Could anybody please let me know Visa sponsorship employers information so that I can contact them.
    Early reply is appreciated.

      1. Raj

        Hi Chowdary,

        Am a 5+ years J2EE developer looking for L1 to H1 Staus change.
        Let me know if you will be help me out with the sponshorship and guide me through the process.

      2. kulanand devkota

        hi mr, chowdary i have been working 6 years in chili’s malaysia But now i wanna improved myself need H1 sponsorship. Could anybody please let me know Visa sponsorship employers information so that I can contact them.
        Early reply is appreciated

      3. Chandra Kiran Bandaru

        HI Chowdary,

        I am 5+ years of IT experience in Banking and Finance industry with Sybase,C++,Autosys,Shell,Perl,T-Sql,sqr. Now working in Singapore.
        Do you have any oppurtunites of H1 for my profile.


      1. Chandra Kiran Bandaru

        Hi Arjun,

        I am 5+ years of IT experience in Banking and Finance industry with Sybase,C++,Autosys,Shell,Perl,T-Sql,sqr. Now working in Singapore.
        Do you have any oppurtunites of H1 for my profile.


  8. Swapna Chakravartula

    I Have an experience of 6+years of software testing in various domains.Proficient in LoadRunner.Am currently on H4 and looking for sponsorship on H1.

    Would greatly appreciate help inthis regard.


  9. Swetha


    I’m on H4 visa and looking for H1B sponsorship. I’ve 8+ years of experience in avionics software testing and development and well versed in C/C++, Ada, SQL. I’ve also worked in UK as a software test engineer in aerospace industry. Can anyone provide me with information on how to find H1B sponsorship in related field. Much appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.


  10. Peter m.

    Pls anybody should help me i want to study in u.s.a but i had no sponsor 4 visa…. i know my case is different here, but i stil believe u can do something, God bless. Email me: Ahiwe.peter at yahoo dot com. 2 u my helper plzzzz….

  11. Ronny

    .NET Developer Looking for H1B Sponsor

    I am looking for a company who is willing to give me a job and sponsor me for a H1B visa.
    I am software developer with more than 5-years experience, I have 5+ years Microsoft Sql Server experience(2000, 2005, 2008/R2)
    I currently have 2 Microsoft certifications and i keep updating my professional skills.
    if you would like to know more details send me an email at ronny_morel at yahoo dot com

  12. Vamsi


    I have around 10 years of experience in IT industry. Work experience includes, Network Associate, Support Engineer, Technical Writer, and most recently as a Solutions Architect. I am in US currently on H4 and looking for H1 sponsors. I am a Microsoft Certified Professinal, VMware certified Sales/Technical Sales, ITIL V3, work areas include, Virtualization, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.


  13. Sheeba

    I have completed B.Tech and M.B.A.,(Biotechnolgy) but have no work experience. I am now in Norwalk, CT, with H4 visa. I wish to seek a job. But have no idea how to look for H1B sponsorship. Can anyone suggest me about it?

  14. Niketa

    Hi I have 4+ years of experience in Testing with Banking domain (Finacle) with MCA degree. Currently I am on H4 visa , and looking for H1 sponsorship.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  15. hany

    Hi, im a software developer MCPD, MCTS.
    C#, Python, PHP
    Sql server, Mysql

    looking for an opportunity in USA, UK or Canada
    thank you

  16. Shreeprasad Ghimire

    actually, i am from Nepal,I have already sponsors in USA citizenship person,I am still in Iraq work now, But my sponsors don’t have Idiya,so How can i go USA?? If Please some one giving me good good advice
    Your advice will be highly Appreciated.

  17. Lubos

    Hi, I have MBA degree (economy and management of company) and 7 years of experiences. Is there a possibility to find H1 sponsor company with this kind of degree? Looks imposible…
    or not???

  18. Prasad

    My name is Prasad. I am currently working for MNC in Bangalore.
    I am looking for H1B Visa (or) For Singapore Processing.
    I am currently working as developer on data warehouse, etl tool Ab Initio.
    I also have experience in Manual Testing, Automation tool Selenium.


    hi this is anil from Hyderabad in Andhra pradesh, India i am looking for a sponsor for H1B visa or any other visa to work in USA. i am an Law professional with LLB and having an experience of 5 years in advocacy field

  20. Shrban K Sharma


    I am MCA, Adobe certified, 7+ yrs wrok exp in MNC Coldfusion Mx Professional.
    Looking H1B sponsor, Any one can help plz, my mail id is shrawanxp at gmail dot com.


  21. Javier

    I have an Associate’s on Applied Science with Highest Honors from Rochester Institute of Technology (NY).
    I currently am working in Spain and looking to relocate anywhere in Cal. My job title is C# Firmware Engineer. My skills include .net, oracle, SQL Server etc.
    If you are a company that supports H1B sponsorship and would like a copy of my resume please contact me.

    1. Alexandra Vera

      Hi Javier, I´m also living in Spain and would like to go to the U.S. I´m kind of in the same process as you are and I also studied a degree in the U.S. at University of Dallas (MBA) 11 years ago. So, I just wanted to share some experiences with you…could you reach me by email?

  22. Vicky

    I am looking for H1B sponsorship to live and work in the Pensacola area of Florida.
    I have over 5 years of experience in IT and customer service as a technical support manager/specialist/analyst and team leader in Oracle and with certification in ITIL.

    I am from London, UK and hope to move out asap. Can anybody help me with this??

  23. kristine

    looking for sponsor in the usa that can provide h1b.
    Worked as a j1 in marriott hotel for 1 year then currently employed in a 6star hotel in the Philippines. I am looking for a front desk position in any Marriott or its affiliates.


  24. Soma

    Working professional in Singapore. 5 + years experience in Websphere MQ Administration.
    Looking for H1B sponsorship in the US.





    I am an Talent Acquisition IT professional with more than 2yrs of experience. I am looking for H1B sponsorship and with a good job in US. I am not marred &i have 20 years aged

    Please suggest how to find H1B sponsorship companies & a good job.

  26. collin

    Hello everyone. I am currently in US on F1 visa. I am looking for H1B sponsor/employer. I have MA in marketing from a UK university and over 10 years of managerial, research and teaching experience in marketing and marketing research. My work experience and the depth in marketing field, research projects and project management is really good. Can anyone help to find an H1B sponsor or give me advise? Any help will be highly appriciated. Thank you vey much in advance.

  27. Irina

    I am a software engineer with more than 3 years experience with C/C++/Java. I Have H4 visa and I would like to find a sponsorship in order to be able to obtain H1B visa. Can anyone help me with this information, because there a few companies that can apply for this?

  28. UROOJ

    a person is in us and his MBA is Complited. he apllied for HI b visa through consultancy and after some months govt of us rejected his application for h1 b visa due to incoreect papers of consultancy and all certificaqte and papers are correct only problem with consultancy papers last 2 days to submit the correct papers what can we do……..!

    1. administrator

      If the error was on the part of the employer, there is not much you can do. You can have an employer refile next fiscal year. If the employer thinks their petition was rejected in error, then they can file MTR within 30 days of decision date.

  29. Fer Soares

    I am Brazilian and I am looking for a H1B sponsorship. I have worked 4 years as Database Administrator and I trying to find a job here to improve my skills. I am enrolled in an ESL school and my visa status is F1.

    1. eric

      mail me i am the only who can help you to get H1/h1b sponsorship/tranfer/GC./
      Market you for direct client projects. lot more

      1. Alper

        Hi Eric,
        I’m in the same situation with Fer Soares; I am enrolled in an ESL school and my visa status is F1. I’m a senior Software Engineer with 10 years experience. I am looking for a H1B sponsorship. If you can help me I appreciate.

      2. Alper

        Hi Eric,
        I’m in the same situation with Fer Soares; I am enrolled in an ESL school and my visa status is F1. I’m a senior Software Engineer with 10 years experience. I am looking for a H1B sponsorship. If you can help me I appreciate.

  30. Shilpi Jain

    Hi, I am from India. I have done MBA (HR).. I have total 5 yr of experience (3yrs in Administration & 2 yrs with BPO – Genpact)… I am on H4.. Can anyone help me to get H1B visa so that i can work here….

  31. Kodi Chana

    I am really in need of H1B sponsorship. I have a foreign law degree and an American masters degree in organizational leadership

  32. syed rownak

    hello, im from bangladesh. currently living in usa virginia..i need sponsership.. im a software engineer.. had worked in bangladesh almost 5years a software eng.. will be glad if anyone canhelp me with any info
    thank you

  33. Antonius

    I am looking for H1B 2012 sponsorship. I had marketing, management, and finance degree, currently in the US as a student.
    Please email me antonius.soentoro(at)yahoo(dot)com

  34. Ben

    Have a bachelors degree in music (graduated 2007). Already held a few temporary US visas and have gained some valuable experience in tourism/hospitality working at Walt Disney World in 2008 and two further years with Disney Cruise line.
    My heart isn’t complete when I’m back in the UK. Fell in love with everything about america and am increasingly frustrated in the walls I find keeping me from building my life there.
    If anyone can assist with H1B jobs in my field, especially in the Orlando, FL area do contact me at bencowleyofficial at hotmail dot com

  35. Lori

    Due to same sex marriage laws I am unable to marry my partner. She lives in the United States and I live in Canada. I am persistent, willing, and determined to find an H1B sponsor so that we can unite together in love. I feel so discriminated that other couples can just marry their way into the U.S. With that said…..any help for an H1B visa in the area of “Administrative Assistant”, please contact me! Thanks 🙂

  36. Sagnik

    I am holding H4 visa and I am looking for H1B visa sponsorship. I have done B.Tech in Electronics & Communication and I have 5+ year experience in telecom software and web testing. Currently I am in USA. Please contact me @ sabho2012 at gmail dot com.

  37. Pro


    I am an Talent Acquisition HR professional with more than 13 yrs of experience. I am looking for H1B sponsership and with a good job in US. I am married & my wife is also working.

    Please suggest how to find H1B sponsership companies & a good job.

  38. Raja

    Hi, This is Raja, working in IT as Software Profession since 10 years. Am married had a 1 year baby. I worked in USA for 4 years in IT for my client companies NIKE, eBay, 3M, FDC, Schneider on L1 Visa from an Indian Company. Now I am in India and working in the same field as Java Technology Speciality/Consultant. My basic skill set is JAVA,J2EE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Toplink, Ejb, Webservices (Axis, JAX-WS, Restful). Now, am looking for an opportunity to come USA on H1B and want to work there. Am looking for what are the ways to get H1B. Can you please guide me how to get the H1B visa and H1B sponsorers ?

    1. Dineen

      Raja, I’m pretty aware of many training programs for JAVA J2EE that offer placement in a preferred locality as well as a H1B sponsorship in 3 months I believe.
      Contact me on dineen.oliver(at)ymail(dot)com

  39. Yeling Wang

    I just graduated with a MBA degree focused on international business. I noticed most H-1B VISA job is for engineers, and I had a hard time to find a VISA job that is fit for my background and pre work experience which is sales. Could you give me few suggestions which area/type of jobs I should focus on?

  40. six strings

    i am a software engineer (B.E/M.Tech in computer science) having 5 years of exp.i am very talented especially in coding. i am looking for H1 sponsor. where can i find it? bcoz nowadays there are no consultants to guide us in getting h1 visas. i do a lot of surfing, but of no use. i seriously want to settle in usa. anyone with any idea plz help…….

    1. administrator

      You can find them through:
      – your network of friends and family
      – job sites like dice, monster etc
      – past filers list (FlcDataCenter)

      However remember to do a thorough check of each employer before deciding on one as not all of them are credible.

    2. Dineen

      Hi, if your looking for a consultant to guide you through your H1B Visa Sponsorship contact me on dineen.oliver(at)ymail(dot)com

  41. vipin

    I have 7 Years of experience in .NET Technology like C#.NET,WCF,NHIBERNATE,SQL 2005,WPF,SILVERLIGHT,WINFORM APPLICATION,

    1. administrator

      Besides what’s mentioned in the article above, you can
      – get list of past sponsors from FlcDateCenter website
      – get references through your network of friends and colleagues
      – find them on job sites like dice, monster etc

      However, not all employers keep your career and growth in mind, and their petitions often end up getting denied by USCIS. So do enough background check before zeroing down on an employer.

      1. Pooja

        Hi Dineen,
        I’m on H1 here in US and my husband is on a H4. He has very good experience in Program management and other automobile areas. He has around 7 .5 yrs of experience.
        We are looking for a job opportunity for him. Could you help getting a sponsor and a placement?


      2. Nicola Orr

        I have a bachelor degree in hospitality and have worked at both Marriott and Seapines Resort on Hilton Head, South Carolina.
        I am in love with Hilton Head and would love to og back there permanently (or surrounding area) but need H1B sponsorship. If you or if you know anyone that can help me please reply!
        p.s I am from Ireland

      3. anika shah

        hi dineen,

        my fiance is in usa austin texas. he is on opt visa status working as a contracter in t mobile company. i want to know is there any solution or options for him to come back to his country for a month to get married? as well as i want to know can he take me along with him & if come one sponsoring him h1b in how much time he can turn his visa status into h1b as he needs to come down to india by 20th nov 2012 plz help me………..

      1. Lee D'Arcy

        Hi there,

        I am a recent Irish graduate, having completed a 4 year course and graduating with a Bachelors Degree in Business, Retail & Services Management.
        I have a keen interest in all aspects of Business, and I have managed to gain some experience from the roles I have undertook while on work placement during my third year in college, and after qualifying with my degree.

        I am looking for sponsorship on a H1-B visa for business management or Retail related positions, including Marketing, Sales etc
        My e-mail adress is leedarcy87 at hotmail dot com if you wish to get in touch with me, and I can forward you my Resume.

        Warm Regards,

      2. Soma

        I hv 4+ yrs of experience in mobile app development.i am currently in h4 .looking for a h1b visa sponcers for 2012.plz contact me on my mail somu.dey at gmail dot com

        1. Dineen

          Prabhanjan, if your looking for a H1B Visa Sponsorship & placement contact me on dineen.oliver(at)ymail(dot)com .. ASAP

  42. johnanthan knowles

    I’m a thirty five year old man with a wife who is thirty years old and two girl children six and twelve years of age. My profession is an electrician/technician also instrument technician, my wife profession is a custom broker. We would really love to live and work in the united states and would like to know how could you help us make this possible or what would be the best way for us to go about doing this, we are both from the Bahamas (

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