H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Updates by USCIS

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Looking for H1B Visa FY 2013 Updates ?

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All the H1B visa news updates and  H1B visa 2012 cap count updates by USCIS will be tracked on this page.  For last year’s data and analysis, Check out H1B visa FY 2011 cap count updates page.

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News updates for H1B visa FY 2012 :

H1B Visa FY 2012 Cap Count updates Tracking Table

H1B Cap Reached for FY 2012 on Nov 23, 2011

Read USCIS Press release

USCIS Update onRegular H1B Cap (65,000)Advanced Degree Cap (20,000)Analysis and Cap Count Update Article.
April 7, 20115,9004,500April 8th H1B  Count Analysis
April 18, 20117,1005,100April 18th, Analysis – Prediction
April 27, 20118,0005,900April 22nd, Analysis – Prediction
May 2, 20119,2006,600May 2nd, Analysis – Economy
May 11, 201110,2007,300May 11th, Analysis – Economy
May 18, 201111,2007,900May 18th, Analysis – Economy
May 23, 201112,3008,500May 23rd, Analysis – Economy
May 31, 201113,1009,000May 31st, Analysis – Economy
June 7, 201113,6009,300June 7th  Analysis – Economy
June 14, 201115,20010,200June 14th  Analysis – Economy
June 21, 201116,30010,800June 21st  Analysis – US Economy
June 28, 201117,40011,300Jun 28th  Analysis
July 5, 201118,40011,900July 5th Analysis
July 12, 201119,00012,200July 12th Analysis
July 18, 201120,50012,800July 18th Analysis
July 26, 201121,60013,300July 26th Analysis
Aug 3, 201122,70013,800Aug 3rd, Analysis
Aug 15, 201125,30014,700Aug 15th, Analysis
Aug 30, 201129,00015,800Aug 30th, Analysis
Sep 9, 201132,20016,700Sep 9th, Analysis
Oct 7, 201141,00019,100Oct 7th, Analysis
Oct 18, 201143,30019,600Oct 18th, Analysis
Oct 25, 201146,20020,000Oct 25th, Analysis
Oct 31, 201149,20020,000Oct 31st, Analysis
Nov 6th, 201150,80020,000Nov 6th, Analysis
Nov 15th, 201156,30020,000Nov 15th, Analysis
Nov 22nd, 201161,80020,000Nov 22nd, Analysis
Nov 23rd, 201165,00020,000Nov 23rd, AnalysisH1B Cap Reached for FY 2012

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

H1B Cap Reached for FY 2012


H1B visa 2011 regular quota cap reached on Nov 23rd 2011

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

Masters H1B visa 2012 quota complete October 26, 2011

H1B visa 2012 Petitions Quota Tracker

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Comments ( 5,178 )

  1. Gagan

    Dear Sir,

    Need your help to understand this process. I was having this H1b approved petition from 2012 but did not got VISA stamped. Now my company has posted a LCA update yesterday with change of location. I want to understand process from here and how long will it take to get VISA stamped.

    Thanks a lot!
    Gagan Gupta

  2. Karthi

    Hi all,

    I was in L1a with Company A and I got a h1b approval from B company in october, 17,2012.

    I got a new job starting from tomorrow and my bad didn’t apply L2 to H4 for my family till last thursday. I applied on last friday. So they are out of status from Oct,17,2012.

    What are possible issue occur and how do we solve this?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Possible issue is that USCIS can raise RFE asking why they remained on L-2 even after you moved to H-1. If you have an attorney they can prepare a response for this. The other alternative is to leave US, and then return after H-4 visa stamping.

  3. Raju


    My Petition is filed saying my wife is not working – this has happened without my knowledge
    And it is approved now.

    Now while Filling DS-160 do i need to choose Spouse Details of employment or Just shall i put not working.


    1. Raju

      She is presently working in india can she travel with me on H4 saying not working?

      In Future Can she travel on H1B by providing valid work info

    2. administrator

      In the DS form you can mention about her current employment in India. The expectation is that she will stop working once she reaches US on H-4, but it is never expected for the spouse to stop working in India at the time of petition filing.

  4. Marcelle Leake

    Hi I am wanting to apply for H1b visa and move to the USA in December 2013
    Does this mean I have to apply at April and wait till December to move or
    Does it have to be October and can I apply after april 1st ?? When do I apply to move December 2013 someone please help!!!! 🙂

    1. administrator

      Marcelle Leake,
      It needs to be applied in April 2013 and will be processed and approved to start from Oct 2013. You can then decide to enter US anytime after Oct 2013, pending successful visa stamping.

  5. LIZ


    I am currently on a H4 visa and wanted to apply for a H1B. I approached a sponsor. However they asked me to wait until April 2013. I heard that the H1B cap for this year is over already and so did not understand how would applying in Feb 2013 would help me to get a H1B visa. Can someone help me on this. What other visa type can they probably file for me? What are the other options that I have?

    1. administrator

      The new quota for H-1 will open in October 2013 and allow companies to apply 6 months in advance. This means, an employer can file H-1 for you as early as Apr 1, 2013 w/ employment start date of Oct 1, 2013. Does that clarify?

  6. Vishak

    My Borther had earlier got an RFE and the employer had responded back, but yesterday we got an update saying denial. Is there anything which we can do here ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Tinag

    Hi Saurabh
    How are you? Thanks for giving all information to survive till I get my H1. Saurabh, when I missed my H1 quota deadline this time by 2 days, I immediately applied for E-verified company and got a good one and had been working here for two months now. I have comprehensive exam in November and then I will apply for my OPT-Extension immediately. My current OPT expires in third week of December 2012. But as you advised, I requested my International/Graduate advisers and they agreed to give a letter to support my extension as I ll be done with everything except degree in hand. To backup, I want to apply for like MBA, and get F1 so that if my OPT stem is denied, I can enroll in school (don’t want to do that though). So, is it ok if I get new F1 and submit for my OPT extension? Looks little mess, right? Ofcourse I wont go to school if I get my OPT extension approved.

  8. Divya

    Hi, I am working in the USA for my employer on L1B visa. My visa is expiring soon and I want to apply for H1 visa. I applied for a position with a different company and they even interviewed me saying they would sponsor my visa. I have read in multiple places that the cap for H1B already over. What visa type can they probably file for me? What are the other options I have?

    1. administrator

      They can still file H-1 for you, but have to wait for April 2013 to file it. Even then you cannot start to work on H-1 until Oct 2013.

  9. raja


    I have stamped H1B

    My current employer is not sending me to onshore and am wasting my VISA day by day

    Can i apply for US jobs from india ?
    Can i travel from other company if i change the company?
    is there any problem to my H1 if change the company

    Plase advice me and am frustrated

    1. Srinivas

      Hi Raja,

      I am in same situation as you but I never got it stamped though (no pay stubs). Now I have found an employer who wants to transfer it now. So I am applying this week under premium processing and I will let you know if I get it approved(two weeks from monday) . But as far as information I have, you can find an employer and if he is interested he can transfer your H1b without any issues.


  10. Amit

    Whats up with WAC center 🙁 …. EAC is running May end -June cases … mine is 27th Apr.. still initial review …. My I-94 of my L2 Visa expires on Sep 15th. My consulting company is saying just file for renewal of L2 and you can work then for 15th-30th Sep and hopefully H1B will come by then.

    I do not want to renew my L2 and rather take a work break from 15th-30th Sep as L2 renewal will also scrutiny L1Visa which is also expiring on Sep-15 but L1 has a valid I-94 upto 2015, so her company says that she can legally stay and work in USA. Is this assumption correct? Or I should not be worried about it and file a renewal for my L2 ..

    Question for @Saurabh and all monsieurs…

      1. Amit


        Follow this forum.. there are people who have got it approved while they actually got the receipt in May…. end. Non Master and Normal processing… EAC


      1. Amit

        Hi Saurabh,

        My I-94 expires on Sep-15th but my attorney immigration specialist said that i can file for L2 renewal based on L1’s I-94 which is valid up-to 2015 and get the I-539 going for myself for sometime, it will get renewed and help me work for the remaining days of Sep 15 to Oct1, also in the meanwhile H1 will come and i can switch from L2 to H1.

        Still waiting WAC12144***

  11. Srinivas

    Hi, I want to know what forms to be filled in to file h1b tranfer petition.
    I 129
    I 907 for premium

    Or any other forms required ?

  12. RBKK


    I am presently in India. My company filed h1 for me and i got it approved in May 2012. Unfortunately there are no requirements in my project right now and so I am planing to move out of my company since my spouse is i the US. My company has agreed to provide me my approved H1 petition copy(scanned copy). Can I use this petition and do a transfer or amendment to another employer if i find a job over there (US) ? In what all ways will this be useful for me if i find a job in the US?


    1. administrator

      Yes, that photocopy can be used for cap-exempt petition in future. You don’t need to go through cap again. You can come to US as a dependent of your wife (H-4 or L-2 depending upon the case) and then file for cap-exempt H-1 along w/ COS anytime during the year (once you have an employer willing to file the petition).

  13. Srinivas

    I have H1b approved through software pundits , boston, in 2008. But however I never used the H1 in last three years and it expired. But I don’t have a copy of the I 797 form to apply for transfer now. is it mandatory to submit I 797 form or EAC number will do ?

    appreciate your quick response


    1. Karthik


      I have my H1B petition approved and expired in 2012 Aug. Is there by any chance i can apply again(cap exempt) and go for visa stamping. Or can i should apply fresh with in the new quota for 2013 and wait for petition approval.

      1. Srinivas

        as far as the information I have, you can go for a txfer without waiting for the cap but you will have only three more years on the new H1b out of six years rule.

        1. administrator

          A person can stay in US on H-1 + L-1 for maximum of 6 years. A person can keep on filing extension through same or different employer until that limit is reached.

    2. administrator

      Its best to have copy of 797A/B. However, you can still go for transfer using the receipt number and print out of online status showing it has been approved.

      1. Srinivas

        My H1b is approved with cap exempt under premium processing. got it in three weeks with 2 RFEs one for missing signature and other for detailed job description.

        posting it so that information can be useful for some one.

  14. sreenath reddy

    Hi i am sreenath reddy , i have done my masters in hospital administration , i have 2.5 years experience in health care industry now i need to apply h1b visa please tel me the process visa and hoe to get jobs in usa…

  15. Srinivas

    I have a company who is interested to sponsor my H1b but not willing to file for the premium. However I said i wanted to bear the expenses for the premium processing so that I can bring my family immediately to the states. However the company is insisting me to have a separate attorney file for premium processing ? You think I can have a personal attorney to file just premium petition ?

    1. Amit

      Shrini ..

      What cap quota is he targeting?? Cap is over long time back … I think nothing can be done till 1st Apr next year. No point in spending money for something that will start after 8 months and you cannot start working until 1st Oct .. which is 15 months to go ….

      So before paying money … be informed …!!

        1. Srinivas

          looks like I got the information from some other place, don’t want to post another URL here. so just pasting the content if some one is interested to know the information.

          >>Only your employer or business can apply for this service. As an individual you >>cannot apply for the service. Your employer must complete Form I-907 (Request for >>Premium Processing) and pay the fee of $1,000. The fee should be paid by a separate >>check and under no circumstances be combined with the regular processing fee

    2. administrator

      The employer’s attorney must be filing an attorney representation form when submitting the petition. I don’t know if you can have a personal attorney making representation on the same case for you. Legally, you can pay for the fees as a separate check.

        1. Amit

          My attorney yesterday said .. they called up USCIS and they said this time wait time is not 2-3 months but in general 3-4 months.. since you completed 3 months yesterday 😀 …. hopefully … max 30 days stretch .. to go ..!!!

          ALL THE BEST Srini ..

          1. Mahesh

            Could you please let us know yours receipt is EAC* or WAC*
            Was it was premium or Normal I-129.

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