H1B visa 2012 Cap count update May 31st Update – US Economy Outlook Bad ?

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Just now, USCIS released updated H1B cap count numbers, they updated cap count by considering all the petitions received until May 26th, 2011.  Updates are tracked on our H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Tracking page as well.
Here are the numbers :

  • New 800 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 500 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.

May 26th,  H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings13,100 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count9,000 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received22,100 of total 85,000

H1B Cap count Movement Analysis, US Economy – Bad shape ?

Well folks, hope you all had a great long weekend…there is some movement in H1B numbers this week in comparison with previous week, i.e. May 23, H1B 2012 cap update…If we do the numbers game, regular quota filings were down by about 300 from 1,100 last week to 800 this week…similarly, advanced degree quota filings were down by about 100 from 600 last week to 500 this week. The first thing that comes to my mind for the drop in H1B filings is that it was long weekend. Attorneys/HR people may have taken extra vacation and pushed the filings for next week. Due to long weekend break, it is very likely that the H1B filings count would go up next week…the prediction dates did not change much, you can view the below graphs…

As we look at US economy, based on housing report released today, few analysts predict a double dip recession looking at the fall in US home prices. March is the eighth straight month with decline in housing prices…Adding to this, conference board updated consumer confidence index for May, which is down by 5.2 points from previous month to 60.8. In fact, this is the lowest in the last 6 months. Overall, the outlook of US economy does not look great from consumer perspective, including the jobs. What it means to H1B holders is that there may not be any surprises in H1B filings, the quota will last longer ….

what are your thoughts on US economy ?  H1B predictions ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

May 31st H1B visa 2012 regular quota cap count update

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

Advanced Degree H1B 2012 quota cap count May





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Comments ( 20 )

  1. H1B Visa

    Currently, I am working as a consultant on H1 B visa. Recently, my H1B visa was extended for another three years (until September 2014). In case I apply for a H1B transfer ( let us say in the middle of July) through normal processing, I have the following questions:
    a)How much time does the transfer take in the case of normal processing?
    b)My current visa is expiring on 25th, September, 2011. In case, I go to India on 27th, September, 2011, I know I will need to re-stamp my passport. But as I mentioned earlier, if I am applying for H1B Transfer in mid-July (and suppose I get the transfer approval before 27th September, 2011), will that be a point of concern in the H1 B Visa Stamping Interview. I mean is there a possibility that the Visa Officer gives me a 221(g) ( or any other form) because he or she needs more verification as it would have been only two months with my current employer? Have you heard cases like this before? I would like to know your comments

    I would really appreciate your feedback as it will help me take a crucial decision.

    1. administrator

      1. It may take 2-4 months. Actual time would depend upon the processing center, and current backlog at that center.
      2. If you have the approval in hand during stamping, I don’t think there would be an issue because of the short time you have spent w/ current employer. To think about it, when a person files H-1 from outside US and then goes for stamping the person hasn’t worked at all for the H-1 employer.

      The VO can still ask for documents related to employer, project etc., but s/he should be satisfied about your legal status as you would have payslips and W2s for your stay in US.

      1. H1B Visa

        Thanks a ton Saurabh for such a prompt reply.One more question.
        During my first extension recently (with premium processing), I received RFE. Is it there a bright chance that I will receive a 221(g) during my H1-B Visa stamping interview in Hyderabad?

        1. administrator

          Its hard to say, however its better to be prepared. Carry the documents that were asked in RFE, so that you have a better shot at successful stamping.

          BTW, what was the reason for the RFE?

          1. H1B Visa

            Hi Saurabh,

            Thansk for your reply. To be honest, the only information that I recieved from my lawyer regarding the RFE was that USCIS requested Client letter in addition to many other documents. My lawyer was not willing to specify anyother details but my consultat did mention that they were preparing documents, pay stubs etc. from the time that I had joined my company. Neither my consultant company nor my lawyer had requested any documents from me while responding to the RFE. Do you have any thoughts on this?

          2. administrator

            It’s tough to say w/o knowing the exact RFE reason. But if you trust your employer, then you should assume they must be doing their best.

  2. Dre

    Hi Saurabh,

    Today I got the approval notice for the H1b via USCIS case status. I am so thrilled. Been waiting since last November.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  3. H1B Visa

    Hi Saurabh,

    Please help me with my below question:

    I filed my 1st H1 B extension on April 12th and received a RFE on April 19th.The last date for responding to the RFE was 3rd,June 2011.The lawyer sent out the required documentation for RFE on 2nd,June,2011 by overnight delievry( atleast that’swhat he says) My current visa expires on 25th,Sep.,2011. I am really worried for the following:
    1. I am not sure whether the documents have reached or not. There is no way I can check online. The online status still shows RFE Sent
    2. I have heard incase, the documents are not sent out by the correct date, the application is denied altogether. Is that true?If so, what are my options in such cases

    Your help is appreciated in advance. Thanks

    1. administrator

      I can’t say for sure, but I would assume them to be strict w/ dates. If it was sent through overnight delivery, then your employer must have a tracking number. What does it say about delivery date?

      1. H1B Visa

        HI Saurabh,

        Thanks for the reply. I asked my lawyer for the tracking no. and here is what the recipt from Fed-Ex Shows:
        Ship date: Jun 2, 2011
        Delivery date : Jun 3, 2011 10:14 AM
        The USCIS website shows the following:
        On June 6, 2011, we received your response to our request for evidence. This case is being processed at our VERMONT SERVICE CENTER location.

        And the date for responding to RFE was 3rd, June, 2011.
        I am unable to understand why is their a difference . Any thoughts?

        Your help is appreciated in advance. Thanks.

        1. administrator

          From your post and USCIS online status it looks like USCIS has accepted the response and will process it. No need to worry on that front.

          1. H1B Visa

            Hi Saurabh,

            Thank you so much for the reply. One more questions:
            Do you know how much time does it take to receive a response on the decision after Request for Evidence has been submitted?


          2. H1B Visa

            Hi Saurabh,

            Thanks for answering my queries. My extension got approved on 9th, June,2011. But I have a question. I did not receive my notice yet. And this is my first extension. :

            1. Will it for 3 years or 1 year?
            2. Does the company take a call on how much time the extension needs to be? Or is it a standard rule that the 1st extension will be for three years?


          3. administrator

            You will have to wait for the actual petition to arrive to know for sure what duration USCIS approved. Earlier the norm used to be 3 years, but off late they have been approving a lot of petitions for 1 year (especially if it has been filed by a consulting company and have show SOW/project for a year or so).

          4. Dre

            I don’t know if this will help but USCIS got my request for evidence on May 12 and I got approval by June 7.

  4. Suresh Kumar

    My Employer applied for my H1B, Filled petetion on 28th May 2011, when the petetion can be approved. How many days it will take usually for the petetion to be approved. Can you please provide an idea on the same.

    1. administrator

      Assuming it was filed w/o premium processing, it may 2-4 months for approval. You can follow latest processing times on USCIS website for your processing center.

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