H1B visa 2012 Cap count update May 23rd Update- 1700 petitions filed

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USCIS released updated H1B cap count numbers earlier today, they updated cap count by considering all the petitions received until May 20th, 2011.  I updated the cap count on our H1B Visa 2012 Cap Count Tracking page as well.
Here are the numbers :

  • New 1,100 cap eligible petitions were filed for Regular quota
  • New 600 cap eligible petitions were filed for MS/Advanced degree quota.

May 20th,  H1B cap count updates by USCIS :

Regular H1B Cap H1B filings12,300 of total 65,000
Advanced degree cap filing count8,500 of total 20,000
Total H1B visa petitions received20,800 of total 85,000

H1B Cap count Movement Analysis, prediction

Yet another week folks, not much variation in the movement from previous week, i.e. May 18th, H1B 2012 cap update…advanced degree quota filings remained constant at 600, unlike the regular quota filings edged up slightly by about 100 petitions. As far as predictions are concerned, looking at below prediction graphs, nothing changed since last week…regular quota would potentially last beyond Feb 2012, whereas advanced degree cap may last until last week of September…We may expect a minor spike in the advanced degree cap filings in the next few weeks…

Nothing super exciting from US economy perspective, the numbers to be released this Friday will indicate the consumer spending & sentiment…Analysts predict that the consumer spending may slow down…In general, Unemployment numbers and consumer spending determine the state of growth in any economy, it will be curious to see what the actual number would  look like…My guess would be that there will not be any surprises from an end result prediction…the economy will recover at very slow pace….
What are your thoughts on H1B visas & Economy ?

Regular H1B cap Count 2012  Graph

H1B visa 2012 May 23 regular quota cap count update

Advanced Degree H1B cap count 2012 Graph

Advanced Degree H1B visa 2012 May 23-2011 Cap count update


Reference : H1B info from USCIS Website



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Comments ( 27 )

  1. LEON

    Hi Saurabh,
    My petition was filed on Nov 14th and its still in initial review. I travel on B1 in year 2008 from my previous company. Now days I have observed that a lots of H1 are denied because the candidate has traveled on B1 before sometime in past. My travel was related to project planning and field visit. Can you please share your views how much the prior B1 visits impact H1 interview?

    1. administrator

      Past visit on B-1 will adversely impact H-1 processing if one overstayed on B-1, or stayed close to 6 months, or if the VO has doubts that you did productive work on B-1. If you only did work which was outlined in the B-1 request document, and you are able to convince the same to VO (if questioned) then it would be fine. However, not all candidates who have travelled on B-1 in the past are going through this scrutiny. It’s the case officer’s discretion whether to question or not.

  2. Rupali

    Hi Saurabh, My employer mailed my H1 B Petition on 23rd Nov and it reached USCIS on 25th Nov. But cap count reached 65K on 22nd Nov. I have not received any acknowledgement on this yet. How can i know whether my case is considered for this year?

  3. aziz

    i have a company offering me a job but they do not have client info (which is must) the project is small in thousands $$ and the company is small and this is their first H1B filling, my skill set is .net & sharepoint , i am skeptical about visa approval ?

    i have one of my friend in US who said client info is a must (unless sponsoring company is big and/or a project worth millions, both r lacking in my case) is he right ? can i go for this company or better find another one ?

    1. administrator

      Client is (almost) a must if the company is a consulting company. However, if it’s a product based company, then USCIS needs to see product/marketing information. In other words, USCIS needs to be certain that the employer has funds/cash flow to pay you your salary during your H-1 stay.

      Do you think your employer can show the funds?

      1. aziz

        Yes they can show strong papers but my concern is the product is not really big in size & in money (an cellphone app actually) and that this company is a small & this will be their first H1B visa application!

        this project will long 4-6 months and after that they are thinking to move me into other projects (which are into client places but are in initial stages) but not 100% guaranteed to get this work!

        your quick advice highly appreciated.


        1. administrator

          It looks like your company is a start-up. If they VC backing, then they can show those funds as well to show that they have resources to pay you your salary.

          I would say it is possible to have the H-1 approved. Make sure the company hires a good lawyer who is able to present a strong case for you.

  4. Venkatesh

    And im afraid that i got the approval with in 40days(april 7th to may 16th) ? is this a problem?
    It was directly to “Post decision Activity” from “Initial review”…..(:

  5. Venkatesh

    hi kumar or sara
    Thank you for this website.
    My petition got filed on april7th2011 and i got the approval on may18th2011,Now the status is “Post decision Activity” on USCIS website.kindly clear me the below
    1.what is “Post decision Activity” status , is that means that i will interview soon ?
    2. my employer paid all the amounts with the petition? or my employer will pay only after the interview got over ?

    thank you

    1. administrator

      1. Yes, you can now go for the interview once you have all the necessary documents from your employer.
      2. I don’t know what you are asking here. An employer pays the fees to USCIS while filing the petition. At the time of interview, it’s generally you who has to pay for the interview fees.

      Let me know if you have any questions.

      1. Venkatesh

        hi thank you very much for the response,
        see ,here is my situation ,
        my visa filed on april2012 cap and got the approval. Now im in a project which paid all the fees till the visa filing , but im about to leave this project and going join to a new project in my company after 15 days.

        Note :in my company, fees for my visa will go from project where i am. employee no need to pay any fees in my company.

        See, if i change the project , they(new project manager) will delay the fees for my further fees of my visa or they(new project manager) will not take me to their project as i have something to pay for my visa …

        here , i wish to know
        1.how much my first project paid till the petition approval stage ????
        2. how much my next project has to pay to get the visa in hand(after the interview) ????
        3.And the total fees for h1B regular processing ???

        i hope this is clear.

        Thanks inn advance ||| Venkat

        1. allan

          Still can’t understand your situation. Why do you care how much? Simple answer is employer pays all visa fees if they want to sponsor you. It’s one time fees, no stage 1 or stage 2. There is certain amount to pay for H1B, check the USCIS website.

          1. Venkatesh

            Please reread my last msg, so you mean all the fees for h1b is paid when they file the petition? right

        2. administrator

          1. The fees is paid for the entire petition duration. If your petition has been approved for 3 years, then you can say that the fees has been paid for 3 years. If it was approved for just 1 year, then the company needs to file extension along w/ fees after 1 year
          2. As it’s w/ the same company, then don’t need to pay anything. However, they will have to pay the fees when filing for extension.
          3. You can check the fees on USCIS website or here on the blog (Kumar has an article on that). Some of the fees may or may not be applicable to you depending upon your company size and count of employees on H+L visas. Additionally, there is fees paid to the lawyer by your company.

          Does that answer your question?

          1. venkatesh

            hi Saurabh ,
            My I797 shows the validity from OCT2011 to DEC2013.
            Is this means , im going to get the H1B via validity from OCT2011 to DEC2013 ?
            if not how long will be my validity FOR H1B ?????

          2. administrator

            Typically visa expiry date is same as petition expiry date. So your visa would be valid until Dec 2013. However, the visa officer has the right to give you a different date based on his/her own determination.

          3. venkatesh

            Hi Saurabh ,
            i have an another doubt.
            i got the approval for my h1b petition which is filed on april7th2011. and got the hard copy of the approvals.. i can travel only after october 1st2011,
            my questions are,
            can i go to the visa interview before this October ?
            will they provide me the visa with the start date “October 1st2011” or they will conduct after octobet2011?

          4. administrator

            You can go for interview even prior to 1st Oct, but cannot enter US on H-1 prior to 1st Oct. Technically, you can enter anytime after 20th Sep, but you cannot start to work until 1st Oct.

          5. venkatesh

            Saurabh , i think you are wrong,
            my employer says, We can start the stamping process, only after the effective date of the petition…. (:

          6. administrator

            I did a little more research on this, and here is what I found: VFS FAQs

            If you see answer to question 8, consulate says that a person can apply for visa interview 90 days in advance. You can email VFS for further clarification.


          7. venkatesh

            There you guys are ,Saurabh and kumar

            You guys are perfect , thanks a lot, i mailed to chennai consulate , they gave me the below answer,and my employer gave “OK” to attend interview after july 1st. 🙂

            Kindly note that you may apply for an H1B visa 90 days in advance beginning of employment status as noted on the Form I-797,Notice of action, however your entry to the US is restricted to 10 days prior to the start date as noted in the Form I-797 unless you are already working on an H1B visa and have applied for a revalidation.

        3. scj

          Hello Venkat,

          Can you please let me know the details of your employer, i am looking for a H1B sponsorer.

          Thanks in advance

          1. venkatesh

            i dont think my employer will sponsor people who has less experience in their company. im working here for 4 years, i was waiting for 4 years for this 🙁

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